Friday, February 15, 2019

Though Duality Exists, Our Good Potential Will Prosper!

Though Duality Exists, Our Good Potential Will Prosper!  

Beautiful People, 

In deep reflection, I must face no one but Myself, and You must face no one but Yourself.  All violent thoughts and actions, envy and greed or guns and wars to said to bring Peace are based in evil.

Duality Exists.  Evil exists but over time, though it may be eons; ultimately Our Good Potential Will Prosper.

No matter what goes on in the World, We have a responsibility to live with humility in the Truth inspired by Love.

Only then through the Creator's Blessing of Love are we able to see and feel the Earth, the Sky, the Oceans, the Dolphins and Trees, and Birds, and Flowers and All Sentients as purposeful and interconnected in Love.

Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times in many intervals. 

Let us feel Hope in a World where much of Humanity is fearfully Awakening and struggling to restore itself through Love.

Breathe in Gratitude for the Awakening of Truth Discovered when we face ourselves by looking in the Mirror of all those around us.  

Now as we are seeing the need for compassion, forgiveness, kindness, mutual cooperation, mercy and Love,  let us look into the Heart of Eternity.  

We Are One In Love.

In the Circle of Our Eternal Existence, beyond current evil acts of envy, greed and mis-understanding, Love Exists Into Eternity.

Yes, duality exists but ultimately Our Good Potential continues to prosper through our every Loving Action.

Today Commit to Walk with Courage, Fortitude and Patience.  

Say and Affirm to Yourself...

"I will do my best to live with Loving actions and thoughts of Peace and Prosperity for All.  In Deep Reflection and Prayer, I offer Gratitude, embrace Eternity and Re-member that Love is the most powerful energy of every Uni-Verse!  I Re-Member.  I Am a Being of Love!  You Are A Being of Love.  We Are One In Love." 

Today We Re-Member.  
It is through our  Collective Commitment to live Beyond duality as Beings of Love, that  our Earth/Heart, and seven generations of Children yet unborn will peacefully prosper with Joy and Love!

Live & Love...

Always,  Melony

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day! Miss Mellie Rainbow's Love Alphabet

Happy Valentine's Day!

Miss Mellie Rainbow's Love Alphabet 

A-- Always Love You because when you Love yourself, you have more Love to share.

B-- Be who YOU are, not who someone wants you to be.

C-- Care for yourself and care enough to care for others.

D-- Believe in the Divinity within you, and every other sentient being.

E--Experience the ecstasy of life!

F-- Forgive others but don’t forget to forgive Yourself.

G --Be gentle, genuine and generous with your Love.

H-- Have an open heart.

I-- Be your own inspiration, and illuminate the heavens.

J -- Look for joy within you. 

K-- Be kind to all kindred spirits.

L-- Let Love Rule.  Like yourself, laugh often, listen deeply and live life with leisure!

M-- It’s okay to be marvelous! Manifest your dreams and create Loving memories.

N-- Be noble, and know that as you face the nemesis within, you will be victorious!

O-- Your heart has an ocean of melodies waiting to be sung.

P-- Preserve and paint your heart with precious positive memories. Peace Is Possible through compassion, cooperation, courage, creativity, deep listening, faith, forgiveness, good purpose, gratitude, hope, integrity, kindness, mercy, patience, respect, understanding and, the Gift of Love!

Q-- Take time for quietude, and be open to quantum quality in your heart.

R-- Remember to receive Love with appreciation, and joy.

S -- Search your soul, find the Love within, and remember your greatness!

T-- Be tender with your thank yous.

U-- Be universal. Seek understanding.  Know that MotherFatherGOD is within you!

V-- Be vibrant, and know that you have value, and are worthy to Love, and be loved!

W,X,Y,Z-- Wealth is the warmth, and giving spirit of your heart.  Xanadu, a place of great beauty, and contentment is YOU!  So be zany with your Love, and zealous in living your life!

Beautiful People, 

Happy Valentine's Day of Courage, Good Purpose, Hope, Joy and Love! ♡☆♡☆♡☆
Melony aka Miss Mellie Rainbow 

(c) Melony McGant

Photo: Melony in Morocco

New Book by Emmett Till's Cousin GLORY: A Life Among Legends by Dr. Glory Van Scott Honors Artistic Colleagues, Explores Integrity, Examines Sexism and Racism in the Arts, and Encourages the New Generation of Artists!

New Book by Emmett Till's Cousin
GLORY: A Life Among Legends
by Dr. Glory Van Scott
Honors Artistic Colleagues, Explores Integrity,
 Examines Sexism and Racism in the Arts,
and Encourages the New Generation of Artists!
Inline image 
“Stories pour out of her, fascinating, perceptive and often funny.”
        ---New York Times Critic Jennifer Dunning

“An artist of many gifts and a profound commitment to humanism, Dr. Glory Van Scott has lived her life both richly and generously. ---Critic and Dance Historian Dr. Lynn Garafola

“Her memoir is an authentic revelation of American Dance that will enrich audiences, artists, scholars, and educators worldwide.    ---Editor in Chief, Attitude: The Dancer’s Magazine Bernadine Jennings

“She has that rare ability to learn from everyone and to say No when her artistic intuition tells her to…I admire her talent, guts and passion.  ---Bestselling Author Erica Jong

NEW YORK, NY, February 11, 2019 – In 1955, when Glory Van Scott was coming of age, her cousin Emmett Till was murdered – the aftereffects cementing a lifelong journey that would translate her anger and grief into her passion for dance, theater and education. In GLORY: A Life Among Legends, the renowned dancer and producer tells her story about the excitement, adventures and challenges of participating in a transformative moment in artistic expression during a time of cultural change.

GLORY: A Life Among Legends is a powerful memoir that takes the reader from an early life whose innocence is cut short almost overnight, to Van Scott’s dedication to the performing arts as a professional who would find herself at the vanguard of a new vision of African-American dance and theater securing its place as an original American art form. Van Scott’s story begins in Chicago, the daughter of a physician and a loving stay-at-home mother. But, after her cousin Emmett Till is murdered, it not only galvanizes a country, but it also spurs Van Scott with a passion to speak truths through art. Already, she’d trained at the Abraham Lincoln Center, where she met legends such as Paul Robeson and Charity Bailey. In the summer after high school, at a camp, Cicely Tyson referred Van Scott to actress Vinnette Carroll for acting training. Soon Van Scott was modeling, acting and touring the world as a principal dancer with the Katherine Dunham, Agnes DeMille, and Talley Beatty dance companies, as well as joining the American Ballet Theater. During her travels and career, Glory Van Scott works with and encounters legends such as George Balanchine, Elizabeth Catlett, Micki Grant, Robert Guillaume, Langston Hughes, James Earl Jones, among so many others.

Throughout GLORY: A Life Among Legends, we are witnesses to the passion of a generation, a moment in which Black culture takes its place among the high arts, and also becomes its own voice in the civil rights movement. The memoir is a testament to the power of art, to the power of commitment, to the power of education, and how taken together they can change a culture. Through understanding Van Scott’s lifetime of experiences, Glory: A Life Among Legends offers us a book that teaches us how we can confront the ugliness of prejudice and animus with grace, dignity, and beauty.

GLORY: A Life Among Legends draws from Dr. Glory Van Scott’s life as a dancer with the Katherine Dunham, Agnes DeMille, Talley Beatty, and the American Ballet Theater. Additionally, she has appeared on Broadway in shows ranging from House of Flowers with Pearl Bailey in 1954, to The Great White Hope with James Earl Jones in 1968. While pursuing her career in the performing arts, Van Scott earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees from Goddard College, and her Ph.D. from Antioch College's Union Graduate School. She has taught theater at Bucknell University and Fordham University, and at the Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts, she inspired many fledging performers, including Kevin Bacon.  In 1978, Van Scott acted opposite Michael Jackson and Diana Ross in the film The Wiz. She produced The Katherine Dunham Gala at Carnegie Hall, and the 2003 Tribute to Fred Benjamin at Symphony Space. Van Scott was also project director and artistic coordinator for the Alvin Ailey Company’s The Magic of Katherine Dunham, and co-producer, with Woodie King, Jr., of the National Black Touring Circuit’s New York Dance Divas. Van Scott, immortalized in bronze by Elizabeth Catlett in 1981, was awarded the first Katherine Dunham Legacy Award in 2002.

Through a complement of storytelling and a treasure trove of historic and personal photos, in GLORY: A Life Among Legends, Dr. Glory Van Scott shares her experiences about being with some of the greatest performers of her era during her tours and travels around the world, giving her readers a backstage pass into history, and, through her quest for education, a blueprint for the future. But at its heart, GLORY: A Life Among Legends is a deeply personal story. One that quite often happens to take place on a public stage, and yet one, that in many ways, is the story of our country, and therefore the story of us.
#  #  #
GLORY: A Life Among Legends is available at:

The Riverside Church Welcome Center/Gift Shop
91 Claremont Avenue Between 120th & 122nd Street, NYC
Phone: (212) 870-6792

The Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute
120 East 125th Street Between Lexington & Park Avenue, NYC
Phone: (212) 307-7420

Available online at

Trade Paper

For more information regarding GLORY: A Life Among Legends, review copies of the memoir, or interview opportunities with Dr. Glory Van Scott, please contact Melony McGant at (646) 660-2390 or

Loving You…

Loving You…

Beautiful People, 

Take a Moment to Breathe and Exhale Deeply Ten Times. 

In Love. Out Love.   In Love. Out Love.   In Love. Out Love....

It’s about Loving Every Day, looking for a better way to share the joy of living with an open heart and giving…

Acknowledge special people. Let them know that you care.

Spread the mystery of goodness. Reaffirm that you are there.

 I Love You….

Some may say "It’s so easy to say but so hard to do".

 Love is by example…The Gift Is Within YOU!

 It’s about Loving every day, looking for a better way to share the joy of living with an open heart and giving… 

Each of us is on a journey, our own personal trek.

 Know that the G-d within Loves YOU, supports your dreams; helps you through the tough times; helps you say what you really mean!

 Walk in the Day bringing brilliant Sunlight.

 Be a Star, twinkling, glowing and embracing the Night.

 I Love You…. I Love You….
 I Love You….

Some may say "It’s so easy to say but so hard to do!"

The Truth Is...Love Is by Example…

The Gift of Love Is Within YOU! 

Always, Melony

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Love Is...

Love Is...

Beautiful People, 

Today, Breathe Deeply Ten Times...

In Clarity, Patience and Love.  
Out Clarity, Patience and Love.

Please Remember...

Love is the Patience that pours
like a Waterfall & offers us 
understanding and clarity...

So that we can see throughout the Vastness of the UniVerse; the Stars of Hope that Light the Sky!

Again, Breathe Deeply...

In Clarity, Patience and Love.  
Out Clarity, Patience and Love.

Listen Deeply.  

Now, vision a World filled with Love for All with equity, healing, hope, opportunity and Peace to develop their genius;  live with good purpose and share their Joy!

Be Love.  Feel Love.  
Know Love.  Share Love. 

Live & Love...


Peace Is Possible Through Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Creativity, Deep Listening, Faith, Forgiveness, Good Purpose, Healing, Hope, Integrity, Joy, Kindness, Mercy, Patience, Respect, Understanding and the Gift of Love!

#BeLove #FeelLove  
#KnowLove #ShareLove

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Melony's Wisdom Mondays: Live In Harmony...

Melony's Wisdom Mondays: Live In Harmony...

Beautiful People, 

Take a Moment to Clear Your Mind and Your Heart.

Breathe Deeply and Exhale Slowly Ten Times. 

Feel Gratitude in your heart as you honor the beauty and Unlimited Potential of Your Existence.

Listen deeply to the Voice in Your Heart. "There is absolutely no space between us nor boundaries that separate us. You will forever be a part of Me."

These are the harmonious words heard by all who Listen throughout the Magnificent, Generous, All-Knowing, Loving UniVerse. 

Again Breathe Deeply and Exhale Slowly. 

Open Your Heart and Listen.

"There is absolutely no space between us nor boundaries that separate us. You will forever be a part of Me. "

This is the Truth of The Great Spirit that floats throughout MultiVerse and becomes the ONE Song of Life.

With every step you take today, try to Live with  Kindness and Beauty.  Bring Joy to Others through Small Acts of Compassion and Love.

Honor the Unlimited Potential of Your Loving Existence. 

Live in Harmony.  Live, Dance and Sing the ONE Song of LOVE!

Always, Melony

Peace Is Possible through Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Creativity, Deep Listening, Faith, Forgiveness, Good Purpose, Healing, Hope, Humilty, Integrity, Joy, Kindness, Mercy, Patience, Respect, Understanding and the Gift of Love!

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#ActsOfCompassion #BeJoy #Breathe #Courage #Gratitude #Harmony #Inspiration #LiveDanceSing #Meditation #OneSongOfLove

I Give Thanks!

Beautiful People, 

I ponder the rock of my heart that has broken a million times over, and yet still grows stronger. Every broken piece floats through the UniVerse and MultiVerse  as Love's lesson and jewels of Undying Faith.

I Breathe and Exhale Deeply Ten Times. 

I Give Thanks. I Give Thanks for each breath and for this journey of Life.

I Give Thanks to the Elders and Ancestors who have Loved us, nurtured us, and Ascended into the Heart of the Great Spirit, often too soon for us with broken hearts.

I Give Thanks for the Undying Faith and Courage of those who whose lives were cut short because of illness or violence and war. 

I honor their lives and pray that through Love, they have been able to find their place in Heaven Realm.

I Give Thanks for Our Continuing Collective Intention to Love, even when our hearts break in the midst of Chaos on Our Earth/Heart.

I Give Thanks for the Gifts of Mercy and Forgiveness offered through Divine Spirit that allows us to believe that the only Good Answer to Earth's Crisis is to Learn to Love One Another.

I Give Thanks for Good Possibility.  No matter how difficult, through Love we are given the Faith to extend a hand, to open our hearts, to heal, and Begin Again.

In my acceptance, even my tears become the Honey of Hope, offered humbly with Good Intention and Actions of Love.

I Breathe and Honor this New Day of Grace with Undying Faith!

I Give Thanks! 

 Always, Melony

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Cooperation, Courage,  Deep Listening, Faith, Forgiveness, Good Purpose, Hope, Integrity, Joy, Kindness, Patience, Mercy, Respect, Understanding and the Gift of Love!

#ActionsOfLove #Ancestors #BeginAgain #Breathe #Faith 
#GiveThanks #GoodIntentions #GoodPossibility #Gratitude #HoneyOfHope #Meditation