Monday, October 12, 2009

The Gift of the Lamban Choreographed by Michelle Grant Murray

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Miami Dade College Kendall Campus pays homage to the life, legacy and inspiration of Miss Katherine Dunham and celebrates her 100th Birthday. Reverend Melony McGant and Michelle Grant Murray have collaborated with Guest Artist Mohammed DaCosta (University of Florida) and students from Miami Dade College to create a dancing journey filled mystery, passion and intrigue.

The Gift of the Lamban
A dancing journey inspired by the life of Anthropologist, Choreographer and Cultural Icon--- Miss Katherine Dunham!

Written by Reverend Melony McGant and Choreographed by Michelle Grant Murray with guest artist Mohammed DaCosta

It is an unknown passage of time and still humanity is stricken with a need for war
and greed....
A melancholy Katherine Dunham is in the heaven realm with the Ancients. On a day of personal remembrance, Miss Dunham is given a look at her earthly contributions---her role as a Dance Matriarch, and her undying commitment to healing, forgiveness and love. Though appreciative of the recognition among her peers, she feels that her work was left undone. The Ancients, many of whom have felt the same way about their time on Earth are inspired by Blessed Divine Spirit to ask Katherine Dunham to return to Earth to share the message of love and forgiveness. She agrees, and is transformed into a Dove and accompanied by a Golden Hawk on 24 hour return to Earth.

Their encourage humanity to learn forgiveness and "grow in the sunshine of hope and love”…

The cast includes: Kerri-Ann Simone, Lilabeth Triana, Damion Bradbury, Stephanie Gonzalez, Malcom Barraza, Brittany Williams, Chelsea Matthews, Andrea Jonusas and Malcom Lipscomb, Christina Gonzalez, Michelle Grant Murray, Mohammed DaCosta, and Rev. Melony McGant as the Storyteller.

The Gift of the Lamban performances are being held at McCarthy Theatre, Miami Dade College Kendall Campus, 11011 SW 104th Street, Miami, Florida 33176.

Performance times are as follows:
Friday, November 13---11:00am matinee & 7:30pm evening performances
and Saturday November 14 @ 7:30pm Tickets for this event are $5.00 per person
For more information contact Michelle Grant Murray at 305-237-2426
or e-mail:

The Gift of the Lamban----- Sing, Dance, Pray...


NOV13th and 14th

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gift of the Lamban Honoring Miss Katherine Dunham