Sunday, January 31, 2010

heart of love


when we awaken
into the heart of love,
fear is transformed
into grace.

even with all
of our difficulties
and despair...

there is hope
and faith
in the heart of love.

let us pray ....
may we ALL
experience a
miracle awakening ....

greatest love,....m

Sunday, January 24, 2010


at this moment,
to embrace the dfficult,

and know
that the reward
is hidden
in the understanding.

your kindness
then becomes
a love of compassion...

and hope for all prevails....

greatest love, miss mellie rainbow

Saturday, January 23, 2010

what must we do?


what must we do?

we must open our hearts

to all people everywhere.

we must let go

of our need for violence,

greediness and deceit.

we must forgive.


we must want for others

what we want for ourselves.

then we will be reflections

of Divine Love....

always hoping, miss mellie rainbow

Thursday, January 21, 2010

only YOU...

remember beloved,
only you are you.....

instead of walking away,
embrace the unknown...

you are an original...
you are the only one of you...

therein lies the greatest miracle
of your life....

you are a gift
and the world
needs YOU.......

always, miss mellierainbow

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Supporting Haiti with Dignity and Love---17 January 2010

Supporting Haiti with Dignity and Love---17 January 2010

Greetings and Blessings,

I can fell the heaviness of many hearts in this face of devastation in beloved Haiti.

I ask you to join me in supporting an organization that has been on the forefront of humanitarian care and has long had a presence in Haiti. I believe in AFSC and have known of its work for much of my lifetime it well....

I pray that you find within your heart the strength and the courage to face what is.... and the hope to know that your positive thoughts, prayers and efforts are making a difference.

The work of healing has begun and though it is a tremendous under-taking, we must on all levels take one step at a time....

As our hearts continue to break, we are called to action... let our honest compassion,undying faith and everlasting love be our guide to assisting those in despair.

Again, I ask you to join me in supporting an organization that has been on the forefront of humanitarian care and has long had a presence in Haiti. I believe in AFSC and have known of its work for much of my lifetime it well....

May we hold all people suffering everywhere it our hearts and do what we can to assist them in love....Rev. Melony McGant

AFSC Responds to Haiti Earthquake

The Situation
On Tuesday, January 12, a large earthquake, measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale, struck Haiti, killing tens of thousands and leaving untold numbers wounded, homeless, and without basic needs. Search crews are still finding survivors in the resulting rubble.

Those who survived the earthquake are in need of clean water, medical attention, shelter, and other basic necessities.

AFSC Responds
The magnitude of the disaster prompted AFSC to immediately release $50,000 for the purchase of supplies for emergency medical stations, shelter, and other needs of survivors suffering from burns, amputations, and other serious injuries. In this first phase of response, AFSC is partnering with Handicap International in these efforts. As soon as it is logistically feasible AFSC will begin to identify additional pockets of need that are not being met by other providers. After the initial emergency phase, as resources are available, AFSC will commit our energy and resources to longer term reconstruction, recovery and healing.

You Can Help
Your help is needed to help AFSC support Haitian earthquake survivors.

Make a financial contribution to AFSC’s Haiti Crisis Fund securely online. Donations are tax-deductible.

Give online:
Donate online to help Haitians now.
Or, support all of AFSC’s programs for peace, justice, and human dignity.

Give by phone:

Give by check. Mail to:

AFSC Haiti Crisis Fund
1501 Cherry St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

AFSC is grateful to have received an enormous outpouring of generosity from around 2,000 donors in the first two days after the earthquake. Thank you for your support!

AFSC’s Approach
Since its founding to help WWI conscientious objectors serve those in need, the American Friends Service Committee has worked in areas hit by humanitarian disaster.

When natural disasters strike in areas where AFSC has programs or long-time experience (such as in Haiti), we work to meet immediate needs. And AFSC continues to work with communities long after the immediate crisis is over, supporting local people as they recover and rebuild lives and communities.

For more about AFSC’s approach in action, watch our video and read more about our five years of work after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

AFSC in Haiti
For several decades, AFSC operated a multi-faceted development program in the remote Grand’Anse region in southwest Haiti. In a rural area, we constructed the first health clinic to serve some 40,000 people, trained village health promoters, and conducted adult literacy classes. Economic endeavors included reforestation with fruit trees, providing equipment for fishing families, establishing cooperative stores to sell commodities at fair prices, and supporting the raising and proper care of indigenous Creole pigs and goats. AFSC turned these projects over to local leadership recently.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Awakening In Love 2010

Awakening In Love 2010

May we awaken in Love,
knowing we are a part of the Infinite Universe.

May we release our need to destroy
and desire only to share and heal.

May we educate ourselves and our children
as beings of love inspired---.

May we look to our sentient brothers and sisters
----the tree, the flowers, all plant life, sea life, the stars,

Mother-Earth=Heart, insects, animals and all beings as
a Collective of Divine Grace.

May we heal our Earth & our Hearts.

May we choose to live in peace, share food
and material riches with All
and re-member that we are responsible for eachother.

May we lift ourselves up into the understanding
of the Heaven Realm and nurture eachother as ONE.

May we use our creative selves to explore,
teach and learn from eachother
as we embrace our ability to believe in the unseen,
to live in truth, to do no harm
and dance the dance of a vivid joyous peace in our hearts
and manifested from the womb of Our Mother Earth=Heart.

May we blossom as flowers in the springtime
and lift our vision as we are given the courage
to climb the maple, oak, evergreen, coconut,
the jasmine or the baobob tree
as easily as the mountains
of faith & hope that stand before us.

May we listen to the fireflies in the silence of the night
and embrace the wisdom of the moon and the stars.

May we release all doubt
of our individual and collective greatness
as we honor our ancestors
and open our hearts
to the Infinite Grace of Our Universal Spirit…

And So It Is With Love 2010.... miss mellie rainbow