Saturday, February 27, 2010

prayes for haiti,chile & world


even as we question
why Haiti,
now an 8.8 earthquake
has hit Chile
with powerful aftershocks.

let us pray for
the resources needed
to help ALL People
who are in need
of loving care

may the tsunami
created by the
earthquake in Chile
calm as it moves
into the Pacific Ocean.

let us offer our hearts
as a blanket of hope,
and compassion.

and now,
we reflect
our collective love
that makes the
impossible possible.

and so it it....
miss mellierainbow

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb 21---Honoring Malcolm...

Feb 21, 1965
Prince Malcolm X was shot
down at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem...

In Honor of Malcolm X
What must we do?
We must open our heart
to all people everywhere.

We must let go
of our need for violence,
greediness and deceit.

We must forgive
and we must want
for others
what we want for ourselves.

Then we will be reflections of God.

For Brother Malcolm X
who died having been reborn...



pregnant with angels=ibis=doves=golden hawks=bird tribes
and stars/sun
/leaves blowing in the wind
across the ocean
are songs of the uni-verse in eternity= one song of God...

always, melony

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 18th -President Obama Meets His HolinessThe Dalai Lama

Today President Obama receives Our Spiritual Elder, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama at The White House.

May His Holiness be given every human consideration and honored as a Compassionate Peacemaker.

May President Obama and His Holiness continue to believe and reflect the light of love and justice to eachother and the world...

May the people of Tibet feel new hope... and may China embrace this meeting as progressive light....

And So It Is With Love!

Rev. Melony McGant

Sunday, February 14, 2010

feb 14th---love vibration

love vibration

the good
or evil you do
throughout the
entire universe...

do good...
embrace divine love
and share the blessings....

greatest love,
miss mellie rainbow

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Heart of GOD/February Love Note

The Heart of God

These are challenging times
and many across the universe are suffering.
Still, we must re-member that we are NEVER alone.

Yes, there are many moments and tunnels of despair.
As we learn from those living in Haiti, Gaza, Dafur, Tibet
or from our wise neighbor next door---faith will see us through.

And Yes, there are those of us still using violence and destroying innocents while calling on God to fuel fear in the heart of humanity.

Though some are walking in fear and resorting to violence,
we do have the continued opportunity to reflect
the infinite peace and mercy of God’s heart.

How does this happen?
Perhaps it happens through our tears and the clearing of our hearts.
When we release our fears & our anger,
we embrace an easiness with a sense of relief and hope.

Just for a moment, embrace your fear and then release it.
Sit with your new understanding
and feel your faith ignited into the light of love.

Divine Spirit is with us through each peril and tribulation
---asking us to see true value in the gift of life,
and to honor and respect all others.

Today let us be filled with gratitude and truth.
The truth is that there is more beauty in this world than not.

We are given the gift of understanding
and as we sit with this gift,
mercy and compassion pour through us.

And let us live this truth…
No matter our tradition, we are more the same than different
let us look to the root of life
and re-member our inter-connectedness.

We come from the Heart of God & always,
Divine Spirit is within us,
encouraging us---asking us
to forgive ourselves and all others.

Please Embrace the Universal Law of Love
And become United in All That IS!!!
This Is The Word Of LOVE!

With Hope, Compassion & Mercy, Miss Mellie Rainbow

Thursday, February 4, 2010

“Progress comes when we open our hearts, when we extend our hands, when we recognize our common humanity. Progress comes when we look into the eyes of another and see the face of God. That we might do so - that we will do so all the time, not just some of the time - is my fervent prayer for our nation and the world.”
President Barack Obama

let us pray for President Obama...may he become even stronger in his resolve to walk as a prince of compassion and peace. may he continue to awaken with a true resolve to build, not kill. may he strive to be a reflection of love, and allow the actions of all those around him, and our entire nation to reflect a gracious humility and actions of loving kindness.
greatest love,miss mellie rainbow

prince or warrior?

what does your heart say....

if given a choice---
would you be a prince or princess
of compassion and peace
or a warrior
who demands respect?

this is the question
that faces humanity....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ourgreatest reward

our greatest reward
is in giving
our best;

loving more
than probable;

more than we
thought possible.

Then finding joy in it all!
always, melony