Tuesday, April 13, 2010

true friends...

true friends...

true friends often
read in-between
the lines of your life,
to what is not said.

they see you
/feel you
accept you,
and love you.

even in your brokeness
a friend will love you...
no matter what!

what a blessing!

always, miss mellie rainbow

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Note From Miss Mellie Rainbow

Spring Note From Miss Mellie Rainbow
The Destiny of Our Collective Gratitude

Spring is always a time for our re-birth and awakening.
It allows us to express our gratitude
and re-new our visions
of helping to heal our Mother Earth=Heart.

There are so many reasons to be grateful….

But it also is a time for us to examine our hearts
and to pose a few questions.

Why do we squash our gratitude with greed?
Why do we make killing a necessary norm,
instead loving our neighbors as members
of our human and sentient family?

We are so often careless in the way we treat others,
and the way we treat our Mother Earth=Heart.

Our disregard is evident in the smallest things.

The piece of paper that one throws on to the ground
soon amounts to streets strew with garbage.

The unkind words we use when we simply disagree
become landmines and killing fields
that result in deep wounds of the heart.

This then leads to militaristic campaigns
where both soldiers and civilians
including mothers and children are killed recklessly
and without regard to our Collective ONENESS.

Is this the choice we really desire
to make in our hearts?
Our minds often appear to thrive
in the “Us versus THEM” paradigm.

Have we lost our way? What is our Collective Destiny?

It is interesting… for all those
who have awakened with fear
many more are awakening with deep love
for all sentient beings.

And as we awaken, we learn
to breathe deep soulful breaths----
and come to understand that
within the breath is the hope of Universal Spirit.

Each day more humans awaken with a tingling,
a new sense of humility and a desire
for new compassionate understanding.

One might say that we are like the buds
of cherry blossoms, magnolias,
or orchids in the Springtime.

How do YOU choose to blossom this Spring?

Will you allow your ego to fill you with new visions of fear
or will you embrace the nurturing breath of Divine Spirit.

Chose Well Beloved, for your choice
helps determine our Collective Destiny of Gratitude.

Written With Love and Respect,
Miss Mellie Rainbow 8 April 2010