Sunday, June 27, 2010

Emmanuel Jal ?

Emmanuel Jal War Child

As a young kid barely able to carry a gun, Jal, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, witnessed and perpetrated unspeakable brutality in his country’s civil war, but he has not only found refuge in the U.S. but also become an international rap star for peace. His violent memories are graphically relayed in this powerful autobiography. At age 9, he smashed faces with machetes as his friend plunged a bayonet into an enemy’s stomach. What is amazing in this story is how Jal has been able to let go of his rage. His family gone, he was adopted by a British aid worker, who took him to Kenya, where he struggled in school. But eventually, inspired by Gandhi, King, and Mandela, he turned to music and the idea of rapping for peace (“no tribalism, nepotism, and racism in my motherland”). And his songs climbed the charts. With the intense personal story, Jal also brings in political issues not confronted in other books about the Sudanese War, including the crucial role of oil (“black gold”) in the ethnic conflict. --Hazel Rochman --


In a time where many rappers spend their time mimicking gangsters with buffoon-like thuggery, here we have a man who really lived through a war as a child soldier in Sudan. Despite the hefty and violent connotation of the title, the 13 tracks on this album are surprisingly optimistic. Filled with uplifting verses and triumphant choruses, Jal confidently tells his story without glorifying the vivid depictions of bombs and bloodshed. On the title track, Jal opens by saying “I believe I survived for a reason, to tell my story and to touch lives”.

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War Child is a unique documentary - the story of Emmanuel Jal captures the times we live in. It is a story about immense sorrow, struggle and survival. The underlying message is one of love, hope and joy. The movie is beautifully composed, especially the parts shot in Africa. It makes you look differently at your own life. PG-13 for thematic material and images involving war and related atrocites.


Autobiography - At the age of seven, swept into Sudan’s civil war, Jal became one of 10,000 child soldiers conscripted on both sides of the two decade long conflict. After being forced to do unimaginably horrible things, he escaped and trekked for four months through Africa. He was eventually found and adopted by the now legendary British aid worker Emma McCune who had married Sudanese guerrilla commander Riek Machar and convinced him to not employ child soldiers. Shortly after she adopted Jal, McCune died in a suspicious car crash, leaving Emmanuel “orphaned” once again. Jal rose from ruthless child soldier to refugee to rap star. He found his own redemption and life mission through a message of peace that represents one of the 21st centuries’ most inspiring and hopeful journeys, and a metaphor for the broader African predicament.

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my breaking heart...


my heart breaks
each time
i see, read or hear
about our cruelty to eachother.

in its brokeness
my resolve to love
and to walk
as a being of light
becomes stronger.

peace is possible
only when we see
the gifts of others
through the lens
of divine grace.

today with my
broken heart
i offer
only compassion
and re-connect
to universal truth.

the truth is...
ultimately we will
destroy our world
if we do not
to share love.

i humbly ask you...
knowing this truth
what can YOU do
to help lift humanity
into the heart of
loving kindness and compassion?

what will you do today?
with hope and continuing faith...
miss mellie rainbow

Monday, June 21, 2010

21 june 2010 ---a solstice message

your greatness

is evident

in the way you

live honorably

and keep rising


even though

there appear to be

insurmountable obstacles.

miss mellie rainbow

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What I Believe....

What I Believe...

I truly believe that we are here on this mother earth-heart to serve, honor, help heal and support eachother. this allows us to be gracious, compassionate and joyful. within you I see the potential of the divine universe and realize that we are connected in our oneness! please re-member love is everything!

miss mellie rainbow

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine....

20 June 2010

Celebrating the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine....

What we do and how we decide

to be in this world allows us

to grow in humility and compassion....

that transforms us into love

which gives us divine understanding and joy.

If you choose to be kind and truthful,

then MotherFatherGod will support you

with miracles of awakening.

Pay attention for there is love EVERYWHERE

Now please feel and reflect love;

and know that YOU ARE LOVE forever!

We ARE Celebrating the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine....

always, miss mellie rainbow