Thursday, September 30, 2010

So often we feel
that we are lacking,
that our lives would be fuller
if we had more.

In reality for many of us
our lives would be fuller
and more abundant if we
re-membered to share More.

Abundance and true wealth is
the willingness to share
the warm and giving spirit
of our hearts!

Today remember that you
have many gifts of love to share!

You are blessed with
divine abudance and wealth!
Simply say
"I am wealthy and enjoy sharing!"

Be ready to experience new joy!
---miss mellie rainbow

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In todays world,
we often expect others to offer
us kindness even when we are impatient.
We say "It's their job.
Can't they move faster?".

Yet sometimes in our hurriedness
and disregard,we forget
to show our gratitude--
to say please and thank you
or to see others as worthy
of our civility.

Today, please try to show your civility.
Be patient--- look into someone's eyes,
smile and express your appreciation
for even the smallest deed.

It may bring you both a moment of joy!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On Disagreement

We have all had our disagreements.
Still we must always find a way
to be the peace,
and make the peace.

Knowing this, today in disagreement,
have this thought....
"I will take steps towards you
in integrity and loving grace.
My hope is that you will meet me halfway.
Still if you are unable
to make the journey,
I will understand and
keep walking until
we are side by side.
Then I will offer my hand in hope,
and respect with compassion."

Today, Make the Peace,Be the PEACE!!!
miss mellie rainbow

Monday, September 27, 2010

On Making Mistakes, Living the Answers


We all make mistakes.

Then hopefully we search
for a solution,
not in anger but in love.

Often when we are angry,
no one can help us
because we are not honest
in our questions to ourselves.

Therefore we cannot learn
to live good answers.

Affirmation: Today I will question
and be honest with myself.
I will see myself in all beings
and offer only my best in love.

Honesty, understanding and
compassion are tools that help me
to live good answers!

This is the word of love!
miss mellie rainbow

Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Autumn Note with Love from Miss Mellie Rainbow

What Does Hope Do???


In the early morning as the sun rose,
I watched the dawn of a new day
and wondered if I had the courage
to open up my life to hope.

In Haiti, in Pakistan, China
and the United States
the rain storms have devastated many
---destroyed homes, lives
and the hearts of people.

In parts of Africa,
full of natural resources,
the results of European colonialism
loom on through poverty,
ethnic cleansing and children
carrying ak-47's protecting
the diamonds of some warlord
who steals and kills without conscience.

And what of me?
What is my part in this country
gone mad with hate and drones
flying across the world
--- leaving villages and cities
destroyed and children dead
or without limbs or parents?

As we talk of peace in
Afghanistan, and Iraq,
missiles fly through Gaza.

Even I must question why there
are fewer jobs and opportunities
as international business moguls
become wealthier on the spoils of war.

In Sudan the first democratic elections
face possible delays
and Peace Prize winner
Aung San Suu Kyi
is still under house arrest in Myamar.

Still, hopeful Palestinians
and Israelis alike
call for equity and peace
so that their children can
grow safely in love.

Hope acts as a common denominator.

And as China attempts to dismantle
the Tibetan culture and language,
it invests heavily in Africa, Latin America
and North America-- and declares itself
a humanitarian world power.

In Mongolia, where some love
and revere the Dalai Lama,
they are told that Chinese aid will be
withdrawn if they choose to keep
the Dalai Lama on a commemorative stamp.
The Mongolian government destroys the stamp.

Is there any hope for our world turned upside down?

At 3am this morning a male voice
screamed--- "you are nothing" and then,
I heard the sound of 3 shots fired
and laughter in the street before the dead silence.

Many of our children have lost their way.
One said he would like to change
and live a different life but he couldn't
--- for there were those waiting
to kill him for his past deeds.
But what about forgiveness?
What about hope?

In the early morning as the sun rose,
I watched the dawn of a new day.
My heart was heavy. Is there any hope?
And then a glimpse of the future
flashed before me.

Beyond the war and destruction,
somehow we had learned to share.

Neighbors and world leaders alike
had learned compassion and were
learning to walk with forgiveness, patience,
understanding and love for eachother.

People were able to honor their own faiths
and traditions as long as they did
no harm to others.

Education and peacebuilding became
a reality for all the children of the earth.

As they were nurtured,
so were all parents and grandparents
and each sentient being nurtured
-- for we had embraced a universal circle of love.

In the early morning as the sun rose,
I watched the dawn of a new day.
In my vision, the world had blossomed
beyond war and into a vivid loving peace.
We served as a living example for every universe!

This is the future I believe we can choose to have.

Today, I have awakened with infinite and eternal hope.
Love will abide! Please join me so we can create
a loving future for our children!

loving you.....
miss mellie rainbow

Friday, September 24, 2010

Melodies and Re-newal


When others have forgotten
the rhythm of love,
it takes courage to live in divine truth.

All around us there are those
who fear embracing oneness.

Still by being gentle, genuine and generous,
we are able to create the melodies of hope.

Today re-member that you
are supported and loved.

Follow the Universal Conductor
within your heart.

Let the melody of your life be gentle,
genuine and generous, and filled with grace.

Have courage and live t
he divine truth of your life
in the rhythm of love!

Peace! miss mellie rainbow

Sometimes we are the ones
causing our own unhappiness
by believing we are not worthy
of love and compassion.

What old skeletons do you have to excavate?
Dig deep into your discovery.
Embrace your old secrets and bring them
into the healing light of love and forgiveness.

Have compassion, love and patience
for yourself--- and you will be able
to extend compassion, patience and love to others.

You are worthy!
Move forward into divine renewal and grace.
Now re-discover all the miracles of good
and the love within and around you!

Life is glorious! ---mss mellie rainbow

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clear Vision


When we pay attention
to the details of life
and listen to all that is said
or not said,
we develop clarity
and a knowingness of truth.

Truth commands that we develop
our own self discipline.

Then we are able to move forward
with a clear vision and a bold heart!

What is you truth?

How will you move forward?
Today, listen
carefully-- embrace your vision,
have a bold heart
--- and enjoy your journey!

---miss mellie rainbow

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Preparing for Dissonance


When you are
doing good in the world,
there will be
voices of dissonance.

People will tell you it's not possible
to do better and that you
should be satisfied
with the way it is.

They will try hard to fill you
with their own fearful thoughts.

Prepare for dissonance.
You can choose not to
embrace their fear!

Each day is a new day
filled with hope and courage.
Listen to the divine whispers
of your heart.

Be who you are.
Use your gifts for good.
Do your work.
keep doing good and
allow love always to abide in you!
---miss mellie rainbow

Monday, September 20, 2010

Like yourself! and be a billionaire of love!


Today like yourself,
laugh often and live life with faith.

Be still for a moment.
Breathe deeply, again and again.

Now receive--- and embrace
the ever encompassing
wisdom of divine spirit.

Have courage.

In your head dance with hope, sing of love.
Yes it is okay to be marvelous!
Now go and share the wealth of your ever loving heart.

Peace, miss mellie rainbow

Our riches are limitedless.
We have the potential to feed
all those hungry on this earth.

And if wealth was the warmth,
the love and giving spirit of our hearts,
we would all be billionaires.

In fact, God believes we are!

Today, re-discover the joy
and love within you.

You are a billionaire and have much
to share with the world!

Now open your heart with infinite love.
Begin to feed those who are hungry, hurting,
disillusioned and in need of love!

Remind them, as you have been reminded
--- in God's heart we each have a special,
unique gift to share.

We are all billionaires! This is the word of love!

miss mellie Rainbow

--- God, our Blessed Divine One
has created all things in love.

Is not the orchid flower as magnificent
as the bird singing a morning song of grace?
And when the sun rises or sets,
or the moon and stars illuminate
the heavens are you not in awe?

All creations are divinely made with love
and create a natural ecstasy of life !

As I embrace and experience
the natural ecstasy of life,
I learn to be more gentle, genuine
and generous in sharing and
receiving love
for I honor the Divine in All!

---miss mellie rainbow

Friday, September 17, 2010

Do You Love YOU?

Do you love YOU?
So often our negative actions
towards others
reflect some deep pain
or woundedness within ourselves.

Today nurture yourself,
forgive and love all of you!

God loves you, all of you!
Always love you,
because when you love yourself,
you have more love to share!

Have a beautiful day---miss mellierainbow

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paint Your Heart!


Each day
we have the opportunity
to create a picture
of love for eternity!

Today be kind to all.

Preserve and paint every heart
with precious, positve memories!

Today---be joyful.
Live, and love!
miss mellie rainbow

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sparkle through the Darkness

Sparkle through the Darkness

Many have said that this is a time of great darkness.
It could be, because some have lost
value for the divine beauty
and simplicity of life.

Still, within the darkness
---by our questioning and our search for light
we can come to a new understanding.

When we embrace love without fear
as our practice, we heal.
In our healing we become
sparkling, bright lights within the Universe.

The truth is all things grow and heal
with love and become infused with Divine Light.

Today, sparkle with your loving actions
and feel your blessings and gifts multiply!
---Miss Mellie Rainbow

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In Wonderment

As I look at a bed of flowers
or a tree seaped in the brown
colored dirt of my skin,
I think also of dolphins
and fish swimming in
the blue green ocean.
And I am in awe!

I taste a banana, an apple,
an avacado or any fruit
or vegetable of our Earth=Heart
and I feel in it the sun
that nourishes us.

And on a clear night
I stare in wonderment
at faraway clouds and stars
that appear to dance with the moon.

I breathe deeply and think--
"Surely within our hearts is
the memory of a Divine Creator
passionately in love with us al!"

And as always,
then I return to love
as the foundation of my life.

Please join me!---miss mellie rainbow

Monday, September 13, 2010

one kind word

Beloveds, one kind word
said to another
can inspire them to greatness!

So much of what is really important
we forget to say.
Even to those we disagree with,
we must offer a kind word.

Today, smile at a stranger
and say hello.

Compliment your family members
friends and co-workers.

Say only good and watch
the mystery of the day
unfold in beauty when you
become the fruit of divine love!
Why do we disdain one another?
Your blood is as red as my blood
and our tears both taste salty,
like the ocean.

You have mourned your lost dreams
and loved ones, as I have mourned mine.

As I watch our children happily
playing together,
new dreams emerge and to you
I offer my hand in friendship.

We cannot change our yesterdays.
What we can do is to begin
this new day in appreciation
of our children as our most precious gifts.

Our children offer love and dream
of building bridges of understanding and joy.

This dream for is possible
only through our compassionate hearts.

Affirmation: today let us honor the dreams
of our children. Please join me.
We will use the tools of our hearts
---compassion, hope, forgiveness, kindness,
patience, sharing and understanding.

Together we build new bridges of joy
and hope for a better world for our children.
This is love in action-- love infinite in divine possibility!

is there one among us or our ancestors
who has caused no harm?

Do we desire to continue to destroy
ourselves through hate and anger?

Our greed and need for power
has created dangerous cycles of destruction.
We must stop now!

It is time for us to renew our spirits.
Honor the dead
and give their lives meaning in love.

There is no true way to heal
except to acknowlege the pain
and offer forgiveness.
How does this happen?
Only through compassion, and love.

Love is the gift that heals our hearts
and creates room for spiritual renewal.
There is hope only through love.
Renew your spirit.

Affirmation: Today we honor the dead
for they have been returned to God.
We give their lives meaning
through our loving compassionate actions
and begin to build a world of eternal grace!

Yes, from time to time we may falter.
Thus we re-member love and begin again!

with love to ALL---miss mellie rainbow

Friday, September 10, 2010

Embracing Simplicity

There are many who say
that life is complicated.

Yes and because we choose
to make our lives complicated,
God is often forgotten.

Right now you can release
some complications
by choosing to live simply.

today I embrace simplicity.
I honor
our blessed divine one
--god--creator of every universe.

My life purpose is to be good,
and do good
for I am simply a tool of god!

Today I remember the beauty of simplicity!
---miss mellie rainbow

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wishing you and your family Eid Mubarak and Shana Tovah


Wishing each of you and your families
Shana Tovah and Eid Mubarak!

May our friendships flourish in grace
as we connect with the divine in all.

May we continue to see God in all
and live in peace!

Please re-member that within us is a seed
so precious that it is greater
than any one can imagine
for God gave us the gift of love.
When we use it,
and allow love to blossom,
the whole world expands in grace.

Trust yourself, use your love
as a tool of cooperation
and your life will be enriched.

Have a beautiful Holiday!
miss mellie rainbow

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Divine Whisperings

How often do we say no
when our heart says yes?

Or yes when we should have said no?
The Divine whispering within us
gives us the right answer.

We have only to pay attention.

Today I desire the best in each situation.
I am patience as I listen
to the divine whisperings of my heart
and walk in peace with the right answers!

I choose to live in the mystery of love!
Have a beautiful day! miss mellie rainbow

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bring Your Light to the World! September Notes

let us begin this day in faith;
knowing that any obstacle is a part of our journey in grace.
Meet each being in love.
Offer your hand with compassion and respect.
Listen in appreciation to their unique perspective.
For it is in listening that we discover our true commonality.

Affirmation: I am listening! today I listen to others with an open heart
and together we discover a good solution to any challenge!
Have a beautiful day listening!
today open the windows and doors of your heart
so that the fragrance of love can pourthrough you.
Breathe deeply four times.
Simply be in the moment of now.
Feel the bliss of peace and new understanding.

For me, the air I breathe,
my heart and the words I write
are all love's creations to be shared.
What are love's creations in your life?
What will you share today?

Beloveds, though we desire harmony,
sometimes we are carrying around dissonant stuff.
Today is a good day to let go of the old and new stuff
that serves no purpose o
r causes disdain or brings you no joy.

Make way for new miracles.
Clear your home and your heart!

Affirmation: today I let go of dissonant stuff
in my home and my heart.
As I prepare for new miracles in my life,
I know that if I want change,
I have to be changed in love.
Today I am changed in love!

Enjoy your beautiful day!

as children at play we laugh, cry,
fall down, get up, get angry,
forgive, forget, hold hands
and declare we are
best friends forever.

What understanding and compassion
we are born with.
How great to play and re-member love!

Live life, Play,well!
Bring your light to the world!

in peace and joy---miss mellie rainbow

Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Woundedness


In some way,
we have all been wounded
or wounded another.

Our purpose is not
to hold anger or retaliate.

Our purpose is to l
earn forgiveness, to love
and to heal ourselves
as we do good,
and help others heal.

Thus we become wounded healers.

Our most precious jewels
then become our acts of love.

Thus we are able
to live a life
of compassion and peace.

What acts of love will you share today?

Wishing you the best always! miss mellie rainbow

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your Greatness

Patience, and persistence are tools of life.
The seed of divine purpose
is the greateness
planted within you.

Nurture your gifts,
harvest the fruit of
your greatness and share with others.

This is your reason for existence!

Patience, persistence and purpose!
Have a beautiful day!
---miss mellie rainbow

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What the future holds

In these days of harmonic dissonance,
we must be careful of what we say
and what we do.

Our sometimes venomous ideas
and violent arguments may backfire.

What may happen is this---the very people
we believe we despise today,
our daughters and sons will love tomorrow.

There is a strong possibility
that in their love
they will betray our hate
and marry those
we thought were our enemies.

Our children will have children
that we will learn to love
because some part of them is US.

And then there will be no enemy.

If this is so,
then isn't far easier to begin today
to offer others the love and compassion
we seek for ourselves?

Isn't this the way to experience
a vivid peace with hope
and true joy in our lifetimes?

What will You choose for your future?
To live alone with hate
or to be nurtured with loving respect
by your children and grandchildren?

I choose love!---miss mellie rainbow