Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rise and Shine


Rise and shine--

Rise and shine
for within you
is the light of love.

Rise and shine--
with new compassion
and joy,
for your gifts
are needed
and appreciated!

Today the Universe
is calling
and asking
if you will share your light.

It is time...
To Rise and Shine!

Have A Beautiful Day!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Patiently Waiting


For more time than we can imagine
GOD has said...

"I will wait for you,
even while many of you dis-regard
each moment of grace
and move with selfish intent."

Few have heard
but GOD still speaks...

"I will wait for you
through your time of greed;
your wars and your petty arguments."

And as we have
begun to listen
the Few have become More...

Many of us now
hear the call,

the Divine Whisper...

"I will wait,

for I know that
beyond your fear
and need for separateness,
there is only LOVE."

And GOD's Hope remains,
for even in the darkness
of the night,
Stars Light the Universe.

Are you listening?

Are you a Star?

This is the Word of LOVE!

Friday, October 29, 2010

How Will YOU Walk?


Today I embrace flexibility.

With respect, I will bend
like a willow tree;
have the courage, resolve
and strength of an oak tree
and the sweetness of a fig tree.

I will walk with gentleness
and appreciation for the
uniqueness and contributions
of all sentient beings.

Divine Spirit shows me the way!

How will you walk?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love in the Time of Cholera in Haiti by Rev. Marcia Dyson

Love in the Time of the Haitian Cholera

The Haitian people's will to survive, and thrive, is mighty. It's time for black Americans to spread some love to our Caribbean cousins -- love that can be felt in tangible ways.

By: Marcia Dyson | Posted: October 27, 2010 at 4:26 PM

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I've always admired the haunting beauty and sad grace of Gabriel García Márquez's novel Love in the Time of Cholera. But I never imagined that his title would conjure the force we'll need to fight Haiti's freshest suffering: an outbreak of cholera that threatens the loss of thousands of lives.

It's fitting that the novel in which Márquez temporarily loosens the hold of magical realism is the one that symbolizes Haiti's plight today. There's little state magic to speak of, and the economic realities that this country faces are tragic and legion. But my God, the will and spirit of the people remains indescribably, well, magical, to say the least. I've gotten to know Haiti and its people a lot better over the last two years as I've served and traveled throughout the complicated outlines of this besieged geography.

Haiti's present troubles may yet prove faithful to a script that seems passed down from on high: A small but mighty colony of oppressed black subjects will resist and rise just when nobody gives them a chance in hell to survive. That was certainly true of Haiti at its birth.
In 1804 the nation roared into existence after a decade-long slave revolt fomented by Toussaint Louverture, which ultimately resulted in Napoleon getting beaten at his own game -- and the world's first republic winning independence from France.

Haiti's will to rise was certainly challenged during U.S. military occupation of the country from 1915 to 1934, and its national urge to strength was surely suppressed as the U.S. exerted direct or indirect control of the Haitian economy from 1905 to 1947.

And through a string of tyrants, incompetents and soiled idealists at the helm of the nation (some with American support, or at least with our willingness to look the other way while the country was lost and looted), Haiti's people have managed to keep faith, even though that faith has been unjustly savaged and satirized as "Voodoo" -- with the scare quotes in tow -- little more than a hodgepodge of hocus pocus and superstition.

But that's the retail version of Vodou, pushed in the marketplace of ignorance and bigotry. In Haitian Vodou, practiced widely by much of the population, the spirits of the departed -- sa nou pa we yo, those we don't see -- don't fly away but remain near to those left behind, permitting the suffering living the triumphant advantage of laughing in the face of death.

That's not a fatalistic position but a supremely hopeful one; after all, the living have had so much death to defy. Is Vodou any more unrealistic a remedy than, say, colonial exploitation and schemes of duplicitous rationality deployed by would-be saviors in military or ministerial garb?



What we need most right now
is a spirit of cooperation.

Universal school yard fights
with drones and ak-47's
are destroying our communities,
our resources,
our children,
our hearts
and our Earth.

Instead we must heal the sick,
feed the hungry,
educate our children
build communities with
respect for eachother
and offer All a reason
to exist in peace with loving cooperation.

Cooperation---This is the work
that we must invest in NOW.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


is one of the greatest
of life's jewels
that you are given
to develop.

Use Patience and you
will accomplish much
as you enrich all
those around you!

Take small steps each day
and watch the great distance
you travel with appreciation.

Today breathe deeply and know
that the way through
each challenge comes
with Patience!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Living In Today

Iif we live always
in yesterdays,
we miss the gift of today.

Meet this new day
with appreciation and gratitude
for all that is possible.

Embrace and prepare
to use your divine gifts
as you accept the challenge
of life in this new day!

P. S. Please pray for the
People of Haiti
and all those who need
hope and healing everywhere!

Monday, October 25, 2010

dreaming the divine dream...


Please never forget
that you are a bright light!

The love of your heart,
your good deeds and
even in the darkness.

You help provide food,
shelter, medicine,
clothing and comfort
to others.

Your understanding and
commitment to forgive
helps heal the Earth=Heart.

Your creative gifts
bring joy
as you walk, dance
play and sing
with harmonic grace.

Oh bright lights,
we are dreaming the
divine dream
of loving respect and
for the gifts of all.

Now let's light the Universe!

With faith and hope...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Haiti--Urgent Needed Now!

Dear Friends,

Today, I ask you to meet me heart to heart and respond to this Urgent Request. The People of Haiti Need Our Help NOW! Please get your churches, your friends and communitiy organizations, news papers, radio and television stations to mobilize and send support NOW! With Loving Hope, Rev. Melony McGant

"I ask for those of you who are leery of not knowing how your funds are used in Haiti ), to support my work, know that I have always done my ministry with integrity and transparency to the Lucienne Deschamps Foundation. It is a 501 (c) 3 non profit that educates and informs the people. We are distributing directly to the families sanitation supplies and working with teachers in the school. We work DIRECTLY with families for preventive measures like the cholera."
----Rev. Marcia L. Dyson

Rev. Dyson is a dear friend and I am making an urgent request to support her as she supports the people of Haiti.

Please Pray, Write Your Checks to the Lucienne Deschamps Foundation and Circulate this email to all your friends, pastors, community organizations, etc. asking for their support!!

Please contribute to the Lucienne Deschamps Foundation. Checks can be made out to the foundation and mailed to :

Rev.Marcia Dyson
5015 Warren St NW
Washington, DC 20016
If there are any questions call:
202-244-2026; 202 286 2691 or my Haitian cell 01150934565862

--- On Sun, 10/24/10, Marcia L. Dyson wrote:

From: Marcia L. Dyson
Date: Sunday, October 24, 2010, 1:17 PM

Dear Friend(s) I have blind copied this email to protect my friends from unwanted solicitation, As you all know, I spent much time in Haiti pre Earthquake and am there 2 two weeks of the month post the natural disaster. And I have just returned on Saturday with plans on returning as soon as Tuesday.

The situation with the cholera outbreak is tragic and is a result of not the earthquake, but of poor international usage of aid money and of inept governance by Haitian officials and I must confess the United States. That being said, whatever you think the last few days have been chaotic to say the least. The situation in Haiti as you know is very dire and by the minute, we are getting emails with more bad news and new areas of outbreak from the Ministry of Health, as well as desperate calls from St Marc that there are children on the floor dying because there is such a severe shortage of supplies and medical personnel.

Although Project Medishare is on the frontlines in the Artibonite, Central Plateau and PAP fighting this epidemic as we speak. There are 100+ community health workers who are canvassing the camps with prevention tools and education, as well as our hundreds of doctors and nurses in country who are working closely with Haitian Ministry of Health at these clinics to provide manpower and support in St Marc as well as the new areas of outbreak. Medishare has been called upon by the American Red Cross as well as Partners In Health for back-up in the areas outside of St Marc which are now showing major outbreaks and we have been asked to get our four massive 5,000 sq feet field hospital tents put up out of the ground to provide 20,000sq feet of additional hospital space to treat patients, setting up cots as most are laying on the ground, and providing antibiotics, bleach, water tablets, buckets etc.

We are mobilizing a major cargo shipment down Tuesday with additional supplies to help in St Marc and Artibonite and assist the Haitians red cross as they are experiencing shortages in many areas. We should have these makeshift cholera treatment centers in the four 5,000sq foot tents built up by Tues (they are being built right now) so that we have space to treat an additional 400-500 patients at a time, as well as getting portable AC units and fans up to these areas because of the heat+high fevers, people are losing their lives much faster before they can get treatment in the overrun hospitals.

We were hoping for containment and prevention but because of the alarm this caused in St Marc, there was a mass exodus out of the area and into PAP which we suspect has now carried cases into PAP and the MSPP (ministry of health) have given a very dire outlook on the situation with another 800,000 cases and deaths possible in the next 6 months if we can't get this contained.

I am helping to augment the work of Medishare and Red Cross Haiti by working directly with one the most solid foundations in the country, that has poured millions of unannounced money back into their countrymen. This too the Haiti I know.

I ask for those of you who are leery of not knowing how your funds are used, to support my work, and you know that I have always done my ministry with integrity and transparency to the Lucienne Deschamps Foundation. It is a 501 (c) 3 non profit that educates and informs the people. We are distributing directly to the families sanitation supplies and working with teachers in the school. We work DIRECTLY with families for preventive measures like the cholera.

Look forward to seeing many frontline accounts from me on what is really happening in Haiti. The Haitians in the countryside and in Port au Prince may feel like this is another act of God. It is not. IS IT MANMADE and could have been prevented long ago. For every bottle of water sent, an inch of water pipe could have been built. For every tent a transitional house by now could have been built.

But for now, please contribute to the Lucienne Deschamps Foundation. Checks can be made out to the foundation and mailed to me at:
5015 Warren St NW
Washington, DC 20016
If there are any questions I can be reached at:
202-244-2026; 202 286 2691 or my Haitian cell 01150934565862.

As an United States tax payer, you should be concerned where and to whom the 1.5 billion dollar pledge to Haiti is going, and what sustainable deliverables are being guaranteed by contractor and suppliers. For all the money we have sent to Haiti for the last 20 years, and this is not bad shepherding on Haiti's government, most funds went to American NGO's and contractors.

And for my African American friends. make the African relevant. Sean Penn, a friend was passing me in the air GOING TO HAITI as I left to call upon the calvary. I spoke with George Clooney during a flight to Los Angeles last week before he appeared on Larry King regarding Darfur and thanked him for his work on behalf of Haiti also. I fasted 21 days with Mia Farrow last Spring for Haiti (pre earthquake), Darfur and the youth violence in my hometown of Chicago. This is my ministry, but the countries and communities that were served by the above are ours. Thank God for Clooney, Farrow, Jolie. Where are OUR stars, where is the celebrity. As children of the legacy of Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hammer, Ella Baker, Ida B. Wells Barnett isn't it time we join enmass Bessie Ross (seamstress of the American flag) Catherine Flon, an Haitian from the town of Arcahaien (located outside of Port-au-Prince) who seamed the flag of Haiti after its' revolution in 1803. Thus, while Catherine Flon is often a forgotten figure in our AFRICAN cherished history, the significance of her creation is greatly remembered as she constructed more than just a mere patchwork of material and color but a commemoration of our tumultuous struggles and the heroes of Haiti's past, Toussaint L'ourverture, Jean Jacques Dessaline, Alexandre Petion, and Capois La Mort; but a reminder to me that our struggles as African descent people are never ceased. If we cannot join our fair skinned brothers and sisters in causes that impact African descent people, I ask that you drop your African ID and call us what we are: Negro Americans once more.

There are many beautiful people, places and promised in Haiti. While I work on the rebuilding of spirit and help post earthquake, I am also at work on rebuilding Haiti by Haitians who are educated, capable, have some funding sources, who are not what the media says of them. PLEASE don't believe all you see and hear (op-ed and articles on that from me after the crisis). I will be soon posting my MNN, Marcia News Network to keep you abreast of our plight and rebuilding of Haiti. It is an inspiring country.

Thanks for those who support me and read my wild, flurry of emails in all I attempt to do for "God least of these."

The mostly Irreverent,
Rev. Marcia L. Dyson

Friday, October 22, 2010

Createmor Good


Today I invite you to join me as
I pray for good and light
to continue on this Earth=Heart.

May our hearts be filled with a
commitment to share
and create an equitable peace
with loving compassion
and understanding for ALL.

I thank each of you
for your unique gifts
and have faith
that all develop in love.

As hope & humility
fills my heart,
I extend my gratitude
and appreciation
to our Blessed Creator.

May we all remember
to love and work to
create more good!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How We Should Act

when we speak of hate,
it manifests.

Speak only of love.
Act only with loving compassion.
Compromise and extend respect.
Offer and ask for forgiveness.
Be patience.
Make the peace.
Be the the peace.

Smile more.
Laugh more
and watch the people around you
become more loving!

The truth is---
No matter who we are,
we can always share more love!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enjoy the Fruit of the Universe


There are those of us
who only want to eat
the apple

but when we have No Preferences,
we are able to embrace
the moment and enjoy
the fruit of the season!

Life give us opportunity
and the flexibility of fruit.

We can learn to develop a taste
for the many fruit of the universe!

What fruit will you share and enjoy today?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

confidence, hope, and faith


When you have hope

you have awakened in faith,

and are taking new steps on

the glorious wisdom trail.

When you have faith you,

you are moving forward

with confidence,

listening to the soul whisper,

embracing your Divine calling!

Today remember...

hope and faith...

Have Hope...

Have Faith!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Be the Blessing!


We are learning to always
simply pay attention
to what spirit may
call on us to do.

And to see no one as
an enemy but simply
a reflection of the unloved self.

And to the unloved self,
we must learn to extend
compassion and lovingkindness.

Affirmation:Today when I meet someone
heart to heart,
I will show them love...
I will share my joy!

Today BE the blessing
you asked for ...and needed!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ever Expanding Love


Do we stop loving when we disagree
or because we feel the impermanence of life?

As we stop villainizing the "other",
we move into a vivid loving state of grace.

It is here that we learn that the love
of our creator is infinite and ever expanding
as we are willing to receieve and reflect love!

Today please don't stop loving.

Try to see no "other" and re-commit
to divine love as eternal truth!

Enjoy this day of grace!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Myopic Vision

when people don't see or prevent
our meaness to eachother,
it breaks my heart.

Still I hold on to hope and faith
in Infinite Spirit moving through
our human collective.

We are developing as beings
in search of understanding.

As we are able, to expand our hearts,
we will let go of our myopic visions
of self and develop a vivid compassionate
love for all!

Today please, look beyond yourself
and offer many new acts of loving kindness.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Success at the Oasis


Even if it looks like
we will fail in our efforts for peace,
we must continue to believe that
our efforts have value.

Success lies in our willingness
to walk through
the desert of despair
and to keep sharing the love
in our hearts---no matter what!

We will reach the oasis!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Share Your Gifts of the Heart

A smile,or a hug
can be precious
if it is given
from the heart.

A note written
to say how are you?
Happy birthday!
or I love you!
may be cherished
for a lifetime...

A phone call to an
old friend letting
them know that you
are thinking of them
may bring tears to
their eyes.

A visit to a sick friend
-- just sitting quietly
holding their hand
can let them know they
are loved and make a
difficult time
easier to bear.

These are the gifts
of the heart that may
be filled with infinite love.

Be a loving tool of divine grace.

Always try to offer
encouragement to others.

No matter the occassion
or just because,
share many gifts of your heart!

Today love,laugh and live graciously!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Be Good to YOU


It is not just important
to be good to others.

Be good to you,
care for you and nurture you.

Be gentle with you!
In doing so, you will be
better able to share
that same compassion with others.

Be good to you so that you
are willing to be good,
care for and nurture others
tenderly with compassion and joy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wrongdoings and 10-10-10


We must try to never loan our names
or participate knowingly in wrongdoings.

Listen to your heart.
Follow the path of integrity and love.
Sometimes when there is no peaceful,
positive resolution, it is better
to walk away graciously.

Be patience. Be hopeful.

Keep the bridge open and pray
for another's awakening
in compassionate understanding.

Truth will be revealed, eventually.
Right now re-member that Divine Spirit
is leading you and will give you
a better way to serve with integrity and love!


10-10-10, this great, magnificent day
will never come again!
Be bold!
Enjoy each moment in love.
Plant new seeds for your success
in helping to create a more joyful,
loving world.
Have courage, compassion
and a can-do attitude!

You are an incredible spirit
with great gifts to share.

Most importantly, love is on your side.
10-10-10! Now it is time for you to begin!

Be joyful, kind and loving!

With loving respect for you
as a great, magnificent spirit!

Being Thankful, and Seeing GOD


What do we have to be thankful for?

When we are alive,
we learn to be thankful
for every experience
that offers us a moment
to awaken within our hearts.

I invite you to join me
as I say thank you...

Thank You for each moment
of Loving Grace.

Thank you for each
learning opportunity which
calls for me to expand
and develop in deep understanding.

Thank you for each mistake
which has given me new wisdom.

Thank you for showing me true
compassion in the hearts of others,
as I learn to meet them heart to heart.

Thank you for my tears
which show me the unlimited
depth of my heart, much like
the vastness of your Uni-Verse.

Thank you for the disappointment
and hard lessons that allow me to learn
to release judgement and discover
new gifts because I am able to
let go of my expectations.

Thank you for allowing me
deep listening, as well as
an incomprehensible space
that leaves me with joy to share.

Thank you for the breath of
your Loving Grace, and your
constant Divine Whisperings
that resides within me
and All Others.

Thank you for every argument
and world tantrum that calls
for All of Humanity
to let go of our
selfishness and greed.
Today I let go of my attachment
to what I think I know.

As I awaken within Your Heart,
I embrace the unknown with
hope, infinite faith and
appreciation for each Miracle
of Life!

And So it Is With Love,


When I can see good within you,
I can feel God within me.
In you, each of you,
I see much Good!

Because of your good,
within me are divine whispers
of understanding, appreciation
and a desire to know
God within you.

And I do--- for God is love
and flows from you to me,
and me to you!

When I feel God within me,
I am able always to see Good in You!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Divine Intention/ Trust your


Each day some of us listen
to commentators on the radio
or television who breed
hate and incite fear.

Many of us don't know whom to trust.
Our media is creating insanity
day after day.

Stop allowing voices of hate,
fear and separation to control
your understanding.

Turn your tv and radio off.

Talk to your children.
Read books to your children.

Teach them--- so that you re-member
the divine life principles.

"Thou shalt not kill or steal.
Honor your mother, your father
and all elders.
Love one another and
honor your neighbor as yourself!"

The gift of life and love resides within you.

Today please---turn off the tv and radio.

Listen to the divine within you.

Trust your heart and be discerning,
kind, and respectful to others
---even when you disagree!

Begin to live, and love with divine intention!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

wait until ready


No matter how good our intentions,
we must be careful not to force
our lifestyle, our truth or wisdom
on others.

If we do, they may resent us!

Offer small portions with love,
expect nothing.

Share a little more.

Embrace their response
with respect and love.

Be patient.

Wait until one is ready to accept your gift.

All will awaken in time.

Now go and embrace the divine whispers of you heart!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Receiving Inspiration


When we feel inspiration
we feel blessed divine spirit
moving within us.

We are able to create or receive
an answer when we clear our minds.

Today, clear your mind,
open your heart and pay attention
to the blessed divine spirit
moving within you.

Inspiration brings kindness,
honest understanding
and appreciation!

It allows you to embrace
your true greatness!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Greate Change


We are in a time of great change.

We are the creators of our tomorrow.

We must have great courage
and choose to build our communities
with hope.

Each act of kindness
and love builds a bridge of appreciation.

Build many bridges!



Like the weather and the seasons,
the only constant in life is change.
There will sunshine and rain.

Storms will come and after,
rainbows of hope through our loving,
compassionate deeds will appear.

Through it all, we learn more
about ourselves--and the infinite
universe of our hearts.

We will re-build and re-create
better and stronger communities
as we mourn our losses.

We learn the importance of humility,
kindness and divine grace.

Today, we are in a time of great change.

We must choose good!

Every moment as we breathe,
we must let go of our fear
and bring forth our courage
as we learn to share and reflect
understanding with divine infinite love!

This is the word of love!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Awakened Heart


Some walk with humilty
and compassion and don't see
themselves as different
than others.

They simply walk with hope
and faith as beings in service
to the universe.

These are the great ones
with awakened hearts.

You are great!
How will you serve the Universe today?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sharing YoLight


Your human gifts and talents are needed!

You are Brilliant Stars of the Universe.

It is time to share your hope,
forgiveness and compassion.

Please open your hearts and illuminate
Earth, our Heart with your loving
goodness and light!

As YOU are able,
so we will move forward in Grace!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Being Overwhelmed


Have you been overwhelmed by our collective
in-ability to re-connect in love?

I have, and it is difficult at moments
to breathe in the love of our creator
and to see good in all.

Our selfishness has brought forth a
tremendous imbalance throughout the planet.

Only love can return the balance.

Please re-member that as we undergo
this violent argument--this universal
struggle between the forces
of loving cooperation
versus fear and materialistic control,
we must be careful to
honor the cultures of others.

We must re-activate our inner listening
and use compassionate communication
in all negotiations-- be it family,
friends, corporations or nations
in conflict.

Our goal should be to do no harm
and to always do good!

This is the way, the divine call
and truth of love!

Your true compassion and honest
respect for others can restore
balance and hope on Earth!

Today please---Live and Breathe Love!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Do What You Can


How do we achieve our dreams?

We must always do
what we can do,
so that we have and appreciate
the resources that we need to live.

Then we are able to share our gifts
and keep working to get what we want!

Achieving our dreams takes appreciation,
diligence, patience, a willingness to share
our gifts and hard work!

There is joy in the journey!
miss mellie rainbow