Thursday, March 31, 2011

Answer the Call


Just as the trees
bend in reverence
when the wind brings
the Divine Call,

so we too must
bow in reverence
as we honor
and answer the
Divine Call of Love!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When We Say Less

Sometimes we must listen
with good intention,
say less
and do more.

When we listen to the
whispers of the Universe
in our hearts,
we are able to walk
with divine intention.

Today listen and say less.
Do More.
Communicate beyond words.

Your loving intentions
will provide good actions
filled with grace!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Be the Blessing


Our positive attitude
and good thoughts
are blessings.

In our every action,
we have the opportunity
to be a blessing
of light and hope.

Embrace each day with
gratitude and compassion.

Be the blessing of kindness
you desire andyour hope
will light the hearts of many!

Monday, March 28, 2011



What is our duty?

A father may say it is
his and his wife's duty
to care for and provide
for their children.

They work together to build
and nurture their family
and community.

Children then grow
to love and care for
their parents and community.

They learn compassion
and understand their duty.

Duty Is Our Greatest Love.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Soulful Memories


Joy is not about money
or power or material items.

Joy comes when we connect
with each other and create
soulful memories.

Today, be the sunshine.

Share your joy.

Find a simple way
to create a soulful memory!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Behold Many Miracles

If you are brave enough
to plant a garden
within your heart;

then you must make
the commitment to nurture it
throughout all the seasons
of your life.

In the garden of your lives,
the sun will shine always
through your smiles
but there may be winters
of doubt and loneliness.

The many clouds and rainstorms
will be your tears
of disappointment, and dismay
mixed with the joy
of knowing love.

As your children are born,
the air will bring you oxygen,
new purpose,
and whispers of understanding.

Spring buds and blossoming trees
will be filled your humility,
as you celebrate Being Born Again...

There will be joyful summers
of compassion as your willingness
to forgive allows for deep healing.

Time and time again
you will harvest the fruit of love
and acquire a propensity of faith
that nurtures you and many others.

And throughout Eternity
with Divine Grace you will continue
to plant new seeds of hope.

These are the miracles to behold
in a life of love!

Language Without Words


We often discover love
not in words but through
looks and actions.

Today allow your eyes
to convey the love
of your heart
and let your every deed
be a reflection
of the good that resides
within your soul!

Good Actions of Diplomacy


When we offer a smile,
or a hand in friendship,
and understanding
--we lift the vibration
of our hearts and the planet
into love.

Our good actions of diplomacy
are living songs of kindness,
compassion and hope
that can bring grace
and healing to our world.

The more we listen,
deepening our understanding;
share our resources
and sing with hope,
the greater the vibration of love.

Love is the way to heal
our broken hearts and our world!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Acts of Diplomacy


When we offer a smile,
or a hand in friendship,
and understanding,

--we lift the vibration
of our hearts
and the planet into love.

Our good actions of diplomacy
are living songs of kindness,
compassion and hope
that can bring grace
and healing to our world.

The more we listen,
-- deepening our understanding;
share our resources
and sing with hope,
-- the greater the vibration of love.

Love is the way to heal
our broken hearts and our world!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Courage

We are always faced with choice!

By choosing hate and violence
we continue our cycle of
human despair, and mis-understanding.

Hope for our children comes only
through our courage to walk and live
with a mellifluous, abiding love.

Great courage and Divine support
is given to those who have faith
in good and are able to choose
loving compassionate communications,
and peaceful actions.

Today, through our thoughts and actions,
let's make the loving choice !

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



In every difficult moment
we must breathe deeply
four times
and hold on to a
warm thought of love.

Then as we allow our beings
to remember the loving
resilience of all those
who have walked
in grace before us,
we are able to see
our path of good intention.

The very breath of Love
becomes a resilient transformer,
and a pathway
to deeper understanding.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Woven Into the Heart Tapestry


Woven deeply into the
heart tapestries of our lives
are the stories and secrets
of our souls.

We may share a story
but rarely do we reveal
ourselves or our wounds
in totality.

We have forgotten the
great mystery of love
woven within our very beings.

Divine Spirit,
in calling us to awaken...
asks us to re-member in love
all the places and wounds
that need to be healed.

Today when you ask for,
and offer forgiveness,

then you will easily awaken,
and re-member you are a
heart tapestry of Love!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deep Roots


In the eternal garden of life,
the deeper Love's roots,
the more often Love blossoms.

We must learn to transform
our greed, fear and envy
into Only Love.

For Love moves with us through
the seasons of eternity;
offering us new lessons of hope
and compassion.

The roots of our relationships
grow stronger when nurtured
with tolerance and understanding.

And Today when Love blossoms,
we will call its fruit
Divine Grace.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Limitless Boundaries


When our hearts
open with forgiveness,
and we are able
to share with others
the riches of our failures
and our success--
our pain and joy...

then love becomes
the fruit of our relationships
with our children
and our Creator within
the collective heart of humanity.

In truth, whether we think
we are weak or strong,
only within the abyss
of limitless love
will we have the courage
to renew our faith,
and discover hope
for our children.

Hope is the key
that paves the way
to living in peace
and the common denominator
of Universal Understanding.

Friday, March 18, 2011

iwas hacked/when technology gets in the way

No matter how great technology,
or what it enables us to do,
there are always hidden consequences.

For instance, last night
I got a call and was told
that someone had received an email
stating that I was in London
and my purse had been stolen.
This is not true and for a moment,
I felt violated.

Somehow, my email was hacked.

Today I breathe deeply,
letting go of feeling violated---
and move forward in love!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beyond he probable,,,


When we look beyond what is probable
to what is possible, we learn to offer
that which is infinite.

We learn to share in another's pain,
and this we call empathy.

We learn patience and reflective healing.

This we call compassion and forgiveness.

We come to believe In miracles.

And we begin to live as beings of love
infused with Divine Grace!

Today try to live beyond the probable...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Relentless Nemesis


Often we fear vulnerability.

We don't want to appear
too good or weak.

We want to control and make
boundaries in our hearts.

This is why for some, Money, Status,
and Greed have become protectors.

For them, Love becomes a nemesis.

But Divine Love is a relentless
nemesis with no boundaries.

For always, Love is filled with
understanding, kindness and
limitless compassion.

Love gives us insurmountable courage
with strength and teaches us humility.

In truth, Love is never the nemesis.

Love is the grace of God and the hope
offered every moment of the day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rhythm of Love


No matter what faces us,
or how impossible life seems,
we always have the gift of prayer.

When we pray, we are asking
for Divine guidance and healing.

God gives us answers in a child's smile
and in the kind sharing
of one who has little
but lovingly gives anyway.

What will you offer and give in love?

Today as we pray, let us listen more deeply
to the songs of the Uni-Verse
and re-learn to sing, dance and pray
to the rhythm of love.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Use Your Gifts

We all have a special contribution
to make in life!
Each and everyone of you was
born with a special gift.
With patience, discover
and develop your gifts.
With understanding,
use your gifts for good.
Today, with joy and humility,
begin to lovingly share
your gifts with the world.

Nurturing Our Earth Garden

Listen to the whispers of the Universe
and the cries of the winds,
the mountains and oceans.
God is speaking through the
harmonics of Mother Earth.
Our greed causes imbalance,
death and destruction.
Re-birth and transformation
are possible only through
a resurgence of love.
Only through love can our
Earth Garden blossom.
In the coming of this new
season of re-birth, we must ask for,
and embrace divine wisdom.
Today with loving understanding--
plant and nurture new seeds of hope,
compassion and cooperation.
Only through love will our Earth Garden blossom!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blue Jays


Sometimes the awakened,
outspoken ones who offer us
truth and call for us to act
with dignity and respect
for others

are like the resented Blue Jays
gathering in community
and loudly singing their song
of loving understanding
early in the morning.

Some of us just want to sleep
and forget the new day!

In life we have a choice.

We can shun understanding
and bury ourselves in minutia

or we too
can awaken with dignity
and loving understanding
and join the Blue jays
in song and community!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Crisis in Japan


Please Join me in offering prayers
for people living in Japan
as they are facing devastating loss
in the wake of a major Earthquake
and Tsunami today.

May all those affected
by this disaster in Japan,
and all those suffering anywhere
on Earth have the courage
and fortitude to heal and re-build
their lives and communities.

We honor each individual who has died
and offer our empathy, our compassion
and loving support filled with hope.

And so it is with Love
that we offer this prayer!

Thursday, March 10, 2011



We are not in rehearsal.

There are no second,
third or fourth takes.

We can't do it over.

Today we must pay attention
to the details.

Gather your loving energy.

Bring forth your courage,
your compassion and your
willingness to do your best.

This is not a rehearsal.

Life is happening Now!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pause--Breathe--- Focus


There are moments when
the magnitude of responsibility
we've been given simply
seems overwhelming.

Suddenly the stakes seem to
get higher and higher.

We think " what if I may a bad decision."

In those moments we should always pause
and breathe deeply.

Re- focusing our energy on a peaceful outcome,
we can move forward in our listening
and acting gently with new understanding.

Pause-- Breathe---Focus--- breathe---

See A Good Outcome!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Forgotten Understanding


Just as our Creator gives us
the Songbird's morning song of hope,
so are we given messages of change
through the breeze, sharp winds, floods,
hurricanes, tsunamis and volcanic erruption.

These are the messages of imbalance
and forgotten love.

And in the quiet of the night,
angels whisper in despair,
calling on us to release our greed
and fear of eachother.

They bring forgotten understanding
of love and Divine intent.

Now, for our children, we must awaken,
put down our weapons and begin...
to share our best with eachother.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Prayer of Gratitude

Beloveds, please join me
in a Prayer of Gratitude...

Thank you Father Sky for sharing
the clouds and rain, the sun,
the moon and the stars through which
we learn the vastness of our Universe.

Thank you Mother Earth for your nurturing
Spirit and for sharing your gift of trees,
plants, vegetables, flowers as well as
the rivers, lakes and oceans;
and for your constant re-birth.

Thank you Songbird, for teaching us
the Morning Song of hope and praise
we now sing to our Blessed Creator.

We welcome this new day in peace and love!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rest Stop


We must be so comfortable
with ourselves that we love
regardless of the physical outcome
for Heaven blossoms in our hearts.

It is there that we hold a space
of kindness and compassion
and act as a healing rest stop
for others on ther life journeys.

How then are we compensated?

Those who love become the Miracle.

Your genuine caring for others
weaves the loving cocoon.

You Become the Magnificent Love Butterfly!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Throughout the seasons of our lives
winter, spring, summer and fall...
every season is a season of love!

In birth and death,
there is nothing more tangible
or more life-giving than love.

Unselfish, Compassionate Love
is the most poignant, powerful,
infinite, eternal gift of all seasons

--- And the Key to
Oneness with our Creator!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tomorrow Is Not Promised and MORE thoughts...

When we embrace the difficulties of our lives with courage, we develop in humility and accept the challenge of becoming a light post for others. All old hurts become far-distant memories when we let them go with forgiveness. Our very beings are infused with Grace as we allow ourselves to gently heal and re-discover divine purpose with joy in our lives. 4 March 2011

Through God all is possible. God will in an instant --lift the load of our inadequacy and teach us to fly with graceful fortitude and humility. And as we learn to soar in goodness and share in compassion, through Divine Grace we are able to clear away all vestiges of pain and move forward with love--- in an instant! 3/3/2011

Tomorrow is not promised. Every Master and Saint that has come to this Earth realm has taught us something of the fluidity of life. We come to awaken in love and experience compassion first while still in the womb of our Mothers, and if we are lucky--then our Fathers, family and community. People are born and die. Some come to teach, others to learn. When their work is complete, they ascend and return to the Angelic realm. While they are here with us we must love them tenderly. When they leave, even as we selfishly mourn, we must learn to come together and collectively celebrate their lives! Tomorrow is not promised. Today we must let our families, our friends and even strangers know that we lovingly appreciate, care for and honor their beautiful presence in our lives! 2 March 2011

Beloveds, have you ever wondered what you would do differently if you could turn back time? Would you take back a cross word? Would you share more? Would you be more willing to forgive? I grapple with the words- "if only I had...". I know that we can't turn back time but I am convinced that as we forgive ourselves and the mistakes of others along the way, our hearts ease and become infused with a gentle, pervasive, undying love. Though I cannot turn back time, Today I will do what I can, say what I need to say, share more of my resources, listen in the silence--answering the divine call and be who I need to be in love! 2/28/2011