Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Home of My Heart/Happy 2012

In the Home of My Heart, Appreciation, Mercy and Compassion have become permanent guests. No matter what has happened in the yesterdays of my mind, I promise to be there in the Today of My Heart! I am grateful for this day that allows me to say I Love You, even if you are not listening or can not hear me through the walls of your pain.
In 2012, Come visit. I promise, I will not judge you. I will only Love You...
Wishing You A Joyous, Loving and Peaceful New Year

Friday, December 30, 2011

Celaring Sacred Space


The broken teapot of old hurts, the worn coat of disappointment, and the shoes of fear are all items that I will not need in the New Year. I am letting go-- sweeping, cleaning and clearing. The Sacred Space of my Home and my Heart is a safe place of LOVE where the splendor of Hope and Faith reside with Comfort. We are preparing for special guests-- Grace, Blessings and Mercy have promised to visit in the New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Disappointment, Commitment, and MUCH MORE!!!!!


When my path becomes rocky with dis-appointment, I learn to walk carefully, with discernment. "Just Hold On" Clear Vision and Hope say as they take my hand and lead me in Faith. Just Hold On!

It is another beautiful day to live joyfully. The good intention I see in others helps me to reflect more good. Today I see the lesson of good in every circumstance and offer only good in return! Humility and Joy light the way!

One day, the dreamer became a dolphin and with Commitment swam into the depth of the ocean of her inner-self to meet her friend Clarity. The deeper she swam, the less fearful she became. She learned to Breathe Love and her heart opened with guidance from Courage and his friend Compassion. Traveling back to the surface, the dreamer became human again but she was never alone. Every time she Breathed Love, the dreamer re-membered that Commitment, Clarity, Courage and Compassion were Living In Her Heart!

One day, Grace stopped time and in an instant, moved through each heart. She was joined by Gratitude, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Compassion and Courage. Together they sang and danced the Healing Adagio. And in a Rare View, the photographer captured the energy vibrating around and through his subjects. How did this happen? Some say LOVE traveled through the Ethers of Time!

Let us make the choice to harm none; to help many and live the way Jesus Christ lived. Dreamers awaken with gratitude. Open your hearts with hope and forgiveness. Be inspired by Love. With Mercy and Loving Compassion, let us move forward with a commitment to joyfully honor, nurture, and support one another. Have Faith in Good. Become the PEACE! This wish is G-D's Dream for Humanity! Blessed Be Unto YOU!

Let us make the choice to harm none; to help many and live the way Jesus Christ lived. Dreamers awaken with gratitude. Open your hearts with hope and forgiveness. Be inspired by Love. With Mercy and Loving Compassion, let us move forward with a commitment to joyfully honor, nurture, and support one another. Have Faith in Good. Become the PEACE! This is G-D's Dream for Humanity! Blessed Be Unto You!

Every Child Born is a Miracle of Grace. Celebrate the child of joy and wonder within others and yourselves. Dreamers, sing your Songs of Healing Peace. Walk with Faith, Forgiveness and Mercy! Be playful, joyful and hopeful. Open your hearts and surely you will become like stars dancing through the Uni-Verse of Love. Thank You! Happy Holy Days!

Beloveds, Slow down and breathe deeply. Be respectful. Let your every action reflect your goodness and hope for the healing of our Earth-Heart. Offer your gentle gratitude through cooperation. Dreamers, honor every child, every elder and every sentient being you see with acts of kindness. Realign your thoughts so that you Vision and Share the Light of your Joyful Healing Heart!

What if you had never been born? The world would be different and not as bright. Your talents developed and shared bring sustenance to the hearts of those needing to be fed with the hope Love brings. Please know that even the way your smile lights the room is a gift. Dreamers, keep shining your light. Teach your children and together we shall reflect the Our Creator's greatest gift. Walk, Share and Reflect Unselfish Love.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Good Service


A dreamer learns that offering help with a gentle good spirit teaches us to open our hearts and receive the gift of gratitude. We learn to be grateful that we have the talent and resources to be of good service to others! Today How Can You Offer Help?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Joy and Spiritual Healing


The journey to Love was long and arduous. For the dreamer, every step forward seemed to be wed with a setback. People said his hope was a foolish dream. Still Hope was a constant companion. Wisdom and Patience led the way. Faith and Mercy stayed with him and for every hurt they offered Spiritual Healing. When the dreamer met Joy in himself, like a Phoenix, the dream of Love was re-born over and over!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Today Always Offers new Opportunity


The Dreamer knew he had failed and still he sang with Gratitude and Joy. He knew that though he had made mistakes he had learned to love himself was still worthy of sharing and receiving love. As he gave thanks, Mercy filled his heart with understanding. Yesterday had offered an important lesson. Today Always Offers New Opportunity!

Prism of Hope


Life was difficult with war and suffering. The people prayed. Some walked believing that Good could prevail. G-d answered with a Song. Across the planet, the Song brought the Sun. People's Smiles became like Rainbows after generations of stormy rains. In the Sun, dreamers hearts glistened with vibrant colors and of respect. Dreamers saw each other through the Prism of Hope and became Bright Lights singing of Love!

Captain Willingness

The Angel Dreamer prayed for guidance as she boarded the Hope Ship with Courage. The destination was Earth. At dinner the Angel Dreamer met Charity who was traveling with Understanding, Forgiveness and Compassion. Enthusiasm was there with Encouragement, and Joy. Faith came late and brought Acceptance. In celebration, Captain Willingness invited them all to the dance floor as Mystery and Love Sang a Song of Grace!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Make Way


Make Way! Clear your hallways and corners of fear and disappointment. Sweep away the envy. Say goodbye to greed. Make way for the mystery to be revealed! Make Way! The precious, fruitful, loving energy of your heart needs room to prosper and shine! Make Way For the Gift of Love!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Supporting Each Other

It is true that Our Egos have caused us to disagree and sometimes hurt eachother. More importantly though, Our Hearts have often spoken throughout the years with Compassion and Shared Understanding. We can learn through the wisdom of God's Love to forgive ourselves and one another. We can support eachother, and dream for a good life for one another!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good Intention


Every word spoken with good intention and compassion paves a pathway of hope. Listening with good intention creates opportunity for new understanding and forgiveness. Good Intention is a gift offered in peace that will feed many hearts with love!

Help Our Children


Every day we are awakened, we are filled with the breath of creative hope by our Master MotherFatherCreator. Our children watch, listen and learn. Be peaceful. Embrace hope and patience as wisdom and offer it to others. This is the way our faithful, kind, creative actions bring more light into Universe. Dreamers, be patience even in disagreement. Help Our Children grow to be peaceful, bright lights of hope and love!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Capable YOU!


Everything you have ever done has prepared you for this moment. Embrace this day of Grace with appreciation. Honor All Divine Creations. Through your visions of good, you dreamer are now prepared and destined to re-new your life purpose. Give thanks for the gift of Hope's allegiance. Give thanks for the friendship of Faith. Give thanks to our Blessed Creator. Walk in gratitude and you will feel yourself shift into a more Confident, Capable, Compassionate Loving You! 12-12-2011

I Believe In YOU!!!


No matter our circumstances, every human being needs to feel supported. When we hear the words "I Believe In You!", that encouragement become a magical gift that inspires and motivates us to do our best. Today offer your loving support. Say to someone "I Believe In You!"

What I Want


Like many dreamers, I want to clear the weeds of old dis-appointment so I can feel the love of children as they play hide and seek among the trees or follow birds and butterflies across the meadow. I want to meet you in the garden of Eternal Truth and offer the loving hope that resides somewhere hidden in my heart as I discover the place where G-D lives in You. I want a life beyond guns and war to be filled with Peace and Love on Our Precious Earth!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Honoring We

In truth, what often separates us is our greed, our envy and our fear that we are not good enough. I Hurt You because it makes Me feel more powerful! I, ME and MY build walls of separation under the illusion of protection. WE works to build bridges of cooperation and allows us to honor and support the unique gifts of the individual. WE helps us connect in Good Faith for the betterment of Our Children and Our World!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nurturing Garden

Every smile, tender word or small act of kindness brings hope, nurtures and helps the seed of love blossom in our hearts, the hearts of others and the Universal Heart. A dreamer finds tremendous joy in nurturing the gardens of our hearts!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Receiving A Gift


No gift is too small. A dreamer must learn to honor the good intent of a giver, and to accept all gifts with sincere appreciation and gratitude. No gift is too small when given with love!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Time will remind us that this moment, this hour nor this day Will Come Again! Make the most of time in your relationships. Dreamers be present in love! Smile, laugh and enjoy eachother. Be fully present in love, and as time passes, this day will become a cherished memory in your heart!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Make Kindness Your Mantra


Even when there are no words, there is still communication. Listen in the silence and feel the connection to All around you! A dreamer learns to feel the heart of the Uni-Verse as they accept our Creator's Grace. Today breathe deeply Make kindness your mantra. Commit to walk as a being of Loving Grace!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eternal Wisdom

In the great temples of the Heart's Eternal Wisdom, it is said and believed that when the Master Mother Father Creator breathed and created the Uni-Verse, Faith and Purpose bonded together in love. And out of their love came Willful Chance and Gentle Intuition!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Profound Gratitude

Our friends offer us the gifts of compassion and kindness. They reflect love unselfishly and honor our journeys. Friends offer honesty, are truthful and learn to love us just as we are! They laugh with us, cry with us and share our hopes and dreams. A friend will lovingly do for you what you can't do for your self and help you rise to every occasion! Today dreamers offer your profound gratitude to a friend!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Opening Doors

A dreamer may experience self-doubt. "What makes one continue to believe when doors keep closing?" the dreamer asked when Confidence came to visit. "All doors are not meant to be opened. Look for Respect and Faith." answered Confidence. "You must Respect yourself, just as you respect others. Ask for Faith to guide you in goodness so that you use Intuition and learn to open the right doors!"

Peace and Independence


Peace was raised by chickens and thought he was a chicken. All the squawking made him unhappy and uncomfortable. One day while looking for quiet and solitude, Peace went walking into a field of dreams. He met Independence. She taught him to fly and together they journeyed through the sky to meet Hope. She told Peace he was a dove not a chicken!

When Hope told Peace he was a Dove and not a chicken, the whole world changed!!!