Monday, December 31, 2012

Creative Cooperative Love

Beloved Radiant Ones--

In Gratitude for the privilege of life, I give thanks to the Master Creator! Honoring the Magnificence of Earth, I Breathe Deeply 10 times. Breathing with patience, I clear my mind of old fears and past failure. Some will call me a fool as I let go and prepare to move forward with Love. I believe true success is tied to our willingness to communicate and share our privilege through teamwork.

In this New Year, I will use my creativity to stir the pot of Truth by offering my thoughts and visions of Humanity's potential to walk with Grace and Wisdom through Love. Again I breathe deeply, and honor the creativity, the power, the wisdom, and collective wealth present on Earth-Heart in this New Era.

I pray that many, many hearts awaken so that Our Children and Our World will prosper through in Healthy Safe Communities!

Happy New Year!  Happy New Era of LOVE!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Balance is Purpose/ The Kwanzaa Principle NIA

Beloved Radiant Ones---

Some say there will be sorrow if you borrow tomorrow.
That is why I look always into the Heart of Today.

I Breathe Deeply 8 Times.

With each breath I ask for balance and total awareness of Love in this moment, Right Now. 

For me, this is My Purpose.  In Swahili, NIA means Purpose.

My Purpose is to move forward into time's loop of eternity; knowing that the imprint of Eternal Love can heal every moment of yesterday's sorrow Now.

Through our forgiveness and a willingness to Love More, we pave the way for More Joy Today and Tomorrow.

 My Purpose is to Love More! 

That Which I Desire/ Kwanzaa Principle of Ujamaa/Cooperative Economics

Beloved Radiant Ones---

How will I navigate and learn to swim if I am fearful of water?  Learning to swim is like trusting that Love can help me let go of my fear of all the Fish navigating the Waters of Hope.

I Breathe Deeply Seven Times. With gratitude, commitment and trust, I step into the Waters of Hope.

The whispers of Love beckon me to imagine myself as a dolphin-- joyful, playful; kind and loving.

Today, with gratitude and trust, I make a commitment to offer my Love to the many fish swimming, and also learning to navigate the Waters of Hope!

That which I Desire of Love, I Must Give in Love.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Kwanzaa Principle of "Ujima", a Swahili word for Collective Work and Responsibility!

Beloved Radiant Ones---

The Moon and the Stars light the night sky with hope 
so that even in darkness we find our way. 

At daybreak the Sun rises and awakens the world. 
Ocean tides shift as fish journey. 

Slumbering trees feel the gentle breeze of the Wind 
and birds greet us with a morning song.  

All Creations have a purpose and work 
together in Loving Unity. 

As humans, we to must do our part 
and live our good purpose so that our communities, 
nations and the World can Prosper in Peace. 

Today, I honor the Kwanzaa Principle of"Ujima", 
a Swahili word  for Collective Work and Responsibility!  

We have a responsibility and an obligation to educate 
and nurture our children in Safe Communities of Love 
in a World of Peace and Prosperity!  

I am willing to take responsibility for the well-being 
of Our Earth and Our World by using my gifts 
to help others so that we can All actively work, 
prosper, and live together in Unity through Love.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kwanzaa Principle of"Kujichagulia" a Swahili word for Self-Determination

Beloved Radiant Ones---

Through the Rains of Awareness, Gratitude fills my heart.  The only good way to move is Forward.  I Breathe Deeply Four Times and honor the Song of the Consistent Rain dancing on rooftops.  I Breathe in Gratitude and pay close attention to the details of my life through the Rains of Awareness.  I too must be consistent in my good efforts to live a life of Integrity. Moving Forward, I will walk with determination and allow my words and actions to be kind, loving and truthful.  Today, I honor the Kwanzaa Principle of"Kujichagulia", a Swahili word  for Self-Determination! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Unity/Umoja--Happy Kwanzaa

Dear Radiant STARS--

I am thinking of YOU this first day of Kwanzaa and hoping that You feel My Love and the Love of All Sentient Beings as Umoja.  

When we come together in Unity/Umoja, Our Blessings Multiply through Divine GRACE!  Happy Kwanzaa!

Feel the Drum Beat/ Kwanzaa Principle of Umoja/Unity

Beloved Radiant Ones---

 I Breathe Deeply Four Times as I sit, hear and feel the vibration of prayers of Buddhists, Christians, Jews and Moslems. 

My heart opens Even More as I breathe again and again.  

Now I feel the Drum Beat calling All Indigenous People who honor Our Mother Earth in her Majesty and Her Waters that Sustain Us.   So many people have forgotten The Mother.  

I Breathe again with Appreciation and Understanding.  I Re-Member to Honor Mother Earth-Heart!  

Every time we choose patience or tolerance; every act of compassion or hope; every faithful word, and action offered with unselfish Love brings Joy to the Mother and Father  Creator of the Uni-Verse.  

Today as I walk to the rhythm of the drum, I will Breathe In Hope and Patience.  I will  Exhale Unselfish Love.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wonder and JOY---Happy Holy Days

Beloved Radiant Ones--

Within Me Lives All the times of Christmas Past;
 times filled with a questioning wonder and Joy.

 I remember celebrating the birth of the Christ Child
by singing and making gifts and cards with snowflakes;
decorating the tree with popcorn, tinsel and glass bulbs;
helping My Mom bake cookies; attending Mass;
visiting my Grandparents and Great-Grandparents;
playing with the cousins
and wondering why some people weren't happy.

 No matter how little or much we had,
My Mom always taught me to be kind
and share with Others;
 Be Joyful and to Pray for a World of Peace with Love!

Today I Breathe Deeply Six Times.

 As I remember Every Christmas Past,
I promise that I will Be Kind and Share with Others;
Walk with Wonder and Joy
and Pray for a World of Peace and Love!

 Please Join Me in Prayer!

Photo-- ‎Melony-Little Girl of Wonder and JOY!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sing JOY to the World

Beloved Radiant Ones--

I Breathe Deeply Four times and honor the Spirit of Christ that lives in my heart as Love.

I Breathe Deeply again and allow the Pathway to Peace to open in my heart.

I pray that even in our broken hearts, we hear Angels sing of Love;
and feel their presence as they shimmer and sparkle with JOY as we share our Doves of Forgiveness, Compassion and Peace.

I Breathe again and again and Honor the Creator.

Today I ask only to share my Love with others so that we may come together in Gratitude and sing JOY to the World!

A Joyful Awakening

Beloved Radiant Ones---

Throughout Time in Every Society across Earth-Heart there has been a small minority who beguiled the Innocent and selfishly claimed power as they became seduced by evil.

Generation after generation, this minority has used hate and fear to control and subjugate humanity through conflict, wars and weapons of mass destruction. They have used Mother Earth's resources and created suffering and imbalance. They built fortresses so that they alone lived in luxury---

And Yet for The Majority, Good has prevailed and flourished like Sparkling Stars that light the Night Sky with Love.

 Asking for clarity, I Breathe Deeply and Slowly Six Times.

 In my Awakened State, I feel the Great Shift and see the Unlimited Potential of Good Shining Brightly through Broken Hearts of Love.

With humility I Honor the Master Creator of Every Uni-Verse! In Gratitude I find the strength to embrace and serve the Awakening Good that lives in my heart and the hearts of The Majority!

Compassion, gentle truth and right words of Peace will nurture and heal our broken societies through Love!

 I Breathe Again, and finding Courage and Integrity within; I offer myself as a joyful instrument of Peace and Everlasting Love.

 I Wish You All A Joyful Awakening in Love! 

Walking With Kinship

Beloved Radiant Ones---

So many of us attend Churches, Mosques, Temples or Religious Gatherings and listen to messages of dogma; pray that we are right and walk out the door with selfish intent that dictates unholy actions.

Tolerance and Respect for Others means letting go of any dogma that promotes superiority.

I Breathe Deeply Four Times and clear my heart of the dogma of separation.

True Love is driven by compassion, good discernment, gratitude, kindness, kinship and respect for All.

 I Breathe Again and Again; until I hold a commitment to listen deeply and allow Love, with its Holy Spirit of Cooperation and Grace to be the consistent motivation and force in my every thought and action! I Am A Being of True Love!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Butterflies of Hope

Beloved Radiant Ones--- 

For so long the Caterpillar had walked and lived in fear of dying. Life was short and saying goodbye to family and friends was difficult.  

The cocoon was prepared as layers of fear shed away and unknowing was embraced as Acceptance and Peace. 

Resting in the safety of the cocoon, Peace brought New Awareness and an Awakening of Love.  And one day, the Caterpillar re-emerged  as a Beautiful Butterfly.   

We are like Caterpillars learning to shed our fear. Acceptance of Truth and Inner Peace transform us.  As We Awaken in Love, We Soar in Goodness and become the Beautiful Butterflies of Hope for Humanity!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Honor the Best of YOU!

Beloved Radiant Ones--- 

Whatever you do, Don't Give Up On Humanity!  

I have learned from My Mom that no matter the aches and pains or disappointment of living, when you honor yourself and relationships by deciding to live with forgiveness and patient understanding,  then Love nurtures, heals and blossoms in JOY.  

Today I Breathe Deeply Four Times.  

I allow the light of Love to move through me, like a wind of hope-filled JOY.  

I will not give up on Humanity! 

All of life's lessons offer me the wisdom and strength to Believe in Good, and to try to offer the Best of Myself Every Day!  

Happy New 79th B'Earth Year Mom!  
You Have Taught Me Well!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Can You See What I See?

Beloved Radiant Ones---

Often we don't see our own light that shines brightly and lights the way for others. Divine Spirit is always asking us " Can You See What I See? You Are a Star!". Now, Breathe Deeply Six Times. Offer Gratitude for all the ways you serve. Feel the Grace of Love move through your heart. Allow it to be Your Courage and Strength. Today offer your smiles and acts of compassion and care to those around you. Walk as a Star of Love!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Gift of Relationship

Beloved Radiant Ones---

The gift most important to nurture any relationship is the gift of Love!  I breathe Deeply Four Times and honor the Blessed Master Creator and the Majesty of the Uni-Verse.  I am an instrument of Peace and Hope.  Today my every action will be like  musical notes that offer harmony in the Song of Love!

On Longevity

Beloved Radiant Ones---

One of the most important lessons I have learned from My Precious MOM is that generosity, acceptance and Truth shared gently provides a us with the gift of longevity and loyalty in our relationships with others. I Breathe Deeply Four Times.  Today I shall be accepting of others and generous with my Love.  I will nurture Truth through honesty and loyalty. Every Day I will work so that  my relationships with others blossom with longevity and Love! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Every Memory

Beloved Radiant Ones---
I offer Gratitude for the memories of Love; worn,
weathered and etched into the stones of time.
I Breathe deeply six times and decide to love
all the secret haters.
I honor every memory that has caused my heart
to be broken by offering forgiveness and Love.
Tears come easily and act to create a pathway
for new love in my heart as I weep
and mourn every loss.
Solace comes through compassion as I express
my sorrow but decide to step into the New Day
and move Forward with Love.
I Breathe Deeply and again offer Gratitude
for the memories of Love.
Some are painful.
Others are Joyful.
Eventually all that happens in our lives
becomes like worn memories of Love;
weathered and etched into the stones of time
that comfort and teach us that for every problem;
Love is the worthy solution.
I Breathe in Awakening.
Love is the only way I can know Peace
and Live with Peace in my Heart!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Every Tragedy is a Call For Action

Every Tragedy is a Call For Action

Freedom Will Come!

In Our Hearts when we walk in Silence,

we will learn the songs of the Wind that mourns the loss

of Every Child of War;

and calls for Peace as it whistles and sings of Love.

We will once again notice that Trees bend in Reverence

as Autumn Leaves dance joyfully and teach Children

that Humans and All Sentients deserve to be cared for and loved!

Freedom will come only when we ...

put down our guns, and open our hearts and listen deeply to Truth.

Freedom will come when we willingly sit at the table together in Gratitude.

Freedom will come in the Silence, when we share our food,

our homes, and wealth;

and Our Children teach us to once again to sing the Love Song of Peace!

Every Tragedy is a Call For Action !

Freedom Will Come!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

In Times of Change

Beloved Radiant Ones--- 

You have Awakened.  Now Breathe.  Think of the good dream that lives in your heart. 
Breath Deeply Six Times.  The dream requires a willingness to be flexible in times of Change.  

Breathe.  How will you change and grow in Love? 

 "There is nothing to fear" says the Mother and Father of the Uni-Verse.  

Breathe deeply and feel the song of Angels. They sing the Creator's Song.  

"We Believe in You. We will Always Support Your Good Dreams of Love!  
We Celebrate You. We Cherish You. We Love You Forever." 

Breathe Deeply.  In these Times of Change, Listen carefully to the Song of Love.  
Live the rhythm and the words. Walk and Dance In Grace! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Share a Keepsake!

Beloved Radiant Ones---

 So often we take the gifts and blessings that others offer for granted.  
We assume that people feel our thank yous and appreciation.  

Technology has made us lazy.  

Remember when you were a child and you had no money so you made gifts for birthdays and holidays?  So many of us have forgotten the importance of sending notes and cards with special greetings.  

We bypass these small significant keepsakes for store bought gifts of obligation that we run to exchange because we don't like or value the gift.  

Do Something Different.  

Give generously to those in need, even strangers. Make Good Memories!  

Then honor a friend, or a loved one by sharing a Keepsake of Gratitude and Love!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Breathe and Believe!

Beloved Radiant Ones---

If we live always attached to yesterday's fears, mistakes, or sorrows, then we will not be able to see the Joy of possibility today.    Breathe deeply and say  "I let go of past pain and open my heart in Gratitude with Courage and Hope.  I allow Faith to guide me as I prepare to take the next step.  I Breathe and in my mind decide that I will do my best to live fully in the moment so that I may see and feel the  Joy and Possibility of this Exquisite New Day!"  Breathe and allow yourself to Believe!

Re-Birthing YOU

Beloved Radiant Ones---

It is through our positive thoughts and daily compassionate actions of forgiveness, kindness, unselfishness and mercy; and through our good attempts to understand, appreciate and accept the differences of others, that every day we are given the opportunity to grow into beings Spiritually Re-birthed in Love!

On True Compassion

Beloved Radiant Ones---  

Having written a note to herself on learning acceptance, The Woman shared with many others on the web, showered, dressed for work and felt love in her heart. She traveled from Harlem to Brooklyn on the 3 train and arrived at work resolved to share her best self.  

Later sitting at a co-worker's cubicle, she heard her phone ring and ran to answer it.  It was the tenor of an old familiar voice, one that she had known for 44 years that stunned, and left her almost speechless with joy.  After she spoke to him, her Spirit was relieved for she felt his love in friendship, and knew without condition that he believed in her goodness.  

She valued his friendship and knew well of The Man's true compassion and goodness. That affirmation of truth re-affirmed her path and she spent the day listening and helping others.  Later her joy stung with gentle regret.  

Knowing The Man had been through many challenges since they had last spoken, in the shortness of the call she had not asked what kind of surgery had he had.  Nor had she offered her condolences on the deaths of those precious to him.  She also had forgotten to inquire about his family.  

She only hoped that somehow The Man felt her compassion and concern. Upon awakening the very next day, The Woman offered Prayers of Apology. 

In life we are given many rhythms to dance.  Sometimes we take a solo, step into a duet or follow the ensemble. 

The Woman realized that she was still learning to dance to the graceful rhythms of True Compassion.  She offered Gratitude and prayed for the well-being of The Man and His Family.  May They All Be Blessed!

You Light the Earth/Heart

Beloved Radiant Ones---

There is only One YOU that Lights the Earth/Heart and the Heavens with Your Unique Gift.  Other share their gifts too and All in Our World benefit from the Uniqueness and Individuality of Every Sentient Being.  All Gifts of brilliance, creativity, compassion, faith, mercy and Love bring Hope and Joy to the World!  What is Your Gift?  How do you bring Hope and Joy to the World?  There is only One YOU that Lights the Earth/Heart and the Heavens with Your Unique Gift!

Friday, December 7, 2012


Radiant ONES----

Acceptance, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, hope, joy, and truth are the fruit of Love.

When I offer acceptance to myself and others through compassion, kindness and forgiveness; 

I bring hope, live with joy, honor truth and share Love!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Practice Listening


Because I realize that We Are All connected through Love, I will practice listening without judgment; and paying attention to the needs of others.  

I will offer warm smiles with encouraging actions and compassionate words of hope.  

Today I will walk with prayers of gratitude, and ask only to live my soul purpose through the Grace of Love!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Love Does NOT Conquer


Love does not conquer; for  every Loving soul 
learns to walk with a peaceful, caring heart.  

Love clears obstacles of fear.  
Love gives us courage and hope through Faith.  

Love offers respect and, supports our Big Dreams. 

Love embraces, nurtures and frees us 
so that we live with Purpose and JOY.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Let's Dream a BIG Dream!

Never mind the chaos or confusion, 
the disappointments or the naysayers.  
Let's use our imaginations and Dream a Big Dream!  
Take a moment to still your mind.  Relax.  

Now prepare to breathe deeply and slowly six times.  
With each breath, see peace and prosperity growing 
in the minds and hearts of All Humanity.  
What does peace and prosperity feel like?  
What does it look like?  
Hold your vision and breathe again deeply.  

Today, commit to develop and use your gifts for Good.  

It is time to begin to work consistently to believe, 
share and walk with a peaceful, prosperous heart.  
Have Faith in the power of Love.  
Let's Dream a Big Dream! 
Relax and Breathe! 

As you step into the new reality living in your heart, 
you will help create a nurturing world 
where Every Child on Earth, and many future generations 
can grow with Love, Peace and Prosperity.   
Let's Dream a Big Dream!

Monday, December 3, 2012

I Am Awakened


 I Am Awakened. 

I step into the Day with profound Gratitude.
All that I have done and All that I Am has prepared me for this Day. 

I  inhale Faith and exhale Love as I Breathe Deeply Four Times.  

Giving Thanks to Our Blessed Creator, again I take four deep breaths.   

I Am Awakened with Gratitude!  

All that I have done and All that I Am has prepared me for this beautiful New Day.

What Will YOU DO!!!


Are you ready to graciously receive a guest today?   

Have you cleared the clutter of anger in the home of your heart? 
Have you dusted away the envy or jealousy in your life?  

Are willing to receive and share the Blessing of Compassion and Divine Grace?  

When Love is disguised as someone in need and unexpectedly comes knocking at the door; or rings the bell in the home of your heart, what will you say?  

What Will You DO?  

Blossoming Fruit


Perhaps we are all meant to be like beautiful, delicious fruit blossoming and ripening through stages and the seasons of the Garden of Life on Earth/Heart. Today because I offer my attention with care,  I am able to see the good in others and to appreciate their differences as blossoming fruit and ripening gifts to be nurtured, harvested  and shared in Love!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Moving Through Obstacles


Life will always present obstacles and confusion

Today I open my heart and allow Trust to lead the way. Together we will pay attention and wait patiently until the confusion clears.

I Breathe deeply four times in Gratitude.  

When I am confident with Trust, I move forward and allow the mystery to unfold. I am flexible and willing to align my every word with committed actions!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Good Potential


Within Me lives the unlimited potential to think good thoughts and do good every day. I breathe deeply.  I Give Thanks for every lesson that acts as a Blessing and allows me to share with JOY and honor my potential as I consistently  move forward into My Caring, Confident, Patient, Good Self.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deep Listening


Listening nurtures the heart and offers compassion as flowers of respect and understanding. 

Today I will Breathe four times and honor every challenging situation with Deep Listening.  

With Compassion, I am able to offer Flowers of Respect and Understanding!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012



When we awaken in gratitude and are willing to share our gifts--- we become the songbirds of harmony that help the eternal spring of hope flow into the lives of all around us; even on a dreary day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Time to Regenerate!


When all that I do leaves me depleted, I breathe deeply and ask to be open to change how I do what I do.  I Breathe and clear my mind of old habits.  Today I deeply honor Change as an opportunity to renew and regenerate, so that I am more effective in my work and my life.  I ask to do more in harmony and balance with my heart.

WELCOME HOME--A Message from The Master Creator


"Welcome to the Home of My Heart.  Come as you are, for I already know of secret disappointments.  I have been disappointed too, but many meals of humility have given me new hope for the good of your heart.  

Truth lives here.  All Fear will be transformed into Courage.  

Stay as long as you like.   There are many rooms of different cultures and pathways of faith to explore.  All are filled with everlasting Love.  

Compassion and Patience will prepare a daily feast of Forgiveness so that you let go of your pain, and heal.  

Mercy will visit in your dreams, and you will learn to  look forward and walk humbly into  All the  Pathways of Good. 

Every day Joy will awaken you, so that your heart  is filled with the Truth of My Heart. 

Welcome Home. I Am LOVE!  You Are Forever Welcomed in My Heart!", said  the Master Creator!

Keeper of the Flame


Breathe Deeply Six Times so that you clear your mind of all the chaos and confusion around you.  Allow the Winds of Eternity to awaken you with Courage, Compassion and Humility.  

Continue to  Breathe Deeply and you will feel the embers of Love move through your mind and your body.  

With each breath you boldly take without fear, all the Hope in your heart will learn to light the fires of trust so that Spirit of Love may sing, and dance through you. 

You Have Awaken In the Heart of Love! You are a Keeper of the Flame.  Breathe Deeply. 

Everywhere you walk tenderly; use and trust your wisdom to gently light the fire of Love!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Any Ordinary Day


Today I am Grateful for the birds offering hellos and the trees which teach me to stand rooted in Love as I travel into the depth of Hope and discover joy in the Ordinary Day. I Breathe Deeply, and ask to be guided by Purpose. Now I am ready to use the discernment of Faith as I  offer my hands, my mind and my heart with Love. The promise of any Ordinary Day is growing awareness of the Extraordinary that appears all around me when I am flexible and rooted in Love!