Monday, April 30, 2012

Work In Progress


My life is a work in progress.  The picture painted in my heart is still incomplete.  The vibrant blues and greens and oranges show my many failures that lead way to greater successes. The red, purple and yellow hearts remind me of all that I have lost, and each time I have fallen. Humility drew the hearts as she helped me up and taught me Love's Truth. Compassion, Forgiveness, and Mercy teach me how to move through the tunnels of Sorrow; and know both Joy and Peace.  My life is a colorful work in progress.  It  has a beautiful texture of hope; and through every storm, Faith becomes My Rainbow of Understanding! melony

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Some Sing in A...


Some sing in A, others in B but we learn the base line melody in C. It is then Harmony travels across the Oceans and Heart Seas. D, E and F bring You to Me! G-D makes it LOVE, a Universal Song. LOVE comes in different tones and complementary rhythms where we all belong. Love helps me see the You in Me. Love teaches me to hear, listen and feel every heart. LOVE is the Creator's Song, a Love Song that Allows Us All to Joyfully Sing Our Part!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life Upside Down


While Familiar has offered boundaries and a safe existence, the voice and feeling of Love will often turn your life upside down. Unselfish Love is expansive and unpredictable. This Love will show you the nuances of Grace Everlasting and inspire you to want to share more of yourself, in ways you never shared before. You will discover that You live in the Heart of the Blessed Creator of Love and that Love Lives in You!

Today, Let Love turn You Upside Down so you can look at life from the Inside--- Out!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Making Mistakes


I do not deny that I have made mistakes. I have made many through my lack of vision and understanding.

Poor Judgment has served to teach me valuable lessons and helped me learn to retrace my steps back to G-d's Grace.

Forgiveness stood by my side and taught me to love myself through it all.

Today I have learned that I am not my mistakes. I Am the Good Potential that Lives In My Heart waiting always to be Used More. 

I have found my way home to Kindness.

 I Am Love.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blossom In Beauty


Just as the sun, the moon, the stars, the waters and ecosystems, the flowers, trees, plants and vegetables  are inspired and nurtured by the Harmonic Convergence caused by the Master Creator;  Love has and is inspiring our Collective  Awakening.  As we look around at the Earth and see her trees and flowers blossoming in beauty, or hear  birds singing in praise and delight, we too can feel a part of the Symphony birthing a Harmonic Convergence.  We too  can Blossom In Beauty.  We too can celebrate, honor and become ONE with  the Eternal, Everlasting Energy of Divine Grace We Call Love! 

Live In Truth


In every culture, there are multiple Expressions of Understanding but every seeker comes to believe that there is Only One Eternal Universal Truth.  All Paths of Love help us embrace and honor Universal Truth as a Gift of Love Everlasting. Today, and every day Listen an Care Fully.   Be Love in Action.  Allow yourself to Live in Truth! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Feel the Rainbow!


When you see a Rainbow Dancing across the sky or feel its energy moving through your heart,  take it as a sign that life is unfolding in a good way. Say hello to Grace. Give Thanks. With Care and Concern, gently offer encouraging words with thoughtful actions to all those around you. Today, stop and Breathe Deeply.  Feel the energy of the Rainbow moving with Patience and Hope through Your Heart

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Every Good Meal


Every good meal we prepare or share with care-- nurtures our soul, offers food for hope, gives new strength, brings new joy, honors courage, provides us with new nourishment for our bodies, promotes unity in spirit and can be an everlasting gift of love!

Resources for Our Children


We say we want the best for Our Children. We say we want to live in a World that Blossoms in Peace, with Understanding and Love. Yet every day since 2001 in the name of National Security, we have allowed our government and tax dollars to fuel rivalries with drones, missiles, guns and precious lives lost. Experts say that in the past 11 years, the approximate Cost of War has been 1 Trillion, 323 Billion, 112 Million and 978 Thousand Dollars. When will we let go of our Fear and Begin Building Bridges of a Sustainable, Loving Peace? If we only continue to create mis-understanding through Fear and Violence, what Resources will we have left for All the Children of the World to Grow in Safety, and Prosper with Good Health, Creativity, Education and Love?

Friday, April 20, 2012



Earth is the Heart 
of the Blessed Creator. 

The breath of Love 
is the oxygen 
in the air we breathe 
that also helps the flowers, 
plants, and trees grow; 
and birds sing. 

Love swims through every ocean, 
river and lake that helps sustain us 
as the ripples and waves 
sing the love song of the Uni-Verse. 

Harmony teaches us to live 
and sing the nurturing, 
loving song with peace 
and joy in our hearts!  

Being in Harmony means that 
we care for and respect 
all sentient beings 
of the Creator's Heart.   

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Offering Encouragement


The more we are able to offer encouragement to others, the more we encourage and grow ourselves. Encouragement gives us confidence and purpose. Helping others shine is a gift that allows the light of our hearts to shine with Purpose and Joy!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mobilize for Good


When we mobilize for Good, Hope and Courage will help us embrace a Clear Vision. Truth will inspire us with Understanding. Compassion and Purpose will guide us through the many obstacles. Patience will teach how to build a strong foundation. Love will teach us to endure and help us climb the Mountain of Everlasting Faith. Today, Mobilize for Good!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Make Way for a Fresh Start!!!


Make way for a Fresh Start! First create space for reflection in your Garden of Possibility and Hope. Ask for and honor your New Vision. Then tenderly till the soil of Gratitude and plant new ideas. Now commit to water, nurture and care for your garden daily. Have Faith. Allow time for your ideas to embrace new possibility and blossom in hope. Begin Today! Make Way for Fresh Start!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Embrace, Reclaim and Reveal YOU!!!!


During every inward journey, we will examine, re-balance and restore ourselves. In having courage to do so, we embrace, reveal and reclaim the authenticity and truth within our hearts. It is then that we develop strength, gain wisdom, honor courage, find peace and learn to reflect and share the gift of our true selves with the world. Today, begin the journey inward. Embrace, Reclaim and Reveal YOU!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Radiant Sparkling YOU


I see YOU, struggling each day to Do More Good. Thank You! Where ever you go you plant seeds of kindness and offer your hope with integrity. Thank You! Beyond the history of hurt, like every Child of Love you are learning to extend your hand and your heart with Forgiveness and Mercy. Thank You! I See and Feel Within You a Light that Radiates and Heals through Patience and Compassion. I See, Feel and Honor the Loving, Radiant Sparkling YOU! Thank YOU!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good Choices


Why is it that when we have a bowl of beautiful, succulent fruit to eat or make into a delicious drink, many of us are still craving a the unnatural charge we get when we drink Coca Cola. Life allows us the gift of Choice. We can enjoy the natural sweetness of the fruit of our lives and heal; or we can go seeking the poison that will harm us. Life allows the gift of Choice. Today You
Will Be Given Opportunity to Make Good Choices!

Every New Day


The Sun was shining with Hope. It was a beautiful day to meander through the park of joy, swim in the water of understanding or journey into the foothills of awareness and Faith. The Seeker, stuck in guilt and yesterdays woes, did not hear the birds singing and could not feel the breath of love that caused a gentle breeze in the air. Still, G-d was ever-present patiently waiting; hoping the Seeker would awaken without fear, and have the Courage to experience the Mystery of Love hidden in Every New Day!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Gil Noble Ascension/Archives


Earlier today I attended Legendary African American Journalist Gil Noble's funeral at Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem. Randy Weston, Leon Dorsey and more than ten drummers dressed in white offered beautiful musical tributes.

There were heartfelt testimonies from many, including Rev. Dr. Calvin Butts, former Mayor David Dinkins, Dave Davis, WABC President, City Councilman Charles Barron and Dr. Leonard Jeffries who spoke of the Family's Love and great sacrifice in sharing Gil Noble with the World.

Susan Taylor, Danny Glover, Gil's daughter Lisa and attorney of 20 years, Joseph Fleming made touching tributes. Minister Louis Farrakhan in speaking about Gil offered beautiful life
wisdom and said "There is No Retirement. Stay At Your Post As Long As You

If you would like to help continue the Legacy of "Like It Is" donations can be made to the Gil Noble Archives, P. O. Box 43138, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
or online at

Gil Noble the Prince Has Ascended! We Honor Him! Peace, Rev. Melony McGant

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Say Hello to Possibility


Sometimes we hold on to our Yesterdays and want to travel back in time. Truth will often remind us that Yesterday has ended. It is Gone. We grow in wisdom when we Say Goodbye with appreciation. Every ending allows us to embrace a beautiful New Beginning. There will be New Greatness and New Joy once we let go of the past and step into the Mystery of the New Day. Say Hello to Possibility!

Say Hello to Possibility


Sometimes we hold on to our Yesterdays and want to travel back in time. Truth will often remind us that Yesterday has ended. It is Gone. We grow in wisdom when we Say Goodbye with appreciation. Every ending allows us to embrace a beautiful New Beginning. There will be New Greatness and New Joy once we let go of the past and step into the Mystery of the New Day. Say Hello to Possibility!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cherished Guests


When Truth comes knocking at our door, it is always good to invite him into our hearts. Truth never comes alone. Hope stands at his side. Faith will be right behind with Mercy. Allow Truth, Hope, Faith and Mercy to become your Cherished Guests. They will bring you compassion and offer you the Wisdom needed to help you live with Dignity and Grace! Today, with Gratitude, Open the Door to Your Heart.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012



When we are able to stand with those we love as they move through difficulty and change and grow; we experience Victory and Spiritual Healing. Today let your tender actions offer Forgiveness with Compassion. Say to a loved one "I Stand With You!" Honor the Victory of Unselfish Love.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Old Friends


When we lose our jobs, or our homes; when we learn that we are ill and can not be cured; or when we say our final goodbyes to a loved one-- we discover what it feels like to be broken. Sorrow is forever knocking at our door. How do we pick up the pieces of our broken lives? We open the door to Love. With Love will come old friends Compassion and Mercy. They are like Sunshine to the Clouds of Sorrow. And then there are the tender moments and times of healing that bring the Rainbow of Joy. Rarely in life does one travel without the other.

Even when Sorrow comes, Joy is ever-present to see us through the difficult times; and hold us tenderly with Love!

Please Wake Up! Resurrect YOU!


You have heard the song of Love sung by cats, dogs, birds and dolphins. You have heard the echo of Love and felt it tingling in your heart as it traveled through the wind whistling and summoned flowers and trees to dance. Our Creator has whispered and shouted to you from every mountain of your difficulties to the depths of every ocean of your despair. Wake Up! Your history is just the narrative of Yesterday's Mistakes! It Is NOT You Are! Stop repeating and re-living the Nightmare of fear and selfishness. Please, Wake Up! Today Resurrect the Loving You. Don't go back to sleep. Wake Up. Give Thanks. Listen with Compassion. Offer Forgiveness. Assist with Healing. Sing. Dance. Live. Love. Hope. Have Faith. Embrace the Creator's Mystery. Together Love, and Give Thanks!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Melody of MORE


Today my heart sings a Melody of More---more understanding,
more compassion, more willingness to share the fruits of our labor.

Let us ask more of ourselves as we meet eachother in Grace,
and walk side by side, heart to heart.

Let us have more listening, more kindness,
more truth, more hope and more faith
as we embrace the Divine in each of us.

This Is the Melody of MORE!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Appreciate and Prosper


People awakened to The Master Creator in their hearts. Everywhere Dreamer Believers cleared the clutter of old envy, and swept away disappointment. Fear lost focus and left when the many prayers were said by Hope. Homes sparkled and had the fresh scent of Spring. Faith, Gratitude, Compassion, Courage, Charity, Forgiveness, Mercy and Understanding went from house to house and became welcomed guests at every Table of Appreciation. LOVE filled Every Home and the People began to Prosper with New Hope!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Embracing Dignity


Once we have awakened to the need for Good Change, change will come. Our awakening may create friction within ourselves or those we love. Be flexible and understanding. Listen and Care Fully. Allow your Good Actions to be a consistent voice of reason. Always look for and offer solutions to difficulties firmly rooted in Love. For our Good Change to be lasting for Our Children, we must move forward step by step with Respect. Today let us begin to tenderly Embrace the Dignity and Truth of a Loving Heart.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

True Justice


In a society where Injustice has found an unlikely home, we can be silent; wallow in our sorrow and lose ourselves in despair or we can choose to Stand Up for Goodness and actively promoting equity, fairness and Justice. True Justice is Just Us learning to live with dignity by raising our voices and offering assistance to our neighbors. Give True Justice a Home! Stand Up! Be the Hope and Good Change needed for our children to prosper in peace and prosperity.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reclaimimg Goodness


Compassion, Forgiveness and Mercy become difficult in a mean spirited society. It is often easier to say or do what everyone else does, even when it is unkind. To speak the feelings of your heart with Goodness takes Courage and Strength. Having Faith in the power of Love allows us to offer Compassion, Forgiveness and Mercy. Reclaim Your Goodness and Be a Powerful Shining Light of Love!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Kind, Peaceful Actions!


Listening with care and concern opens the door to mutual respect. We call it having a Compassionate Conversation. Compassionate Conversation offers a gateway to better understanding and peaceful actions. Today listen with Care and Concern. Offer Respect. Make room in your heart for Kind, Peaceful Actions!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Love Is Like Rain/When Love Reigns


Love is like rain dancing across rooftops.

First we hear a Pit Pat.
Then we hear a Pitter Patter.

Then we feel a Pit Pat,
Pitter Patter! Swoosh, Swoosh!

And the next thing we know,
everyone present is joyfully dancing in the rain!

When Love Reigns,
it sounds and feels
like rain dancing across rooftops.

Pit, Pat! Pitter Patter!
Swoosh, Swoosh! LOVE!