Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Offering An Apology


Because I am willing to value, forgive and nurture myself, I am able to see the good in others; to have the courage to apologize with humility; and to nurture every relationship with kindness, compassion and respect.  I focus on Good, Forgive all mistakes and nurture myself and All Others.  In this way, I grow to understand that every apology offered helps bring a bit of Peace to the Heart of Humanity!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mean What You Say!!!


To every child, parent, brother, sister, loved one, stranger or friend--- First Care MORE. Then, speak only the Truth.  Live the word of Love in your every action.  Mean what you say.  Let Love Lead the Way!

Be Like the Sunflower


Many times during the day Breathe Deeply, Smile and give Honor to the Master Creator.  Be like the Sunflower of Love.  Travel with Hope and Faith. Allow the Spirit of Devotion and Loyalty to fill your heart.  Honor the Miracles of Compassion and Humility.  Breathe Deeply.  Smile.  Honor the Creator's Presence In All.  Be Like the Sunflower of Love!  

Be In JOY!!!!


Be In JOY!  The Wise Ones have told us that We Are All Guests on this planet!  At every rest stop be humble and generous.  Try always to bring forth your Best Self everywhere, in every way.   Offer your gratitude and appreciation for any hospitality shared.  Be-ing In JOY means that you seek only to nurture the well-being of others;  just as you nurture yourself.   Breathe Deeply.  Re-connect to the ETERNAL LOVE SOURCE.  Be In JOY!  

Superior healing


When there are no words, simply Be Still.  Listen deeply.   Show your care and concern. Tenderly without judgment, offer the love in your heart. A sincere loving presence, is a courtesy that brings warmth and superior healing to a broken heart! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Storms of Emotion


When I am surrounded by the Storms of Emotion, I Breathe Deeply and gather the energy of Sunshine that lives in my heart.  I Breathe,  fully giving my calm attention. Gently I offer a Rainbow of Concern.  All People need to be heard.  As I listen with Compassion and Patience,  I honor the Divine in All.  

With Tender Care, I try to offer a Calm, Listening Heart  through the Storms of Emotion.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Step Into the Adagio of Good Change


 Today, I Breathe Deeply and allow Gratitude and Courage to fill my Heart. "Stretch" they say.  

I Breathe deeply and stretch, and stretch!  I listen to the call of the Uni-Verse.  

As I Breathe, I ask that my mind, body and heart warm up and come into total alignment.  

Again, I Breathe, Stretch and Say Thank You! 

Now I am ready  commit to the dance.  I  step into the Adagio of Good Change!  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Expansive Right Actions


When the evil of greed  permeates society, there is little time to sit on the sidelines and ponder the outcome of the wrong actions of others.  We have time only to align our hearts with Love. Tell Greed he is not welcomed in the home of your heart! Stand up to Evil and Say No More!  Use Your Voice for Good!  Lead Moment to Moment with Kindness and Expansive Right Actions that Heal and Bring New Hope to Humanity! 

Monday, July 23, 2012



If what I give my attention to in my mind is what occupies my heart, then I begin this day in Gratitude!  
I take the hand of Optimism and follow a path of kindness. I Breathe Deeply and Smile, with Joy.  

My heart feels like a blossoming fruit tree calling to be shared. Compassion and Joy will help me share the Fruit of My Heart!  

I Breathe Deeply and step into the New Day with Optimism... knowing that My Mind and My Heart Are Genuinely Occupied by Love!



Even in times of great despair or sorrow, seek only to live with Love in your heart.  Breathe Deeply and feel your heart beat with Gratitude for every New Day.  Everywhere the birds are singing with joy and delight. 

Breathe Deeply.  Pay attention to the magnificent trees with leaves dancing their Soul Song.  Listen to the bubbling brook and feel at ease with the Soul Song. Feel the soothing rhythm in your heart. 

Again, Breathe Deeply.  Give Thanks!  Embrace the innocent Joy of Children everywhere. 

One More Time---Breathe Deeply!  Now Faith offers her hand and together you Sing Your Soul Song.  

Let Your Heart and Soul Dance, Dance, Dance with the Delight and Freedom of Re-membering Only LOVE!

Live and Teach!!!!


Our Society of Greed and our Quest for Materialism is teaching Our Children that life has no value other to destroy all that is humble, peaceful and Good.  Today, we become remorseful only when the hurt caused by our collective lack of respect and hate directly affects us as a Nation.  

Remember, Pain is Pain. Suffering is Suffering.  Any Violent Thought or Action can only bring more pain and suffering. It will never bring Peace.  Peace comes only through allowing the pain and suffering to move through your heart and discovering that Forgiveness lives within YOU. 

We must not hide from the horrors, we must Face the Shame of a Misguided Nation!    If we are to have anything left of a World of Beauty to offer Our Children, then Moving Forward, All of Us Must Let Go of Our Greedy Desires and Stop Chasing the Thrill of Destruction.  

We must Live and Teach that there is Honor and True Value in creating safety and respect in a world that offers equity, compassion, humility, mercy and hope.  We must begin to live together with Unselfish Love in Our Hearts! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

More Joy to the WORLD!!!!


When we share the gift of ourselves, we shine our Light with Gratitude and bring more Joy to the World!   Today I see, feel and appreciate the gift of You!   I am grateful for the beauty of your smile that always glistens like a star in darkness.  The energy of your smile offers kindness, and helps heal wounded hearts.  Your Smile Shines; Shows Appreciation and Brings More Joy to the World!  Thank YOU! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Wishes


I am learning that when I Breathe Deeply and ask for guidance, my heart awakens and sets a clear intention to walk with Peace. It is then that I am able to honor the gifts and traditions of those across the Earth with Good Wishes.  I share the hope of Equity, Freedom and prosperity with All People. I allow my heart to reflect only Peace and offer gifts to those in need joyfully.  Let us all be mindful that for our Muslim Family, Ramadan begins and calls for Prayer, Fasting and a Clear Intention to Honor Our Creator and Manifest Peace in Every Heart!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Have Tender Sincerity!


I am learning to allow my good friends Compassion and Mercy to dictate my every action.  Sometimes others will be unkind or ungrateful when I have offered my Very Best.  

I Breathe Deeply!  Courage and Humility take my hand and together we move on to Good Destiny.  

No matter how much or how little someone else offers; I try every day to live my practice of kindness with Tender Sincerity!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In Confusion and Chaos...


Be Still. Breathe Deeply.  Gather Your Loving Energy. Give Thanks. We can move through the Confusion and Chaos of finger pointing, accusations, global tantrums and mis-understandings by re-membering to Breathe Deeply and Listen Patiently.  Wait until the Storm of Egos Subsides.  Every journey through chaos in today's world requires that we feel, look, listen and Speak Only With a Heart of Compassion and a Desire for an Equitable, Peaceful, Prosperous Resolution. Breathe Deeply. Gather Your Loving Energy.  Give Thanks!

Monday, July 16, 2012

For the Soul Spirit...

Beloveds, For the Soul Spirit....     

Though I try not to think of you
or feel your energy,
like an arrow
the thought of potential oneness
always creates a bullseye in my heart;

Much like thousands of eons ago
when the World was being created
and We Were All Spirits of Light
learning to Love.   

We came separately to Earth
and sometimes were seduced
by the Power of Darkness. 

We found eachother as Warriors
from different lands;
vowing to conquer;
forgetting memory of a Divine Purpose. 

Each time I partially
awakened through the ages,
I looked for You.

Was there ever a right time? 
I have lost you; and found you
again and again---lifetime after lifetime.

Still we were caught up
in cycles of mire and material illusion. 

I grew to doubt your sincerity,
and looked everywhere but at you
for the purity of your heart,
which once you gave freely,
and now do not admit to re-membering.   

I AM Forever the Unlikely Friend;
fully awakened and re-born
in the Creator's Love. 

I Am the Unlikely Friend,
bound only by Heaven.

I offer my courage, devotion,
humility, and compassion.

I imagine that we honor
the melody of Eternity
and dance the Soul's Dance. 

Do you know that the memory
of your essence lives in me still?   

One Day perhaps we will meet again,
without fear; 
and in our innocence,
we will both re-member
the Creator's Song!

Until then I, the Unlikely Friend
will send the Healing Light
of Hope and Faith.

We Are Wishing You Well! 

Ashe!  Namaste!  

Sooo Many Are Not LISTENING!


So many of us are not listening.  Instead we walk in fear and use violence to show our strength.  We make power our lifeblood and use our resources to destroy.  Our collective fear promotes suffering and is in direct conflict with Love. We can not grow and prosper through violence. We can not change by killing.  We can grow only through opening our hearts with compassion and humility; by listening  and trusting the power and mercy of Our Creator.  We Can Blossom in Beauty and Wisdom Only through Love!   

Sunday, July 15, 2012

In Harmony


You are In Harmony when the rhythm in your mind connects to your heart; which calls on Your Soul to re-member and heal. Breathe Deeply, and Re-Member!

Feel and Listen to the Heartbeat of the Uni-Verse. Honor Your Divine Purpose.
Breathe In Harmony and feel the Breath of the Master Creator. We call it Grace!

Breathe! Now--- Feel, Listen, and Sing the Song of Love!

Allow Your Soul to Awaken and Dance In the Bliss of Harmony!

There Are Many Sharks!


In times when I have felt betrayed and alone in the world, instead of looking outside and blaming; I am learning to journey inside my heart to the home of Compassion. Truth, even when it is painful always brings new rewards. I Breathe Deeply and honor the lesson.

I imagine myself playing with dolphins. They teach me to breathe underwater so that when I re-surface, the oxygen in the air helps me to trust only Truth.

Though there are many sharks, I learn to swim in the Ocean with Faith. Every Betrayal becomes a New Awakening. I Breathe Again, and Give Thanks to the Blessed Creator who lives within Me!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dig for Understanding


Whenever you are willing to dig for understanding, you become better able to sow with compassion and mercy so that even in times of adversity;  the succulent fruit of forgiveness blossoms with undaunted faith, new hope and loving Joy! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Learn, Embrace and Celebrate!!!!!


Learn, Embrace and Celebrate!  If we don't know and preserve our history; and we don't understand or celebrate the gifts of our culture; or honor the challenges and struggles of our ancestors and society,  then we will be forever lost in the illusion of nothingness and despair!  Learn, Embrace and Celebrate our remarkable history, and preserve the legacy of Brilliance and Hope for Our Children! 

Please Support the Schomburg Center!   www.schomburgcenter.org

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stealing JOY


There is an old saying, "Never let anyone steal your Joy!".  Be passionate about your dreams even when others aren't.  Explore the mundane with appreciation.  Do the work so you that you have the understanding and grow with compassionate patience.  "Never let anyone steal your joy!".   

Always Share Your JOY with Good Intention and the Miracle Field will Blossom as YOU Blossom!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Along the Pathways of Life, each of us will experience disappointment, pain and sorrow.  With Mercy we will then cross galaxies of hope; rest in valleys of joy and learn to climb a mountain of love.  Live Tenderly and Journey Well! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Breathe and Believe!


Take a Deep Breath.  Honor every thought that connects to the Heart; that leads to a memory, and offers a smile. You have awakened in Grace. Say Thank You! Breathe, Smile, Believe! Every cell becomes alive as protons of Love flow through you. Breathe!  Oxygen brings Clarity.  Breathe!  Believe!  G-D Lives in You!      

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life Is NOT A Game!


There will be those who think they can manipulate us; who desire us to be pawns in their game of life. Even to them, give freely. Life is not a game, it is a Journey back to Love. Smile and be gracious to the manipulator. Allow your graciousness to be a luxury that brings you Joy. In this way, You Will Serve Only the Divine in All!

Best Yet!


Be Grateful for Your Past---the good times; the hard times and the times you asked "Why ME?". There will be days when you must say goodbye, so that you can make room to Start Again. When we live through a crisis or difficulty, a wise one learns to ask "Why Not Me?". Then with humility and hope, you will feel your heart jump for joy! Every New Day brings a new challenge so that you can grow and shine your light. Always walk with your good friends, Gratitude and Faith, and allow Every New Day to become--- the Best Yet!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Be A Friend


 Our Friends are often unique, loyal and sincere. They share a different life perspective. A friend listens, tells the truth, sees, accepts,  and honors your specialness.  A friend often seems like an Earth Angel.  They are the Creator's way of letting us know that we are Never Alone.  Through loving compassion and hope, a friend can inspire us, laugh with us, or hold our hands and cry with us. Today, even to a stranger, Be a Friend!  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Please Tell Me


Please tell me! What will make the World better? Do you know? When I smile at you today, what will you do? Can we work together, play together and sing together too? What will make the World Better? Please tell me. Let's start with Me and You!

Holy Gestures


Sometime we forget that even in confusion and conflict, no good deed is unimportant. Every act of kindness becomes a holy gesture that helps build a bridge of unity so that a heart opens and feels gateway to a place of Loving Grace! Bring Joy to the Day. Offer your good deeds as holy gestures of Love!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Clear the Hallway!


Through every hallway of difficulty lies the door of hope.  We have only to bravely work hard, and clear the clutter of disappointment in order to see the door.   Today Breathe Deeply with Courage and Gratitude. With Joy, open the Door of Hope.   Breathe with Confidence and Take a  Step into  Possibility. Your Good Destiny Awaits You!    

Monday, July 2, 2012

Offering Solutions


How can  you live the Aspiration of kindness and love when People are engaged in constant arguement?  Listen with compassion, offer understanding. Offer Solutions that benefit All. Be the Peace.  Today live the Aspiration of Kindness and Love!

YOU Are the Promise!


Breathe and Give Thanks!  Rejoice in the New Day!  Sing the Song of the Dove. Open your heart with kindness. Be the Promise of Love.  Share the gift of You.  Be an Emissary of Hope and Joy.  It's the most important thing you can do!  Rejoice! Sing the Song of the Dove. You Are the Promise of Love!



Born as a child of Love, Ambition was nurtured and supported by Hope and Courage.  People were kind and Love flourished with compassion in the heart of humanity.  Then Ambition was seduced by Greed.  Their children Envy and Jealousy were born. For a time, Confusion and Not Enough took control.  Still Love was hidden in the children and they began to share and feel compassion without fear.  Envy and Jealousy ask that their names be changed to Humility and Integrity.  Hope and Courage were so grateful that they forgave Ambition.  With their forgiveness, Greed left with Confusion and Not Enough.  Now Love and Faith have re-awakened the heart of humanity.  Ambition lives with a desire to share Love's Bountiful Harvest!    Me