Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dress for the Weather!


I Breathe Deeply and awaken gratefully into the New Day.  I hear the pitter patter of Rain reminding me to dress for the weather.  I breathe and decide to wear something red so that I can walk with strength and gently share love with all I meet.  I breathe again and select a mustard golden scarf filled with sunshine and rainbows.  My joy is instant.  I breathe deeply again.  Today  I will walk patiently, and appreciate the Nurturing Rain that has come with the Blessing New Day!  How Will You Dress for the Weather?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Collective Destiny


"To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." said President Barack Obama quoting the great statesman Nelson Mandela

My question to all of you this Yom Yippur is "Do you have the courage to live these words? 

Can you let go of the fear in your heart and "live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others"?   

Breathe Deeply.  Ask for clarity.  Your answer will help define Our Collective Destiny!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Peaceful Resolution


  The United Nations is in session in NYC.  

Today please join me offering prayers for the World.  

May our leaders listen to the voices of all people 
who desire peaceful resolution of conflict; 

a safe world for children to be nurtured 
as they grow and learn; 

economic prosperity, and hope 
with respect for humanity and our Earth. 

Let us  open our hearts and pray that World Leaders 
and Every Human Being commit to work sincerely
to build the bridges of understanding and compassion 
which can lead us to healing, forgiveness, and peace! 

 And So It Is!  

Monday, September 24, 2012



People may ignore you because of where you come from, your social status or your race. Even your birth family may choose to close their hearts to you when you have been baptized in Love.  Walk In Truth Anyway.  Truth is the only way to live as a Being of Love.  Knowing, speaking and being the Truth is how we live Our Purpose.  Everyone has a purpose and a contribution to make on this planet.  It is something that only You can do, or say or write in the fabric of time.  Even when it seems like all the familiar doors have closed,  please don't give up. Walk in Truth Anyway!  Your destiny lies beyond the jealous or petty.  Your Destiny Resides In the Heart of Love.

Honor the Harvest


When I offer my best without expectation, the Uni-Verse teaches me through the songs of appreciation and gratitude that travel through the wind and whistle in the cool breeze of the new fall season. Musical notes of the song are written in the Autumn sky of green, gold and orange mixed with red and purple, like a rainbow bridge that allows me to dance on pale blue clouds.   My heart beats to the rhythm of exalted joy whenever I have the courage to listen,  sing, live, share and honor the Harvest of the Eternal Love Song!    



There have been times when I have I failed, fallen or forgotten my own greatness and capacity for joy.  Still, because my heart was fragile and broken open,  I have faced what I feared and I live listening; hoping to grow wise!  Every day I say thank for the difficult lessons. Today I Breathe slowly and deeply; in and out!   With each breath, I pray for the Redemption of Humanity.  I ask to remember to step gently, and to offer my gifts tenderly.  I ask for personal and Collective Redemption. I choose to open my heart and embrace Humanity, and Our Sentient Earth Family with Love!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Gifts of Chance


Life is most often a mystery, waiting for us to unwrap the gifts of Chance. I Breathe deeply and move forward knowing that the one gift I will be asked to open will require me to be more adaptable! Today I embrace Life's beautiful mystery knowing that I am willing to be flexible and adaptable as I accept the precious gifts of Chance!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Lives In YOU???


I Desire Compassion, Patience and Understanding. I Breathe In Love. 

I Exhale all thoughts of unworthiness.

 I Breathe Deeply in and out four time thinking only of love.

 I feel Compassion, Patience and Understanding moving through the cells of my body. 

I become gentle and more tender with myself.  

I Breathe Deeply, with Confidence; and Say Thank You.  

Compassion, Patience and Understanding now live in me; 
so that I am better able to be gentle and tender 
as I  share these precious gifts of Love with All Others!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Listen and Walk


I Breathe Deeply In Gratitude for every unknown miracle.   I Breathe Deeply In Gratitude for every breath. Today I commit to honor all the stages of my life, and to walk with joy as I  forgive myself and offer forgiveness.  I Breathe In and out deeply, and Open My Heart In Peace. Love will guide me as I listen, walk and honor every act of Grace and Miracle of Love!   

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today I Will Be...


When I am Kind and Loving, I am better able to open the door for Compassion who always walks with Courage and fills my heart with the Strength to follow the path of Grace; and see the Rainbows dancing in every cloud, beckoning with Undaunted Hope! Today I Will Be Kind and Loving!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Trust and Believe!


Often the fruits of our good efforts are hidden in the clouds and will come after the storms have subsided.  Please Keep Nurturing Good.  Today, I Love, Trust and Believe.  I keep Nurturing Good and know that the fruits of my labor will present itself as a Multiple Rainbows after the Storm!

All People Need to Be Touched!


Gently open your eyes so that you can see. 
Now Breathe Deeply. 
Remember, All People Need to be Touched. 

We All Need to Feel the Gift of Love. 

Today, Extend Your Hand, 
and offer the touch of compassion and friendship. 

Open your heart and commit to walk a mile 
with a friend on a difficult journey.

 Breathe Deeply. 
Today Your life will Change for Good! 

Breathe Deeply. 
Move Forward. 
Extend Your Hand. 
Open Your Heart. 
Share Only Kindness and LOVE!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Look At US!


No matter our culture or religion, throughout time the Wise Ones have told us to "Love thy neighbor as thyself".

They have asked us to "treat the stranger as an honored guest." We have been told to respect others and to honor their beliefs and cultural traditions so that we learn to bring Peace to the World.

But Look At Us!

Some of us use our gifts not to share Peace or Prosperity but to demean other cultures and promote confusion, suffering or even war!

Dis-respect, envy, greed, and war will never bring Peace.

Only listening deeply and acting with Courage, Humility, Compassion, Forgiveness, Mercy, Patience and Respect will bring the Good Change We Need.

These are the tools of LOVE that will allow us and our Children to prosper with Hope and Integrity as we meet heart to heart; and work to build New Bridges to a World of Peace and Prosperity where we Honor and Respect All the People of the Earth!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Listen and Walk


I Breathe Deeply, grateful to be alive in times of growing awareness.  Life is not always easy but every difficulty brings a challenge of integrity and goodness.  Listening in the silence to my heart's rhythm; with every breathe,  I Breathe in the Air of Loving Kindness and Exhale my apprehension and fear of the unknown. Integrity, Goodness and Compassion sing to me with Hope. 

Today I listen, talk, walk, sing and dance as a Peacemaker!

Please Join Me In A Prayer for Understanding!


Let us Pray. May we as Human Beings come together to honor all those 
who have lost their lives tragically due to conflict and war, as well as from illness. 

May we stand with every family grieving the loss of loved ones.

 May we provide compassion and support to all those who are suffering from illness; 
as well as those who are unemployed or underemployed. 

May we come together with Loving Respec
t for All Cultures and Religions 

and work to create a Sustainable World of Hope, Prosperity and Safety 

that will allow Our Children to grow to their potential through 

a Good Nurturing Education so that they All develop in Peaceful Understanding 

and are able to Live, Love and Prosper with Universal Cooperation!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Right CHoice


When your mind is offering choice after choice and you are lost trying to decide on the Right Choice, Stop thinking and still your mind.  Breathe Deeply.  Open up your heart.  Ask your question.  Breathe Deeply Again.  Listen to Your Heart. Good Choice Lives There!  Breathe Deeply.  Accept your Heart's Answer.  There is Only One Right Choice!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Singing the Blues


Have you ever  sung the Blues?   

Blues come in all colors.  

The Deep Purple Red Blues once took me
 on a solemn journey 
where I almost lost Faith 
but I sure did learn Humility. 

I thank Heaven for the Calm Pale Sky Blues 
that I discovered when I learned to Breathe
 in the air of Forgiveness and Gratitude 
as I honored the integrity of my heart.  

Then I learned the Yellow Green Blues 
that brought me Hope and taught me 
something of Joy, Patience, and Compassion.  

And, I flowed with rhythm of my heart 
when I danced Orange Royal Blue Pink Blues.  

Life is a Beautiful Teacher.  

While Breathing and Living, 
We All Learn to Sing the Many Blues!  

What Blues Will YOU Sing Today?   

Friday, September 7, 2012

Truth Heals


Today I listen and care fully so that my mind and my heart are aligned with Compassion, Hope and Integrity.  I accept responsibility for my every action and make every effort to speak a Truth that Heals and Inspires.  Patience, Sacrifice and Great Love Are Required!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Being An Instrument


Today I remember that My Very Best Self is an instrument of patience and joy.  I listen to the melody of progressive change, and am inspired to take my place in the Orchestra of Hope and Integrity!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



Words can help or harm. 

Words can be a healer, 
a sword, a gun 
or a drone that kills 
many innocent children.   

I am learning to use 
words to uplift, and heal.  

Some days I say less and do more.  

I try to offer encouragement, 
hope and joy.  

I choose my words and actions carefully--- 
with Courage, Compassion and Love!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Step Forward


Because I know that All things start with a Breath,  I take moments throughout my day to Breathe Deeply and express my Gratitude.  I listen to the rain dance on trees, rooftops and windows.  I Breathe and hear the Voice of Faith calling.   I Breathe again, deeply four times and feel a song of Hope in my heart.  "I will live with integrity and courage, respecting All.   I will honor my good dreams with hard work.  I will live life joyfully;  share my gifts and stand for Peace.  I Breathe Deeply, and when I am ready, I Step Forward into the Beautiful Day!

Let Love Lead!


I took my belabored heart to the Tree of Wisdom and cried for the children of every conversation and act of  war where Greed and Destruction  took center stage with Hate, and tried to pillage even the Universal Heart of Love.  Much was destroyed and many were harmed needlessly.   Wisdom they say, always speaks through the Heart.  We must have the Courage to see, speak and act with Wisdom. The ability to create a safe world for All Children of All Cultures  is possible only by allowing Love to Lead.  Let Love Lead!

Holy Relationships


When Patience and Gratitude saw eachother as ONE,  so Compassion, Forgiveness, Gentleness, Joy, Mercy, Trust and Tolerance were born in every heart willing to awaken and accept  Wisdom as the Eternal Gift of Spirit! When we allow Patience and Gratitude to Guide Us; we forge the Path of Love and Nurture Truthful, Holy Relationships;  that Like Flowers, Blossom Beautifully in Loving Peace with JOY!       



I  remember that you care and are always willing to share!  I will never forget!   Your Eyes told a story that awoke me in full glory.   That is why in this drama of life, I honor the WOW in YOU!   Even now Your Smile travels miles lighting every heart and helping so many feel like they have a leading part!  
Just in case you didn't know, Today I Make It So! I Will Always Honor the WOW in YOU!