Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Moving Through Chaos


What does it take to persevere through times of confusion and chaos?   

I Breathe Deeply Four Times.   With each breath I inhale I ask to honor the details of my life with care.  

Each time I exhale, I say Thank You to the Creator.  

I Breathe and Breathe.  Today I Am Grateful.  I joyfully focus on the details of my life and my work.  

And because I know there is chaos an confusion in the world;

I will Breathe Deeply and walk carefully with Patience, Persistence and Perseverance.     

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tending Your Gardens


Rest and plan through the winter. Plant new seeds in the spring. Enjoy the beauty of your summers. Pray that the fall harvest will produce bountiful fruits to be shared. 

Breathe Deeply Four Times often. Offer Gratitude throughout your day. Through the rains of difficulty; dance away your sorrow. In storms of change, find calm shelter and wait patiently for your heart to see the rainbow. Embrace the Tree of Life and all its seasons. 

Breathe Deeply with appreciation and compassion. Walk in Peace. Most importantly; tend the Earth, your gardens and your hearts, with Unselfish Love.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Offering Prayers of Love


 Let us Breathe Deeply Four Times and offer Prayers of Love. 

May the doors of hope swing open with Grace and allow us nurturing hearts of peace. 

May we Awaken and accept Love.

May we offer Love to ourselves, our neighbors and our Earth. 

May we have the Faith to act as lights of Love as we move through every tunnel of disappointment, despair or darkness. 

May we allow ourselves the gift of healing and move forward in Gratitude as Loving Vessels of the Creator. 

Throughout our day, let us remember to Breathe Deeply Four Times and offer Prayers of Love.     

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Discovering the Afterglow


Disagreement, inequity, greed, lost dreams and warring hearts become like the killing fields of hope that have caused me to lose myself in selfish fear. I have even looked at Misery as a friend and wallowed in the depths of despair and felt safe living with sorrow. NO MORE!

I Breathe Ten Times. With each breath I inhale Love. As I exhale, I begin to allow myself and all others forgiveness. I Breathe Slowly and allow Courage and Mercy to take my hand. Their compassion, forgiveness, patience and tenacity sparkle like emeralds with the hope of Unity.

Feeling Our Creator's Love, again I Breathe Deeply. With Faith; I embrace the emeralds of hope and my broken heart expands as it heals.

And in the afterglow of Love, my good dreams are like precious jewels; polished and remembered.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Respond Tenderly with Strength


When I remember to Breathe Deeply and listen with respect, 
my heart can open peacefully with care.  

I take a moment and Breathe Deeply Six Times.  

Each breath allows me to listen with respect. 
It is then that my heart opens peacefully with care.  

I Breathe, listen and offer respect. 

 I respond tenderly with strength; 
in a way that is helpful and sincere.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Being Fully Present


Sometimes when I am able to let go of my fixed ideas or that which I desire; something even better and greater than my imagination has room to manifest.  I still myself and clear my mind my mind.  Fully Present, I Breathe Deeply in Gratitude Four Times.  I Breathe In the Mystery of Life.  I Breathe Out My Desire for Control. Again, I Breathe Deeply in Gratitude.  Now I am able to  allow myself to be Fully Present as I embrace the Mystery of this Beautiful New Day! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Life Quest


 I am on a perpetual Life Quest that encourages me to open my heart to the unlimited good that can manifest when we re-member that wherever we are; the land, and all sentients including people are Holy Gifts of Our Divine Creator.

 I Breathe Ten Times. With each breath I consider what is important.

 On my Life Quest, I will try to see the land, and all sentients including people as Holy Gifts of Our Divine Creator. 

May All People Discover Peace and Have Love to Share!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Focus and Flexibility


I Breathe and Breathe Slowly. Four Times I Breathe In Confidence and Out Patience. I will have to go around or move through the obstacles to accomplish all that I desire. I Breathe. Re-membering to embrace the mystery of the New Day, I allow myself the gift of being both Focused and Flexible. As I walk, deeply I Breathe with Confidence. Today, I will be Focused and Flexible!

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Friend for Every Lifetime


Maybe it's the way you walk or how you make me feel wanted or needed when you listen.  

Maybe it's your eyes that feel like they are looking into my soul with compassion.  

I don't what it is.  It could even be your smile that lights the room or the way I am able to laugh at myself when I remember our many conversations, and the mistakes I've made!   

When I think of you, I know I have a friend for every lifetime.  

I Breathe Deeply Six Times and decide to Honor Friendship.   

Today I will treat everyone as if they are a friend.

I will look and listen with compassion. 
I will offer my smiles with appreciation and understanding. 
I will extend my hand without judgment. 
I will laugh joyfully and tenderly at myself. 

I will be a Friend for Every Lifetime.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Like My Red Teapot


When heated, my red teapot filled
 with water will whistle and sing
a song of hope, gratitude and Love.

In life, we will find that hope
can steam and prosper
even in the most desolate of times.

When we offer Gratitude
and allow the water of Love
to heat in our hearts,
we will always have a song to sing.

I Breathe Deeply Four Times. 

I allow hope and gratitude
to percolate and steam in my heart.

I Breathe, Exhale and Breathe. 

Even in these difficult, desolate times,
I am able to offer hope,
walk with gratitude and,
like my red teapot;
sing a song of Love!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finding Sanctuary Under the Dogwood Tree


In Harlem at 145th and Lenox;   several crooked, weeping Dogwood trees sit with roots covered by a concrete sidewalk.

The blossoming Dogwoods have limbs that are stretched with hope and provide a sanctuary of joy for those with sometimes forgotten dreams remembered; and greets the blind man walking with a fragrance of understanding and compassion. 

Walking, I Breathe Deeply Ten Times and inhale the fragrance of the crooked, weeping Dogwood Trees. 

With each breath I exhale, I search my heart for a sanctuary of joy. 

I too, begin to remember forgotten dreams with the new hope of Spring. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Patience and Generosity


I Breathe Deeply Four Times. What gifts do I have that can cultivate my Spring Garden?  I Breathe and Inhale the Oxygen of Patience. I Exhale with Love. The gifts that will nurture my Spring Garden are Patience and Generosity.  The more I share, with Patience and Love; the More Exquisite My Spring Garden Becomes!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Offering Many Genuine Thank Yous!


In Our World of Confusion, so many who work for good are seldom  acknowledged.  Please know that your efforts are seen, felt and appreciated. 

Thank you for your words and actions of kindness that fill me and others with Hope.  

Thank You for having the Courage to listen deeply with Care, and to offer Compassion.  

You inspire me to walk with Confidence in our Collective Ability to expand our hearts and be vessels through which the Grace of Love can move.  

With Humility, I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  

I move forward into this Day by Offering Many Genuine Thank Yous!  Wherever You Are, for the Good You Do-- Thank You!  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tender Consideration


I enter This Day with tender consideration, 
knowing that I must be gentle with myself and all others. 

I Breathe Deeply Four Times. 

I Inhale the Breath of Love and Exhale Tender Consideration. 

Today is a day for compassion, tender consideration and healing. 

With Humility, I Breathe Deeply Four More Times. 

With tender consideration, I embrace, 
and honor each healing Breath of Love.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Grace and Fortitude


There are difficult days when I must still myself and ask for guidance. 

I don't know the answer Why.  

Instead I  just Breathe. 

I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  
In Love, Out Fear and Disappointment.  

Compassion and Healing moves through me with each breath.  

In Love.  Out Fear and Disappointment.  

I ask only to find the place of Compassion, Healing and Hope that lives in my Heart.  

I Breathe with Courage and ask to be guided with right thoughts and right words reflected through my Loving Actions.  

Slowly I Breathe,  and step into the Next Moment with Grace and Fortitude.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Honoring Life's Details


What a beautiful day to be Alive! I still myself, open my heart and Breathe Four Times. They say that success comes from the ability to honor the details of our lives. I Breathe Deeply in Gratitude Four Times. I pay attention with care to myself and honor every detail of my life. This frees me to offer more care and concern to others. I Breathe and offer my Gratitude and JOY for honoring life's details and making room for the privilege of service!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Magical Moments of PLAY


Work is important but equally important is Play.

Play allows you to use your imagination, to have more courage and to stretch your very being with fearlessness and Love?

I Breathe Deeply Four Times. As I Inhale, I honor and trust the magical moments that come with Play.

As I Exhale, I imagine myself as being focused and the having the Courage to make time for Play.

I Breathe Deeply Four More Times. I decide that I must make more time for Play. 

I will allow myself to embrace the innocence of my heart. I will honor and trust the magical moments and give thanks for the Joy offered to Our Blessed Creator.

‎Photo-Magical Moments- Father Chaz at Play with Son Che Pax in the Pacific Ocean on Lanikai Beach in Hawai'i!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Abundant Gifts


I still myself, open my heart and Breathe Four Times. As I honor the vision of Our Creator; Grace shares the Eternal Message of Love.

I Pray For Every Being.

"May All Your Brilliance Be Seen and Recognized.

May the Fruits of Your Loving Work Be Bountiful Beyond Imagination!

May Generosity and Love Inspire You to Share Your Abundant Gifts with Humility.

May You Each Move Forward with a Commitment to Empower Families and Communities So that We All Prosper in Love with an Abundant, Tender Peace!"

Four Times I Breathe Deeply

and with an open heart,
I Continue to Pray!

Friday, April 12, 2013

What Brings You JOY?


What Brings You JOY? For me, a walk in the park, a visit to the zoo or the aquarium and swimming in ocean are gifts that bring me Joy!

Joy also comes to me through a smile, a hug or a kind word of support at moments when I feel sad or overwhelmed.

The curiosity, wonder and innocence of children bring me JOY.

Family and friends who are able to offer their support and say I Love You brings me JOY.

Walking with Love, listening and learning to be gracious and caring with humility brings Joy.

I Breathe and Exhale Deeply Ten Times.

In JOY and Awe and Wonder, I Give Gratitude to our Blessed Creator for my life and every moment of JOY that brings me hope and allows me to share my Faith in the Power of Unconditional Love.

What Brings You JOY?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Letting Go of the Lie

Greed, Envy and Selfishness has caused so many of us to hide the Truth and lie to protect our material selves. But lies have no strength or foundation in Love. Every lie becomes first a distraction and then, a weapon of despair used to subjugate and promote acts of violence and wars. 

Though the Truth may be painful, through Courage, it provides us an opportunity to ask for and offer Forgiveness so that we can be like lights in a tunnel of darkness where so many of us have lost their way. 

I Breathe Deeply Ten Times. With each Breath, I Exhale and let go of every lie I have been told to make me believe that one group of people is superior over another. 

I sit quietly in the newness of Truth. I understand that by believing in fairness and equity and offering compassion and love; ancient wounds can be healed.

And so, it is for Our Blessed Creator, the Children of the many generations to come, and for every Ancestor who desired Peace that I am given the fortitude and strength to offer my hand in Friendship. 

I will say even to the one that I thought I despised,

"Let us care enough to be Truthful and learn to walk together as equals, sharing our cultural and material gifts; and step into our destiny of hope with Loving Hearts!" 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Postings from Paradise! Aloha from Hawai'i

Praying and Dancing Under the Banyan Tree...


I sit and Breathe Deeply Ten times.   I open my eyes and see a woman also sitting quietly. Then I notice a Father tenderly dancing a prayer with his beautiful young daughter. We are All under the Sacred Banyan Tree.

The Banyan Tree will speak if only we will listen. It will teach us of our interconnectedness and potential for Unity. Like arms, its roots of Love extend and create new trees.

Only through hard work with care and compassion for our World can we change and forego societies rooted in greed, selfishness and violent acts that promote wars and cause imbalance to Our Earth-Heart.

What will Destiny offer our Children? As we Awaken with the Breath of Love; we are better able to embrace roots of Oneness and Peace. Only then can we live the promise to preserve Our Earth for Our Children.

I Breathe Deeply and with Gratitude, Honor Our Creator. I rise with Courage and step into the World of Faith. I will sing and dance many Prayers of Hope with Forgiveness under the Banyan Tree. Please, Will You Join Me?

The Meaning of ALOHA...

In Hawai'i, the word Aloha is used as a greeting. Aloha literally means "Love to You".

I Breathe Deeply Six Times and Say Aloha to the World. I imagine that I have no enemies.
Aloha! In you I see a friend and companion called Punahele.

I Breathe and exhale HAAAAAAA! Each breath becomes like notes in a song of Love.
Aloha Punahele! Let us sing and dance our prayers of Gratitude for Life. I Breathe and Exhale. HAAAAAA!

I give thanks by honoring G-d in All. Today I will see all others as friends and companions. With Care, Concern and Love I will Breathe Deeply and say to everyone I meet-- Aloha Punahele!

Honoring The Riches of LOVE...

I Breathe Deeply Ten Times and Give Thanks. I honor my tender heart and know that Awakening comes with many lessons. Some lessons will cause us to struggle with our egos. I ask my ego to forgive all misunderstandings.

I ask the Creator to allow the hearts of others to open and forgive me if I have unknowingly offended anyone. In this way, I am able to forgive myself and open my heart to More Love.

I Slowly Breathe Deeply and ponder the wisdom of Ancestors and Elders--- Life may not offer what you want but if you are forgiving, patient, prudent, respectful and willing to share; Life will offer the Riches of Love beyond your imagination!

Slowly I Breathe Deeply With Gratitude and Honor the Riches of Love!

We Learn to Live and LOVE MORE...


The Sun has not yet risen but the birds are singing of peace in the early morning dawn. The cool breeze is like the breath of life dancing, awakening the palm trees. I Breathe Deeply in the stiilness of each moment.

8 Times I Breathe in the air of gentle salt as the waters from the ocean tide beckon me in the song of Love More. I exhale deeply with each breath. HAAAAAAAAA. The breath becomes like a rocket of gratitude that shoots through my heart and gives me the courage to feel the spirit of peace. I Breathe in and out. HAAAAAAAA.

I sit and watch the as the sunshine pours through the hearts of Mothers and Fathers rising to prepare for the sons and daughters, the aunts and uncles, the cousins and strangers who will become friends and act as godmothers and godfathers to All Earth's Children of Love.

It takes moxie to Breathe and Awaken; to decide to Love More. Together we gather and sing and pray. We honor our Ancestors and become the rainbow tribe of hope. Together we Breathe. HAAAAAAAA.

With each breath we breathe and believe, we are given the understanding of truth and the gift of compassion as we Love More. We Breathe in JOY! HAAAAAAAAAAAA! We Learn to Live and Love More!

Monday, April 1, 2013

My Spring Garden


If my Spring Garden is to blossom with new flowers of Joy and the fruit of Wisdom, then I must be patient, attentive and nurturing.  

I Breathe Four Times and allow my curiosity to still me with Joy.  I sit and breathe and listen and watch. 

I trust the actions and words of my heart.  I breathe and exude confidence.  

I am confident that each time I share, I am helping my Spring Garden blossom with new flowers of Joy and the fruit of Wisdom.  

I Breathe Deeply In Gratitude!