Sunday, June 30, 2013

Prosper In JOY

People Awakened to The Master Creator in their hearts.  
 Everywhere Dreamer Believers cleared the clutter of old envy, and swept away disappointment.
Fear lost focus and left when the many prayers were said by Hope. Homes sparkled and had the fresh scent of JOY.
Faith, Gratitude, Compassion, Courage, Charity, Forgiveness, Mercy and Understanding went from house to house and became welcomed guests at every Table of Appreciation. 
Today, Breathe Deeply 8 Times.   Allow Unselfish LOVE  to fill  the Home of Your Heart, and you too will Prosper in JOY!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Let Great LOVE Travel With YOU!


Let Great LOVE Travel With YOU! Why not run, laugh, sing, and dance; or swim in the ocean, a lake or a river? Maybe today take a walk in the park. Sit down on the grass and discuss life with a Tree. Say hello to the birds and butterflies that circle around and say, "Are you speaking to me?". 

When you've lost something or someone dear; say farewell and so long in your heart! Then, Dream a New Dream! Why not plant new seeds in the garden of your heart? Now it's time to DO YOUR PART. Spend time with your Earth family, your neighbors and your friends in Nature too!

 Just remember--- In All You Think, Say and Do--- First Breathe Deeply Four Times and Let Great LOVE Travel with YOU!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Worthy and Capable

Still Your Mind and listen to Your Heart.   Now Breathe.   In Worthiness and Out Capability.  Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Worthiness and Out Capability. 
First know that you are a worthy, capable individual.
Be consistent and disciplined in your efforts as you plant new seeds and lay the groundwork for growth and opportunity.
Share your harvest and build good relationships. Be flexible and patient as you grow and change.
Breathe. In Worthiness and Out Capability.  Risk will be required.
Start Today Dreamer. You Are Worthy and Capable of Good Fortune!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

See the Hidden Good


Across the Earth, every Wise Seeker Dreamer learns and appreciates the power of a smile. A tender smile opens countless hearts and becomes an Overture to a song and dance in the beautiful Symphony of Life.  
Breathe Deeply Six Times. With each breath,  Breathe In Appreciation.  Breathe Out Joy. 
Today, try to see the hidden good in All before you.  Open your heart for the dance.   As an Overture, offer a tender smile of appreciation, joy and gratitude! 
Remember to Breathe In Appreciation and Breathe Out Joy!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Be A Witness


Breathe Deeply Six Times. With each breath, Breathe In the Joy of A New Day. Breathe Out Love and Possibility.

Today Be A Witness. Every Seeker Dreamer will journey. You may never leave the town you were born in; yet you will climb mountains of fear and triumph in a valley of hope. You will cross barren deserts of despair and find an oasis of understanding. You will swim through lakes of joy and sail the ocean of wisdom.

All this YOU, the Seeker Dreamer will do as you witness, learn, change, grow and become your true self in Love!

Breathe Deeply. Breathe In the Joy of A New Day. Breathe Out Love and Possibility.

Today, Be A Witness. Know that you are changing, growing and becoming your True Self In Love. With JOY, Offer Gratitude and Breathe!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time to SOAR


Some of us living with the pain of defeat often ask the question "What IF?".   What IF becomes a code word for Don't Grow and Don't Change.

The Phoenix Dreamer knows the code but approaches it with childlike curiosity. He looks sideways and sees other dreamers turning back.  He looks back and sees his old self begging for him to return. 

He looks forward into the trees as they bow and honor the Sun. He feels the Wind of Chance.  He lets go and halting moves forward and falls.  He gets up with the help of Desire and Confidence.

And then Faith pushes Phoenix Dreamer forward. Together they soar into the Winds of Divine Chance!

Breathe Deeply 7 Times.  It is Time to SOAR!!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Shine and Share

Beloved Dreamers,

Breathe Deeply Six Times. In Opportunity and Focus. Out Clarity with Compassion. 

Because You know the Truth and will Live in Truth, New Opportunity presents itself and asks for your clarity, your compassion and your focus. 

Dreamer, Breathe Deeply Six Times. 

You are a bright light of Understanding. 
SHINE. Be Willing to Share You Gifts Unconditionally! 

Keep Breathing.
Dreamer---Breathe, SHINE and SHARE Unconditionally!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Peace Visionary


Today is a Day for Diplomacy.  I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Respect.  Out Compassion.  In every situation where it is possible, I think before I speak. 

Even when I am uncomfortable, offended or angry, I Breathe.  In Respect.  Out Compassion. 

Today I walk as a Diplomat.  I Am a Peacemaker.  I Am A Peace Keeper. I Am A Community and World Peace Visionary. 

I Walk and Breathe.  In Respect.  Out Compassion.  

Saturday, June 22, 2013

People Are People

People Are People Everywhere. Some Judge. Some Learn. Some become Diplomats. Some work to bring Peace. Some harbor Hatred. Some Share Love.  
Clear Your Mind. Open Your Heart.  Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  Breathe In Courage and Out Integrity. 
Tenderly ask yourself the Question---"Who Am In LOVE?" Breathe Deeply.   Breathe In Courage and Out Integrity.  
Feel your Heart's Answer.  Who Are YOU In Love? 
Today, Live with That Person.  To Everyone, Offer Your Best Self With Love!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Discipline and Kindness


You CAN achieve the good you desire and  live the good dream you dream.  First Breathe Six Times and ask for Discipline.  Breathe In Discipline and Out Kindness. 

You will need Discipline so that you are consistent and energetic when it appears to others and maybe even to you,  that your dream is not possible. 

Also try be kind to every being including the ones that appear as an obstacle on your Good Journey. 

Discipline and Kindness should always work together to pave the road of Good Success for every Seeker/Dreamer!

 Breathe In Discipline and Out Kindness.  Breathe Deeply.  Now Walk Joyfully!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dance Into the Moment of NOW!


I Breathe Deeply Four Times and Listen to My Soul. ---"Be the Joy. Live the Miracle. Journey Well!" 

My Heart Laughs as I Dance Into the Moment of NOW!!!

A Beautiful Day


I still myself and listen in awe to the silence of the New Beautiful Day.  I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Joy.  Out Patience.  With each breath, Gratitude becomes my invisible cloak.  The cloak is woven with threads of Faith, Hope, Compassion, and Appreciation. 

I Breathe Deeply Six Times.    The birds are singing.  I smile, knowingly.  Whether the Sun shines or the Clouds drop rain, I am always dressed for the weather. 

Gratitude is My Invisible Cloak of Humility, Purpose and Love.  I Breathe  and Step Joyfully Into the Beautiful Day!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Healing Oasis


No matter what others tell us the odds are, when we have the courage to embrace a difficult day and say " I am ready",  then Peace will be the calling and answer of your heart.  Peace is a vibration filled with dignity and loving intent.

I Still Myself and Breathe Deeply.  In Dignity With Loving Intent.  Out Peace.   Ten  Times I Breathe.  In Dignity With Loving Intent.  Out Peace.  

Peace empowers us with Faith and gives  the hope and strength we need to journey to the Healing Oasis. 

Deeply I Breathe.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Every dreamer learns that
there is power in Surrender.
Relax and let go
of any thoughts of judgment.
Breathe Deeply Five Times. 
In Surrender.  Out Love. 
Notice the sound of the ocean tide. 
Feel the cool breeze of the wind. 
Smell the eucalyptus or pine trees.  
Allow Peace to move through you. 
Reflect on the Day.  What Are You Grateful For?  
Breathe Deeply Five More Times. 
In Surrender.  Out Love. 
Ask for Guidance.
Relax.  Breathe.  Reflect. 
Breathe.  Feel Your Answer.
Breathe and Surrender Into Love!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Come Visit

In the Home of My Heart, Appreciation, Mercy and Compassion have become permanent guests. 

No matter what has happened in the yesterdays of my mind, I promise to be there in the Today of My Heart!
I Breathe Deeply 8 Times.  In Appreciation and Mercy.  Out Compassion and Kindness. 
 I am grateful for this Day that allows me to say I Love You; even if you are not listening or can not hear me through the walls of your pain.
Come Visit. 
I promise, I will not judge you.  
I will only Love You...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Every Memory

Beloved Radiant Ones---
I offer Gratitude for the memories of Love; worn,
weathered and etched into the stones of time.
I Breathe deeply six times and decide to love
all the secret haters.
I honor every memory that has caused my heart
to be broken by offering forgiveness and Love.
Tears come easily and act to create a pathway
for new love in my heart as I weep
and mourn every loss.
Solace comes through compassion as I express
my sorrow but decide to step into the New Day
and move Forward with Love.
I Breathe Deeply and again offer Gratitude
for the memories of Love.
Some are painful.
Others are Joyful.
Eventually all that happens in our lives
becomes like worn memories of Love;
weathered and etched into the stones of time
that comfort and teach us that for every problem;
Love is the worthy solution.
I Breathe in Awakening.
Love is the only way I can know Peace
and Live with Peace in my Heart!

Your Great Destiny


Within each teardrop resides

a longing for compassion;
a desire to be heard;
a hope to understand
 and to be understood.  

Like rain, our tears
can serve to nurture
and cleanse our hearts,
as the pain of a dis-appointment
washes away through forgiveness
and is replaced by love! 

Love gives us the energy
and faith to honor our good dreams;
and the courage to take
another step into our unknown
great destiny!

Gratitude for Fathers


Let Us Breathe Deeply Four Times.  In Respect and Joy.  Out Appreciation and Love. 
Today, let us offer our Gratitude to all the men who act as Fathers and live as vessels for Grace in celebration of children, and universal families.

These are the men committed to strengthening their own awareness of Our Blessed Creator by building strong compassionate, noble and nurturing relationships that honor our Collective Dream and Vision of Equity, Sustainability and Peace!  
 Honoring the Spirit of All Fathers,  Again We Breathe Deeply Four Times.  In Respect and Joy.  Out Appreciation and Love.  
Today we offer Our Gratitude to all the men who act as Fathers and live as vessels for Grace in Celebration of Children, and Universal Families!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Am Like the Bamboo


I sit in gratitude and marvel at the details of Creation.  What makes a Bamboo shoot grow in water and in soil?  How is it that its roots are flexible while the shoot is firm and learns to bend and wind?  

I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Flexibility and Care.  Out Patience and Compassion. 

I am like the Bamboo.  Our roots of Love can grow in many places.  We embrace life's difficulties and joy with compassion.  We sprout new leaves that blossom in beauty and grow with patience.

I Breathe Deeply Six Times. In Flexibility and Care.  Out Patience and Compassion. 

Today,  I am like the Bamboo.  Flexibility, patience and compassion are the roots of Love that can grow in my heart so they can be shared and blossom in many places. I Am Like the Bamboo!   

Friday, June 14, 2013

Any Ordinary Day


Today I am Grateful for the birds offering hellos and the trees which teach me to stand rooted in Love as I travel into the depth of Hope and discover joy in the Ordinary Day.
I Breathe Deeply Four Times, and ask to be guided by Good Purpose.
Now I am ready to use the discernment of Faith as I  offer my hands, my mind and my heart with Love.
The promise of any Ordinary Day is growing awareness of the Extraordinary that appears all around me when I am flexible and rooted in Love! 
I Breathe Deeply!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

When We Feel Helpless

Dearest Beloved Community,

The last few weeks have been a wake-up call.
Control of our personal destinies has
 in some cases been taken momentarily
out of our hands
and it leaves us feeling vulnerable.

Whether we are feeling the aftershock
of current economic waves,
or personally know of someone suffering
from lack or poor health
the result is the same,
it makes us feel helpless.

For some of us, security has been taken away,
and all that re-mains is for us
to be still for a moment--- and just wait and see.

Yes, these are trying times.
It is a time that calls for us
to re-evalute our lives, and our purpose.

We also have the opportunity
to make gratitude, hope, patience and faith
important actions steps in our lives.

 Breathe Deeply Ten Times!
Today  Please Try to Make  Gratitude, Hope,
Patience and Faith the  Important Actions Steps in Your Lives.
And Keep Breathing Deeply!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just Listen


I Breathe Slowly in and out Ten Times.  I still myself and listen to  the voice of Uni-Verse-- "I believe in you and value you.  I saw you as Stardust. I know your goodness.  I know your fear of Light and of Love.  I know of your selfish ways for they have long saddened me.  I Forgive You.

Just Listen. I Love You. Hear me through the birds chirping, the wind whistling through trees and the ocean's roar. 

Breathe deeply and smell me in the honey suckle and cherry blossoms.  Taste me in the avocado, the apple, the blueberry, the carrot, the ginger and turnips.  Look at me in the Sky.

Remember it is I who share the magnificent moon,  the glistening stars and the ebullient sun with you.  The Land is not yours to fight over.  It is Mine!  All Is Mine.  I share it with you in Love. 

Just Listen.  Stop Fighting.  I Love You.  Feel me in your hearts through your acts of compassion and cooperation.  Find your way back to Love.  Just Listen.  I Forgive You.  I Love You! "      

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oasis of Possibility


Through the rains of change and sand storms of growth I have traveled through my mind and entered the Uni-Verse of my heart.  My Dear Friend Intuition has led me through deserts of mystery until we arrived at the Oasis of Possibility.  Through this experience, I have learned also to take the hands of my Friends, Trust and Courage. 

Today I Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  I Inhale Patience.  I Exhale a Desire for Good Change.  

I Breathe and Breathe.  I ask My Dear Friends,  Intuition, Trust and Courage to join me.  Together we offer hopeful Prayers of Gratitude. 

With Patience, we prepare to journey once again to the Oasis of Possibility!  First, We Breathe!    

Monday, June 10, 2013

Answer With Consideration


I sit quietly and remember to Breathe.  I Breathe Deeply Four Times.  I focus only on the breath and feel it move through my body and open my heart. 

I continue to Breathe and Breathe.  I offer Gratitude for the Kindness of Others.  I Honor Spirit. 

I Breathe.  Today I will listen Deeply.  Even when it is a bit uncomfortable, I will allow my heart to answer with Consideration and Kindness for Others and Myself. 

I Breathe.   

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stepping Into the Glorious Mystery


The Birds are singing with Joy. The Sun is shining with Hope.  Clouds of Faith linger with Compassion and Understanding.  It is truly a Glorious New Day! 

I Breathe In the Oxygen of Love.  I Breathe Out the Newness of Love's Restorative Power. 

8 Times I Breathe Deeply.  With each breath I am filled with  appreciation and Love. 

I Breathe Deeply.  I offer my Gratitude for the miraculous gift of Life. 

With Humility, Joy, Patience and Respect for Others;

I Step into the Mystery of the Glorious New Day!  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ego and Misery


When Ego did not trust the Creator's Love, he found himself lost in perpetual storms of wrong words, actions and  disappointment.  It seemed like for eons,  Ego forbade the Heart from experiencing joy and joined with Misery to create dis-order and hate throughout the World. 

Some humans enslaved others who looked differently.  They stole the precious resources and treasured legacies and fought religious wars to maintain control.  For a time it appeared that this was to become the sad destiny of Earth. 

 And the Great Mother Cried.  Her tears moved hearts of a few who then felt the undercurrent of the Creator's Love.  And the few Awakened from the horrible nightmare created by Ego and Misery.

They began to Breathe Deeply and see Beauty in the Stars, in the Moon and Sun. They began to marvel at the birds song, the lives of animals and fish, and the rhythm of the winds and oceans.  They learned the history of Earth-Heart  through the rocks and stones.  They discovered the oxygen of Love and studied the wisdom of trees.  Plant life offered food and healing. 

With Each Breathe they took in Love,  they grew braver, and many more re-membered the Great Mother and Awakened in Love.  YOU are one of the many born to honor the Creator and Rise in understanding and compassion through the Great Mother. 

 Breathe Deeply 10 Times.  Breathe In Truth.  Know there is only Love.  Exhale the Nightmare Created by Ego and Misery.  Now that you have Awakened,  allow Divine Grace to lead your Heart.  Listen to song of your Soul.  It is the Creator's Song of Love. 

Again, Ten Times Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love.  There is no turning back.  The only way to heal and live and prosper on Earth-Heart is to  Stay Awake and Trust Only Love!

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Beautiful Rainy Day!


Breathe Deeply 8 Times. Inhale Tenacity. 

Exhale Patience. 

Give Thanks for Beautiful Rainy Day
with its clouds of Chance. 

Prepare with Joy.  Dress for the Weather. 

Wear Shoes of Fortitude. 

Put on a Coat of Gratitude. 

Carry an Umbrella of Understanding. 

Again BREATHE Deeply. 

Align Your Mind, Your Heart and Your Soul. 

Feel the Grace of Aliveness, Compassion and Love. 

Step tenderly and deliberately into the Beautiful Rainy Day. 

Remember this--- 
Rainbows of Hope will appear
with your Every Act of Compassion and Kindness!     

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vessel of Good Intent


Today, I Breathe Deeply Four Times and ask only that I be used as a vessel of good intent and sincere actions. 

I give thanks for every Ascended Ancestor and all sentient beings on this Earth-Heart Realm. 

I open my heart in awe of the Master Creator and join others in the Universal Breath of Hope. 

I Breathe In Love and Out Compassion. Today I am a vessel filled with good intent and sincere actions. 

I Breathe In Love and Out Compassion.  In Love, Out Compassion!       

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Love Is Relentless!


Love is relentless and determined.  It can be felt across the oceans of time and existence; or through a flower that brings a sweet fragrance of joy. 

Love lives in the tears of loss and suffering; and in every smile that opens a heart and offer moments of hopeful understanding. 

Love lives in the minuscule and the grande; it can be heard and felt even through the roar of confusion and bring harmony and balance to any day. 

Love is intuitive; travels with fluidity and answers every question; including  the ones you were afraid to ask. 

I Breathe Deeply Ten Times and empty my heart of judgment.  Only Love offers a good answer.  I walk throughout the day with Love. 

I walk and Breathe with patient, relentless hope and offer Loving Respect to all! 

I walk and Breathe.  Because my every thought, deed and action are aligned;  Love, determined and relentless Love brings the gift of balance and harmony into the day!      

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blessed Be YOU!

A Tyrone Rasheed Photo


Blessed Be YOU who breathes with appreciation for the New Day. 

Blessed Be YOU who offers care and concern for others with the same compassion you offer yourself. 

Blessed Be YOU who shares an encouraging word, walks with an open heart and lives with the gift of tenacity. 

Still Yourself.  Breathe Deeply 8 Times.  In Care and Compassion.  Out Tenacity and Love. 

Listen to the Voice in your heart that comforts, knows and offers only Love. 

 "Blessed Be YOU.  Yes.  Blessed Be YOU!" 

Monday, June 3, 2013



When you walk In Truth and live with Integrity and Joy, some people who live with envy and fear may say that your kindness is na├»ve or that your compassionate actions are phony. 

They may find ways to demean you, or whisper and laugh about you behind your back.  Pray for their Awakening.  Keep Being Kind.

Now align your mind with your heart.  Breathe Deeply 4 Times.  Inhale Love.  Exhale Integrity and Joy.  Give Thanks! 

You Are a STAR of Love.  Today--Joyfully Go Forth and Shine YOUR LIGHT! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Becoming the Love Song


In the quiet of my mind, the Uni-Verse of my heart is guided by my Soul. 

I Breathe Deeply 8 Times  and allow my body to  relax into Love. 

I Inhale the Great Mystery.  I Exhale Faith and a desire for New Discovery. 

I begin let go of Society's limited programming of not good enough or "too good to be true". 

Deeply I Breathe.  I Breathe with Clarity and let go of every thought that says I can't. 
Again I Breathe and feel the weight of past hurts and disappointment lifted. 

 I sit and listen to the Wisdom of my Soul.  Its Love Song vibrates in the air as it moves into my body and becomes One in the Uni-Verse of my heart.  All the good that is within me exists and is awakened by Grace when I offer my Gratitude for each experience. 

I Breathe and Breathe.  It is then that I feel the Love Songs of Divine Grace. 

I sing, "Within me is the unlimited creativity filled with divine intention and brilliance to become and create and share through Love." 

With deep humility,  I Breathe, Sing and Become the Love Song. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

No Matter What!

A Tyrone Rasheed Photo


In a World where egotism and materialism has taken center stage, it is true that small minds may try to destroy those who know Truth before their own inadequacy or fear of equity and good change is discovered. 

These people often will attempt to sabotage or undermine your positive intentions and actions.  They may even try  to rain on a joy parade or burst your bubble of enthusiasm and happiness. 

Even to them offer compassion and kindness.  Pray that they too will soon Awaken to Love.  

When you have been hurt, wounded or discouraged, simply stop and still your mind.  

Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  With each breath, Inhale Patience filled with the Oxygen of Love.  Exhale Hurt, Pain and Disappointment. Take Your Time. Keep Breathing Deeply. 

Remember this-- When You Awaken and Walk In Truth, no matter the obstacles;  new doors will appear through Grace.  As you are able to keep your heart open and offer forgiveness;  Love will reward you with the Courage and Faith to live with a peaceful heart, unlimited creativity, energy and resources to manifest your Good Dream. 

Breathe Deeply.   No Matter What--- Keep Moving Forward!  Today, Give Thanks for Wisdom, Grace and the Unlimited Power of Love.