Saturday, August 31, 2013

Love Does Not Conquer


Love does not conquer; for every Loving soul
learns to walk with a peaceful, caring heart.

Love clears obstacles of fear.
Love gives us courage and hope through Faith.

Love offers respect and, supports our Big Dreams.

Love embraces, nurtures and frees us
so that we live with Purpose and JOY.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Joy Oasis


When we awaken and say thank you for the miracle of the new day, we are remembering and honoring Grace by drinking from the joy oasis. Each thank you we offer in pure gratitude comes from our joy oasis.

What is the joy oasis? It is the place in our hearts where good, hope and love reside. Drink often from your joy oasis and simple miracles will become more evident in your day.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Faith Sustains Me/ Photo--The First Civil Rights Foot Soldiers Memorial In Annapolis, MD

Beloved Radiant ONES---

 I Breathe Deeply Five Times. With each slow breath I Exhale and look to the four directions, East, West, North, south and bow in Appreciation and Gratitude for Our Mother Earth-Heart and All Her Creations.    On the Fifth Breath, I Raise my hands above my head and then bringing them out beside me, I turn slowly in a complete circle.  It is said that Love with Wisdom allows complete loyalty, transformation and trust.   I Breathe  and Exhale Deeply until Only Faith envelops my Heart.  Now  I step into the New Day with Love and Wisdom.  Patience holds my hand as birds of Intuition guide me through the winds of change.  I learn to Fly and become One With the Master Creator through Love.  Faith Sustains Me.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Journey of Faith


Beyond knowledge is the hope that my Faith is strong enough to face the feared and unknown.  "How will I walk?",  I ask myself. 

I clear my mind, sit in the quiet and Breathe Deeply Ten Times.   I Breathe In Love.  I Exhale Fear.

The answer comes from the whispers of my heart.  "First you must have the strength and courage to Trust. Then as Truth is revealed, you must face your fears and offer Kindness even to the one you perceive as your enemy.  When you are able to transform your hate into Love with forgiveness, then you will grow in understanding. 

Every change or answer you seek can be found in your ability to give up control and walk the path of the unknowing.  It is always through the  Journey of Faith that we come to know Everlasting LOVE."
I Listen Deeply to the Whispers In My Heart.   I Breathe In Love.  I Exhale Love.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Deeper Understanding


In the Time of material greed, corruption, and religious wars, there was a Woman who had traveled far and faced many demons. Along the way she had made some good decisions; and some bad decisions that offered good lessons. She had helped many people but when she thought she needed help, no one was there. She felt disappointed and terribly alone. She prayed for Deeper Understanding.

One day a Wise Man came to her in a dream. He held her hand and wiped her tears. He sat quietly with her and watched the Stars as they glistened in the darkness. The Wise Man said to the Woman "Trust in the Light - Trust in the Spirit - Know that you will always be a part of who I AM and a part of ME."

The Woman awakened from her dream with New Understanding; feeling safe, nurtured and Loved. She felt that the Wise Man was the GOD Living and traveling within Her.
So often the Strong Ones feel that they journey alone, trying to offer others compassion and understanding. It is important to remember that We Are Never Alone.

Breathe In Love Deeply Four Times. Exhale Love.  Remember these words in your heart. "Trust in the Light - Trust in the Spirit - Know that you will always be a part of who I AM and a part of ME."
Try to walk with Courage, Compassion, Faith, Hope, Mercy and a deeper Understanding. Always Remember, GOD is living and traveling within YOU!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Breathe and Remember the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers Memorial in Annapolis and 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

Breathe and Remember: The Civil Rights Foot Soldiers Memorial in Annapolis and 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington


If asked what do I remember about the Dreamer Civil Right Foot Soldiers and the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, first I will Breathe Deeply Four Times.  In Love.  Out Good Change. 

If asked what do I remember,  I will honor all those Dreamers who came before and ascended into the ethereal realm with hopes and dreams unfulfilled.  I will remember that we each should carry those hopes and dreams in our hearts. 

I will say that I remember that America is a country where we have the right to gather together in our communities, our cities, our states and even our Nation's Capitol without being jailed or teargassed or shot by guns.  We have the right to express our views and desire to actively work for Good Change. 

I will remember that we must always have the Integrity to safeguard our Right to Vote and call for a cessation of all violence and discrimination. 

I will remember that a good equitable education and fair paying jobs and affordable healthcare and housing should be our inalienable rights. 

I will remember the good dreams of every child in America and the lost dreams and death of Trayvon Martin and the injust laws that promote violence and discrimination even today. 

Today and every day I promise that I will  honor the Dreamer Civil Rights Foot Soldiers by forming alliances in my heart with All  who like me, embrace Freedom, Integrity and a Desire  to actively work for Good Change! 

Now Together, Let Us Breathe  and Remember the Dreamer Civil Rights Foot Soldiers.
Breathe  In Love.  Out Integrity and Hope. 

And So It Is We Pray!

Friday, August 23, 2013



Who among us lives with no skeletons of wrong doing or shame for past deeds? I clear my mind of every petty thought or judgment of another and ask only for Forgiveness.

I Breathe Deeply Four times.  In Love. Out Love.  I remind myself of truth. If I am to help build beautiful new worlds of healing, hope and joy, then everywhere I go, I must share Compassion and Mercy; walk with Faith and Forgiveness; and Stay the Course of Love.

First I Breath. In Love.  Out Love!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The March On Washington

When Will Freedom Come: Remembering the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers As Dreamers
Written for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee, Inc., in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and the Dedication of the CIVIL RIGHTS FOOT SOLDIERS MEMORIAL on August 28th, 2013 at 10:00AM, Whitmore Park in Annapolis, Maryland) A Public Event...
RSVP 410-551-7443

There is perhaps no greater gift to society than the Dreamer.
For it is the Dreamer who believes
that Good Change is possible.  

It is the Dreamer that looks upon a society's inequities
and desires a better life for themselves, their families,
their neighbors and their Nation.

It is the Dreamer who having awakened to the Truth
that ALL people are created Equal
asks How Will Freedom Come?

On August 28th in 1963, A. Phillip Randolph,
Bayard Rustin, Mahalia Jackson, John Lewis, Peter,
Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Julian Bond, Odetta,
Jackie Robinson, James Baldwin, Marlon Brando,
Joan Baez, Paul Newman, Harry Belafonte,
Eleanor Holmes Norton, Andrew Young, Marian Anderson,
Sammy Davis Jr., Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Malcolm X,
Diahann Carroll, Burt Lancaster, Dr. Benjamin Mays,
Roy Wilkins, Dorothy Height, Whitney Young,
and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were all in attendance
with 250 thousand Dreamers from across America
who gathered in Our Nation's Capitol
to rally for jobs, the right to vote,
desegregation and equality.

Some of these Dreamers had been working
in their communities, cities and states
for many generations to bring about Good Change.

They knew that just attending the March on Washington
was an act of rebellion
but more importantly,
it was an Act of Faith that could bring Change
and Hope for their Children.

They were people of all nationalities,
religious beliefs and colors.
They were clergy, union members, mechanics,
postal workers, railroad workers, pullman porters,
butlers, maids, police officers, doctors
nurses, educators, college students
and people from every occupation imaginable.

There were grandparents and mothers
and fathers who brought their children.
All believed that this country
could only live its greatness when Equality
and Equal Opportunity became the Law of the Land.

It was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who spoke
and articulated the Dream that had been swelling
in the hearts of many for generations and generations.

We know these 250,000 Dreamers as the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers.
Though we may not know their names,
today Fifty Years later, we honor the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers
their lives, their hopes and their Dreams.

And Fifty Years later, the message of equality, equity,
education, fair employment, Hope and Love
continues to deserve our attention;
for the work of the Dreamers and Civil Rights Foot Soldiers
is Far From Complete.

Freedom will come only when we
are willing to put down our guns,
open our hearts and listen deeply to Truth.

Freedom will come only when we
Rise Up Together
and decide to fix the broken
Political, Economic, Educational
and Social Systems of Inequity.

But Freedom Will Come!

As we remember The Civil Foot Rights Foot Soldiers,
in Our Hearts, we must continue to walk
across the Nation with Hope and Strong Resolve.
Then we will hear and sing the songs that mourn the loss
of Every Child of Violence and War and Racism and Poverty.
We will call for Peace and sing of Love.

Freedom will come when we truly
Desire Equity, Education
and Prosperity For ALL.

Freedom will come when we willingly
sit at the table together in Gratitude
and share our dreams, our food, our homes,
our education and our wealth.

Freedom will come only when we
once again notice
that Trees bend in reverence
as Spring, Summer and Autumn Leaves
dance joyfully and teach Our Children
that All Humans deserve to be cared for and Loved!

Freedom will come as we Re-Member
that for All Our Children we must
offer Hope for their Dreams
and be willing to share Our Love.

Breathe Deeply
In Hope. Out Love.
Again Breathe.
In Hope. Out Love.

How will you honor the Dreamer Civil Rights Foot Soldiers?
Do you remember the Dream?
What will you do today and tomorrow?
How will Freedom come with Love
and decide to Live in Our Hearts
and Our Nation?

First Breathe. In Hope. Out Love!
We must once again commit to gather
in our communities, cities and states.

Remembering that ALL Are Created Equally,
let us sit at the table together in Gratitude
and share our Dreams, our food, our homes,
our education and our wealth.

It is then for the Dreamer, that Freedom Will Come!

(c) Rev. Melony McGant

Reverend Melony McGant attended the historic March on Washington in 1963 with her Mother, Betty J. Tilman, a Dreamer Civil Rights Foot Soldier and Peace and Freedom Activist who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Melony counts many activists among her mentors including John Butler, Byrd R. Brown Esq., Katherine Dunham, Marcia L. Dyson, Alma Speed Fox, Sylvia Golbin Goodman, Helena and John Hughes, Maida Springer Kemp, Congressman Parren Mitchell, Jackie Mullins, Gabbi Russell, Dolores Stanton and Dr. Glory Van Scott.

A veteran of the United States Navy, Melony is a graduate of Marshall University in Huntington, W. VA and One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. Melony McGant is a poet, humanist & compassionate communications professional and has received several awards and recognition for her volunteer and community efforts which include the Pittsburgh City Council Women's Recognition Award, the Minority Business Enterprise Legal Defense and Education Fund Community Service Award (MBELDEF), the New Mexico Not Even One Service Award, and the 911 Red Cross Volunteer Award.

Melony McGant is also a professional storyteller and writer. She has penned articles for African Voices and MBE magazines, and was a columnist for the New Pittsbugh Courier. Her books include Sunshine & Olivier: A Parable of Love, The Healing Adagio: A Love Symphony in Five Parts" and the upcoming book SEEKER DREAMER: Amazing, Brilliant Compassionate YOU! which will be available in November, 2013!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Good Choice


Every answer I have sought has taught me that when I am able to align my mind, my heart and my actions with Good Choice, then I can move forward in Grace and live honestly in truth with the virtue of Love.

I Breathe Deeply Four Times. In Gratitude. Out Love. 

I honor the blessings of Good Choice and Flexibility as I learn to listen to the Whispers of Love taught to All by the Magnificent, Omnipotent, Master Creator. Grateful for the stillness and beauty of this moment, JOY fills me as I Listen and Breathe In LOVE.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Say YES!


Joy is often hidden in Yes.
It is part of the story of our lives
that too often we ignore.
We are too busy to listen,
to offer a hug or hold a hand
of a person in pain.

We often miss the miraculous moments
because we are pre-occupied
with work or self or fear.

Today please pay attention
to what is going on around you.

Smile and connect to others.
Call an old friend.
Visit a sick friend.
Say "I love you" to someone
you cherish everyday.

Play a game and read a book
with your child everyday.

Draw a picture, sing a song,
blow some bubbles,
or make an angel in the snow.

Say thank you at least ten times a day.

Say yes to being alive,
living your dream and helping
someone else live their dream.

The time is now.
Let's come together, work together,
forgive eachother, love eachother,
support eachother and live
each day with a willingness to say Yes!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Being Alive


I am simply grateful to be Alive...

to have an opportunity
to discover and learn...

to share the gifts
of my heart with others....

and to find joy
in their satisfaction...

this for me is the
divine mystery of Love....

I Breathe  Deeply Six Times.
In Gratitude.  Out Love.

Happy to be Alive,
I Embrace Divine Mystery.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review of the Movie Lee Daniels' The Butler

There will be much conversation about this film. As a child of the Civil Rights Movement and one who attended The March On Washington because My Mom, Betty J. Tilman of Pittsburgh, PA was a Civil Rights Foot Soldier, I would like to say that I cried often throughout "Lee Daniels' The Butler". One fact can Not be denied. It is a good place to start/re-ignite a conversation of the American History Civil Rights Foot Soldiers; and the work we still have to do to bring Equity and Solidarity with Compassion and Love to Our Hearts. Thank You for Making this movie which deeply stirs My Soul, and Hopefully the Souls of Many in Our Nation and throughout the World. As Dr. King Jr. once Said---'Where Do We Go From Here?" I Stand with All of You with HOPE for Healing and Reconciliation!---Melony McGant

 THE BUTLER Movie Trailer (2013)
by Movie Trailers
THE BUTLER Trailer, in thraters /
Directed by Lee Daniels, starring John Cusack, Forest Whitaker, David Oyelowo, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Alan Rickman, Cuba Gooding, Lenny Kravitz....

THE BUTLER tells the story of Cecil Gains who served 8 presidents as the White House's head butler over three decades. The film traces the dramatic changes that swept American society during this time, from the civil rights movement to Vietnam and beyond, and how those changes affected this man's life and family.

Honoring Truth, Building Re-Conciliation, Healing the Collective--Please see the movie "Lee Daniels' The Butler"!



The Seeker thought of the days past and breathed deeply four times; feeling and hearing the wisdom voice of the heart.

 "If you knew me, then you would know my questions are meant to benefit, nurture and enrich your Spirit Energy so that your Soul is able to receive and transmit the message of cooperative understanding and Love."

Today I Breathe In the Mystery of the Creator's Song.   I Breathe Out Love with Acceptance and Cooperative Understanding.

I know that as human beings our history of violence and separation can be healed only by our willingness to accept the Truth and build reconciliation through education, conversation, cooperative understanding and Love.

Ten Times I Breathe....
 In the Mystery of the Creator's Song and Out Love with Acceptance and Cooperative Understanding.

Today, I accept Truth in Eternity.

 I Will Walk with a Peaceful, Loving Heart that Helps Nurture and Heal the Collective!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hello World. Welcome HOME!


Hello World! This is a dinner invitation. Come as you are! Bring your joys and your sorrows. Bring your hopes, your fears, your great success and desperate failures. Bring your shadows of disappointment, envy and greed.  Nourishment and transformative Healing awaits you!

First Breathe Deeply Ten Times. In Love.  Out Love.
Come as you are to the Home and Heart of Compassion. Here, humility, understanding, forgiveness and gratitude is the food offered for your Soul. As you taste each morsel, your faith will blossom with hope and joy. Welcome Home! Only Love Can Prosper Here!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Circle of Relationship

Life is meant to be a Circle of Relationship and Reciprocity.  All that we nurture, care for and teach also care for us, nurture us and teach us.  Even the leaves on a fruit tree turn towards the light of the sun and are nurtured in Love so that the tree blossoms, grows and bears succulent fruit to nurture us.  The one who grows in wisdom and Love becomes a good steward in the Circle of Relationship and Reciprocity.
Breathe Deeply Four Times.  Breathe In Love.  Exhale Care and Concern.   Are You a Good Steward?  How Do You Honor the Circle of Your Life?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Being Strategic


Life often calls for us
to be strategic.

There are many paths
but all lead back to
the compassionate heart.

Today be strategic,
Breathe In Deeply Six Times

Exhale Apprehension

Open up to  Divine Wisdom and Grace.
Embrace your forgotten understanding.

Take time to live this moment
with profound humility.

When you take a wrong turn,
stop, breathe; and
with your heart open-- Be Strategic.

Re-think your route.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moving Through Obstacles


Life will always present obstacles and confusionToday I open my heart and allow Trust to lead the way. Together we will pay attention and wait patiently until the confusion clears.

I Breathe Deeply Four Times.  In Gratitude.   With each breath,  I Exhale with New Flexibility.

When I am confident with Trust, I move forward and allow the mystery to unfold. I am flexible and willing to align my every word with committed actions!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ego and Misery


When Ego did not trust the Creator's Love, he found himself lost in perpetual storms of wrong words, actions and  disappointment.  It seemed like for eons,  Ego forbade the Heart from experiencing joy and joined with Misery to create dis-order and hate throughout the World. 

Some humans enslaved others who looked differently.  They stole the precious resources and treasured legacies and fought religious wars to maintain control.  For a time it appeared that this was to become the sad destiny of Earth. 

 And the Great Mother Cried.  Her tears moved hearts of a few who then felt the undercurrent of the Creator's Love.  And the few Awakened from the horrible nightmare created by Ego and Misery.

They began to Breathe Deeply and see Beauty in the Stars, in the Moon and Sun. They began to marvel at the birds song, the lives of animals and fish, and the rhythm of the winds and oceans.  They learned the history of Earth-Heart  through the rocks and stones.  They discovered the oxygen of Love and studied the wisdom of trees.  Plant life offered food and healing. 

With Each Breathe they took in Love,  they grew braver, and many more re-membered the Great Mother and Awakened in Love.  YOU are one of the many born to honor the Creator and Rise in understanding and compassion through the Great Mother. 

 Breathe Deeply 10 Times.  Breathe In Truth.  Know there is only Love.  Exhale the Nightmare Created by Ego and Misery.  Now that you have Awakened,  allow Divine Grace to lead your Heart.  Listen to song of your Soul.  It is the Creator's Song of Love. 

Again, Ten Times Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love.  There is no turning back.  The only way to heal and live and prosper on Earth-Heart is to  Stay Awake and Trust Only Love!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Gift of Unrelenting Love

Across the ethers of time forgotten,
through the winds of chance
unknowingly planned; 
Destiny offers free will
and Love.
Love then, becomes both a choice
and a  responsibility.
Traveling across the Uni-verse 
swimming in the depth of oceans
feeling the breath of Love
that offers strength, courage
and hope that soothes
sorrow and offers forgiveness...
With joy, I am re-born through Faith
always with the gift of
Unrelenting Love.

Change Is A Constant


Like the weather and the seasons,
the only constant in life is change.
There will sunshine and rain.

Storms will come and after,
rainbows of hope through our loving,
compassionate deeds will appear.

Through it all, we learn more
about ourselves--and the Infinite
Uni-verse of Our Hearts.

We will re-build and re-create
better and stronger communities
as we mourn our losses.

We learn the importance of humility,
kindness and Divine Grace.

Today, we are in a time of Great Change.

We must choose Good!

Every moment as we Breathe,
we must let go of our fear
and bring forth our courage
as we learn to share and reflect
understanding with Divine Infinite Love!

This is the Word of Love!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Love Has Many Roads

Beloved Radiant ONES---

We may walk, ride a bike or take the bus. Some drive a car, row a boat or sail on the ocean. Others travel mostly by train and plane. No matter our culture or religion; no matter what country you live in--some things about this world are truly the same.

There will be rains of kindness, storms of difficulty and lessons of Awakening to the Love. Through Love, we learn to let go of anger or fear.

We can embrace our power to heal, forgive, share and walk as Beings infused with the Creator's Grace!

Breathe Deeply Four Times.  Allow each breathe to be filled with Love. 
Today re-member,  Love Has Many Roads and Desires only to be Awakened in Every Heart so that All may live and know the Sunshine of Hope!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Honor the Jewels/Eid Mubarak


No matter your Faith,  Belief or Cultural Traditions, Each of Us is a member of the Master Creator's Royal Family.  Please take a moment and still your mind.  Breathe Deeply Four Times. Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love. Honor the Jewels of Compassion, Kindness, Patience, Generosity, Understanding and Hope. These are the Jewels that sparkle through Faith when shared with the Jewels of Mercy, Forgiveness and Unselfish Love.   Again, Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love. Today  let us honor Our Muslim Earth Family in Celebration of Ramadan lessons learned and shared. We Say Eid Mubarak.  May We All  Live Together and Walk With Peaceful, Loving Hearts!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Star of Optimism

Beloved Radiant Ones---

Every person living with Optimism shines like a Star and re-members to share the goodness of their heart. Breathe Deeply Four Times. In and Out.  Feel the Oxygen of Optimism enter your heart.

Affirm your path.

"I will patiently work to be consistent in my efforts to grow as I further develop my gifts. I will share the goodness of my heart and allow the Star of Optimism to guide me!"

Again Breathe Deeply Four times.

Go Forth and Shine!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bring Hope

Beloved Radiant Ones---

In a world that sometimes appears dismal with lack of values and respect, every act of integrity kindness and valour still brings hope and nurtures the gardens of our hearts with good!

I Breathe Deeply Four times, In Integrity.  Out Kindness.   With each breath, I allow my heart to open with Respect.

I Breathe again, and again.

With clarity I commit to allow myself to be a vessel of Divine Peace so that my words and actions are able to be like the water of integrity and valour that flows, nurtures, and through Faith; brings Hope to Me, and All whose lives I touch!  Slowly I Breathe!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Joy and Sorrow

When we lose our jobs, or our homes; when we learn that we are ill and can not be cured; or when we say our final goodbyes to a Loved One-- we discover what it feels like to be broken.  Sorrow is forever knocking at our door.
How do we pick up the pieces of our broken lives? We open the door to Love.  With Love will come dear, old friends Compassion and Mercy. They are like Sunshine to the Clouds of Sorrow. And then, there are the tender moments and times of forgiveness and healing that bring the Rainbow of Joy.  Rarely in life does one travel without the other.
Today Breathe Deeply at least 10 Times.  Even when Sorrow comes, Joy is ever-present to see us through the difficult times; and hold us tenderly with Love!    We too must try always to offer Compassion and Mercy.


Sunday, August 4, 2013



Loving Who You Are and What You Do.   Bringing Dignity, Hope and Joy to the Community Too! 

Breathe and ASPIRE! 

Be A Friend


Today Breathe Deeply 10 Times. 
In Gratitude. Out Love.  

Be A Friend!

Be a Friend and journey through life with Love beyond expectation. Be Thankful for how the Creator speaks to you through a Friend. They will often be the one to support you through a health, family or personal crisis.

A Friend will hold a space for you to breathe; and travel with you through the joys and sorrows of life.

A Friend is a member of your Spiritual Family with a bond created in Mutual Acceptance, Respect, and Shared History. 

Every True Friendship is Embodied By Abiding, Limitless Love.

Breathe Deeply. In Gratitude. Out Love.   Be A Friend!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

You Are A Miracle


Breathe Deeply In and Out Ten Times.  Remember Why You Are Here! You are a Miracle; here to experience the beauty of Our Mother Earth; to sing with the birds, and learn from the trees as they share oxygen so you can breathe.

You are here like a caterpillar in order to grow and have the courage to transform into a beautiful butterfly that soars in gratitude.

You are here to offer your talent and gifts of compassion; just as the bee offers honey for healing.

You are here to befriend your world neighbors and to learn to live in Peace as you honor the oceans and rivers so that there is clean water to drink and nurture our Universal Sentient Family for Future Generations .

There are so very many good reasons why you are here!

You, Are A Miracle--- Here to Grow and Prosper With A Loving Heart! Breathe Deeply and Give Thanks!  

Friday, August 2, 2013

Best Yet!


Today Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Gratitude. Out Love!   Now---Be Grateful for Your Past---the good times; the hard times and the times you asked "Why ME?". There will be days when you must say goodbye, so that you can make room to Start Again. When we live through a crisis or difficulty, a wise one learns to ask "Why Not Me?".  Then with humility and hope, you will feel your heart jump for joy!

Breathe Deeply and Re-Member----Every New Day brings a new challenge so that you can grow and shine your light. Always walk with your good friends, Gratitude and Faith, and allow Every New Day to become--- the Best Yet!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Give Thanks

Beloveds Radiant Ones--- 

I Breathe Deeply Four Times and clear my mind and my heart of all my preconceived notions of how life and this day should be. 

I Give Thanks to the Master Creator for allowing me to be on this Earth. 

I  Give Thanks for waking up today; for the  storms that have turned me and my life upside down; for the rainbows of hope and kindness shared by children, family, friends and the strangers who become friends.

I Give Thanks for the shining Sun of Love that teaches me to embrace our cultural differences with Joy and honor Elders with Loving Respect. 

 I Breathe Deeply in Gratitude for the mistakes I have made which turned out to offer important lessons of humility and taught me to have Courage to live my dreams. 

I Breathe and feel the Spirit of Hope come Alive in my body and my heart. 

I Give Thanks to All Creations of Love and Purpose and honor Love and Purpose within Myself.  

For all that is known and for the Eternal Mystery and Answers Hidden and Discovered Only through Love,  I  Give Thanks!