Thursday, October 31, 2013

Joy Bearer

Seeker Dreamer,

 Now that you have awakened into the new day and offered thanks, walk with a prayer of joy.

 Breathe In Gratitude. Exhale Love.  Deeply  Breathe Four Times.

Today use and share your gifts with humility. Smile when you say hello! Offer to help someone in need. Listen carefully. Complete each task willingly--- with precision and grace.

Share your best with Joyful Gratitude. Become a Joy Bearer!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Time To Heal


The Seeker thought of the days past and breathed deeply four times; feeling and hearing the wisdom voice of the heart.

 "If you knew me, then you would know my questions are meant to benefit, nurture and enrich your Spirit Energy so that your Soul is able to receive and transmit the message of cooperative understanding and Love."

Today I Breathe In the Mystery of the Creator's Song.   I Breathe Out Love with Acceptance and Cooperative Understanding.

I know that as human beings our history of violence and separation can be healed only by our willingness to accept the Truth and build reconciliation through education, conversation, cooperative understanding and Love.

Ten Times I Breathe....
 In the Mystery of the Creator's Song and Out Love with Acceptance and Cooperative Understanding.

Today, I accept Truth in Eternity.

 I Will Walk with a Peaceful, Loving Heart that Helps Nurture and Heal the Collective! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Will Do No Harm


Our fearful thoughts and careless actions
can intercept the Blessings of Grace meant
for us to grow in Love.

When this happens, our words
 become like swords that inflict
wounds and deflate dreams.
Today, I will do no harm.

I Breathe Deeply and honor this understanding.

Ten times I Breathe.

In Trust and Love.  Out Tender Compassion.

I gently pay attention and open my heart
so that Blessings of Grace
and Love can move through.

I Breathe.  
In Trust and Love.  Out Tender Compassion.

Today, I Will Do No Harm.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Believe and Achieve


I realize that the one sure thing that can stop me from achieving my next good step is NOT some external force that won't allow me to cross the path or open a new door, It is ME.

Today I Breathe Deeply and give thanks for the miracle of my life, and all sentient beings.

I Breathe and offer gratitude for dreams fullfilled.

 With Courage, I resolve to listen to the voice of Love calling me to walk with compassion, persistence and humility.

 I must continue to be more patience with myself and others.

  I Breathe Deeply with New Resolve.

 I will set new goals, and have more discipline as I grow.

 I Believe that I have the capacity to achieve, and am worthy to live and honor the Grace of The Master Creator with Faith, Hope and JOY.

I Breathe Deeply. It is time for New Dreams!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Re-Membering Ancient Grandmothers

Re-Membering Ancient Grandmothers
----Inspired by the Teachings of Elizabeth A. Hin

The sun shone on a crisp Fall day,
and the wind blew so that leaves
danced as old friends, and eternal lovers.
Even now the music plays in my head.
A drum beats steadily
as bells create joyful melodies of Grace.

It was then that many were reborn.
Reborn with the understanding
that love is patience in the knowing
and feeling of humility, and compassion.

Many were re-born knowing
love is all there is, and ever was.

And therefore it is no surprise
that today we find ourselves
amongst the fallen red/orange/yellow/green leaves
and gather them tenderly
as if they are our most precious possessions.

For these leaves represent
the passage of time---a settling,
an understanding,
an appreciation of Grace.

Ancient Grandmothers are surprised, really,
that we don’t re-member
to fully embrace the breath of our hearts.

It is a breath as sweet as jasmine,
as salty as an ocean breeze,
as light and refreshing
as the smell of trees when it rains.
The breath is all things
that allow us a new understanding of the old.

We often have reason for celebration
for we are ancient in our desire,
in our faith, and our understanding.

And re-member, since the beginning of time
Grandmothers have said that
peace is a pathway that lies
beneath each thought, feeling, and action.

Peace is an opportunity
to create a world of tranquility
filled with hope, and manifested by healing.

Peace is the smile of joy
on a child’s face as she or he
holds the hand of a grandparent
and adoringly they say to eachother,
I love you!

Peace is each of us re-visiting our anger
and forgiving ourselves through love.
Peace is honoring the healing process
and holding a space for the joy
that can come after.

Peace is each of us walking tranquilly
with no guns, no weapons of mass destruction,
and no more red buttons in the white house
created to annihilate the world.

Peace is hope, day and night
illuminated by hard work, and the quest
for cures of all the ills of our society.

Peace is illuminated by each step into grace
and the reconciliation of differences
that now serve to plant
new seeds in our Universal Garden.

The Ancient Grandmothers are surprised, really,
that we don’t re-member harmonics
as the flowers of Grace which eternally
have formed new bouquets of hope,
of infinite healing, of courage,
of solutions to age old challenges.

These bouquets honor and salute
our entire sentient family
and reflect a unique understanding
of the future of the Universe.

Ancient Grandmothers
are asking us to become
more aware of a special sense of order.

Rebirth, transformations,
endings, beginnings again, and again
remind us that there is always cause for celebration,
always an opportunity to expand our vision,
and our hearts.

Ancient Grandmothers are asking
Us to pay more attention;
to walk in the field of miracles,
to embrace the newness of leaves
fallen with hope, appreciation and courage.

What if in this moment we imagine
a potential new healing
supported by angels, masters and spirit guides
as well as trees, mountains, oceans,
sea lions, eagles, doves, dolphins and whales.

Ancient Grandmothers tell us that
truth is the constant re-minder
and the unearthing in the Now.
truth is the intuition and courage
within each of us.

Truth is the desire to live, hope and dream
of love---of a tranquil world with opportunity,
healing, food, equity,
and the fulfillment of good dreams for all.

Truth is a new song created by the symphony.
The chords are stronger, the harmony intensified.
Surety is the reality.
Resistance too is a part of the song.
Together it all becomes a symphony of love
within the passage of time.

Love is traveling through unknown pathways.
Love is with new purpose.
Love is with new meaning.
It is a song where fear is transformed
into hope with the courage to take
a solo of compassion created by humility.

The symphony of love creates a
New Infinite Harmonic
that carries us beyond; in this time,
and beyond, the beyond, the beyond!

Ancient Grandmothers remind us
that Joy is in the be-ing,
in the recognizing, in the acceptance of love.
As breathing creates the pathway
for the journey of love
into new sound vibrations of Harmonic Grace.

The sun shone on a crisp Fall day,
and the wind blew so that leaves
danced as old friends, and eternal lovers.

Ancient Grandmothers, and Grandfathers
are surprised; really,
that we don’t re-member harmonics
as the flowers of Grace which eternally
have formed new bouquets of hope,
of infinite healing, of courage,
and solutions to age old challenges.

-----Miss Mellie Rainbow aka Melony McGant

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Joy Is Contagious!


Joy is contagious!  The tender smile that you offer to yourself and others is like a flower blossoming in the Garden of  Hearts.

Your laughter is like the Holy Bell of Joy ringing through the ethers with hope; traveling across oceans, mountains, valleys and cities through the wind. 

Your smiles and laughter are a catalyst that awakens the leaf on every tree of life and causes them to offer oxygen of joy so that we breathe in love and harmony. 

Today offer your tender smiles and laughter.  

Breathe Deeply in Love and you will become like a flower;  helping to heal many hearts! 

Joy Is Contagious!    

Friday, October 25, 2013

Our True Purpose

Brilliant Loving Spirits---

In today's society, even those we
love, we judge!

We want them to dress, walk, and talk in a way that
makes us feel superior.

We have been conditioned to manipulate others,
to fight and to use words that harm
even when we talk of Peace.

Good Communication requires
a willingness to stop and listen.

Take a moment to clear the pathway of your Heart.
Breathe Deeply Four Times.

Open your heart.
Listen beyond judgment.

Breathe In Gratitude for every conversation of Hope.

Please Re-member, Our True Purpose
 is to use our gifts to inspire, support
and empower others so that we all blossom in Love.

Today Water Your Garden of Hope.

Together Let Us Nurture the
Dream of an Equitable Loving Peace.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eternal Harvest

The Seeds of Peace
have been planted with reason.
I await your return
season after season.
I send you
offers of contemplation
and multi-colored leaves falling.
Will you walk with patience and joy
with me on a snowy day?
Can you smell
the newness of spring
as you open your heart
to begin again?
Do you hear
my whispers of compassion
in the wind?
I will love you always.
Will you allow me
to embrace you
with my tears of forgiveness through the rain,
my warmth through the sun
and my joy through the glistening stars?
Have you yet noticed
my infinite compassion and understanding
as the ocean tide
converses with the full moon?

The Seeds of Peace
have been planted with reason.

With Hope,
I await Your Return
Season after Season...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Un-Relenting Love


Across the ethers of time forgotten,
through the winds of chance
unknowingly planned; 
Destiny offers free will
and Love.
Love then, becomes both a choice
and a  responsibility.
Traveling across the Uni-verse 
swimming in the depth of oceans
feeling the breath of Love
that offers strength, courage
and hope that soothes
sorrow and offers forgiveness...
With joy, I am re-born through Faith
always with the gift of
Unrelenting Love.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Deeper Understanding


 Peace, Be Still!  In the Time of material greed, corruption, and religious wars, there was a Woman who had traveled far and faced many demons. Along the way she had made some good decisions; and some bad decisions that offered good lessons. She had helped many people but when she thought she needed help, no one was there. She felt disappointed and terribly alone. She prayed for Deeper Understanding.
 One day a Wise Man came to her in a dream. He held her hand and wiped her tears. He sat quietly with her and watched the Stars as they glistened in the darkness. The Wise Man said to the Woman "Trust in the Light - Trust in the Spirit - Know that you will always be a part of who I AM and a part of ME."
The Woman awakened from her dream with New Understanding; feeling safe, nurtured and Loved. She felt that the Wise Man was the G-D Living and traveling within Her.
 So often the Strong Ones feel that they journey alone, trying to offer others compassion and understanding. It is important to remember that We Are Never Alone.
Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times.  Remember these words in your heart. "Trust in the Light - Trust in the Spirit - Know that you will always be a part of who I AM and a part of ME."
Try to walk with Courage, Compassion, Faith, Hope, Mercy and a Deeper Understanding. Always Remember, G-D is living and traveling within YOU! 
Peace, Be Still! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Transformative Chaos


We can not help but feel uncomfortable in this world of transformative chaos! Greed and War can no longer financially or emotionally sustain us. Only cooperative collective acts of compassion and love can do that.

Current chaos represents our dreams of a vivid and lasting peace. Change will come whether or not we are ready.

Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  In Love. Out Patience and Truth with Love.

In Love. Out Patience and Truth with Love.

Set your clear Loving intention with Patience and Hope. Have Faith.

Throughout this chaotic transformation we must rest more; be truthful and judicious in our thoughts and actions; and offer forgiveness with mercy. 

Again Breathe.  In Love. Out Patience and Truth.

When You Are Ready, Move Forward In Love.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Melony's BIG News

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by Rev. Melony McGant

You Are A Miracle


Breathe Deeply In and Out Ten Times.  Remember Why You Are Here! You are a Miracle; here to experience the beauty of Our Mother Earth; to sing with the birds, and learn from the trees as they share oxygen so you can breathe.

You are here like a caterpillar in order to grow and have the courage to transform into a beautiful butterfly that soars in gratitude.

You are here to offer your talent and gifts of compassion; just as the bee offers honey for healing.

You are here to befriend your world neighbors and to learn to live in Peace as you honor the oceans and rivers so that there is clean water to drink and nurture our Universal Sentient Family for Future Generations .

There are so very many good reasons why you are here!

You, Are A Miracle--- Here to Grow and Prosper With A Loving Heart! Breathe Deeply and Give Thanks!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Own Your Good Destiny


When the glass holding the water of my destiny shattered and broke, I stopped, picked up the pieces of broken promises and gently discarded them.

Now before I move on, I still myself and Breathe In the Oxygen of Love Eight Times.   I Exhale confusion and disappointment.   I recognize that the glass was too small a container to hold the water of my destiny.

I Breathe and Breathe. I make a promise to myself. I will learn to swim the rivers and oceans of unknowing. I will climb the mountains of hope and walk across deserts of new understanding.

I will rest on beaches and reflect in the valleys.   I will allow the oasis of my heart to become renewed through my consistent discipline and good efforts to grow.

No Glass Will Contain Me. Today with Humility and Love; I Own My Good Destiny!

Friday, October 18, 2013

While I'm Here...


While I'm here, I want to live just in this moment with a smile of Love; and if pain and sorrow come; I want to embrace my tears and let my heart heal of all the wounds I will have only just discovered. Even then, I want to give the gifts of hope and Love that forever fill my heart.

While I'm here I want to breathe deeply and be inspired by learning mercy, and forgiveness as I Dream a World of Peaceful Prosperity for All.

And I know that in the twilight of my life, one day I will bid you bye for now and dance across the ocean waves before I walk on clouds, and join the many before me who sing and dance with a Heavenly Glow!

While I'm here, I want to Breathe with Hope, Live with Compassion and Love with JOY...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Grace and Fortitude


There are difficult days when I must
still myself and ask for guidance. 

I don't know the answer Why.  

Instead I just Breathe. 

I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  
In Love, Out Fear and

Compassion and Healing moves through
me with each breath.  

In Love.  Out Fear and

I ask only to find the place of
Compassion, Healing and Hope that lives in my Heart.  

I Breathe with Courage and ask to be guided
 with right thoughts and right words
reflected through my Loving Actions.  

Slowly I Breathe,  and step into
the Next Moment with Grace and Fortitude.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Healing Oasis

No matter what others tell us the odds are, when we have the courage to embrace a difficult day and say " I am ready",  then Peace will be the calling and answer of your heart.  Peace is a vibration filled with dignity and loving intent.

I Still Myself and Breathe Deeply.  In Dignity With Loving Intent.  Out Peace.   Ten  Times I Breathe.  In Dignity With Loving Intent.  Out Peace.  

Peace empowers us with Faith and gives  the hope and strength we need to journey to the Healing Oasis. 

Deeply I Breathe.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Life Is A Work In Progress

From My New Book  Titled---
Seeker Dreamer: Amazing, Brilliant, Compassionate YOU!


My life is a work in progress. The picture painted in my heart is still incomplete. The vibrant blues and greens and oranges show my many failures that lead way to greater successes. The red, purple and yellow hearts remind me of all that I have lost, and each time I have fallen.

Humility drew the hearts as she helped me up and taught me Love's Truth. Compassion, Forgiveness, and Mercy teach me how to move through the tunnels of Sorrow; and know both Joy and Peace.

My life is a colorful work in progress. It has a beautiful texture of hope; and through every storm, Faith becomes My Rainbow of Understanding!

Six Times I Breathe and Exhale Gratitude!

Safe Sactuary

Beloved Radiant Ones---

YOU, the  Seeker Dreamer will become a lighted Soul Star when you offer compassion and allow the goodness of your heart to become a Safe Sanctuary through deep listening.  When we allow others to speak their Truth, we create new pathways of understanding and respect. 

Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  In Listening with Care.  Out New Wisdom, Respect and Love.

When you offer compassion and allow the goodness of your heart to be a Safe Sanctuary, you become a lighted Soul Star shining and healing through goodness and Love! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life, Death and No Regret!

Radiant ONES--

Just as trees, flowers and all living things; we are all born from the Seed of Love. Even when our bodies are frail, our Hearts grow strong when nurtured with Love.

 Some of us stay here for many years, share wisdom with many others and learn great lessons.

Others stay only a short time but their Love guides and gives us courage, strength and new purpose. Through them we learn what it is to be happy even when we are very sad!

Joy comes when we learn to support and nurture eachother with compassion and share our special moments.

Hopefully we learn quickly to say what is in our hearts and to live with No Regret--- because sometimes we are asked to offer our tender goodbyes when we just became comfortable and said a loving hello!

And Yes, it is true-- Every beautiful flower will wilt and return to the Earth; and strong trees may fall in a storm and die; but the Roots of Love are Eternal and can remain and blossom in our minds and our hearts throughout Eternity in the Circle of Life and Love!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

People Are People


People Are People Everywhere.  Some Judge.  Some Learn.  Some become Diplomats. Some work to bring Peace. Some live with Fear and harbor Hatred. Some Share Love. 

Clear Your Mind.  Open Your Heart.  Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  Breathe In Courage and Out Integrity.

Tenderly ask yourself the Question---

"Who Am In LOVE?"

Breathe Deeply.   Breathe In Courage and Out Integrity. 

Feel Your Heart's Answer. 

Who Are YOU In Love? 

Today, live with That Person. 

To Everyone, Offer Your Best Self with Love!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Just Listen

From My New Book  Titled---
Seeker Dreamer: Amazing, Brilliant, Compassionate YOU!


I Breathe Slowly in and out Ten Times.  I still myself and listen to  the voice of Uni-Verse--

"I believe in you and value you.  I saw you as Stardust. I know your goodness.  I know your fear of Light and of Love.  I know of your selfish ways for they have long saddened me.  I Forgive You.

Just Listen. I Love You. Hear me through the birds chirping, the wind whistling through trees and the ocean's roar. 

Breathe deeply and smell me in the honey suckle and cherry blossoms.  Taste me in the avocado, the apple, the blueberry, the carrot, the ginger and turnips.  Look at me in the Sky.

Remember it is I who share the magnificent moon,  the glistening stars and the ebullient sun with you.  The Land is not yours to fight over.  It is Mine!  All Is Mine.  I share it with you in Love. 

Just Listen.  Stop Fighting.  I Love You.  Feel me in your hearts through your acts of compassion and cooperation.  Find your way back to Love.  Just Listen.  I Forgive You.  I Love You! "    

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Becoming the Love Song


In the quiet of my mind, the Uni-Verse of my heart is guided by my Soul.

I Breathe and Exhale 8 Times and allow my body to relax into Love.

I Inhale the Great Mystery. I Exhale Faith and a desire for New Discovery.

I begin let go of Society's limited programming of not good enough or "too good to be true".

Deeply I Breathe. I Exhale with Clarity and let go of every thought that says I can't.

Again I Breathe and feel the weight of past hurts and disappointment lifted.

I sit and listen to the Wisdom of my Soul. Its Love Song vibrates in the air as it moves into my body and becomes One in the Uni-Verse of my heart.   All the good that is within me exists and is awakened by Grace when I offer my Gratitude for each experience.

My Heart sings, "Within me is the unlimited creativity filled with divine intention and brilliance to become and create and share through Love."

With deep humility, I Breathe, Sing and Become the Love Song.

--From the New Book, Seeker Dreamer: Amazing, Brilliant, Compassionate YOU!  A Journal Workbook for Self-Discovery and Empowerment
by Melony McGant.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

No Matter What!


In a World where egotism, fear and materialism has taken center stage, it is true that small minds may try to destroy those who know Truth before their own inadequacy or fear of equity and good change is discovered. 

These people often will attempt to sabotage or undermine your positive intentions and actions.  They may even try  to rain on a joy parade or burst your bubble of enthusiasm and happiness. 

Even to them offer compassion and kindness.  Pray that they too will soon Awaken to Love.  

When you have been hurt, wounded or discouraged, simply stop and still your mind.  

Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  With each breath, Inhale Patience filled with the Oxygen of Love.  Exhale Hurt, Pain and Disappointment. Take Your Time. Keep Breathing Deeply. 

Remember this-- When You Awaken and Walk In Truth, no matter the obstacles;  new doors will appear through Grace.  As you are able to keep your heart open and offer forgiveness;  Love will reward you with the Courage and Faith to live with a peaceful heart, unlimited creativity, energy and resources to manifest your Good Dream. 

Breathe Deeply.   No Matter What--- Keep Moving Forward!  Today, Give Thanks for Wisdom, Grace and the Unlimited Power of Love.  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blessed Be YOU!


Blessed Be YOU who breathes with appreciation for the New Day. 

Blessed Be YOU who offers care and concern for others with the same compassion you offer yourself. 

Blessed Be YOU who shares an encouraging word, walks with an open heart and lives with the gift of tenacity. 

Still Yourself.  Breathe Deeply 8 Times.  In Care and Compassion.  Out Tenacity and Love. 

Listen to the Voice in your heart that comforts, knows and offers only Love. 

 "Blessed Be YOU.  Yes.  Blessed Be YOU!"

Monday, October 7, 2013

Reign of Good Possibility


Centering myself, I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  Each breath I Inhale and Exhale Slowly.   I offer Gratitude for the Sun, the Rains of Possibility and the Storms of Change. 

 I Breathe deeply with humility and ask for more Faith.  Faith is an important ingredient of Love.  With a patient resolve,  Faith can turn anger into understanding and sorrow into opportunity. 

 Through these Storms of Change, I ask that Faith let our tears become laughter and fill our hearts with Hope and Joy. 

 Today with Faith,  I offer Gratitude for the Sun and the Storms of Change.  I will offer Joy and  Breathe deeply with Hope.

 Today, I Pray for the Reign of Good Possibility!    

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Re-Birth and Renewal


With Humility, I take a moment to still myself.

I Breathe Six Times and feel
the Love of the Uni-Verse embrace me
 and offer the Grace of Renewal.

Deeply I Exhale with each breath
and let go of every thought that is not Love.

I Breathe and offer Gratitude.

 I open my heart and feel the lessons
of the dove, the dolphin, the butterfly
and the phoenix.

It is like I am walking on water
 into the clouds of heaven.

I am reminded that Wisdom
offers Patience and Fluidity.

Love's beginnings are beyond time
 and serve as an infinite Ocean of Grace
 that teaches Compassion.

 Love is meant to flow and has ending.

 I Breathe and Exhale Deeply.

Only Through Love am I offered
Re-Birth and Renewal.

I Breathe with Gratitude!

---From the New Book
Seeker Dreamer: Amazing, Brilliant, Compassionate YOU!
By Melony McGant

Saturday, October 5, 2013

I Am the Frog

From My New Book  Titled---
Seeker Dreamer: Amazing, Brilliant, Compassionate YOU!


I Am the Frog resting on the Lilypad.  I Breathe deeply 10 Times.  As I prepare for my new journey, I ask myself, "What Will I Do?"  I still my mind, open my heart and wait for the Answer...

I Am the Frog resting on the Lilypad.  I decide that each day I will organize the details of my life so that my mind, body and heart are in alignment.  With Courage, Fortitude and Patience, I will work vigorously to exceed my own expectations. 

Because Balance is necessary,  I will do at least two things I enjoy everyday; and share joyously. 

I promise myself that when Divine Spirit speaks in My Heart or through Others, I will listen with compassion so that I may know; and act with gentle understanding.

I Am the Frog resting on the Lilypad.   I Breathe Deeply many times as I prepare for my new journey.  Though my exact destination is unknown, I Trust that as I am ready, All Will Be Revealed through Love!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Divine Whisper


The Seeker Dreamer awoke to a Gentle Divine Whisper. 

"Feel Me through your Tears.  Know Me even in your Brokeness.   Accept Me in Forgiveness.   I AM Mercy.  I AM the Hope Blossoming in You! 

Today and every day, I AM the Answer.  I live within YOU.  I feel through YOU.  I Am the tingling strength you develop in wisdom and compassion.  

Allow Me the Gift of Awakening within your heart and You Will See Me in every Tender Smile.  I AM the Answer.  I AM LOVE!"

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello World! Welcome Home!


Hello World! This is a dinner invitation. Come as you are! Bring your joys and your sorrows. Bring your hopes, your fears, your great success and desperate failures. Bring your shadows of disappointment, envy and greed.  Nourishment and Transformative Healing awaits you!

First Breathe Deeply Ten Times. In Love.  Out Love.
Come as you are to the Home and Heart of Compassion. Here, humility, understanding, forgiveness and gratitude is the food offered for your Soul. As you taste each morsel, your faith will blossom with hope and joy.
Welcome Home! Only Love Can Prosper Here!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Book---Seeker Dreamer:Amazing, Brilliant, Compassionate YOU! A Journal Workbook For Self-Discovery and Empowerment By Reverend Melony McGant

Thank You ALL for Your Loving Support! 
My New Book-- Seeker Dreamer: Amazing, Brilliant, Compassionate YOU!
A Journal Workbook for Self-Discovery and Empowerment by Reverend Melony McGant. Forward by Dr. Glory Van Scott. Edited by Joyce Morrow Jones, Selected Photos by Tyrone Rasheed. 318 Pages AuthorHouse Press. Price $22.95 plus shipping. Available for pre-order from Author. Email or call 646-660-2390. Anticipated Ship Date Oct.22nd, 2013. Available from Amazon and All Major Booksellers after November 10th, 2013.
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“This is a wonderful person, an enlightened soul, and my friend, Melony. She starts each day by filling our hearts, our souls, and our minds, with wisdom, compassion, and love. And I think today, you need her.” --Christopher A. Sanchez
SEEKER DREAMER: Amazing, Brilliant Compassionate YOU!  is a journal workbook for growth and transformation. It will guide you in honoring your Good Dreams; show you how to walk with Courage and help you remember to Breathe as you become more truthful with yourself and take your next good steps on your life journey.  As you move forward, you will re-discover your Gifts and Purpose.  Along the way YOU, the Seeker Dreamer will meet your fears and doubts as obstacles to be transformed into Trust and Confidence. No journey is easy and there are often unexpected barriers presented; but you discover that compassion, commitment to Love and forgiveness, graciousness, humility, integrity, kindness, patience, tenacity and trust become your Keys to Transformation and Tools of Grace.
A veteran of the United States Navy, Melony McGant is a graduate of Marshall University in Huntington, W.VA and One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC. She is an ordained interfaith minister, a life/career coach, poet, humanist & compassionate communications professional with more than 20 years of experience in assisting both people and organizations discover and promote their professional or personal life missions or purpose. Her work is included in several anthologies, including The Book of Hope and The World Book of Healing (both by Beyond Borders Press), and Go Tell Michelle: African American Women Write to Michelle Obama (SUNY Press). Other publications from Melony include: “Sunshine & Olivier: A Parable of Love (IUniverse) and “The Healing Adagio…A Love Symphony in Five Parts” (AuthorHouse).
Melony is the inspirational voice to help other people reclaim the power to heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She coached me into transforming and energizing my mind and spirit, and as a result I healed my environment by changing my residence and career. She exudes a natural sincere healing energy that resonates with you on a deep level. She is captivating and empowering.” --Venus Firebird, Energy Healer for eMotions, Spiritual Artisan
 Seeker Dreamer: Amazing, Brilliant, Compassionate YOU--A Journal Workbook for Self-Discovery and Empowerment by Reverend Melony McGant. Forward by Dr. Glory Van Scott. Edited by Joyce Morrow Jones, Selected Photos by Tyrone Rasheed. 318 Pages AuthorHouse Press. Price $22.95 plus shipping. Available for pre-order from Author. Email or call 646-660-2390. Anticipated Ship Date Oct.22nd, 2013. Available from Amazon and All Major Booksellers after November 10th, 2013.

Expansive Right Actions

When the Evil of Greed  permeates Society, there is little time to sit on the sidelines and ponder the outcome of the wrong actions of others.  We have time only to align our hearts with Love.

Breathe Deeply Six Times.  Breathe In Truth with Love and a Desire for Equity and Fairness.  With Courage,  Breathe Out any Anger and Fear of the Other that lives in Your Heart.

Tell Greed he is not welcomed in the Compassionate home of Love! Stand up to Evil and Say No More! 

Use Your Voice for Good!  Lead Moment to Moment with Kindness and Expansive Right Actions that Heal and Bring New Hope to Humanity! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

YOU Are the Peace


No matter the challenges and struggles,
we must find peace within our hearts
and walk with Loving tenderness.

This is Earth School.

Some come to learn, others to teach.
Some are warriors.
Others are peacemakers.
Some walk with great faith
and become personifications
of Loving hope.

Others are learning about the
material world and mistakenly
embrace greed and power.
They have forgotten Love.

No matter who we are, our time here
is finite but our Spiritual existence
is infinite and eternal.

While we are here we must honor
and celebrate eachother, Love eachother
and cherish eachother as beings
connected in Love.

Today honor family,friends and strangers.
Share compassion. Forgive with humilty.

Make peace with all.

Our time to be here may be short
but in leaving we are never alone.

Those who return before us to Heaven,
our angel ancestors await us---
just as they live always in our hearts
and soar through the universe unlimited
or restricted by physical bodies assisting us.

God lives through them and through us.
There is nothing but Love.
Love is God in action.

Breathe Deeply Four Times.

You Are the Peace....
Live only with Love today!