Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dress fo the Weather!


Breathe  Deeply 8 Times. Inhale Tenacity.  Exhale  Patience.  Give  Thanks for Beautiful Rainy Day with  its clouds of Chance.  Prepare  with Joy. 
Dress for the Weather.  Wear  Shoes of Fortitude.  Put  on a Coat of Gratitude.  Carry  an Umbrella of Understanding.  Again  BREATHE Deeply.  Align  Your Mind, Your Heart and Your Soul.  Feel  the Grace of Aliveness, Compassion and Love.  Step  tenderly and deliberately into the Beautiful Rainy Day. 
Remember  this--- Rainbows  of Hope will appear with  your Every Act of Compassion and Kindness!  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Honoring Life's Details


What a beautiful day to be Alive!  I still myself, open my heart and Breathe and Exhale Four Times.

They say that success comes from the ability to honor the details of our lives.

I Breathe Deeply in Gratitude Four Times. I Breathe Out Joy and Gratitude.

I pay attention with care to myself and honor every detail of my life. This frees me to offer more care and concern to others.

I Breathe and offer my Gratitude and JOY for honoring life's details and making room for the privilege of service!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Focus and Flexibility


I Breathe and Exhale Deeply and Slowly. Four Times I Breathe In Confidence and Out Patience.

I will have to go around or move through the obstacles to accomplish all that I desire.

Again I Breathe and Exhale. In Confidence and Out Patience.

Re-membering to embrace the mystery of the New Day, I allow myself the gift of being both Focused and Flexible.

As I walk, deeply I Breathe with Confidence.

Today, I will be Focused and Flexible!

Sunday, April 27, 2014



The heart that learns stillness
breathes deeply, re-calibrates
and re-members Divine Will.

Breathe Deeply Four Times.
In Love. Out Understanding With Courage.

The deeper the breath,...

the more rooted we become;
and with sure footing as our hearts open---
more oxygen travels into our brain.

This gift of the breath and oxygen
allows our minds and hearts
to connect in clear diamond consciousness.

It is through our breath that we are able
to re-calibrate and as we become more aware,
we move forward into our destiny with ease.

Breathe Deeply Four Times.
In Love. Out Understanding With Courage.

The heart that learns stillness
breathes deeply and re-calibrates often.
This is the gift of Divine Grace.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Prosperous Mountains of HOPE


Beyond the politics of corporations, governments, religions and who's who in the social hierarchy of communities, you will discover Prosperous Mountains of Hope;  hidden in every heart; but sometimes forgotten by people who live in fear.

Courage, Mercy, Truth and Respect live in these mountains-- with the desire only to be of service, and to build a World of Love.

For those seeking Peace, they offer the Wisdom of Collective Ancestors.  For those who are sick, Courage, Mercy, Truth and Respect show compassion and offer Loving care.

For those who are sad, angry, or needing forgiveness, Courage, Mercy, Truth and Respect listen and offer unconditional Love.

 Love is like honey, it always helps to heal.

I am like an innocent child always believing that Prosperous Mountains of Hope lay hidden in every heart seeking to build a World of Love!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Miss Mellie Rainbow's Love Alphabet

Miss Mellie Rainbow's Love Alphabet 
(c) Melony McGant

A-- Always Love You because when you love yourself, you have more love to share.

B-- Be who you are, not who someone wants you to be.

C-- Care for yourself and care enough to care for others.

D-- Believe in the Divinity within you, and every other sentient being.

E--Experience the ecstasy of life!

F-- Forgive others but don’t forget to forgive Yourself.

G --Be gentle, genuine and generous with your love.

H-- Have an open heart.

I--  Be your own inspiration, and illuminate the heavens.

J -- Look for joy within you.
K-- Be kind to all kindred spirits.

L-- Like yourself, laugh often, and live life with leisure!

M-- It’s okay to be marvelous! Manifest your dreams and create loving memories.

N-- Be noble, and know that as you face the nemesis within, you will be victorious!

O-- Your heart has an ocean of melodies waiting to be sung.

P-- Preserve and paint your heart with precious positive memories.

Q-- Take time for quietude, and be open to quantum quality in your heart.

R-- Remember to receive love with appreciation, and joy.

S -- Search your soul, find the love within, and remember your greatness!

T-- Be tender with your thank yous.

U-- Be Universal. Know that MotherFatherGod is within you!

V-- Be vibrant, and know that you have value, and are worthy to love, and be loved!

W,X,Y,Z Wealth is the warmth, and giving spirit of your heart. Xanadu, a place of great beauty, and contentment is YOU!  So be zany with your love, and zealous in living your life! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Offering Prayers of Love


 Let us Breathe Deeply Four Times and offer Prayers of Love. 

May the doors of hope swing open with Grace and allow us nurturing hearts of peace. 

May we Awaken and accept Love.

May we offer Love to ourselves, our neighbors and our Earth. 

May we have the Faith to act as lights of Love as we move through every tunnel of disappointment, despair or darkness. 

May we allow ourselves the gift of healing and move forward in Gratitude as Loving Vessels of the Creator. 

Throughout our day, let us remember to Breathe Deeply Four Times and offer Prayers of Love.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spirit Ramblings


My heart dreams often…
looking into the eyes of strangers
seeing love, feeling love.
For they are not strange to me.

 Often it is a brother or sister,
maybe even a mother, a father
or a dear friend from a past life.

I wonder do they know me too
or are my soul ramblings vivid only to myself?

 My thoughts are so intense,
viewing yesterdays and tomorrows
as if they are today.

The concept of time escapes me.
 But come let us travel
around the galaxy and share joy.

Our hearts know no limitations
for we can be One with the Divine through love.

‘And what is love?’  You ask.

 Love is a rainbow
or a smile glistening like a star at night.

 Love is a storm
readjusting & cleansing the earth
so that plants will grow
and we may feel
even the sizzle of an ant and know bliss.

 Love is opening your heart
and feeling the wisdom of an oak tree
or the magical transformation
of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Love is walking along the shore,
your feet gently nestled in the sand
with ocean water caressing your legs
and the smell of a salt breeze kissing your face
as you watch the sun set
or the moon rise
and ponder swimming with the dolphins.

 Love is  believing that ALL people
are gifts from the Divine
and knowing that each of us
is related and interconnected
with every other sentient being.

 Love is everything, everywhere.
Love is co-creating with the Divine.

‘How do we co-create?’  You ask.

 Imagine that when your fingers
tingle for no apparent reason
that That is the Divine teaching you,
helping you to understand what it is like
when a flower blooms.

 Or perhaps when you experience
unexplainable tears of joy,
your heart is opening,
expanding like a womb
when a baby is being born.

 And so on some level,
you too understand the bliss of motherhood.

 You smile.  That is good.
 My spirit ramblings have often
brought me much laughter.

Laughter can release fear
and helps us understand one another.
Laughter is for me a desire for Grace.
A desire to reconnect with other souls.

 My heart feels many thoughts around me.

Some are asking…
‘How can we co-create the bliss of love?’
‘It is not possible.’  You say.

 Here is a question for You…

If it is possible to feel my heart beat
“boom ba ba ba boom ba boom ba ba ba boom”,
is it because you remember love
or is it the fear that one you hold dear
will leave again?

 Do not answer, but muse in your heart.

Remember, it is time to Forgive.
Time only to Love.
 Now come, let us travel together
on our soul journey back to the Divine.

(c) Melony McGant

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Breathe Love

Breathe LOVE

Each day as the sun shines gently upon your face,
you awaken to the joyful chirping of birds,
and the soft wind blowing through the window
announcing the arrival of a brand new day.

 Do you give honor to the Divine?

Do you too ask to learn to open your heart
and to feel more connected to our Earth Family?

I do and I feel your hearts opening.
With appreciation, I thank each of you for your Love.

We have the opportunity to celebrate
with renewed vigor, our desire for Peace.

With our desire comes the opportunity
to continue the practice of visualizing our Heaven On Earth.

Let us look to our seniors,
and ask that they share their stories
of life’s mysteries of both the Hardship and JOY
of the 20th Century
for we must not relive or revisit a world war.
 It is the 21st Century.

We must open our hearts,
and thoughts to World Peace.

Let us renew our honor and Love
for those who have spent their lives
working to see the Loving Chalice Of Life
as always more than half full.

 Each moment that we breathe,
let us create more Love,
Love enough to restructure the air
so that every breath we take is of Love.

Let us look to our children
to re-learn hope and the bliss
of understanding the mystery of a flower,
a blade of grass, the ancient knowledge of a tree,
or a bird taking flight into the sky.

 Let us become committed to assuring
that all children are nourished with food and clothing
and education and Love.

Because it is through their Love that we heal.
Our children can teach us how not to fear
and to let go of our anger.

Our children intuitively and instinctively
feel only Love and Divine Oneness.

We must create an environment  which nurtures
these spirits we call children having a new human experience.

 Let us under and overstand
that children come to this planet
with their hearts open, hoping to teach us
to remember to breathe Love
as they provide us with the tools
of sacred healing which passes from the Divine,
through each spiritchild, to us.

 These children remind us to honor Earth
and all of its sentient beings.
Through them, more and more
we extend ourselves and permeate JOY
with all members of our Earth Family.

Through children and our seniors we are reminded
that by opening our hearts and learning to receive LOVE
just as we extend LOVE, we become the JOY.

 As we become the JOY,
we rediscover that our separateness
is but an illusion
and we move closer to the Divine Spirit.

May Each Day Be Sweeter As We Remember To Breathe Love!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

I am ONE. We Are ONE. Happy Easter! Happy Passover!


Today Joy moves through me as I learn
compassion and humility.

I am ONE  with all sentient beings…the sky, the clouds,
the sun, the rain, the trees that  sway and dance in the wind,
and the birds that greet me in song.

I am One  with the Spirit of Mother Theresa, Mohandis,
Malcolm, Martin, John, and Edward
as well as  Ruth, Isaac, Joshua, Moses,
Mary, Jesus, Khadeeja, Mohammed, Shams, Rumi,
Buddha, Kuan Yin and  Sojourner Truth.

I am ONE with the woman suffering from breast cancer
and  the man suffering and dying from lung cancer
and the woman in Afghanistan whose  family was killed by a drone.

I am ONE with the homeless woman pushing  the cart
with all her worldly possessions and warning us of
 our greed though we  don’t often listen.

I am One with the Tibetan who was told by Chairman  Mao
that religion is poison and the Palestinian wandering,
unable to return to  his homeland.

I am One with the starving children everywhere
and the  Israeli settler with a gun in his hand.

I am One with all those Ascended,
every child born at  this moment
and the great-grandparents who are taking
their last breath on  this Earth Realm.

I am ONE with the artist struggling to show us the  way
and the politician disgraced in shame.

I am ONE with those who  have awakened in Love
and those filled with disappointment or fear.

 Circumstances make no difference to me
for I embrace the  journey and see the Divine
in those who may not see the Divine in  themselves.

I am One with All World Leaders who need
 more courage to say  stop the killing everywhere
and the Dalai Lama whom asks us to live in  peace.

In my dreams the Buffalo Woman,
the morning dove and the  golden hawk
guide me as my heart becomes filled
with ancient prayers of  all traditions.

I am One with the caterpillar and the butterfly.

I am  One with the Buddhist, the Christian, the Jew,
the Moslem, the Bahai, the  Hindu, the Yoruba, the Janist,
the Naturalist, the One who doesn’t believe in G-d
and the One Lost in their material identity
and always needing  more….

Today Joy moves through me as compassion, humility
and  understanding become a way of life...

For In You--- I see the Reflection of  Me
and know that through Love...


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Evidence of a Holy Light


When we have no evidence
of an outcome
but believe in  good anyway,
then we have Faith.

Faith is the light of Love
that  opens the door
to the Uni-versal Heart.

Within the Uni-versal Heart
we can walk with compassion
and share our collective dream
of Love  through kindness.

It is then that Grace moves
through us giving evidence
of a Holy Light
that magnifies and heals.

Through  Faith, we become
the Loving outcome of Hope
and learn to live as beings
of Light and Love.

Today be kind and have Faith
in the benefit  of
each Loving action!

Ten Times Breathe In Love. 
With each breath,
Slowly Exhale Love.

You Are the Evidence.
You Are a Holy Light of Hope!

Friday, April 18, 2014

You Are the Sum Total of Your Every Experience!


Our words and actions can never be undone and surely we will all make mistakes on our life journey.  Thus we must learn to forgive ourselves, ask for forgiveness  and offer forgiveness to others. 

We can allow those mistakes to lead the way to new and better choices.  In this way, good change becomes inevitable. 

We will Love and sometimes that Love will be rejected or misunderstood. Trust Love Anyway!

When we journey with humility, and mindfulness;  there is a greater possibility that we will speak and live in Truth. 

When we offer our Love unconditionally with trust, we discover that every breath aligned with our Heart and our Soul allows us to become more at peace with ourselves. 

Most Importantly, Who We Become in Love is the Greatness Exemplified by the Sum Total of All Our Experiences.

Breathe Deeply 10 Times. In Love. Out Love. In Love. Out Love. In Love. Out Love. 

Remembering that you and your greatness lies in the Sum Total of your every experience; Who Have You Become In Love?  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life Upside Down and Inside Out


While Familiar has offered boundaries and a safe existence, the voice and feeling of Love will often turn your life upside down. Unselfish Love is expansive and unpredictable. This Love will show you the nuances of Grace Everlasting and inspire you to want to share more of yourself, in ways you never shared before. You will discover that You live in the Heart of the Blessed Creator of Love and that Love Lives in You!

Breathe Deeply Six Times. In Love.  Out Love. Today, Let Love turn You Upside Down so you can look at life from the Inside--- Out!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ego and Misery


When Ego did not trust the Creator's Love, he found himself lost in perpetual storms of wrong words, actions and  disappointment.  It seemed like for eons,  Ego forbade the Heart from experiencing joy and joined with Misery to create dis-order and hate throughout the World. 

Some humans enslaved others who looked differently.  They stole the precious resources and treasured legacies and fought religious wars to maintain control.  For a time it appeared that this was to become the sad destiny of Earth. 

 And the Great Mother Cried.  Her tears moved hearts of a few who then felt the undercurrent of the Creator's Love.  And the few Awakened from the horrible nightmare created by Ego and Misery.

They began to Breathe Deeply and see Beauty in the Stars, in the Moon and Sun. They began to marvel at the birds song, the lives of animals and fish, and the rhythm of the winds and oceans.  They learned the history of Earth-Heart  through the rocks and stones.  They discovered the oxygen of Love and studied the wisdom of trees.  Plant life offered food and healing. 

With Each Breathe they took in Love,  they grew braver, and many more re-membered the Great Mother and Awakened in Love.  YOU are one of the many born to honor the Creator and Rise in understanding and compassion through the Great Mother. 

 Breathe Deeply 10 Times.  Breathe In Truth.  Know there is only Love.  Exhale the Nightmare Created by Ego and Misery.  Now that you have Awakened,  allow Divine Grace to lead your Heart.  Listen to song of your Soul.  It is the Creator's Song of Love. 

Again, Ten Times Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love.  There is no turning back.  The only way to heal and live and prosper on Earth-Heart is to  Stay Awake and Trust Only Love!

Honoring Happiness


It is Spring. Happiness fills the Air. 
I Breathe Deeply Four Times.

I Breathe In Celebration of Re-birth.

I Exhale with Focus
and a commitment to Renewal. 

I Breathe and Breathe. 

I ask my mind, my body,
my heart and my spirit
to feel the oneness of each breath. 

Together We Give Thanks
to Our Blessed Creator.

Honoring the Happiness
In the Air;

We  Breathe Deeply
and Become One In Love! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Walk In Truth Anyway

People may ignore you because of where you come from, your social status or your race. Even your birth family may choose to close their hearts to you when you have been baptized in Love.  Walk In Truth Anyway. 

Truth is the only way to live as a Being of Love.  Knowing, speaking and being the Truth is how we live Our Purpose.  Everyone has a purpose and a contribution to make on this planet.  It is something that only You can do, or say or write in the fabric of time. 

Even when it seems like all the familiar doors have closed,  please don't give up. Walk in Truth Anyway!  Your destiny lies beyond the jealous or petty.  Your Destiny Resides In the Heart of Love.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Offering Prayers of Love


 Let us Breathe Deeply Four Times and offer Prayers of Love.  In Love. Out Love.  In Love.  Out Love.

May the doors of hope swing open with Grace and allow us nurturing hearts of peace. 

May we Awaken and accept Love.

May we offer Love to ourselves, our neighbors and our Earth. 

May we have the Faith to act as lights of Love as we move through every tunnel of disappointment, despair or darkness. 

May we allow ourselves the gift of healing and move forward in Gratitude as Loving Vessels of the Creator. 

Throughout our day, let us remember to offer Prayers of Love.     

Breathe Deeply.  In Love. Out Love.  In Love.  Out Love.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Nurture the Dream!

Brilliant Loving Spirits---

In today's society, even those we Love, we judge!  We want them to dress, walk, and talk in a way that makes us feel superior.

We have been conditioned to manipulate others, to fight and to use words that harm even when we talk of peace.

 Good Communication requires a willingness to stop and listen.

Take a moment to clear the pathway of your heart.  Breathe Deeply.  Open your heart. Listen beyond judgment.  Breathe In Gratitude for every conversation of Hope.

Please Re-member, Our True Purpose is to use our gifts to inspire, support and empower others so that we all blossom in Love.

Today Water Your Garden of Hope.  Together Let Us Nurture the Dream of an Equitable Loving Peace.

I Am the Frog


I Am the Frog resting on the Lilypad.  I Breathe deeply 10 Times.  As I prepare for my new journey, I ask myself, "What Will I Do?"  I still my mind, open my heart and wait for the Answer...

I Am the Frog resting on the Lilypad.  I decide that each day I will organize the details of my life so that my mind, body and heart are in alignment.  With Courage, Fortitude and Patience, I will work vigorously to exceed my own expectations. 

Because Balance is necessary,  I will do at least two things I enjoy everyday; and share joyously. 

I promise myself that when Divine Spirit speaks in My Heart or through Others, I will listen with compassion so that I may know; and act with gentle understanding.

I Am the Frog resting on the Lilypad.   I Breathe Deeply many times as I prepare for my new journey.  Though my exact destination is unknown, I Trust that as I am ready, All Will Be Revealed through Love!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Offering Many Genuine Thank Yous!


In Our World of Confusion, so many who work for good are seldom  acknowledged.  Please know that your efforts are seen, felt and appreciated. 

Thank you for your words and actions of kindness that fill me and others with Hope.  

Thank You for having the Courage to listen deeply with Care, and to offer Compassion.  

You inspire me to walk with Confidence in our Collective Ability to expand our hearts and be vessels through which the Grace of Love can move.  

With Humility, I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Love.  Out Compassion and Hope.

I move forward into this Day by Offering Many Genuine Thank Yous!  Wherever You Are, for the Good You Do-- Thank You!  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Being Thanful


What do we have to be thankful for?

When we are alive,
we learn to be thankful
for every experience
that offers us a moment
to awaken within our hearts.

I invite you to join me
as I say thank you...

Thank You for each moment
of Loving Grace.

Thank you for each
learning opportunity which
calls for me to expand
and develop in deep understanding.

Thank you for each mistake
which has given me new wisdom.

Thank you for showing me true
compassion in the hearts of others,
as I learn to meet them heart to heart.

Thank you for my tears
which show me the unlimited
depth of my heart, much like
the vastness of your Uni-Verse.

Thank you for the disappointment
and hard lessons that allow me to learn
to release judgment and discover
new gifts because I am able to
let go of my expectations.

Thank you for allowing me
deep listening, as well as
an incomprehensible space
that leaves me with joy to share.

Thank you for the breath of
your Loving Grace, and your
constant Divine Whisperings
that resides within me
and All Others.

Thank you for every argument
and world tantrum that calls
for All of Humanity
to let go of our
selfishness and greed.
Today I let go of my attachment
to what I think I know.

As I awaken within Your Heart,
I embrace the unknown with
hope, infinite faith and
appreciation for each Miracle
of Life!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Your Turtle Wisdom


 Even in the most difficult of times;  like the Turtle, when we become patient with Ourselves  and the World, we develop clarity;  breathe in the Oxygen of the Earth gratefully;  and travel slowly across unknown waters  or lands  safely to Victory.

 We grow stronger with age;  and as we come to know the essence of Our Be-ing,  we offer compassion and mercy as a way  of celebrating and nurturing Love.

Open your heart to the Creator's Infinite Grace.  Slowly Breathe Deeply Four Times.  Breathe In Patience and Out Faith.

There is no need to rush to beat the deceptive, selfish, greedy ones trying to manipulate your Ego.
 Decide to honor and use the gift of your Turtle Wisdom.  Do All that you CAN.  Every challenge requires Patience, Faith,  and a Strong Belief in a Good Outcome!

Today, Walk With Your Turtle Wisdom.  First Breathe!  In Patience and Out Faith!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Every Memory

Beloved Radiant Ones---

 I offer Gratitude for the memories of Love; worn, weathered and etched into the stones of time.

I Breathe Deeply Six Times and decide to Love all the secret haters.

I honor every memory that has caused my heart to be broken by offering forgiveness and Love.

Tears come easily and act to create a pathway for new Love in my heart as I weep and mourn every loss.

Solace comes through compassion as I express my sorrow but decide to step into the New Day and move Forward with Love.

I Breathe Deeply and again offer Gratitude for the memories of Love. Some are painful. Others are Joyful.

Eventually all that happens in our lives becomes like worn memories of Love; weathered and etched into the stones of time that comfort and teach us that for every problem, Love is the worthy solution.

I Breathe Deeply In Awakening. Love is the only way I can know Peace and Live with Peace in my Heart!

Breathe, feel, smell, look, touch, taste and listen to Love.

Beloveds---Breathe, feel, smell, look, touch, taste and listen to Love.

Right here now-beyond the questioning or knowing; as you watch the sun set or the moon rise and kiss the stars; in the twilight or early morning dawn as the sun awakens you--- Let Us Give Thanks to Our Blessed Creator who Lives in Our Hearts and everywhere throughout the Multi-verse..

Breathe, feel, smell, look, touch, taste and list...
en to Love.

Love is the Creator's gift to all who believe, embrace the mystery and see beauty in the Soul Journey of every heart. Love is the place where yesterday and tomorrow merge into Now.

Love is letting go of notions of false superiority or self hate. Love is walking in Peace and sharing compassion, offering hope and tender words to Yourself so that you let go of old fears and heal your Own Heart with Forgiveness.

Only when we believe that Love does not harm, is not selfish and does not envy will we experience the bliss of life. Then we will feel Love in our hearts, taste it in our food, see it in the skies, the oceans, the blossoming flowers and trees as they bloom and awaken in the New Day.

The moment we are willing to live our destiny as beings of Love, and know that Love is the Creator's most Precious Gift, then we will be able to genuinely Love Our Neighbors and Offer Our Best so that together we Prosper with Joy.

In this moment, right now is the opportunity to breathe, feel, smell, look, touch, taste, and listen to Love. Breathe Deeply ten times. In Love. Out Love. In Love. Out Love.

Today, how will you Live and Honor the Creator in this Moment of Eternity? Will you re-member to breathe, feel, smell, look, touch, taste and listen to Love?

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Friend for Every Lifetime


Maybe it's the way you walk or how you make me feel wanted or needed when you listen. 

Maybe it's your eyes that feel like they are looking into my soul with compassion. 

I don't what it is.  It could even be your smile that lights the room or the way I am able to laugh at myself when I remember our many conversations, and the mistakes I've made!  

When I think of you, I know I have a friend for every lifetime. 

I Breathe and Exhale Love Six Times; and decide to Honor Friendship.  

Today I will treat everyone as if they are a Friend.

I will look and listen with compassion. 

I will offer my smiles with appreciation and understanding. 

I will extend my hand without judgment. 

I will laugh joyfully and tenderly at myself.

With Appreciate, Gratitude and Joy, I Breathe Deeply;

I Will Be a Friend for Every Lifetime!

Abundant Gifts


I still myself, open my heart and Breathe Four Times. Deeply I Inhale and Exhale. 
As I honor the vision of Our Creator; Grace shares the Eternal Message of Love.

I Pray For Every Being.

May All Your Brilliance Be Seen and Recognized.

May the Fruits of Your Loving Work Be Bountiful Beyond Imagination!

May Generosity and Love Inspire You to Share Your Abundant Gifts with Humility.

May You Each Move Forward with a Commitment to Empower Families and Communities So that We All Prosper in Love with an Abundant, Tender Peace!

Four Times I Breathe Deeply and with an open heart, I honor the New Day and Continue to Pray!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Under the Sacred Banyan Tree


I sit, close my eyes and clear my mind.  I Breathe Deeply In and Out  Ten Times.   I open my eyes and see a woman also sitting quietly.  Then I notice a Father tenderly dancing a prayer with his beautiful young daughter. We  are All under the Sacred Banyan Tree.

The Banyan Tree will speak if only we will listen.  It will teach us of our interconnectedness and potential for Unity.  Like arms, its roots of Love extend and create new trees.

Only through hard work with care and compassion for our World can we change and forego societies rooted in greed, selfishness and violent acts that promote wars and cause imbalance to Our Earth-Heart.

What will Destiny offer our Children?   As we Awaken with the Breath of Love;  we are better able to embrace roots of Oneness and Peace.  Only then can we live the promise to preserve Our Earth for Our Children.

I Breathe Deeply and with Gratitude, and Honor Our Creator.   I rise with Courage and  step into the World of Faith.  

I will sing and dance many Prayers of Hope with Forgiveness under the Banyan Tree.

Please, Will You Join Me?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Deciding to Love More


The Sun has not yet risen but the birds are singing of peace in the early morning dawn.  The cool breeze is like the breath of life dancing, awakening the palm trees.  I Breathe Deeply in the stiilness of each moment.

8 Times I Breathe in the air of gentle salt as the waters from the ocean tide that beckons me in the song of Love More.  I exhale deeply with each breath. HAAAAAAAAA.  The breath becomes like a rocket of gratitude that shoots through my heart and gives me the courage to feel the spirit of peace.  I Breathe in and out.  HAAAAAAAA.

I sit and watch the as the sunshine pours through the hearts of  Mothers and Fathers rising to prepare for the sons and daughters, the aunts and uncles, the cousins and strangers who will become friends and act as godmothers and godfathers to All Earth's Children of Love.

It takes moxie  to Breathe and Awaken; to decide to Love More.  Together we gather and sing and pray.  We honor our Ancestors and become the rainbow tribe of hope. Together we Breathe. HAAAAAAAA.

With each breath we breathe and believe, we are given the understanding of truth and the gift of compassion as we Love More. We Breathe in JOY!  HAAAAAAAAAAAA!  We Learn to Live and Love More!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Spring Garden


If my Spring Garden is to blossom with new flowers of Joy and the fruit of Wisdom, then I must be patient, attentive and nurturing.

I Breathe Four Times and allow my curiosity to still me with Joy.  I sit and breathe and listen and watch.

I trust the actions and words of my heart.  I breathe and exude confidence.

I am confident that each time I share, I am helping my Spring Garden blossom with new flowers of Joy and the fruit of Wisdom.

I Breathe Deeply In Gratitude!