Monday, June 30, 2014

Prosper In JOY


People Awakened to The Master Creator in their hearts. 

 Everywhere Dreamer Believers cleared the clutter of old envy, and swept away disappointment.

Fear lost focus and left when the many prayers were said by Hope. Homes sparkled and had the fresh scent of JOY.

Faith, Gratitude, Compassion, Courage, Charity, Forgiveness, Mercy and Understanding went from house to house and became welcomed guests at every Table of Appreciation. 

Today, Breathe and Exhale Deeply 8 Times.  

Allow Unselfish LOVE  to fill  the Home of Your Heart, and you too will Prosper in JOY!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hearts of Charity

"Oh You who believe, enter into total peace"
(The Qu'ran, Sura, The Cow," Number 2,Verse 208)


No matter what is going on around you,  take a moment to still your heart.  Today let us vision and Pray for a Vivid Peace in our hearts and throughout the World.

 Six Times Breathe In and Out Deeply.   In Love. Out Love!  In Love.  Out Love! 
In Love. Out Love!  In Love.  Out Love! 

Let us believe in Goodness and allow the charity of our hearts to guide us in caring for and Loving All our neighbors!

May we vision a World of Peace for Our Elders, Our Children, and Ourselves As We Offer Our Hands and Hearts with Compassion, Patience and Respect. 

Ramadan, a month of Prayer and fasting has begun. Let us honor our brothers and sisters of Islam in this time of fasting and reflection.  Ramadan Mubarak!

 May We All Vision Peace and Become One In Love!   Though our beliefs, faiths or cultural traditions may differ, We Are All Children of a Compassionate, Merciful Creator! 

Again, Breathe Deeply.  In Love. Out Love!  In Love.  Out Love!  In Love. Out Love! 

Today, please vision a Vivid Peace in your hearts; Pray and  Re-member Love!

For Love Will Allow and Help Us to Offer Our Hands and Hearts with Compassion, Patience and Respect! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Love Is Relentless!


Love is relentless and determined.  It can be felt across the oceans of time and existence; or through a flower that brings a sweet fragrance of joy. 

Love lives in the tears of loss and suffering; and in every smile that opens a heart and offer moments of hopeful understanding. 

Love lives in the minuscule and the grande; it can be heard and felt even through the roar of confusion and bring harmony and balance to any day. 

Love is intuitive; travels with fluidity and answers every question; including  the ones you were afraid to ask. 

I Breathe Deeply Ten Times and empty my heart of judgment.  Only Love offers a good answer.  I walk throughout the day with Love. 

I walk and Breathe with patient, relentless hope and offer Loving Respect to all! 

I walk and Breathe.  Because my every thought, deed and action are aligned;  Love, determined and relentless Love brings the gift of balance and harmony into the day!      

Friday, June 27, 2014

Let Great LOVE Travel With YOU!


Let Great LOVE Travel With YOU!   Why not run, laugh, sing, and dance; or swim in the ocean, a lake or a river?

Maybe today take a walk in the park. Sit down on the grass and discuss life with a Tree. Say hello to the birds and butterflies that circle around and say, "Are you speaking to me?".

When you've lost something or someone dear; say farewell and so long in your heart! Then, Dream a New Dream! Why not plant new seeds in the garden of your heart?

Now it's time to DO YOUR PART. Spend time with your Earth family, your neighbors and your friends in Nature too!

Just remember--- In All You Think, Say and Do--- First Breathe Deeply Four Times and Let Great LOVE Travel with YOU!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Worthy and Capable!


Still Your Mind and Listen to Your Heart.   

Now Breathe.   In Worthiness and Out Capability.  Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Worthiness and Out Capability.  In Worthiness and Out Capability!

Know that you are a Worthy, Capable individual. 

Be consistent and disciplined in your efforts as you plant new seeds and lay the groundwork for growth and opportunity.

Share your harvest and build good relationships. Be flexible and patient as you grow and change.

Breathe. In Worthiness and Out Capability.  In Worthiness and Out Capability!

 Again, be flexible and patient as you grow and change.   Risk Will Be Required.

Start Today Dreamer. You Are Worthy and Capable of Good Fortune!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Beautiful Day


I still myself and listen in awe to the silence of the New Beautiful Day. 

I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Joy.  Out Patience.  In Joy.  Out Patience. In Joy.  Out Patience. 

With each breath, Gratitude becomes my invisible cloak.  The cloak is woven with threads of Faith, Hope, Compassion, and Appreciation. 

The birds are singing.  I smile, knowingly.  Whether the Sun shines or the Clouds drop rain, I am always dressed for the weather. 

Gratitude is My Invisible Cloak of Humility, Purpose and Love.  I Breathe  and Step Joyfully Into the Beautiful Day!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Come Visit!


 In the Home of My Heart, Appreciation, Mercy and Compassion have become permanent guests.

No matter what has happened in the yesterdays of my mind, I promise to be there in the Today of My Heart!

I Breathe Deeply 8 Times. In Appreciation and Mercy. Out Compassion and Kindness.

I am grateful for this Day that allows me to say I Love You; even if you are not listening or can not hear me through the walls of your pain.

Come Visit. I promise, I will not judge you. I Will Only Love You...

Monday, June 23, 2014

Shine and Share

Beloved Dreamers,

Breathe Deeply Six Times. In Opportunity and Focus. Out Clarity with Compassion. 

Because You know the Truth and will Live in Truth, New Opportunity presents itself and asks for your clarity, your compassion and your focus. 

Dreamer, Breathe Deeply Six Times. 
In Opportunity and Focus. Out Clarity with Compassion. 

You are a bright light of Understanding. 
SHINE. Be Willing to Share You Gifts Unconditionally! 

Keep Breathing.

Dreamer---Breathe, SHINE and SHARE Unconditionally!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

People Are People

People Are People Everywhere. Some Judge. Some Learn. Some become Diplomats. Some work to bring Peace. Some harbor Hatred. Some Share Love.  
Clear Your Mind. Open Your Heart.  Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  Breathe In Courage and Out Integrity. 
Tenderly ask yourself the Question---"Who Am In LOVE?" Breathe Deeply.   Breathe In Courage and Out Integrity.  
Feel your Heart's Answer.  Who Are YOU In Love? 
Today, Live with That Person. 

To Everyone, Offer Your Best Self With Love!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Summer Solstice Message--- Live With Grace!

 Beloveds----Live With Grace!

Thank you for your unique contributions to healing our planet. In these transitional times, it is important to feel connected to all that is, and to re-member that we are not alone.

The trees and other plant life give us oxygen to breathe love, share joy. Birds and other animals bring us Divine messages and support. It is now that we too must ...
find joy within our hearts and share it with others.

I know from personal experience that sometimes our gifts may be rejected. Still as we give, GRACE moves through us and gives us courage to give again, and again with more LOVE.

For many of us, the day to day concerns of life are very challenging. Collectively, shadows of fear have gained an unusual strength, and are creating havoc on our glorious Earth=Heart. Conflict, confusion, unnatural violence, and lack of appreciation for each other have many of us, even global leaders living in a state of anxiety.

Some are wearing fear as a second skin and causing irreparable harm. Others of us are carrying the pain and hurt of rejection. We are all beings of LOVE. It is time to release our mental swords of fear. It is time to let go of past disappointments.

I ask each of you to release your personal cloaks of fear and pain into the universe. LET THEM GO NOW. As we are able to do this, JOY and innocence will move through us as a Rainbow of Grace.

Whether or not we are aware, there is a tiny doorway waiting for each of us to step through. It is here, in this small opening of eternal light that we can rediscover hope and align ourselves with our true nature and a Divine Spirit.

It is time for us to organize our lives with humility, compassion, loving kindness and creativity. Right now, we each have the opportunity to re-member our inherent wisdom.

We can use our intuition by magnifying the mustard seeds of LOVE. This will allow us to share our hope and courage so that we are able to have right words, and right actions for each personal, community or global situation.

Let us each re-commit to creating a world of equity, sustainability and peace. Let our individual joy and cooperation act as beacons of light to assist others in regaining hope and experiencing healing.

Let us each believe in our own inherent goodness without a shadow of a doubt! For as we believe it--- so it shall be.

It is within the miracle of LOVE that crystals reflect rainbows of JOY! Let us live in the moment with appreciation, faith and hope.

Let us sing songs of compassion, walk with kindness, understanding, and a dedicated spirit of LOVE.

(c) Rev. Melony McGant

Thursday, June 19, 2014



Every dreamer learns that
there is power in Surrender.

Relax and let go
of any thoughts of judgment.

Breathe Deeply Five Times.
In Surrender.  Out Love.

Notice the sound of  the ocean tide. 
Feel the cool breeze of the wind. 
Smell the eucalyptus or pine trees.
Allow Peace to move through you. 

Reflect on the Day.   What Are You Grateful For? 

Breathe Deeply Five More Times. 
In Surrender.  Out Love.

Ask for Guidance.
Relax.  Breathe.  Reflect. 
Breathe.  Feel Your Answer.

Breathe and Surrender Into Love!

Letting Go of the Lie


Greed, Envy and Selfishness has caused so many of us to hide the Truth and lie to protect our material selves.  But lies have no strength or foundation in Love.  Every lie becomes first a distraction and then, a weapon of despair used to subjugate and promote acts of violence and wars.
Though the Truth may be painful, through Courage, it provides us an opportunity to ask for and offer Forgiveness so that we can be like lights in a tunnel of darkness where so many of us have lost their way. 

I Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  With each Breath, I Inhale Truth, Courage and Love. As I Exhale, I let go of every lie I have been told to make me believe that one group of people is superior over another.
I sit quietly in the newness of Truth.  I understand that by believing in fairness and equity and offering compassion and Love; ancient wounds can be healed.

And so, it is for Our Blessed Creator, the Children of the many generations to come, and for every Ancestor who desired Peace that I am given the fortitude and strength to offer my hand in Friendship. 

I will say even to the one that I thought I despised,
"Let us care enough to be Truthful and learn to walk together as Equals, sharing our cultural and material gifts;  and step into our Destiny of Hope with Loving Hearts!" 

Again I Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  With each Breath, I Inhale Truth, Courage and Love.  Slowly I Exhale, Truth, Courage, Forgiveness and Love!

Oasis of Possibility


Through the rains of change and sand storms of growth I have traveled through my mind and entered the Uni-Verse of my heart.  My Dear Friend Intuition has led me through deserts of mystery until we arrived at the Oasis of Possibility.  Through this experience, I have learned also to take the hands of my Friends, Trust and Courage. 

Today I Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  I Inhale Patience.  I Exhale a Desire for Good Change. 

I Breathe and Breathe.   I ask My Dear Friends,  Intuition, Trust and Courage to join me.  Together we offer hopeful Prayers of Gratitude. 

With Patience, we prepare to journey once again to the Oasis of Possibility!  First, We Breathe!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stepping Into the Glorious Mystery


The Birds are singing with Joy. The Sun is shining with Hope.  Clouds of Faith linger with Compassion and Understanding.  It is truly a Glorious New Day! 

I Breathe In the Oxygen of Love.  I Breathe Out the Newness of Love's Restorative Power.  8 Times I Breathe and Exhale Deeply.  With each breath I am filled with  appreciation and Love. 

I offer my Gratitude for the miraculous gift of Life.  With Humility, Joy, Patience and Respect for Others; I Step into the Mystery of the Glorious New Day!

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Healing Oasis


No matter what others tell us the odds are, when we have the courage to embrace a difficult day and say " I am ready",  then Peace will be the calling and answer of your heart. 

Peace is a vibration filled with dignity and Loving intent.

I Still Myself and Breathe Deeply.  In Dignity With Loving Intent.  Out Peace.   Ten  Times I Breathe.  In Dignity With Loving Intent.  Out Peace. 

Peace empowers us with Faith and gives  the hope and strength we need to journey to the Healing Oasis. 

Deeply I Breathe.  In Dignity With Loving Intent.  Out Peace!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Gratitude for Fathers


 Let Us Breathe Deeply Four Times. In Respect and Joy. Out Appreciation and Love.

Today, let us offer our Gratitude to all the men who act as Fathers and live as vessels for Grace in celebration of children, and universal families.

These are the men committed to strengthening their own awareness of Our Blessed Creator by building strong compassionate, noble and nurtur
ing relationships that honor our Collective Dream and Vision of Equity, Sustainability and Peace!

Honoring the Spirit of All Fathers, Again We Breathe Deeply Four Times. In Respect and Joy. Out Appreciation and Love.

Today we offer Our Gratitude to all the men who act as Fathers and live as vessels for Grace in Celebration of Children, and Universal Families!

Just You Watch ME!


Children play, learn and teach eachother with the dare of encouragement. "Bet you can't!", and the other replies "Just you watch me!".

Courage and Commitment often come with a dare we make to ourselves to live our purpose and believe our good dreams.

I Breathe Deeply Six Times. In Love.  Out Courage and Commitment.

Today As I listen to the dreams of others, I will move beyond the dare and offer Love and Encouragement to All.

And if anyone says I can Not do something that I believe is possible; I will Breathe Deeply. In Love.  Out Courage and Commitment.

In my mind and my heart I will smile and think, "Just You Watch Me!"

I Know that All Good Is Possible and Probable with Courage,  Commitment, and Love!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

May Diplomacy Bring Hope


In Deep Reflection, I must face no one but Myself.  I Breathe In Love Deeply Four Times.  As I Breathe, I Exhale Fear of the Other and Our Country's need for control. 

All violent thoughts and actions, envy and greed or guns and wars said to bring Peace are based in Evil.  

I pray for All Lost in the mire of violence and war.  I pray for the Innocent.

I Breathe Deeply and Exhale Four Times. 

 May Diplomacy bring Hope.  No matter what goes on in the World, I have a responsibility to live with humility in Truth Inspired by Love. 

Only then through the Creator's Blessings of Love am I able to see the Earth, the Sky, the Oceans, the Dolphins and Trees and Birds and Flowers and All Sentients as purposeful and interconnected in Love.

 Only now as I Breathe Deeply In Love Four Times,  in many intervals, do I feel Hopeful in a World where much of Humanity is struggling to restore itself though Love. 

 May we learn to always embrace the path of Diplomacy with Compassion, Patience and Love.

I Breathe Deeply and Pray!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Beyond Duality


Many of us laugh,
as we cry tears of joy.
Many of us laugh as we cry tears of despair.
This duality is puzzling to me.
Do you understand duality?
As I attempt to understand,
sometimes I feel as if my heart is broken
only to be mended together by thoughts of LOVE.
Universal LOVE.

How can we look into the eyes of our children
and not want to create Universal LOVE???

Often I imagine a new world, a better world.
Do you ever imagine a world
without fear and envy or manipulation….
a world of equity and peace?

Throughout the centuries,
many have forged a way of LOVE.
I re-member and am encouraged.

Perhaps we could join together in a Circle of LOVE.
Let us build our Rainbow Bridge
across the Earth and create ONE HEART.

Right now, in this moment,
imagine that our bridge embraces all people, all cultures.

The Sun rises feeling glorious
and travels around Earth sharing warmth and light.

The Moon smiles as she rocks us to sleep at night.

We, all of us are committed
to educating our children, honoring our seniors,
curing all disease, nurturing all people,
celebrating all cultures,
and finding new ways to heal our hearts and our planet.

We are embraced by A Singular Divine Thought.
Hands are extended. Hearts are open.
Forgiveness is asked for and given.
Knowledge is shared. Healing transpires.
LOVE is reborn. JOY is recreated.
There is nothing but LOVE.

Perhaps you too share this dream.
I imagine that you are smiling right now.

And I become more hopeful.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Joyful Awakening

 Beloved Radiant Ones---

Throughout Time in Every Society across Earth-Heart there has been a small minority who beguiled the Innocent and selfishly claimed power as they became seduced by evil.

Generation after generation, this minority has used hate and fear to control and subjugate humanity through conflict, wars and weapons of mass destruction. They have used Mother Ear...
th's resources and created suffering and imbalance. They built fortresses so that they alone lived in luxury---

And Yet for The Majority, Good has prevailed and flourished like Sparkling Stars that light the Night Sky with Love.

Asking for clarity, I Breathe Deeply and Slowly Six Times.

In my Awakened State, I feel the Great Shift and see the Unlimited Potential of Good Shining Brightly through Broken Hearts of Love.

With humility I Honor the Master Creator of Every Uni-Verse! In Gratitude I find the strength to embrace and serve the Awakening Good that lives in my heart and the hearts of The Majority!

Compassion, gentle truth and right words of Peace will nurture and heal our broken societies through Love!

I Breathe Again, and finding Courage and Integrity within; I offer myself as a joyful instrument of Peace and Everlasting Love.

I Wish You All A Joyful Awakening in Love!

Asking Why


When people begin to ask why---to question unfair laws and want more for themselves and their children,they become motivated by Love.

Love brings unity and a strong sense of purpose.

Love gives us courage to make good changes so that all share collectively in a bountiful harvest!

Love says yes to compassion,understanding and unity.

Breathe Deeply Four Times.  In Love With Courage.  Out Love With Patience.  In Love With Courage.  Out Love With Patience.

In Love With Courage.  Out Love With Patience. In Love With Courage. Out Love With Patience. 

Today, Say Yes.  Say Yes to Compassion, Courage, Patience, Understanding and Unity.

Remember that the seemingly impossible becomes most probable only through Love!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Becoming Good Stewards...


Please Offer a prayer of hope for your children's children,  and the seven generations of children who will come after them.

Breathe Deeply Six Times  and imagine you are listening to all the beautiful children of the Earth/Heart singing the songs that call for a Loving Peace.

 Open your Tender Hearts in prayer.

For the Children---May we honor Our Earth  and forego our violent thoughts or selfish actions  as we work together in every community  to build new bridges of compassion and joy.

 May the many generations of children to come be nurtured,  and able to live in a prosperous world where  Love and respect bring total harmony to Earth.

Breathe Deeply and feel the Hope for Peace in every heart across the Uni-Verse. For ever child we know and those yet to be born--- May we all work together and learn to become Good Stewards of Love!

And So It Is With Hope and Love.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Do More Good

If we want to solve interpersonal, community or world problems and see good results, we've got to do more, graciously with humility and Love.

We've got to believe that good things will happen. Sometimes we have to do more and more so that others too are inspired to believe and do more good. 

We've got to reach out to people who are different than us and listen, really listen and try to understand their perspectives.
We've got to share our stories and allow time and space to build bridges of compassion, healing and forgiveness.

And when we think we've done all the good we can, there are days that we simply have to embrace our good hopes/dreams and do one more good thing with Love! Therein lies the power of Divine Grace!

Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  In Loving Courage.  Out Good. In Loving Courage.  Out Good.  In Loving Courage.  Out Good.

Today, let's embrace our good dreams and do all the good we think we can.  And then, let's try to each take it a step further and Do One More Good Thing With Love!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

We Are For World Change

We Are For World Change

We Are For World Change! Change the World.
We are the children of hope and the mirrors of Love.
We Are For World Change! Change the World.
Let’s Change the World!

I don’t know how to help--or what I could dream.
The problems are big. Do you know what I mean?

Global Warming and wars, with no food to share.
Earth equals Heart. Can we please learn to care?

We Are For World Change! Change the World.
We are the children of hope and the mirrors of Love.
We Are For World Change! Change the World.
Let’s Change the World!

Violence is never right. We’ve got to help make it end
Let’s open our hearts and learn to be friends.

We are the children of hope, and mirrors of love.
We represent the NEW DAY
And with the new day, we bring a new way……

We are asking our parents, our teachers
our artists, musicians and friends
our leaders, our scholars, and our diplomats
----the list never ends.

We Are For World Change! Change the World.
Food, Healthcare, Education and Housing for ALL.
Peace, Understanding, Compassion and Love.

We Are For World Change! Change the World.
Let’s Change the World!

We are the children of hope and the mirrors of Love.
We represent the NEW DAY
And with the new day, We Bring A New Way……
Peace, Sharing, Understanding, Compassion, and Love.

Let’s Change the WORLD!
We Are the Children of Hope and the Mirrors of Love.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Peace Visionary


Today is a Day for Diplomacy.  I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Respect.  Out Compassion.  In every situation where it is possible, I think before I speak. 

Even when I am uncomfortable, offended or angry, I Breathe.  In Respect.  Out Compassion. 

Today I walk as a Diplomat.  I Am a Peacemaker.  I Am A Peace Keeper. I Am A Community and World Peace Visionary. 

I Walk and Breathe.  In Respect.  Out Compassion and Love!

You Are A Miracle!


Breathe Deeply In and Out Ten Times.  Remember Why You Are Here!  You are a Miracle; here to experience the beauty of Our Mother Earth; to sing  with the birds, and learn from the trees as they share oxygen so you can  breathe.

You are here like a caterpillar in order to grow and have the  courage to transform into a beautiful butterfly that soars in gratitude.

You are here to offer your talent and gifts of compassion; just as the  bee offers honey for healing.

You are here to befriend your world  neighbors and to learn to live in Peace as you honor the oceans and rivers so  that there is clean water to drink and nurture our Universal Sentient Family for  Future Generations .

There are so very many good reasons why you are  here!

You, Are A Miracle--- Here to Grow and Prosper With A Loving  Heart!

Breathe Deeply and Give Thanks! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

They Will Rise Up!


As people awaken in Love, they will rise up and be inspired by Truth. We Are One. 

The few who have taken the resources from the majority and are living in opulence will find that their reigns are being questioned.

People will take to the streets and protest with both dignity and frustration.  They will want a voice in their destiny. They will demand to be heard.

People will want more for their children and begin to protest unfair social, political and economic practices that result in discrimination. They will no longer accept living in poverty. 

They will want their children to have education, and homes filled with a loving peace, and bright futures.  The majority of people will want new leaders with compassionate hearts.  This time has come. 

We must all hold a positive, peaceful, nonviolent resolve as we move into an era where more people want to create, live and thrive in diverse societies! 

Breathe Deeply Ten Times. In Love with Hope.  Out Integrity with Purpose!

Let us vow to move forward  and vision positive, Loving societal transitions with Truth and Reconciliation and the sharing of resources and power! 

We Are One Only In Love!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Good Is Powerful!

Though evil lurks in the shadows and appears to be winning, I know better. 

Good is powerful beyond measure.  I am willing to stand with Good and offer my best in Love.  Today I speak and act only with compassion.  I have no enemies. 

There are no wars worth fighting with guns and bombs that kill babies and destroy communities.  I pray for equity, education, healing and hope.  I pray that Good Prevails and Becomes Stronger with Each Loving Action and Word of Peace. 

I pray for the seven generations of children not yet born who will learn to share and play together;  creating and co-existing in Love. 
I Breathe and Exhale Deeply Six  Times and Offer a Prayer.

I Pray that Good Prevails and Becomes Stronger with Each Loving Action and Word of Peace that We Offer Eachother.

I know that through Love, Good Is Powerful Beyond Measure! 

Please Join Me In A Prayer of Courage.
Today, through Love--- We Will Be the Peace!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Look At US!


No matter our culture or religion, throughout time the Wise Ones  have told us to "Love thy neighbor as thyself".

They have asked us to "treat the stranger as an honored guest."   We have been told to respect others and to honor their beliefs and cultural traditions so that we learn to bring Peace to the World.
But Look At Us!

Some of us use our gifts not to share Peace or Prosperity but to demean other cultures and promote confusion, suffering or even war!

Dis-respect, envy, greed, and war will never bring Peace.

Only listening deeply and acting with Courage, Humility, Compassion, Forgiveness, Mercy, Patience and Respect will bring the Good Change We Need.

These are the tools of LOVE that will allow us and our Children to prosper with Hope and Integrity as we meet heart to heart; and work to build New Bridges to a World of Peace and Prosperity where we Honor and Respect All the People of the Earth!

Live In the Sunshine of Love!


 Listen to the caw, caw, caw of the Crow
 and the whistling answer of Mother Nature's Birds
 singing in community.

 They too are grateful for the rains that
nurture Earth  and the garden of your heart.

 "Prune your thoughts and let go of old fears" they say.

Breathe Deeply Four Times.
In Love. Out Love! In Love. Out Love!
In Love.  Out Love! In Love. Out Love!
Have patience in disagreement.
 Find the way back to eachother.

 Forgive and the Sun will move away
 all the clouds of uncertainty.

 Remember what has been built in love.

 Listen and Care Fully.
 Be gentle and kind.

 Meet eachother Heart to Heart.

 Today, Try to Reflect and Honor Eachother.

  Live Only In the Sunshine of Love!