Sunday, August 31, 2014

Keeper of the Flame!

Beloved Radiant ONES---

Today, Breathe and Exhale Deeply Six Times so that you clear your mind of all the chaos and confusion around you. Allow the Winds of Eternity to awaken you with Courage, Compassion and Humility.

Continue to Breathe Deeply and you will feel the embers of Love move through your mind and your body.

With each breath you boldly take without fear, all the Hope in your heart will learn to light the fires of trust so that Spirit of Love may sing, and dance through you.

You Have Awakened In the Heart of Love! You are a Keeper of the Flame. Breathe Deeply.

Everywhere You Walk Tenderly; Use and Trust Your Wisdom to Gently Light the Fire of Love!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ego and Misery


When Ego did not trust the Creator's Love, he found himself lost in perpetual storms of wrong words, actions and  disappointment.  It seemed like for eons,  Ego forbade the Heart from experiencing joy and joined with Misery to create dis-order and hate throughout the World. 

Some humans enslaved others who looked differently.  They stole the precious resources and treasured legacies and fought religious wars to maintain control.  For a time it appeared that this was to become the sad destiny of Earth. 

 And the Great Mother Cried.  Her tears moved hearts of a few who then felt the undercurrent of the Creator's Love.  And the few Awakened from the horrible nightmare created by Ego and Misery.

They began to Breathe Deeply and see Beauty in the Stars, in the Moon and Sun. They began to marvel at the birds song, the lives of animals and fish, and the rhythm of the winds and oceans.  They learned the history of Earth-Heart  through the rocks and stones.  They discovered the oxygen of Love and studied the wisdom of trees.  Plant life offered food and healing. 

With Each Breathe they took in Love,  they grew braver, and many more re-membered the Great Mother and Awakened in Love.  YOU are one of the many born to honor the Creator and Rise in understanding and compassion through the Great Mother.

 Breathe Deeply 10 Times.  Breathe In Truth.  Know there is only Love.  Exhale the Nightmare Created by Ego and Misery.  Now that you have Awakened,  allow Divine Grace to lead your Heart.  Listen to song of your Soul.  It is the Creator's Song of Love. 

Again, Ten Times Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love.  There is no turning back.  The only way to heal and live and prosper on Earth-Heart is to  Stay Awake and Trust Only Love!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Live the Questions!


I  Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times and offer my gratitude and appreciation for the mystery of this  New Day.

I am grateful for the courage to explore the questions tugging my  heart; asking for attention.

Again, I Breathe Deeply, and ask for Strong Resolve  to patiently live the questions.

I listen deeply to my heart, and the  hearts of all those around me.  I ask for humility and clear vision so that I  listen and act only with respect.

Today, with a courageous strong resolve, I will honor the wisdom of my heart and live the questions with care and compassion.

Every answer I desire can be  revealed through my Loving Actions.

I Breathe Deeply, and Embracing the Mystery  of the New Day--- I Say Thank You!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

When Will Freedom Come: Remembering the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers As Dreamers

There is perhaps no greater gift to society than the Dreamer.
For it is the Dreamer who believes
that Good Change is possible.

It is the Dreamer that looks upon a society's inequities
and desires a better life for themselves, their families,
their neighbors and their Nation.
It is the Dreamer who having awakened to the Truth
that ALL people are created Equal
asks How Will Freedom Come?

On August 28th in 1963, A. Phillip Randolph,
Bayard Rustin, Mahalia Jackson, John Lewis, Peter,
Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Julian Bond, Odetta,
Jackie Robinson, James Baldwin, Marlon Brando,
Joan Baez, Paul Newman, Harry Belafonte,
Eleanor Holmes Norton, Andrew Young, Marian Anderson,
Sammy Davis Jr., Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Malcolm X,
Diahann Carroll, Burt Lancaster, Dr. Benjamin Mays,
Roy Wilkins, Dorothy Height, Whitney Young,
and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were all in attendance
with 250 thousand Dreamers from across America
who gathered in Our Nation's Capitol
to rally for jobs, the right to vote,
desegregation and equality.

Some of these Dreamers had been working
in their communities, cities and states
for many generations to bring about Good Change.

They knew that just attending the March on Washington
was an act of rebellion
but more importantly,
it was an Act of Faith that could bring Change
and Hope for their Children.

They were people of all nationalities,
religious beliefs and colors.
They were clergy, union members, mechanics,
postal workers, railroad workers, pullman porters,
butlers, maids, police officers, doctors
nurses, educators, college students
and people from every occupation imaginable.

There were grandparents and mothers
and fathers who brought their children.
All believed that this country
could only live its greatness when Equality
and Equal Opportunity became the Law of the Land.

It was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who spoke
and articulated the Dream that had been swelling
in the hearts of many for generations and generations.

We know these 250,000 Dreamers as the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers.
Though we may not know their names,
today Fifty Years later, we honor the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers
their lives, their hopes and their Dreams.

And Fifty Years later, the message of equality, equity,
education, fair employment, Hope and Love
continues to deserve our attention;
for the work of the Dreamers and Civil Rights Foot Soldiers
is Far From Complete.

Freedom will come only when we
are willing to put down our guns,
open our hearts and listen deeply to Truth.

Freedom will come only when we
Rise Up Together
and decide to fix the broken
Political, Economic, Educational
and Social Systems of Inequity.

But Freedom Will Come!

As we remember The Civil Foot Rights Foot Soldiers,
in Our Hearts, we must continue to walk
across the Nation with Hope and Strong Resolve.
Then we will hear and sing the songs that mourn the loss
of Every Child of Violence and War and Racism and Poverty.
We will call for Peace and sing of Love.

Freedom will come when we truly
Desire Equity, Education
and Prosperity For ALL.

Freedom will come when we willingly
sit at the table together in Gratitude
and share our dreams, our food, our homes,
our education and our wealth.

Freedom will come only when we
once again notice
that Trees bend in reverence
as Spring, Summer and Autumn Leaves
dance joyfully and teach Our Children
that All Humans deserve to be cared for and Loved!

Freedom will come as we Re-Member
that for All Our Children we must
offer Hope for their Dreams
and be willing to share Our Love.

Breathe Deeply
In Hope. Out Love.
Again Breathe.
In Hope. Out Love.

How will you honor the Dreamer Civil Rights Foot Soldiers?
Do you remember the Dream?
What will you do today and tomorrow?
How will Freedom come with Love
and decide to Live in Our Hearts
and Our Nation?

First Breathe. In Hope. Out Love!
We must once again commit to gather
in our communities, cities and states.

Remembering that ALL Are Created Equally,
let us sit at the table together in Gratitude
and share our Dreams, our food, our homes,
our education and our wealth.

It is then for the Dreamer, that Freedom Will Come!

(c) Rev. Melony McGant, 2013
Written Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The March On Washington

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

You are a Hierophant, a Bringer of Light!


 Breathe Deeply Five Times.
Inhale Humility and Joy.
Exhale the Grace of Love.

You are a Hierophant, a Bringer of Light!

As Hierophants we are all teachers, and students. ...

Living, learning, sharing, and loving.
This is our path, a return to LOVE.

Again, Breathe Deeply Five Times.
Inhale Humility and Joy.
Exhale the Grace of Love.


People would have us believe that
we should not focus on the heart.
The truth is we can NOT develop
and travel into the new realms
purely in our minds.

The heart always has the right answers.
And Truth is all there is.
For In Truth we experience Divine LOVE.


Right now let us feel Joy's embrace
as particles of LOVE run through
the very cells of our body!

You Are a Hierophant, a Bringer of Light!

Inhale Humility and Joy.
Exhale the Grace of Love.

Your Ever Vigilant Heart!


I Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  Today I cannot find that space of empty in my mind.  Instead, I embrace every thought. 

I Breathe....For Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Dr. Sheik Umar Khan who saved countless lives but died of Ebola in Sierra Leone, and All those who have lost their lives due to violence and unnecessary wars or illness and suffering, I Offer Prayers of Love and Healing for their Families and Communities.

I Breathe... In my heart are awakening cries of anger, despair and disappointment mixed with Compassion, Hope, Mercy and Love.  These are the emotions vibrating throughout the World. 

Humanity is Awakening but our addiction to fear, greed and hate has taken center stage.  We must remember that Hate Breeds Hate. Hate is never a Cure. No matter how difficult or how long it may take---Only Forgiveness, Love, Respect and Understanding with Compassion and Mercy Offer Us Any Opportunity to Live Together In Peace with Equity.

Across the United States and the World, We Are Moving In Violent Directions and Causing Despair to Many. The  Schisms of Class, Fear, Greed, Power, Race, and Religion are at the Forefront of the Regional and Global Conversations. I Remember that violence and war only break hearts and create More Cycles of Violence and War.

Again,  I Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  In Patience, Forgiveness and Love.  Out Patience, Forgiveness and Love. In Patience, Forgiveness and Love.  Out Patience, Forgiveness and Love.

It will take Many Strong Voices and Vigilant Hearts to Choose to Empower Our World through Good Actions of Kindness and Love.   It is Our Responsibility to Keep Raising Our Voices In Love!

Thank YOU for Your Ever Vigilant Heart!

Honoring Life's Details


 What a Beautiful Day to be Alive!

I still myself, open my heart and Breathe and Exhale Four Times.

They say that success comes from the ability to honor the details of our lives.

I Breathe Deeply in Gratitude Four Times. With Each Breath, I Breathe Out Joy and Gratitude. 

I pay attention with care to myself and honor every detail of my life. This frees me to offer more care and concern to others.

As I step forward into the Beautiful New Day, I Breathe Deeply and offer my Gratitude and JOY for Honoring Life's Details and making room for the Privilege of Service!

Monday, August 25, 2014

I Am Like the Bamboo


I sit in gratitude and marvel at the details of Creation.  What makes a Bamboo shoot grow in water and in soil?  How is it that its roots are flexible while the shoot is firm and learns to bend and wind?  

I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Flexibility and Care.  Out Patience and Compassion. 

I am like the Bamboo.  Our roots of Love can grow in many places.  We embrace life's difficulties and joy with compassion.  We sprout new leaves that blossom in beauty and grow with patience.

I Breathe Deeply Six Times. In Flexibility and Care.  Out Patience and Compassion. 

Today,  I am like the Bamboo.  Flexibility, patience and compassion are the roots of Love that can grow in my heart so they can be shared and blossom in many places. I Am Like the Bamboo!   

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Prayer of Love Affirmation


First Breath Deeply Six times.
In Love.  Out Love.

Please Join me in a Prayer of Love Affirmation...

I am a Lighted Being,
Created and Inspired by
Our Blessed Divine Creator
to Reflect Love,
Share Love and Be Love.

 All that I dream and hope for
comes through the Divine Flow
of Love.

My thoughts and feelings are Love.

 The Air I Breathe is Love.

 YOU Are Love.
 I Am Love.
 WE Are Love.

 Today, All the Good that I Do
Is Nurtured and Inspired By Love.

 And So It Is With Love!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Giving Up Control

Beyond knowledge is the hope that my Faith is strong enough to face the feared and unknown. 
"How will I walk?",  I ask myself.  I clear my mind, sit in the quiet and Breathe Deeply Ten Times. 
The answer comes from the whispers of my heart.  "First you must have the strength and courage to Trust.
Then as Truth is revealed, you must face your fears and offer Kindness even to the one you perceive as your enemy.  When you are able to transform your hate into Love with forgiveness, then you will grow in understanding. 
Every change or answer you seek can be found in your ability to give up control and walk the path of the unknowing.
 It is always through the  Journey of Faith that we come to know Everlasting LOVE!" 
As I step into this Beautiful Day, I Breathe Deeply. 
Knowing that within me is  the courage and strength to walk the path of unknowing; I Choose to walk with Faith and to Trust that the Uni-Verse Will Guide Me In Right Actions of Love! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

You Are the Sum Total of Your Every Experience!


Our words and actions can never be undone and surely we will all make mistakes on our life journey.  Thus we must learn to forgive ourselves, ask for forgiveness  and offer forgiveness to others. 

We can allow those mistakes to lead the way to new and better choices.  In this way, good change becomes inevitable. 

We will Love and sometimes that Love will be rejected or misunderstood. Trust Love Anyway!

When we journey with humility, and mindfulness;  there is a greater possibility that we will speak and live in Truth. 

When we offer our Love unconditionally with trust, we discover that every breath aligned with our Heart and our Soul allows us to become more at peace with ourselves. 

Most Importantly, Who We Become in Love is the Greatness Exemplified by the Sum Total of All Our Experiences.

Breathe Deeply 10 Times.  In Love.  Out Love.  In Love. Out Love.  In Love.  Out Love. 

Remembering that you and your greatness lies in the Sum Total of your every experience; Who Have You Become In Love?  

Just Be A Friend!


 Today Breathe Deeply 10 Times. In Gratitude with Love. Out Respect, Appreciation and Love. In Gratitude with Love. Out Respect, Appreciation and Love.

Today Offer Your Best. Accept, Respect and Honor Your Friendships. Just Be A Friend!

Be a Friend and journey through life with kindness and Love beyond expectation.

Be Thankful for how the Uni-Verse speaks to you thro...
ugh a Friend. They will often be the one to support you through a health, family or personal crisis.

A Friend will laugh with you, cry with you, comfort you, inspire you, be truthful with you, and travel with you through the joys and sorrows of life.

A Friend will offer hope and hold a space that helps you re-member to relax and Breathe.

A Friend is a member of your Spiritual Family with a bond created in Mutual Acceptance, Respect, and Shared History.

Every True Friendship is Embodied By Abiding, Limitless Love.

Breathe Deeply. In Gratitude with Love. Out Respect, Appreciation and Love. In Gratitude with Love. Out Respect, Appreciation and Love.

Today Offer Your Best. Accept, Respect and Honor Your Friendships.

Just Be A Friend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Breathe, Feel, Smell, Look, Touch, Taste and Listen to Love!


Breathe, feel, smell, look, touch, taste and listen to Love.

Right here now-beyond the questioning or knowing; as you watch the sun set or the moon rise and kiss the stars; in the twilight or early morning dawn as the sun awakens you--- Let Us Give Thanks to Our Blessed Creator who Lives in Our Hearts and everywhere throughout the Multi-verse..

Breathe, feel, smell, look, touch, taste and list
en to Love.

Love is the Creator's gift to all who believe, embrace the mystery and see beauty in the Soul Journey of every heart. Love is the place where yesterday and tomorrow merge into Now.

Love is letting go of notions of false superiority or self hate.  Love is walking in Peace and sharing compassion, offering hope and tender words to Yourself so that you let go of old fears and heal your Own Heart with Forgiveness.

Only when we believe that Love does not harm, is not selfish and does not envy will we experience the bliss of life. Then we will feel Love in our hearts, taste it in our food, see it in the skies, the oceans, the blossoming flowers and trees as they bloom and awaken in the New Day.

The moment we are willing to live our destiny as beings of Love, and know that Love is the Creator's most Precious Gift, then we will be able to genuinely Love Our Neighbors and Offer Our Best so that together we Prosper with Joy.

In this moment, right now is the opportunity to breathe, feel, smell, look, touch, taste, and listen to Love.

Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  In Love.  Out Love.  In Love.  Out Love.

Today, how will you Live and Honor the Creator in this Moment of Eternity?

Will you re-member to Breathe, Feel, Smell, Look, Touch, Taste and Listen to Love?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Transformative Chaos


We can not help but feel uncomfortable in this world of transformative chaos! Greed and War can no longer financially or emotionally sustain us. Only cooperative collective acts of compassion and Love can do that.

Current chaos represents our dreams of a vivid and lasting peace. Change will come whether or not we are ready.

Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  In Love. Out Patience and Truth with Love.

In Love. Out Patience and Truth with Love.

Set your clear Loving intention with Patience and Hope. Have Faith.

Throughout this chaotic transformation we must rest more; be truthful and judicious in our thoughts and actions; and offer forgiveness with mercy. 

Again Breathe.  In Love. Out Patience and Truth.

When You Are Ready, Move Forward In Love.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Home of My Heart

I can no longer ponder life with "Why didn't I or why didn't You?".   I can only live in the Now and create a Home in My Heart filled with Good Intention and the Courage to follow through with Tender Actions of Good Change.

 I Breathe Deeply Eight Times. With each breath I forgive myself and you.  I let go of every "Why didn't?".

 I Breathe Deeply with Good Intention and Courage.   Again I Breathe Deeply and ask for the guidance to create a welcoming home in my heart.

 With Tenacity, I clear the obstacles with compassionate actions so that together we may share, prosper, and grow in Love.

 Opening the door with Good Intention and Courage, I invite you to come for a visit.  

 All Are Welcomed in the Home of My Heart. 

I Say Many Prayers!

I sit quietly in contemplation. 
I Breathe in with Hope.   With each breath I Exhale my desire to live in Peace.

Deeply I Breathe  Six Times.  In Hope and Respect for Humanity.  Out Wisdom and a Desire to live in Peace. 
My heart fills with good potential.   Each breath becomes a prayer I offer. 

May we find a way to put down our weapons, release our fear or hatred and listen to each other with care, compassion, empathy, and respect. 

May Love cause us to Awaken in Peace and offer our hands in friendship.  May we honor our cultural differences and embrace the idea that we are more alike than different.

We all need the oxygen in the air to breathe. When we cut eachother with words or harm eachother with guns, bombs, drones or violent actions, we all discover pain and suffering.
We All Share this Planet.  May we be wise enough to understand the value and loving potential of our lives.

May we want the good for others that we want for ourselves.  May we share our resources to with those in need.

May we nurture and educate our children with good dreams and Peaceful Hearts of Love.

My heart fills with Good Potential.   Each breath becomes a prayer I offer.  I Breathe Deeply and Say Many Prayers.   In Hope and Respect for Humanity.  Out Wisdom and a Desire to live in Peace.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Time To Heal


The Seeker thought of the days past and breathed deeply four times; feeling and hearing the wisdom voice of the heart.

 "If you knew me, then you would know my questions are meant to benefit, nurture and enrich your Spirit Energy so that your Soul is able to receive and transmit the message of cooperative understanding and Love."

Today I Breathe In the Mystery of the Creator's Song.   I Breathe Out Love with Acceptance and Cooperative Understanding.

I know that as human beings our history of violence and separation can be healed only by our willingness to accept the Truth and build reconciliation through education, conversation, cooperative understanding and Love.

Ten Times I Breathe....
 In the Mystery of the Creator's Song and Out Love with Acceptance and Cooperative Understanding.

Today, I accept Truth in Eternity.

 I Will Walk with a Peaceful, Loving Heart that Helps Nurture and Heal the Collective! 

In Response to the Ferguson Police and the many other Inequities ...My Beloved America!

My Beloved America...

 What Are You?
Where Is Our Cherished Democracy?

Why have you allowed Deceitful Progress
to come and steal our Children's Future?

America, you have sent away our jobs,
robbed us of our life savings or homes
and taken away our Privacy,
our Right to Assemble,
our Free Speech
our access to Airwaves
and Our Right to VOTE!

America, you and Deceitful Progress
have used the Nation's Courts
to create monopolies for Robber Barons
to steal and control our Nation.

America, you have turned neighbor
against neighbor and used technology
to bicker and create new wars
and prisons for profit
when you should be
Nurturing the Brilliance,
the Creativity and the
Hope of Our Children.

Stop Lying America.
Almost 50 percent of this Nation
is living in Poverty.

And your answer has been to arm police
with M-16's that kill valued citizens
and war tanks on City Streets
with teargas to control  those
with courage who peacefully assemble
to protest inequity and injustice?

My Beloved America...

There will be No Real Progress
without Equity, Education,
Integrity, Good Jobs and Respect
for All the People of Our Nation!

My Beloved America...
What Are You?
Where Is Our Cherished Democracy?

My Beloved America...
(c) Melony McGant

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sitting In the Silence of Love!


Today Deeply Breathe In and Out Ten Times. 

Let us be Grateful for the opportunity to Stand With Our Loved Ones tenderly as they journey through all the Passages of Life.

Let us offer Our Hearts in Gratitude as we listen with compassion, and respond with kindness.

Let us hold their hands or offer our gentle hugs of appreciation  and forgiveness.

Let us show up when there is sickness or sorrow and allow our Loved Ones to rest in Dignity with our Love.
Throughout life,  let us  share our gentle smiles, our laughter, and joy.

And when there are no words---Look deeply into the eyes of Our Loved Ones with gratitude and say Thank You by sitting in the silence with ease and an illuminated Faith.

Then, let your heart speak by offering only the Hope of Eternal, Everlasting Love.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Circle of Life


Take a moment to visit Your Heart.

Breathe In Love Deeply Four Times.
With each Breathe, Exhale Love.

When we were given Eternal Breath,
we began to live moment by moment
using our gifts, mastering our talents,
and sharing our Love.

In the Circle of Life,
there is no ending---
our ultimate Ascension
gives us a new Beginning.

As we travel on our Infinite Journey,
at each destination we leave
a Legacy of our Love,
our creative accomplishments
and our ability to inspire.

For it is through Love and Inspiration
that we are Re-Membered
and thrive in Eternity.

Breathe In Love Deeply Four Times.
With each Breathe,
Exhale Love.

Now with An Open Heart,
We Offer Gratitude for Life!

Monday, August 11, 2014

An Affirmation of HOPE


I still myself and slowly Breathe In Love and Out Gratitude Ten Times. 

I am Grateful for the ebb and flow of the Creator's Magnificent Universe. Thank YOU for the breath, the air and water which sustains us with Love.

In these difficult days where change and new direction cause many of us to question our hearts; I pay attention with care and walk gently with humility and hope.

No matter the challenge, difficulty or war, I pray for compassionate understanding, forgiveness, mercy, unity, peace and prosperity for all.

 I ask to be sincere, thoughtful and respectful.  Faith guides me on Our Collective Path of Forgiveness, Hope, Loving Prosperity and Peace on our Earth-Heart.

And So It Is With Love and Gratitude that I Breathe Deeply!

It is A Beautiful Day for Good Change


Today I Breathe Deeply Four Times and Bow with the Winds of Change. With Each breath I inhale Courage and exhale Fear. 

Change has come unexpected like a new lover. At first I ignored it but it wouldn't go away. Every time Change would smile and take my hand; my stomach would feel butterflies. 

Change asked me to have Courage when I didn't know the answer. 

Change taught me to believe in myself and to pay attention to all the ways that I could do better and be better. 

Courage helps me get up when I fall and teaches me better balance so I can prepare to take the next new step. 

I am so grateful!   I Breathe Deeply Four Times and Bow with the Winds of Change. With Each breath I inhale Courage and exhale Fear.

I believe that it is a Beautiful Day for Good Change!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Each Breath As A Prayer!


Today with Gratitude, may we open our hearts to neighbors everywhere. May we offer our resources and good wishes to the Ones in front of us. May we look across the World and help where we can, even if it is Only Our Prayers.

In fact Prayers of Compassion, Healing and Love are the most important gift we can offer because it shifts thought patterns, opens the heart to Faith. Prayer can inspire us to work together as the invisible doors of our hearts open to Grace.

Breathe Deeply Ten Times. Breathe In Love. Breathe Out Love.

As we allow each Breath of Unselfish Love to become a Prayer, we become aware that Our Blessed Creator Lives through Us. Therein lies the Miracle!

Blessed Be YOU and Your Beautiful Heart!

Just Listen!


I Breathe Slowly in and out Ten Times.  I still myself and listen to  the Voice of Uni-Verse--

"I believe in you and value you.  I saw you as Stardust. I know your goodness.  I know your fear of Light and of Love.  I know of your selfish ways for they have long saddened me.  I Forgive You.

Just Listen.  I Love You.  Hear me through the birds chirping, the wind whistling through trees and the ocean's roar. 

Breathe deeply and smell me in the honey suckle and cherry blossoms.  Taste me in the avocado, the apple, the blueberry, the carrot, the ginger and turnips.  Look at me in the Sky.

Remember it is I who share the magnificent moon,  the glistening stars and the ebullient sun with you.  The Land is not yours to fight over.  It is Mine!  All Is Mine.  I share it with you in Love. 

Just Listen.  Stop Fighting.  I Love You.  Feel me in your hearts through your acts of Compassion and Cooperation. 

Find your way back to Love.  Just Listen.  I Forgive You.  I Love You! "    

Again, I Breathe Slowly in and out Ten Times.  I listen to  the Voice of Uni-Verse--

"Just Listen.  Stop Fighting.  I Love You.  Feel me in your hearts through your acts of Compassion and Cooperation.  Find your way back to Love.  Just Listen.   I Forgive You.  I Love You! "   

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Becoming the Love Song


In the quiet of my mind, the Uni-Verse of my heart is guided by my Soul.

I Breathe  and Exhale 8 Times  and allow my body to  relax into Love.

I Inhale the Great Mystery.  I Exhale Faith and a desire for New Discovery.

I begin let go of Society's limited programming of not good enough or "too good to be true".

Deeply I Breathe.  I Exhale with Clarity and let go of every thought that says I can't.

Again I Breathe and feel the weight of past hurts and disappointment lifted.

I sit and listen to the Wisdom of my Soul.  Its Love Song vibrates in the air as it moves into my body and becomes One in the Uni-Verse of my heart.   All the good that is within me exists and is awakened by Grace when I offer my Gratitude for each experience.

My Heart sings, "Within me is the unlimited creativity filled with Divine Intention and brilliance to become, and create and share through Love."

With deep humility,  I Breathe, Sing and Become the Love Song.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Clearing Sacred Space


The broken teapot of old hurts, the worn coat of disappointment, and the shoes of fear are all items that I no longer need. 

I am letting go-- sweeping, cleaning, clearing and Forgiving.

Deeply I Breathe Ten Times.  In Love.  Out Gratitude.  In Love Out Gratitude.

The Sacred Space of my Home and my Heart is a safe place of LOVE where the splendor of Hope and Faith reside with Comfort.

We are preparing for special guests-- Grace, Blessings and Mercy have promised to visit soon!

Again, Deeply I Breathe Ten Times.  In Love.  Out Gratitude with JOY.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Your Beautiful Heart!


 Even when life has revealed major difficulty; even when you or a loved one is sick; even when your job has been lost---YOU Are Still Beautiful!

The light from your heart shines through the pain like a star providing direction to the lost traveler at night.  

Breathe Deeply FOUR TIMES.  In Patience.  Out Compassion.   In Patience.  Out Compassion.

Gather your Good Energy.  Take the hand of Courage.  The good way to go is Forward.  

Again, Breathe Deeply.  In Patience.  Out Compassion.   In Patience.  Out Compassion.

Allow Your Beautiful Heart to Light the Path and Show You the Way!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Star of Optimism

Beloved Radiant Ones---

Every person living with Optimism shines like a Star and re-members to share the goodness of their heart. Breathe Deeply Four Times. In and Out.  Feel the Oxygen of Optimism enter your heart.

Affirm your path.

"I will patiently work to be consistent in my efforts to grow as I further develop my gifts. I will share the goodness of my heart and allow the Star of Optimism to guide me!"

Again Breathe Deeply Four times.

Go Forth and Shine

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rhythm of Love!


No matter what faces us,
or how impossible life seems,
we always have the gift of prayer.

When we pray, we are asking
for Divine guidance and healing.

We are given answers in a child's smile
or in the kind sharing
of one who has little
but lovingly gives anyway.

Breathe Deeply Four Times.
Breathe In Love. Exhale With Love.

What will you offer and give in Love?

Today as we pray,
let us listen more deeply
to the songs of the Uni-Verse
and re-learn to sing, dance and pray
to the Rhythm of Love!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Rains of Awareness


Through the Rains of Awareness, Gratitude fills my heart.  The only good way to move is Forward.  I Breathe Deeply Four Times In and Out.  I Breathe In Patience and Tenacity.  I Breathe Out Joy.  

I honor the Song of the Consistent Rain dancing on rooftops.  I Breathe In Gratitude and pay close attention to the details of my life through the Rains of Awareness.  I too must be consistent in my good efforts to live a life of Integrity.

Deeply I Breathe In with Gratitude. I Breathe Out JOY. 
Today I Honor the Rains of Awareness.  Moving Forward, I will walk with determination and allow my words and actions to be kind, loving and truthful. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thank You For Your Concern, Collective Prayers and Courage!


Thank You For Your Concern, Collective Prayers and Courage to help build a better World where all of us have the opportunity to prosper in good health, safety, and Love; with unlimited opportunity to live and dream and contribute our unique gifts. I Appreciate YOU!

Recently I was feeling sad and thinking that my work as an ordinary citizen and spiritual peacemaker was insignificant.  A dear friend reminded me that our good actions, thoughts and prayers always do make a difference.  He also told me that alone we are not the change but instead we are the catalyst for change.  In my impatience, I had forgotten that real change, good change that is systemic and long-lasting takes a very, very long time.  And when we look at our existence as humans on Earth, this is true.  In fact, in our quest for material success, sometimes it appears that we have taken a several steps backwards.   

This is why I am asking that we take a  look at the current fearful reality that we have created so that we can move forward with a desire and a commitment to create a World with Cooperative, Sustainable Love where unlimited generations of Our Children can prosper with respect for each other, preserve and share the Earth's abundance, and live in safety with Joy. 

Take a moment to still yourself. 

Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  In Hope with Love. Out Hope With Love.  In Hope with Love. Out Hope With Love. In Hope with Love. Out Hope With Love.

Now let us open our hearts to Truth.  In Atlanta, Chicago, New York and across the United States, in South America, Ukraine and throughout Europe, Israel, Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Tibet and throughout many parts of Africa, Asia and Australia--virtually Everywhere on Earth---violence has become a part of the culture we impose on Our Children through entertainment media and improper use of technology.  Violence is also used to control others, sometimes by law enforcement, the military, militia and terrorists--- many times for political gain, in greed, in despair and desperation, even in quests for Freedom! 

 And yet violence never offers hope, compassion, healing, or forgiveness.  Only Courage, Education, Mercy, Respect, Understanding, Wisdom and Love Offer Hope, Compassion, Forgiveness and Healing, As Bridges to Real Cooperation and Peace for Our Human Collective.

Please re-member to keep breathing.  In Hope with Love. Out Hope With Love.  In Hope with Love. Out Hope With Love.

We are often told by our politicians, leaders and the media that there is a just cause for violence  and war.  They tell us that every nation, and human being has a right to defend themselves.  We share and spend billions in missiles, bombs, drones and guns. How many  innocents civilians--- elders, women, men and children, have been killed in disputes in their homes, walking the streets, visiting malls or riding buses, trains and airplanes across the World?  Too Many.  Far Too Many! 

And why then is it that when soldiers come back from battle, we offer inadequate resources for healing of mind, body and spirit.  How many of those wounded veterans are suffering or homeless?   Too Many.  Far Too Many!   

When we know the Truth, we have a responsibility to use the moral compass of our hearts to act as Catalysts for Good Change through Education, Cooperation and Sincere Efforts to Bring and Be the Peace!!!  

The Truth is, we ourselves must stop hating, and killing in our minds and hearts!  We must insist that our leaders and politicians become true servant leaders and advocates of Equity, Compassion, Peace and Prosperity For ALL People; honoring all Faiths and Cultures!

And Yes, real change, good change that is systemic and long-lasting does takes a very, very long time.  The road is long, steep and sometime arduous.  It will not be easy but with patience and unselfish Love, we can each use our unique gifts and become Catalysts for Good Change. 

Again, Breathe Deeply. In Hope with Love. Out Hope With Love.  In Hope with Love. Out Hope With Love.

Today, let us humbly move forward with a desire and a commitment to create a World with Cooperative, Sustainable Love where unlimited generations of Our Children can prosper with respect for each other, preserve and share the Earth's abundance, and live in safety with Joy. 

Thank You For Your Concern, Collective Prayers and Courage!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

You Are A Miracle!


Breathe Deeply In and Out Ten Times.  Remember Why You Are Here!  You are a Miracle; here to experience the beauty of Our Mother Earth; to sing  with the birds, and learn from the trees as they share oxygen so you can  breathe.

You are here like a caterpillar in order to grow and have the  courage to transform into a beautiful butterfly that soars in gratitude.

You are here to offer your talent and gifts of compassion; just as the  bee offers honey for healing.

You are here to befriend your world  neighbors and to learn to live in Peace as you honor the oceans and rivers so  that there is clean water to drink and nurture our Universal Sentient Family for  Future Generations .

There are so very many good reasons why you are  here!

You, Are A Miracle--- Here to Grow and Prosper With A Loving  Heart! Breathe Deeply and Give Thanks!