Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Un-Relenting Love...


Across the ethers of time forgotten,
through the winds of chance
unknowingly planned;
Destiny offers free will
and Love.

Love then, becomes both a choice
and a responsibility....

Traveling across the Uni-verse
swimming in the depth of oceans
feeling the breath of Love
that offers strength, courage
and hope that soothes
sorrow and offers forgiveness...

With joy, I am re-born through Faith
always with the gift of
Unrelenting Love.

I Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times.

As I continue to Breathe, I Re-Member...

With Every Breathe

I Re-Member Unrelenting Love...

...Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Joy and Sorrow


When  we lose our jobs, or our homes; when we learn that we are ill and can not be  cured; or when we say our final goodbyes to a Loved One-- we discover what it  feels like to be broken.  Sorrow is forever knocking at our door.

How do we pick  up the pieces of our broken lives?  We open the door to Love.  With Love will come dear, old friends Compassion and Mercy. They are like Sunshine to the Clouds of  Sorrow. And then, there are the tender moments and times of forgiveness and healing that bring  the Rainbow of Joy.  Rarely in life does one travel without the other.

Today Breathe Deeply at least 10 Times.  Even  when Sorrow comes, Joy is ever-present to see us through the difficult times;  and hold us tenderly with Love!    We too must try always to offer Compassion and Mercy.

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Rainbow Heart of Love!


Today I pray to walk with compassion, humility, loving-kindness, and right words with right actions. 

I Breathe Deeply Four Times and open my Heart and Soul to honor and receive Divine Grace. 

I honor the Ancients, the Ancestors and All those who have Ascended Into the Rainbow Heart of Love. 

I continue to Breathe and feel the Spirit of Love awakening every cell within my body.  

With humility, I Give Thanks  for the Blessings and Miracles of Hope and Joy that are  manifesting on Earth and throughout the Uni-Verse as many Awaken to the Truth that lives through the Eternal Songs of Love. 

Again I Breathe Deeply Four Times.  I allow myself to remember and feel the Love Songs.

To Our Blessed Creator I pray and ask for the Courage and Faith to live within the vision of hope; to radiate Light and joyfully share the Truthful Songs of Love imprinted in my heart; dancing and living in my Soul! 

I Breathe Deeply and Sing.  We Will Always Be ONE In the Rainbow Heart of Love!

Prayer Vibrations


 I Breathe Deeply Four Times as I sit, hear and feel the vibration of prayers of Buddhists, Christians, Jews and Moslems.

My heart opens even more as I Breathe  In Love and Exhale Love, again and again.

Now I feel the Drum Beat calling All Indigenous People who honor Our Mother Earth in her Majesty and Her Waters that Sustain Us.   So many people have forgotten The Mother.

I Breathe again with Appreciation and Understanding.  I Re-Member to Honor Mother Earth-Heart!

Every time we choose patience or tolerance; every act of compassion or hope; every faithful word, and action offered with unselfish Love brings Joy to the Mother and Father  Creator of the Uni-Verse.

Today as I walk to the rhythm of the drum, I will Breathe In Hope and Patience.  I will  Exhale Unselfish Love.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Faith In Goodness...


These are times when
the light of Love
sometimes feels dim.

People are suffering.

How do we heal?

We heal through the Faith
in our own Goodness.

Each kind act  makes
the light more vibrant.

We must open our hearts
so the  light of compassion
shines with hope.

At every moment we have
the opportunity to be Good
and to offer our lives in service to Good.

The Light of Love is the greatest
gift within you. Believe it.

When we act with generosity of  spirit,
we make Kindness our practice
and  help heal our wounded  world.

I heal through my good acts and by sharing
the Light of Love within me!
Kindness Is My Practice!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

We Are the Majority!


 History has taught us that diplomacy and conversation are the only ways to move forward with good intent. We know that violence will never provide  long term solutions to the many challenges facing our Human Collective.

Have we forgotten our good efforts of diplomacy. Why have we stopped talking and listening to eachother. Fear, hatred, greed and injustice appear to h
ave become aligned. In many instances, our sense of right or wrong is driven by mis-understanding, as well as a desire to control and promulgate dis-respect of eachother.

Because of wrong actions by a few, we have forgotten Peace in Our Hearts. The truth is, some of us have even forgotten what it is to Love.

I ponder children without hope killing children on city streets or drones, rockets, and ak-47's destroying babies, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors across our precious Earth/Heart.

I allow myself to cry in anger and despair.

I Breathe and Exhale Deeply Ten Times and honor the Master Creator and all sentient beings with Love.

Then I gather my good energy. Tears act as an opening for my heart to join the many other beautiful hearts desiring to build bridges of cooperation across the Earth. I breathe deeply in Gratitude for the Hope and Faith that lives in my broken heart.

Let Us Pray for compassionate listening, loving actions, healing and peaceful resolutions.

Please answer Love's Call. We Are the Majority. Open your hearts with patience, cooperation and a desire for understanding. Join me and offer your strong voices and prayers of compassion, forgiveness, Love and mercy for all of Humanity.

May we align our minds and our hearts with a willingness to act with peace, live in peace and become the Peace.

We Are the Majority. May we vision and build a world where all children are nurtured and safe from violent actions.

May we build bridges of cooperation so that that all children can Love, live, dream, achieve, and prosper on a sustainable Earth/Heart with a vivid Loving Peace for hundreds of generations to come!

And So It Is With Love!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Woven Into the Heart Tapestry


Woven deeply into the heart tapestries of our lives are the stories and secrets of our souls. We may share a story but rarely do we reveal ourselves or our wounds in totality. 

We have forgotten the great mystery of Love woven within our very beings.

Divine Spirit, in calling us to Awaken, asks us to Re-member In Love all the places and wounds that need to be healed.

Breathe Deeply Six Times. As you Inhale, ask for and offer forgiveness in your heart. Exhale memories of old wounds. 

Breathe Deeply and allow your Soul to easily Awaken.

The Great Mystery of Love is like a Woven Heart Tapestry that somehow connects us to All that Is Generous, Merciful, Loving and Divine.    

Breathe and Re-Member!

Judgment or Love

Beloved Radiant Hearts---

Who among us lives with no skeletons of wrong doing or shame for past deeds?

I clear my mind of every petty thought or judgment of another and ask only for Forgiveness.

I Breathe Deeply Four times and remind myself of Truth.

If I am to help build beautiful new worlds of healing, hope and joy, then everywhere I go, I must share Compassion and Mercy; walk with Faith and Forgiveness; and Stay the Course of Love.

What Must YOU DO?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Live In Harmony


Breathe Deeply in Gratitude for the beauty and unlimited potential of your existence. 
Listen deeply to the Voice in Your Heart.

"There is absolutely no space between us nor boundaries that separate us.  You will forever be a part of Me. "  

These are the harmonious words heard by all who listen throughout the Magnificent, Generous, All-Knowing,  Loving  Universe.  Again Breathe Deeply.   Open Your Heart  and Listen. 

"There is absolutely no space between us nor boundaries that separate us.  You will forever be a part of Me. " 
This is the Truth of The Master Creator that floats throughout Uni-Verse and becomes the Song of Life.  
Now Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times!

With every step you take today, try to Live in  Kindness and Beauty. 

Honor the unlimited potential of Your Loving Existence.  Live in Harmony.   Sing only the Song of LOVE!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mazi & The Queen Of Wands ( A fable to share with Children that still needs an illustrator)

Mazi & The Queen Of Wands ( A fable to share with Children that still needs an illustrator)

A very long time ago, far, far away, nestled between the stars was a Land called Peace. Everything was beautiful there. The grass and trees were green and all kinds of birds flew in the sky. Cardinals, doves, eagles, hummingbirds, mina birds, parrots and lot’s of other birds. And the Land was rich with cl
ean water to drink, and all kinds of fruits and vegetables for people to eat.

There was a little boy who liked to call himself Mazi. He was one of many, many sons of a great emperor. As Mazi grew, so special was his ability to help his mother and father, all his brothers, sisters and other people agree to work together that he achieved great fortune. He was flexible like a monkey and began to think like a crocodile.

When he grew up, he became the Emperor. People called him Emperor Mazi. For many years it seemed like every project he touched turned to gold, just like King Midas. Success was his.

But as the years passed Emperor Mazi began to forget who he was. He forgot the Love in his heart.So even with all his money and things he wasn't happy.

One day while vacationing by the ocean,he met a young woman named Imani. She made him laugh and laugh and he began to be happy. Because Imani helped him feel the Love in his heart.

So then, Mazi the Emperor thought “maybe I could buy her!” But she wasn’t for sale. And the next day when he went to see her, Imani had gone.

And Mazi was very sad because though he didn’t know it, he had lost the Love in his heart.

Imani went on a long journey, first to college and then traveling from Star to Star, learning about the languages and cultures of many different people.

She spent years discovering who she was. For a time she wanted wealth, and to be considered as especially important to other people. But then she became very sick and when she had recovered, Imani remembered that she must live only with Love in her heart.

After Imani was better, she did many things. She began writing, singing and telling stories to children. She accomplished so much and wherever she went, Imani helped people open their hearts.

Imani never forgot Mazi and always told children the story of a great emperor who had tried to buy a young woman and called himself Mazi.

Now Imani told the children that on other stars, the name Mazi meant mister. So all the children laughed and laughed at the Emperor who called himself Mister.

Because they knew that people could not be bought. And that Love was something special to share.

Every time Imani told that story, far away the Emperor felt Love in his heart. And whenever he thought of Imani, he was sad because he thought he had lost his soulmate.

When he slept, Mazi began to have the same dream over and over. In the dream a voice told him to find Imani so that she could help him to build a rainbow bridge across the galaxy.

It was a New Time, and important for All People to become One Heart. But the Emperor didn’t listen.

Time passed by… Moon, after moon, after moon. And Mazi still didn’t have the courage to listen to his heart.

Now many people in the Land of Peace knew that the emperor was very sad. They decided to have a Birthday Festival by the ocean and invited artists, performers and numerous other people from different stars.

While Mazi was sleeping on the night before the festival, he had that same dream about Imani and the Rainbow Bridge.

And when he awoke he remembered that it was his birthday and that he had to be happy because if he wasn’t, all the people in the Land of Peace would be sad.

So that day he dressed very simply. He made a birthday promise to himself. And then Mazi went to his Birthday Festival.

There was a big art exhibition with beautiful pictures, sculpture, quilts and many other exquisite crafts.

The festival was busy with people eating, laughing, singing and dancing.

For hours Mazi smiled, ate, sang and danced--hugging everyone he saw. He thanked all the people for making his birthday special.

Finally he just wanted to sit by the water. As he walked towards the ocean, in the distance he heard a voice that sounded a little familiar and lots of children laughing.

Mazi felt his heart beating boom, boom, boom, boom boom, boom, boom, boom, boom boom!

He kept walking towards the laughter. And his heart started opening. Then the most magical thing happened…

Even though it was sunny, water came from the sky. Imani looked up from the children into the eyes of Mazi.

Suddenly time stopped and when it started again, all the people in the Land of Peace and all the people across the Galaxy, felt Mazi’s Love for Imani, the Queen Of Wands.

And Guess What…

A Giant Rainbow Bridge Appeared In The Sky.

(c) Melony McGant

Your Turtle Wisdom


Even in the most difficult of times; like the Turtle, when we become patient with Ourselves and the World, we develop clarity.

Then we are able breathe in the Oxygen of the Earth gratefully and travel slowly across unknown waters or lands to safely to Victory.

We grow stronger with each day.  As we come to know the essence of Our Be-ing, we are more able to offer compassion, forgiveness, kindness and mercy as a way of  Becoming, Celebrating and Nurturing Love.

Slowly Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times.  Open your heart to the Creator's Infinite Grace.

There is no need to rush to beat the deceptive, selfish, greedy Hares trying to manipulate your Ego.

Decide to honor and use the gift of your Turtle Wisdom.  Do All that you CAN with Love.

Remember, every challenge requires clarity, deep listening,  Patience, Faith, and a Strong Belief and willingness to achieve a Good Outcome!

Again, Slowly Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times. Today, Walk With Your Turtle Wisdom!

Friday, September 19, 2014

When People Are Unkind, A Heart Song to Share!!!

If you listen carefully and sing this song,you will feel that only Love belongs....

When people, people are unkind,never you mind, never you mind.

They may say hurtful things,cause fear rules their hearts.

Life for them may seem like it's been falling apart.

Love them anyway. Love them anyway.

You can show them the way.Be your best in every way, everyday!

Just believe...believe in yourself, because with your good deeds and thoughts, there's no anger to be bought, no fear to be taught.

You are given joy and peace of mind, when no matter what,--- you remember to be kind!

When people, people are unkind,never you mind.

You have the strength and courage to live this day in Grace.

Every word you say, every step you take, can one day benefit the Hue-Man Race.

When people, people are unkind,never you mind.

Love them anyway, Love them anyway.Show them the way.

Be your best every day, in every way!

You can help save the Hue-Man Race each time you take a step in Grace.

When people are unkind,never you mind!

Cause you listened carefully, and you know this song.

Now you know that only Love belongs!

You can help save the Hue-Man Race each time you take a step in Grace.

(c) Melony McGant

Thursday, September 18, 2014

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Seeker Dreamer: Amazing, Brilliant, Compassionate YOU!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Offering Many Genuine Thank Yous!

In Our World of Confusion, so many who work for good are seldom  acknowledged. 

Please know that your efforts are seen, heard, felt and appreciated.

Thank You for your  words and actions of Kindness that fill me and many others with Hope. 

Thank You for  having the Courage to Listen deeply with Care, and for your willingness to offer Compassion, Forgiveness and Mercy. 

You  inspire me to walk with Confidence in our Collective Ability to expand our  hearts and be vessels through which the Grace of Love can move. 

With Gratitude and Humility,  I Breathe and Exhale Deeply Six Times. 

I Move Forward into this Day by Offering Many Genuine Thank Yous! 
Wherever You Are, for the Good You Do--- Thank You!  

 Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank YOU!

While I Am Here...


While I'm here, I want to live just in this moment with a smile  of Love; and if pain and sorrow come; I want to embrace my tears and let my  heart heal of all the wounds I will have only just discovered. Even then, I want  to give the gifts of hope and Love that forever fill my heart.

While I'm here I  want to breathe deeply and be inspired by learning mercy, and forgiveness as I  Dream a World of Peaceful Prosperity for All.

And I know that in the twilight of  my life, one day I will bid you bye for now and dance across the ocean waves  before I walk on clouds, and join the many before me who sing and dance with a  Heavenly Glow!

While I Am Here, I want to Breathe with Hope, Live with Compassion and Love with JOY...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Feel, See and Appreciate the Compassionate YOU!

I Feel, See and Appreciate the Compassionate YOU!


When life appears to be overwhelming still yourself and Breathe.

With each breath, let go of your frustration and replace it with Patience.  Take a moment  and feel all around you with a heart of  Love.  What does it feel like?

Now,  Breathe In Hope.  Breathe Out Compassion.  Feel and see the beauty of your heart as you tenderly offer care for yourself and decide to extend that care and tenderness to all those around you.

Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  Breathe In Patience.  Breathe Out Compassion.  Walk with patient thoughts, words and actions.  Offer care and tenderness.

Breathe Deeply.  Allow yourself to reflect your beautiful Heart of Love.  BREATHE.  With each step, re-member the Voice that says "I Feel,  See and Appreciate the Compassionate YOU!" 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Melodies of Hope


 When others have forgotten the rhythm of Love, it takes courage to live in Divine Truth.

All around us there are those who fear embracing Oneness.

Still by being gentle, genuine and generous, we are able to create the melodies of hope.

Today Breathe Deeply Four Times. Breathe in Courage and Love. Exhale Courage and Love.

 Re-member that you are supported and Loved.

Follow the Universal Conductor within your heart.

Let the melody of your life be gentle, genuine, generous, and filled with Grace.

Breathe in Courage and Love. Exhale Courage and Love.

Have Courage and Live the Divine Truth of Your Life in the Rhythm of Love!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Honor the Axiom Tide. Walk In Truth Anyway!


 People may ignore you because of where you come from, your social status or your race. Even your birth family may choose to close their hearts to you when you have been baptized in Love.

Honor the Axiom Tide. Walk In Truth Anyway.

Truth is the only way to live as a Being of Love. Knowing, speaking and being the Truth is how we live Our Purpos
e. Everyone has a purpose and a contribution to make on this planet. It is something that only You can do, or say or write in the fabric of time.

Breath Deeply Four Times. In Truth and Love. Out Truth and Love. In Truth and Love. Out Truth and Love. In Truth and Love. Out Truth and Love. In Truth and Love. Out Truth and Love.

Your good destiny lies beyond the jealous or petty. Your Good Destiny Resides In the Heart of Love.

Even when it seems like all the familiar doors have closed, please don't give up.

Again Breathe Deeply. Honor the Axiom Tide. Walk in Truth Anyway!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our True Purpose


In today's society, even those we love, we judge! We want them to dress, walk, and talk in a way that makes us feel superior.

We have been conditioned to manipulate others, to fight and to use words that harm even when we talk of Peace.

Good Communication requires a willingness to stop and listen. Take a moment to clear the pathway of your Heart. Decide to listen beyond ju

 Breathe Deeply In and Out Four Times. Breathe In Gratitude for every conversation of Hope. Breathe Out Compassion and Love.

In Gratitude with Hope. Out Compassion and Love. In Gratitude with Hope. Out Compassion and Love. In Gratitude with Hope. Out Compassion and Love.

Please Re-member, Our True Purpose is to use our gifts to inspire, support and empower others so that we all blossom in Love.

Today Water Your Garden of Hope. Together Let Us Nurture the Dream of an Equitable Loving Peace.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Prayer of Gratitude with Hope for a Loving Peace throughout Every Uni-Verse.

Prayer of Gratitude with Hope for a Loving Peace throughout  Every Uni-Verse.

My Beloveds Across the Planet--

I invite you to open your hearts with compassion and offer Prayers of Gratitude With Hope For A Loving Peace throughout the Every Uni-Verse.

No matter our troubles, let us clear our minds and vision only our Collective Loving Potential.  Breathe Deeply Ten Times. In Love.  Out Love.  In Love. Out Love.  In Love.  Out Love.

Now Let Us Pray...
Dearest MotherFatherBlessedCreator Of Every Uni-Verse, We Honor YOU in All Names, In All Cultures and All Religions. We Honor You In Every Believer and In All Those Still Questioning Your Existence. 

We listen deeply.  We see and feel the majesty in all Your Creations. We join with our brothers and sisters throughout this planet Awakening to Love and know that Your Love flows through All Living Things.

We bow in Gratitude for we have been and are taught by Ancestors, Elders, Peers and Children.  For the gift of Love is freely offered by all those willing to give and receive.

For all those suffering and Lost, we offer Prayers of Hope.  And for ourselves and all others, we offer compassion and forgiveness for every selfish thought and action.  May You continue to guide us in Awareness so that our actions of Good multiply a million fold and benefit humanity in our Earthly existence.

For their brilliance, creative service and lessons shared with wisdom---We offer our Gratitude for  Loved Ones and All Who Have Ascended Into the Heaven Realm.

Again We Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  In Love. Out Love.  In Love. Out Love. In Love. Out Love.

Today we ask  also for Divine Guidance through the Whispers of Love that have Illuminated Many Hearts Throughout Eternity. 

MotherFatherBlessedCreator Of Every Uni-Verse--May We Become Worthy of Your Every Gift.  Collectively May We Find A Way To Live In Love With Humility As Vessels of Compassion With Peace On Earth!

And So It Is With Love We Offer Our Prayers!

Peacemaker--My 9/11 Tribute

I first wrote and shared this poem on September 9th, 2001 (9/11).  Little did I know that 2 days later  here in NYC and throughout the World, we would all be called to search the depth of our hearts and try to begin healing .  The truth is, we are still healing and struggling with acceptance of others.

Today on 9/11/2014  I Offer Prayers of Love for Peace, Cooperation and Compassion.  Please Join Me!!


You are a Peacemaker mandated
to create a montage of LOVE all around the earth.
What will you do?

What if right now you are asked
to become a vessel of the Divine Heart…

Will you set aside your hidden fears?

Can you have the courage,
integrity and propensity to share your LOVE?

If you meet someone different than you,
suffering from xenophobia
and they are extremely unkind
because all they know is fear and hatred…
will you show them how to be
mellifluous with LOVE for ALL people?

You Have Awakened.
You are Re-Membering your dreams of LOVE.

Intrinsic in you is the desire
to create overtures of LOVE
for our children…
and all people through education, business, government,
art, music, dance, theatre and all art forms.

What Will You Do?

Every sentient being is an incarnation of LOVE.
LOVE is another name for
an Exalted Spirit with a palatial heart.

How Do You Feel?

Now, imagine yourself as a Lodestar
kindling the flame of LOVE.

Your best friend is Morning Star,
also know as Venus, the planet of LOVE.
You were born with the awareness of angels?

Together How Do You Feel And What Will You Do???
September 9, 2001 (c) Melony McGant

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why Are YOU Here??? Because You Light the Earth/Heart!


Why Are YOU Here??? Because You Light the Earth/Heart!

Take a moment and Breathe Deeply Six Times.

Please Re-Member. There is only One YOU that Lights the Earth/Heart and the Heavens with Your Unique Gift.

Other share their gifts too and All in Our World benefit from the Uniqueness and Individuality of Every Sentient Being.

All Gifts of brilliance, creativity, compassion, faith, mercy a...
nd Love bring Hope and Joy to the World!

What is Your Gift? How do you bring Hope and Joy to the World?

Continue to Breathe Deeply and Re-Member.

There is only One YOU that Lights the Earth/Heart and the Heavens with Your Unique Gift!

This Is Why YOU Are Here!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Is It the Ego?


 Sometimes we must ask Ourselves
"Is it the ego needing a new victory
or the heart asking you to Live in Truth?".

In all ways and all things seek Clarity.

Breathe Deeply Eight Times With Gratitude for Your Life.
Inhale Honesty, Perseverance and Faith.
Exhale Humility with Self-Confidence and Love.

 Listen to your heart. Care fully.

Breathe Deeply Four Times.

In all ways and all things seek Clarity.
Inhale Honesty, Perseverance and Faith.
Exhale Humility with Self-Confidence and Love.

Listen Deeply.  Care Fully.
Walk and Speak Gently!  

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Safe Sanctuary

Beloved Radiant ONES---

 YOU, the Seeker Dreamer will become a Lighted Soul Star when you offer compassion and allow the goodness of your heart to become a Safe Sanctuary through deep listening.

When we allow others to speak their Truth, we create new pathways of understanding and respect.

Breathe Deeply Ten Times. In Listening with Care. Out New Wisdom, Respect and Love.

When you offer compassion and allow the goodness of your heart to be a Safe Sanctuary, You Become a Lighted Soul Star Shining and Healing through Goodness and Love!

My Abundant Heart!


The Master Creator Spoke.
"Thank you  for being you! You are like a garden needing to be nurtured.  I will nurture you  so that the fruit of your heart blossoms.

Now with Gratitude nurture others too,  so that your children and children's children blossom in kindness and grow in  the safety and Wisdom of Love.

Share your dreams and the fruit of your labors.  Offer Your Best and you will discover Abundance.

There is more than enough for  all, if you become more willing to share."

I Breath Deeply In and Out Four Times.  I Breathe with a willingness to nurture myself so that I am able to nurture and share with many others!

"Share and Meet Your Loving Destiny!"

Today with Gratitude, I Embrace the Wisdom and Grace of the Divine  Living In My Abundant Heart!

YOU Are A Miracle!


Remember Why You Are Here! You are a Miracle; here to experience the beauty of Our Mother Earth; to sing with the birds, and learn from the trees as they share oxygen so you can breathe.

You are here like a caterpillar in order to grow and have the courage to transform into a beautiful butterfly that soars in gratitude.

You are here to offer your talent and gifts of compassion; just as the bee offers honey for healing.

You are here to befriend your World neighbors and to learn to live in Peace as you honor the oceans and rivers so that there is clean water to drink and nurture our Universal Sentient Family for Future Generations .

There are so very many good reasons why you are here!

YOU Are A Miracle--- Here to Grow and Prosper With A Loving Heart!

Breathe Deeply and Give Thanks!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Dawn of A New Day


The beauty of the day is evident
in the rainbow palette
of the sky as the Sun rises.

We call it the Dawn of a New Day.

And sometimes, with it comes
the memory of tragedy and
the  despair we felt yesterday.

Still with hope, our hearts
begin to  Awaken,

and re-membering Compassion;
We Begin Again.

Let Us Breathe Deeply Six Times.
In Love.  Out Hope.

Today we offer  a hand and speak
tenderly to our neighbors
even in dis-agreement.

Again Breathe.
In Love.  Out Hope.

This is the Way of Diplomacy!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Honor the Jewels!


No matter your Faith,  Belief or Cultural Traditions, Each  of Us is a member of the Master Creator's Royal Family. 

Please take a moment and still your mind.  Breathe Deeply Four Times. Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love. Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love. Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love.

Honor the Jewels of  Compassion, Kindness, Patience, Generosity, Understanding and Hope.  These are  the Jewels that sparkle through Faith when shared with the Jewels of Mercy,  Forgiveness and Unselfish Love.  

Again, Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love. Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love. Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love.

May We All  Learn to Live Together and Walk With Peaceful, Loving Hearts!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Let Us Pray, Sing and Dance--

(Inspired by ChiChi Anyanwu, So Jeong Kim,  Ty Stephens and All of YOU!)


Let Us Pray, Sing and Dance!
I have awakened with the Creator's
Love Song in my heart.

Filled with Gratitude, my Awakening Soul
is embodied by Trust.

Feeling the safety and appreciation
of Divine Love we joyfully
begin to dance with Eternity.

With humility I answer the Urgent
Freedom Call of the Angelic Ancestors.

I breathe deeply as I dance the dance
of Harmony and Peace.

Each breath taken in gratitude
results in my healing hope for the courage
needed to Share Love.

Ten Times I Breathe.
In Gratitude and Love,
Out Harmony and Peace.

I pray for our Universal Human Collective
and ask that we move forward with
Loving Support so that we
re-birth, be re-membered 
and help realize for our Children's,
Children's, Children---
a World Beyond Violence and War.

Let us work to build bridges to
a World of Creativity, Harmony
and a Vivid, Flourishing Peace.

I breathe deeply and with humility,
I dance honoring the Urgent Freedom Call
of Our Angelic Ancestors.

Together we pray, sing and dance with healing hope
to the rhythm of the Creator's Love Song!

Let Us All Pray, Sing and Dance!
(c) Melony McGant

Monday, September 1, 2014

Though Duality Exists!


In deep reflection, I must face no one but Myself.  All violent thoughts and actions, envy and greed or guns and wars to said to bring Peace are based in evil. 
Duality Exists.  Evil exists but over time, though it may be eons; ultimately Our Good Potential Will Prosper.

No matter what goes on in the World, I have a responsibility to live with humility in the Truth inspired by Love.

Only then through the Creator's Blessing of Love am I able to see the Earth, the Sky, the Oceans, the Dolphins and Trees, and Birds, and Flowers and All Sentients as purposeful and interconnected in Love.

As I Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times in many intervals, I feel Hope in a World where much of Humanity is fearfully Awakening and struggling to restore itself through Love.

I Breathe in Gratitude for the Awakening of Truth Discovered when I face Myself by looking in the Mirror of all those around me.  Seeing the need for compassion, forgiveness, kindness, mutual cooperation mercy and Love, I Look into the Heart of Eternity.  We Are One In Love.
In the circle of our Eternal Existence, beyond current evil acts of envy, greed and mis-understanding, Love Exists Into Eternity. 
Yes, duality exists but ultimately Our Good Potential continues to prosper through our every Loving Action.
I commit to  walk with courage, fortitude and patience.  I will do my best to live with Loving actions and thoughts of Peace and Prosperity for All.
In Deep Reflection and Prayer, I offer Gratitude, embrace Eternity, and Re-member that Love is the most powerful energy of every Uni-Verse!!  
 It is through our  Collective Commitment to live beyond duality as Beings of Love, that  our Earth/Heart,  and seven generations of Children yet unborn will peacefully prosper with Joy and Love!
I Breathe Deeply and Re-Member.  I Am a Being of Love!  You Are A Being of Love.  We Are One In Love.