Friday, October 31, 2014

Joy Bearer

 Beloved Seeker Dreamer,

Now that you have awakened into the New Day and offered Thanks, walk with a Prayer of Joy.

Breathe In Gratitude. Exhale Love.  Deeply  Breathe Four Times.

Today use and share your gifts with humility. Smile when you say hello! Offer to help someone in need. Listen carefully. Complete each task willingly--- with precision and grace.

 Share your best with Joyful Gratitude. Become a Joy Bearer!

 Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Important Endings

Beloved Radiant Ones--

Every Ending and New Beginning brings with it the Loyalty of the Turtle who knows only LOVE In Eternity.  We have the ability to allow the energy of Unselfish LOVE to speak the Truth.

Breathe Deeply and let go of any judgment of yourself. Become an empty vessel.

Again, Breathe Deeply. Listen and feel the Master Creator's LOVE move through You. Breathe Slowly and Deeply.

Today marks an Important Ending but also a New Beginning.  Breathe Deeply and ask Your Heart "Who Am I In LOVE?".

Listen.  Breathe. Listen.  Breathe.  Listen.

Now Go and Live the Good Answer!

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Being Overwhelmed...

Have you been overwhelmed by our Collective in-ability to re-connect in Love?

I have, and it is difficult at moments to feel, see and breathe in Love; honoring the good in All.

Our selfishness has brought forth a tremendous imbalance throughout the planet. Only  good intent and actions of Love can return the balance.

Please re-member that as we undergo these violent arguments in our hearts; there is a Universal struggle between the forces of Loving Cooperation versus ego, fear and the need for materialistic control.

We must re-activate our inner listening and use compassionate communication in all negotiations-- be it family, friends, corporations or nations in conflict.

Our goal should be to do no harm to share our resources, to educate, uplift and inspire. Our goal should be to nurture and open doors of healing for eachother, and to always  try to do more good!
This is the Way, the Divine Call and Truth of Love!

Only our true compassion and honest respect for others can Restore Balance and Hope on Earth!

Today Please---Take a Moment and Commit to Feel, See, Live and Breathe In Love!

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Re-Membering Ancient Grandmothers and Grandfathers Too

(Inspired by the Teachings of Elizabeth A. Hin)

The sun shone on a crisp Fall day,
and the wind blew so that leaves
danced as old friends, and Eternal Lovers.

Even now the music plays in my head.
A drum beats steadily
as bells create joyful melodies of Grace.

It was then that many were reborn.
Reborn with the understanding
that Love is patience in the knowing
and feeling of humility, and compassion.

Many were re-born knowing
Love is all there is, and ever was.

And therefore it is no surprise
that today we find ourselves
amongst the fallen red/orange/yellow/green leaves
and gather them tenderly
as if they are our most precious possessions.

For these leaves represent
the passage of time---a settling,
an understanding, an appreciation of Grace.

Ancient Grandmothers and Grandfathers Too
are surprised, really,
that we don’t re-member
to fully embrace the breath of our hearts.

 It is a breath as sweet as jasmine,
 as salty as an ocean breeze,
 as light and refreshing
 as the smell of trees when it rains.

 The breath is all things
 that allow us a new understanding of the old.

 We often have reason for celebration
 for we are ancient in our desire,
 in our faith, and our understanding.
And re-member, since the beginning of time
Grandmothers and Grandfathers Too
have said that
Peace is a pathway that lies
beneath each thought, feeling, and action.
Peace is an opportunity 
to create a world of tranquility
filled with hope, and manifested by healing.

 Peace is the smile of joy
 on a child’s face as she or he
 holds the hand of a grandparent
 and adoringly they say to eachother,
 I Love you!

 Peace is each of us re-visiting our anger
 and forgiving ourselves through Love.
 Peace is honoring the healing process
 and holding a space for the joy
 that can come after.

 Peace is each of us walking tranquilly
 with no guns, no weapons of mass destruction,
 and no more red buttons in the white house
 created to annihilate the world.

 Peace is hope, day and night
 illuminated by hard work, and the quest
 for cures of all the ills of our society.
 Peace is illuminated by each step into Grace
 and the reconciliation of differences
 that now serve to plant
 new seeds in our Universal Garden.

Ancient Grandmothers and Grandfathers Too
are surprised, really,
 that we don’t re-member harmonics
 as the flowers of Grace which eternally
 have formed new bouquets of hope,
 of infinite healing, of courage,
 of solutions to age old challenges.

 These bouquets honor and salute
 our entire sentient family
 and reflect a unique understanding
 of the future of the Universe.

Ancient Grandmothers and Grandfathers Too
are asking us to become
more aware of a special sense of order.

Rebirth, transformations,
endings, beginnings again, and again
remind us that there is always cause for celebration,
always an opportunity to expand our vision,
 and our hearts.

Ancient Grandmothers and Grandfathers Too
are asking Us to pay more attention;
 to walk in the field of miracles,
 to embrace the newness of leaves
 fallen with hope, appreciation and courage.

 What if in this moment we imagine
 a potential new healing
 supported by angels, masters and spirit guides
 as well as trees, mountains, oceans,
 sea lions, eagles, doves, dolphins and whales.

Ancient Grandmothers and Grandfathers Too
tell us that Truth is the constant re-minder
and the unearthing in the Now.
Truth is the intuition and courage
within each of us.

Truth is the desire to live, hope and dream
of  Love---of a tranquil world with opportunity,
healing, food, equity,
and the fulfillment of good dreams for all.

Truth is a new song created by the Symphony.
The chords are stronger, the harmony intensified.
Surety is the reality.
 Resistance too is a part of the Song.
Together it all becomes a Symphony of Love
within the passage of time.

Love is traveling through unknown pathways.
Love is with new purpose.
Love is with new meaning.
It is a song where fear is transformed
into hope with the courage to take
a solo of compassion created by humility.

The Symphony of Love creates a
New Infinite  that carries us beyond; in this time,
 and beyond, the beyond, the beyond!

Ancient Grandmothers and Grandfathers Too
remind us that Joy is in the be-ing,
 in the recognizing, in the acceptance of Love.
 As breathing creates the pathway
 for the journey of Love
 into new sound vibrations of Harmonic Grace.

 The sun shone on a crisp Fall day,
 and the wind blew so that leaves
 danced as old friends, and Eternal Lovers.

Ancient Grandmothers, and Grandfathers too
 are surprised; really,
 that we don’t re-member Harmonics
 as the flowers of Grace which Eternally
 have formed new bouquets of Hope,
 of Infinite Healing, of Courage, of Love
 and Solutions to Age Old Challenges.

Please, Breathe Deeply and Re-member!

 (c) Miss Mellie Rainbow aka Melony McGant

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

"From What We Get..." Arthur Ashe

"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life." Arthur Ashe

I take a moment to Breathe and Exhale Deeply Ten Times. I ponder the unresolved issues of race and class in America, and Worldwide as well as the many acts of violence permeating Our Earth/Heart." Healing can occur only when we openly admit Truth.
"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life." These are the words of humanitarian, author and tennis great, Arthur Ashe.

  Part of His story and Our story was told beautifully in an award winning docu-drama written, starring, funded and produced by Joseph H. James Jr.

This 80 minute film titled "Arthur! A Celebration of Life!" is a beautiful journey of Revelation and Truth that deeply touched my heart. An important family/educational film, it explores race and segregation in America, having a passion for tennis and being an "underdog" as well as a monumental world-wide tennis success and humanitarian. It also explores living with Aids because of a blood transfusion and dying with dignity as an American Hero and World Citizen.
It is a deeply moving film with an ethereal air and beautiful music. Its ensemble cast includes Monet Dunham, Elain R. Graham, Brenda Jordan, Terria Joseph, and Marlene McCoy, with music by Ebony Joann, Alicia Keys and others. It has been reported that the cast, crew and musicians gave their time in honor of a True World Hero, Arthur Ashe.
"Arthur, A Celebration of Life!" is a docu-drama of which we can all be proud. It is my hope that it becomes circulated Worldwide and used as a basis for a commercial feature film by Joseph H. James, Jr. I am deeply inspired by this beautiful film and thank Joseph H. James, Jr. and All involved in this project.

I also sincerely thank Arthur Ashe's wife, Jeanne Moutoussamy Ashe and their daughter Camera Ashe for all the beautiful ways that they continue the legacy of Arthur Ashe.
Today please join me in contemplating the words of Arthur Ashe...
"True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost."
May We All Strive To Live As Heroes!

Rev. Melony McGant

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Harmonics As A Gift of Love

Inspired by the teachings of Elizabeth A.Hin

My Beloveds,

First there is a gentle touch, then an embrace,
next a re-membering, and another, and another,
and another re-membering
until we fully awaken into compassion,
humility, hope, joy, patience,
and understanding,
embraced by Divine Grace & Love.

This is the dance, the song,
and the gift of love that each being has to share.

Perhaps then, for each of us, the true miracle lies in our willingness
to allow, appreciate, and honor the uniqueness, and freedom
of each sentient being to sing the song of their heart.
And these songs, so glorious, simple, and profound
create a new Harmonic Rhythm of Divine Grace
which gives us a pathway HOME.

Home is Heaven On Mother Earth.

Home allows us the gift of respecting the gardens of others,
admiring ALL soul vibrations; and creating our own melodies
which complement all others including
the pitter-patter of raindrops falling,
the whistling leaves as the wind flows through,
the bubbling brooks, birds singing
dolphins, whales and sea lions calling
dogs barking; cats, cheetahs, and cougars mewling; wolves howling
bears, camels, giraffes and horses chuffing, huffing and neighing.
frogs croaking, fish swishing.

Every sentient being has a sound
that contributes to the Harmonics of Love into Infinity.

Silence too is a sound.

The beats of the Sun, the Moon and the Ocean
create the symphonic movements of Time.

The wind speaks through a gentle breeze that calms and soothes,
as well as through tornadoes, and hurricanes that join with rain
to announce Mother Earth’s hurt and anger at our disregard for our Oneness.

Is it possible that we desire to journey into the pathway of the Uni-Verse?

When will we collectively awaken into attention
with a willingness to heal, to dance, to sing,
to receive, and give the gift of LOVE?

My Beloveds, the Conductor is waiting, the time to join
the Uni-Versal Orchestra is NOW.

Joyfully written by Miss Mellie Rainbow
aka Melony McGant on 2 October 2007

Eternal Harvest


The Seeds of Peace
have been planted with reason.
I await your return
season after season.
I send you
offers of contemplation
and multi-colored leaves falling.
Will you walk with patience and joy
with me on a snowy day?
Can you smell
the newness of spring
as you open your heart
to begin again?
Do you hear
my whispers of compassion
in the wind?
I Will Love You Always.
Will you allow me
to embrace you
with my tears of forgiveness through the rain,
my warmth through the sun
and my joy through the glistening stars?
Have you yet noticed
my infinite compassion and understanding
as the ocean tide
converses with the full moon?

The Seeds of Peace
have been planted with reason.

 With Hope, 
I await Your Return
Season after Season...

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Re-Birth and Renewal


With Humility, I take a moment to still myself.
 I Breathe Six Times and feel
 the Love of the Uni-Verse embrace me
  and offer the Grace of Renewal.

 Deeply I Exhale with each breath
 and let go of every thought that is not Love.

 I Breathe and offer Gratitude.
  I open my heart and feel the lessons
 of the dove, the dolphin, the butterfly
 and the phoenix.

 It is like I am walking on water
  into the clouds of heaven.

 I am reminded that Wisdom
 offers Patience and Fluidity.

 Love's beginnings are beyond time
  and serve as an infinite Ocean of Grace
  that teaches Compassion.

  Love is meant to flow and has ending.

  I Breathe and Exhale Deeply.
 Only Through Love am I offered
 Re-Birth and Renewal.

 I Breathe with Gratitude! 

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Genius and Compassion


When Genius and Compassion came to live among us, they did not ask to be billionaires; for they knew that greed and love of money was destroying the Earth.

Genius and Compassion asked for a willingness to see the beauty in the Forgotten Familiar.

In every sunrise and sunset; in every fruit, flower and tree; in every birth, death and re-birth; through every storm or violent unnecessary war, Hope has become the Forgotten Familiar that makes it possible to Live and Honor the Power of Abiding Love.

Remembering that Genius and Compassion live within me, I Breathe Deeply Six Times. I open my heart and see the beauty in the Forgotten Familiar.

Hope lives in trees and flowers and mountains and oceans. Hope grows with trust and in every child offers its smiles of Love.
To even the unworthy among us,
Hope, the Forgotten Familiar is the Master Creator's constant offering of Forgiveness so that we may learn to live, work and prosper together in peace with Abiding Love!

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Abiding Love!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Turning 60--My New B’Earth Year Reflection!


I Breathe Ten Times In Gratitude and Love. In this Lifetime, I came to Earth section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at 4:28am on October 22nd in the year of 1954. Though I come from Eternity and will return to Eternity, in Earth time, I am 60 years old.

Today I Thank the Creator for the opportunity to learn, grow and serve. I dedicate this day to My Precious Mother who birthed me, guided me, nurtured and Loves me. I invite you in joining me in celebrating My Mom, Betty J. Tilman.

Here are the feelings and words of my Heart for My Mother. Maybe you will share your memories with your Mother!

Dear Mom--I feel so privileged to have you as a Mother and to have journeyed with you in this lifetime. Looking back on this almost 60 years on Earth/Heart, my life has been one of learning, adventure and more Joy than I thought imaginable.

From the Dr. Seuss days of “Green Eggs and Ham” and the rhyming poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar, to my rebellious teenage years where I sought solace in everything "Black" from Ebony and Jet Magazine, to the poetry of Langston Hughes, Sojourner Truth and Gwendolyn Brooks, as well as the writing and film making of Gordon Parks, the music of Roberta Flack, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Ashford and Simpson and so many and much more--- to my rocky mistakes and disillusionment of young adulthood-You Exposed Me to the Best!

Sometimes I was fearful. You pushed and pushed and told me that I had a right to walk any path I choose in the World. So often I felt that I was not good enough and unworthy of these great gifts. People whispered behind your back and made fun of me when I articulated with my extensive vocabulary. They said I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth.
Looking back, it was funny how some of the relatives and community associates or so called friends looked for ways to undermine your authority and convince me to go right when I should have gone left. What I thought I wanted was to be "normal". I didn't understand that being different and unique was a Great Gift.

Though I tried to run away from all you had taught me, it was so imprinted in my mind and my heart and my Soul that the further I ran, the closer I came to it.
In 1970 you sent me to West Africa by way of Europe for a few months. Today travel is like eating chocolate. I Love it! Travel has helped me become a person who respects land learns from people of all different cultures and religions. I honor all faith traditions and continue to explore the Divine Essence of MotherFatherG-D through Love.

I look at myself now and know that I am a product of Your Magnificent Efforts! Thank You for All You have done for me. Your goodness inspires me. Your toughness helped me learn how to survive in a World that would say "Who do you think You Are??", Instead of "How Can I Help??".

Thank You for teaching me to say "YES I Can" from the time I was a child--- long before the campaign days of President Barack Obama.

Thank You for the square dancing and swimming at the YWCA, dance and drama at the Pittsburgh Playhouse, camp in Maine at Blueberry Cove and studying musical instruments like the violin and recorder. I never did master either but at least I love music!

Thank You introducing me to Khalil Gibran, Shirley Chisholm, Harry Belafonte, Maya Angelou, Bucci Emmecha, Jomo Kenyatta, members of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcom X, Nelson Mandela and so many Heroines and Heroes who have walked this Earth, un-named here, but never forgotten.

Thank You for teaching me to walk with integrity, to use my voice for positive change, and to Love and support others on their life journeys.

Betty J. TIlman, I feel so privileged to have you as a Mother and to have journeyed with you in this lifetime. Looking back on this almost 60 years on Earth/Heart, my life has been one of learning, adventure and more Joy than I thought imaginable.
I Am Humbled with Love, Grateful and Happy to Be Your Daughter! Melony

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Believe and Achieve


I realize that the one sure thing that can stop me from achieving my next good step is NOT some external force that won't allow me to cross the path or open a new door, It is ME.

Today I Breathe Deeply and give thanks for the miracle of my life, and all sentient beings.  I Breathe and offer gratitude for dreams fulfilled.

With Courage, I resolve to listen to the voice of Love calling me to walk with compassion, persistence and humility. I must continue to be more patience with myself and others.

I Breathe Deeply with New Resolve. I will set new goals, and have more discipline as I grow.

I Believe that I have the capacity to achieve, and am worthy to live and honor the Grace of The Master Creator with Faith, Hope and JOY.

I Breathe Deeply. It is time for New Dreams!

  Will Believe and Achieve!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Honor the Heroines and Heroes on Earth Today and All Who Came in Love and Ascended in Love.


Breathe and Exhale Love Four Times. Honor  the Heroines and Heroes on Earth Today and All who came in Love and Ascended in Love.

Honor Your Mother, the Earth/Hearth and let your hearts become nurturing gardens of Peace. Do this for the future of all children, and Loving sentient beings.

Let there be no more senseless killing or talk of petty wars. There is no need for destruction. Put down your weapons, tend the soil and build bridges of tolerance, understanding and compassion.

Open your hearts and embrace humility.  Honor your parents and your children.  Love your neighbors.

Sing with birds in the rain.  Dance in the Sun with butterflies. Swim in the ocean with the dolphins. Sit under a wisdom tree and share your hope with your children.  Live Joyfully in Peace!
These are the Words from the Heart of Our Blessed Mother Father Creator! Please Honor and Live with Love!

Again Breathe and Exhale Love Four Times.  Honor the Heroines and Heroes on Earth/Heart Today and All Who Came in Love and Ascended in Love.

Remember Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

And through Goodness ...


For all that we are, have, hope to be or hope to achieve, let us Give Thanks to Our Blessed Creator of Every Uni-Verse.  For it Is through Our Blessed Creator that we are given  Good Potential and Love for All!

Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  In Love.  Out Good Potential with actions of Unselfish Love.   In Love.  Out Good Potential with actions of Unselfish Love.   In Love.  Out Good Potential with actions of Unselfish Love. 

May we live this day, and every day growing in awareness; and walk as beings of  compassionate appreciation and understanding.  

May we Honor our Elders with unconditional Love; for they have shown us the way, and held the space for our Awakening. They are our important  Teachers.

Let us also thank each remarkable being that shares strength,  courage, and joy or teaches us lessons that help us grow in Love. There are many heroines and heroes  among us!

Even as these times on Earth reveal a schism of selfishness,  there is a mass Awakening of sentient beings expressing their true Loving selves.  Miracles lay strewn in every path we walk; bringing us new gifts.

Unfortunately this is also a time of intense agony for those suffering in the  mire of fear and dis-connected from Divine Spirit.

Tyrants around the world will  continue to try to assert their ungodly will as they take their last stand.

Still everywhere we can feel the ecstasy of Earth Angels awakening and  soaring with the Spirit of compassion and Love.

Though many are  experiencing the most dire of circumstances, our Children will continue to act  as Beacons of Light. Nurture and pay attention to the children. They bring us  hope and Loving wonder. Through the innocence of our children, we are often  inspired with new Faith.

Every day, small seeds of wisdom are given to us through our  willingness to accept Divine Grace. We have new opportunity every day to grow in  awareness, respect, and Love for eachother.
Again, Breathe Deeply.  In Love.  Out Good Potential with actions of Unselfish Love.

Today please re-member that  Love is a verb---an action word. It can also be an adjective or a noun.

As each one of us becomes Love, we also become a heroine or hero.  Together as we blossom, we will flourish and multiply in goodness.

And  through Goodness, Heaven On Earth will be restored. This is the Word of  LOVE!

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Nelson Mandela---We Honor Your Golden Threads of Love!


I am not saddened by Ascension
of Tata Madiba
for he, Nelson Mandela
will always Live in My Heart.

His Love Songs and stories of Hope
are imprinted in My Soul
like those of Other Ascended Masters of Grace
that live on into Eternity.

His prolific Vision, his compassionate
acts of forgiveness, humility and kindness
are the golden threads of Love
he offered graciously.

Let us continue to spin and weave
these golden threads into a more
Loving World for Our Children
many generations to come.

If I am at all saddened,
then it is only my disappointment
that we collectively have not
honored our Loving Potential
through the Grace and teachings
of Nelson Mandela.

As a gardener of Life
he has taught us humility,
compassion and the power of
respecting one another.

He believed that by honoring
our connection to the Earth-Heart
we could provide food for the World
and help heal our wounded souls.

He challenges us to believe in and work
for justice for all of Humanity.

And still we fight and kill each other
with greed, and hatred and disrespect
looming in our hearts.

I am not saddened by His Ascension
for Nelson Mandela lived a long life
and his body was frail and weak.

Instead I celebrate his Long Journey
into Love and Tata Madiba
as an Awakened Spirit.

I am hopeful that his leaving this Earth Realm
will help us to re-member that there is
much work to do if we are to
Respect, Forgive, Care For, Honor and
Love One Another
beyond hatred, greed, war and suffering.

In Honor of Nelson Mandela
and Every Ascended Loving Spirit,
I pray that we will continue to
take down the walls of classism,
racism and hate.

Let us become more invigorated to build by
sharing resources and nurturing our children
and educating them with Love
so that we come to know Peace in Our Hearts.

Let us pray that we are able to collectively
work every day to create a more Compassionate,
Sustainable World where We All Live
in Harmony, Prosperity and Peace.

Nelson Mandela We Re-Member and Honor
Your Golden Threads of Love!


Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love

Friday, October 17, 2014

If You Don't Ask...


There is an old expression...
"If you don't ask, you won't get!"

Today I Breathe Deeply in Gratitude
for the good changes I desire in my life. 

I align my mind with my heart and
Breathe In Courage. 

I Exhale old remnants of fear. 

I Breathe Deeply and Exhale again. 
I  ask for Divine Assistance
so that I may have the fortitude
and tenacity I need to grow.

I make a promise to myself.
I will continue to make consistent
efforts which allow me
to make good changes in my life;
and grow in Love!

With Gratitude and Courage,
Tenacity and Fortitude;
I Breathe Deeply
and Step tenderly with JOY
into this New Day.

 Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

What the Future Holds

In these days of harmonic dissonance,
we must be careful of what we say
and what we do.

Our sometimes venomous ideas
and violent arguments may backfire.

What may happen is this---the very people
we believe we despise today,
our daughters and sons will love tomorrow.

There is a strong possibility
that in their Love,
they will betray our hate
and marry those
we thought were our enemies.

Our children will have children
that we will learn to Love
because some part of them is US.

And then there will be no enemy.
If this is so,
then isn't far easier to begin today
to offer others the Love and Compassion
We Seek for Ourselves?

Isn't this the way to experience
a Vivid Peace with Hope
and True Joy In Our Lifetimes?

Breathe and Exhale Deeply10 Times.

What will You choose for your Future?

To live alone with hate
or to be nurtured with Loving Respect
by your children and grandchildren?

I Choose Love!
Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Spirit Ramblings


My heart dreams often…
looking into the eyes of strangers
seeing love, feeling love.

For they are not strange to me.
Often it is a brother or sister,
maybe even a mother, a father
or a dear friend from a past life.

I wonder do they know me too
or are my soul ramblings vivid only to myself?

My thoughts are so intense,
viewing yesterdays and tomorrows
as if they are today.

The concept of time escapes me.
But come let us travel
around the galaxy and share joy.

Our hearts know no limitations
for we can be One with the Divine through Love.

‘And what is Love?’  You ask.

Love is a rainbow
or a smile glistening like a star at night.

Love is a storm
readjusting & cleansing the earth
so that plants will grow
and we may feel
even the sizzle of an ant and know bliss.

Love is opening your heart
and feeling the wisdom of an oak tree
or the magical transformation
of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Love is walking along the shore,
your feet gently nestled in the sand
with ocean water caressing your legs
and the smell of a salt breeze kissing your face
as you watch the sun set
or the moon rise
and ponder swimming with the dolphins.

Love is  believing that ALL people
are gifts from the Divine
and knowing that each of us
is related and interconnected
with every other sentient being.

Love is everything, everywhere.
Love is co-creating with the Divine.
‘How do we co-create?’  You ask.

Imagine that when your fingers
tingle for no apparent reason
that That is the Divine teaching you,
helping you to understand what it is like
when a flower blooms.

Or perhaps when you experience
unexplainable tears of joy,
your heart is opening,
expanding like a womb
when a baby is being born.

And so on some level,
you too understand the bliss of motherhood.

You smile.  That is good.
My spirit ramblings have often
brought me much laughter.

Laughter can release fear
and helps us understand one another.

Laughter is for me a desire for Grace.
A desire to reconnect with other souls.

My heart feels many thoughts around me.
Some are asking…
‘How can we co-create the bliss of love?’
‘It is not possible.’  You say.

Here is a question for You…
If it is possible to feel my heart beat
“boom ba ba ba boom ba boom ba ba ba boom”,
is it because you remember love
or is it the fear that one you hold dear
will leave again? 

Do not answer, but muse in your heart.
Remember, it is time to Forgive.
Time only to Love.

Now come, let us travel together
on our soul journey back to the Divine.

(c) Melony McGant
Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Prosperous Mountains of HOPE


Beyond the politics of corporations, governments, religions and who's who in the social hierarchy of communities, you will discover Prosperous Mountains of Hope;  hidden in every heart; but sometimes forgotten by people who live in fear.

Courage, Mercy, Truth and Respect live in these mountains-- with the desire only to be of service, and to build a World of Love.

For those seeking Peace, they offer the Wisdom of Collective Ancestors.  For those who are sick, Courage, Mercy, Truth and Respect show compassion and offer Loving care.

For those who are sad, angry, or needing forgiveness, Courage, Mercy, Truth and Respect listen and offer unconditional Love.

Love is like honey, it always helps to heal.

I am like an innocent child always believing that Prosperous Mountains of Hope lay hidden in every heart seeking to build a World of Love!

Special Prayers for Those Dealing with the Ebola Crisis!


Today let us offer Special Prayers for All those whose lives on Earth have been cut short by Ebola and for Families coping with loss and illness.

As we offer Compassion and empathy we pray that those who are sick be healed.  May we  share our resources and medical technology with our Brothers and Sisters in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Every Country In Need of Care, Support and Love!   

Monday, October 13, 2014

Responsibility and Unity!

Beloved Radiant ONES---

The Moon and the Stars light the night sky with hope
so that even in darkness we find our way.

At daybreak the Sun rises and awakens the world.
Ocean tides shift as fish journey.

Slumbering trees feel the gentle breeze of the Wind
and birds greet us with a morning song. 

All Creations have a purpose and work
together in Loving Unity.

As humans, we too must do our part
and live our good purpose so that our communities,
nations and the World can Prosper in Peace.

We have a responsibility and an obligation to educate
and nurture our children in Safe Communities of Love
in a World of Peace and Prosperity! 

I am willing to take responsibility for the well-being
of Our Earth and Our World by using my gifts
to help others so that we can All actively work,
prosper, and live together in Unity through Love.

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

One World!


A dreamer learns to listen and observe; honoring the diversity of ideas and seeking the commonality that resides in every heart.

Living and appreciating the core values of a Loving Purpose, the dreamer goes deep into the depths of their own soul consciousness.

 Re-membering Truth,  the dreamer Breathes and Exhales Deeply Four Times, and  steps onto the Unity Bridge with a song that children desire to live and sing....

One World, One Heart, One Love!   One World, One Heart, One Love!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

I am ONE. We Are ONE.


Today Joy moves through me as I learn
compassion and humility.

I am ONE with all sentient beings…the sky, the clouds,
the sun, the rain, the trees that sway and dance in the wind,
and the birds that greet me in song.

I am One with the Spirit of Mother Theresa, Mohandis,
Malcolm, Martin, John, and Edward
as well as Ruth, Isaac, Joshua, Moses, 

Mary, Jesus, Khadeeja, Mohammed, Shams, Rumi,
Buddha, Kuan Yin and Sojourner Truth.

I am ONE with the woman suffering from breast cancer
and the man suffering and dying from lung cancer
and the woman in Afghanistan whose family was killed by a drone.

I am ONE with the homeless woman pushing the cart
with all her worldly possessions and warning us of
our greed though we don’t often listen.

I am One with the Tibetan who was told by Chairman Mao
that religion is poison and the Palestinian wandering,
unable to return to his homeland.

I am One with the starving children everywhere
and the Israeli settler with a gun in his hand.

I am One with all those Ascended,
every child born at this moment
and the great-grandparents who are taking
their last breath on this Earth Realm.

I am ONE with the artist struggling to show us the way
and the politician disgraced in shame.

I am ONE with those who have awakened in Love
and those filled with disappointment or fear.

Circumstances make no difference to me
for I embrace the journey and see the Divine
in those who may not see the Divine in themselves.

I am One with All World Leaders who need
more courage to say stop the killing everywhere
and the Dalai Lama whom asks us to live in peace.

In my dreams the Buffalo Woman,
the morning dove and the golden hawk
guide me as my heart becomes filled
with ancient prayers of all traditions.

I am One with the caterpillar and the butterfly.

I am One with the Buddhist, the Christian, the Jew,
the Moslem, the Bahai, the Hindu, the Yoruba, the Janist,
the Naturalist, the One who doesn’t believe in G-d
and the One Lost in their material identity
and always needing more….

Today Joy moves through me as compassion, humility
and understanding become a way of life...

For In You--- I see the Reflection of Me
and know that through Love...

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!