Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Say Many Prayers! #PeaceIsPossible


I sit quietly in contemplation.

I Breathe with Hope.  With each breath I Exhale my desire to live in Peace.

Deeply I Breathe  Six Times.  In Hope and Respect for Humanity.  Out Wisdom and a Desire to live in Peace.

My heart fills with good potential.  Each breath becomes a prayer I offer.

May we find a way to put down our weapons and listen to each other with compassion.

May Love cause us to Awaken in Peace.  May we be wise enough to understand and nurture our children with peaceful hearts of Love.

I Breathe Deeply and Say Many Prayers.
Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You Are A STAR of Love!


Six Times Breathe Deeply.
In Love. Out Love.

Awaken and Re-member!

Each and Every One of Us
is a Masterpiece In Progress
created by Love
and fine-tuned by Life
and the lessons we are given.

The hurts of ego, the pain,
the difficulties, the joy,
the Innocence re-discovered
and the Re-Membering of Love
is the Essence of our
Eternal, Soulful Existence!

Six Times Breathe Deeply.
In Love. Out Love.

You Are A STAR of Love!

Awaken and Re-member!

Peace Is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Clearing Sacred Space !


The broken teapot of old hurts, the worn coat of disappointment, and the shoes of fear are all items that I no longer need. 

I am letting go-- sweeping, cleaning, clearing and Forgiving.

Deeply I Breathe Ten Times.  In Love.  Out Gratitude.  In Love Out Gratitude.

The Sacred Space of my Home and my Heart is a safe place of LOVE where the splendor of Hope and Faith reside with Comfort.

We are preparing for special guests-- Grace, Blessings and Mercy have promised to visit soon!

Again, Deeply I Breathe Ten Times.  In Love.  Out Gratitude with JOY.

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Being Overwhelmed!


Have you been overwhelmed by our collective in-ability to re-connect in Love?

I have, and it is difficult at moments to Breathe in the Love of Our Creator and to see Good in All.
Our selfishness has brought forth a tremendous imbalance throughout the planet.

Only Love Can Return the Balance.

Please re-member that as we undergo this violent argument--this universal struggle between the forces of Loving Cooperation versus fear and materialistic control, we must be careful to Honor the Cultures of others.

We must re-activate our inner listening and use compassionate communication in all negotiations-- be it family, friends, corporations or nations in conflict.

Our Goal Should Be to Do No Harm and to Always Do More Good!
This is the Way, the Divine Call and Truth of Love!

Your True Compassion and Honest Respect for Others Can Help Restore Balance, Hope and Peace on Earth!

Today Please---Live, Breathe and Become Love!

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Appreciate and Prosper!


People awakened to The Master Creator in their hearts.  Everywhere Dreamer Believers cleared the clutter of old envy, and swept away disappointment.

Fear lost focus and left when the many prayers were said by Hope.  Homes sparkled and had the fresh scent of JOY.

Faith, Gratitude, Compassion, Courage, Charity, Forgiveness, Mercy and Understanding went from house to house and became welcomed guests at every Sacred Table of Appreciation.

LOVE filled Every Home and the People began to Prosper with New Hope!

Now Breathe Deeply 4 Times.  In Appreciation and Love.  Out Clarity, Hope, and JOY.  In Appreciation and Love.  Out Clarity, Hope, and JOY.

Today Prepare the Home of Your Heart with a Sacred Table of Appreciation for Welcomed Guests!

And So It Is With Love!
Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Honoring Malcolm X---Stand for Good!


Malcolm X (El- Hajj Malik El Shabazz), a great American human rights activist and world citizen once said

"If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."

Today we can honor Malcolm X by remembering to stand for freedom, economic equity, education, healing and a Loving, Sustainable Peace On Earth.
Please, Stand for Good! 
Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21, 1965 while speaking at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, New York.

His beautiful, brilliant, supportive wife, Dr. Betty Shabazz and their daughters
were present!

Breathe Deeply 4 Times. In Love. Out Good Purpose.  In Love. Out Good Purpose.  In Love. Out Good Purpose.  In Love. Out Good Purpose.
Please, Stand for Good! 
 Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Woven Into the Heart Tapestry #Love #Forgiveness #Healing


Woven deeply into the heart tapestries of our lives are the stories and secrets of our souls. We may share a story but rarely do we reveal ourselves or our wounds in totality. 

We have forgotten the great mystery of Love woven within our very beings.

Divine Spirit, in calling us to Awaken, asks us to Re-member In Love all the places and wounds that need to be healed.

Breathe  Deeply Six Times. As you Inhale, Ask for and Offer Forgiveness in Your Heart. With each breath, Exhale Memories of Old Wounds. 

Breathe Deeply and allow your Soul to easily Awaken.

The Great Mystery of Love is like a Woven Heart Tapestry that somehow Connects Us to All that Is Generous, Merciful, Loving and Divine.    

Breathe and Re-Member!  

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

May We Let Go of Winters of Doubt! #Fogiveness #Hope


May We Let Go of Winters of Doubt and Awaken in Love, knowing we are a part of the Infinite Uni-verse.

May we offer our hearts and prayers of Compassion and Forgiveness for ourselves, and those who have disappointed or harmed us in any way.

May we release our need to destroy, and desire only to share and heal.

May we share our harvest of prosperity and let go of winters of doubt that have haunted us and caused us pain.  May we heal our Earth & our Hearts.

May we look to our sentient brothers and sisters; the trees, the flowers, all plant life, sea life, the stars, insects, animals and all beings of MotherEarthHeart and Our Infinite Uni-Verse as a Collective of Divine Grace.

May we educate ourselves and our Children as beings of Love Inspired.

May we choose to live in Peace, share food and material riches with All and re-member that we are responsible for eachother.

May we lift ourselves up into the Understanding of the Heaven Realm and nurture eachother as ONE.

May we use our creative selves to explore, teach and learn from each other; as we embrace our ability to Believe in the Unseen, to Live in Truth and Do No Harm.

May we dance the dance of a vivid joyous peace in our hearts and manifested from the womb of Our Mother Earth=Heart.

May we blossom as flowers in the springtime and lift our vision as we are given the courage to learn from the maple, oak, evergreen, coconut, the jasmine, the baobab  and the willow tree.

May we listen to the fireflies in the silence of the night and embrace the wisdom of the moon and the stars.

May we commit to Climb the Mountains of Faith & Hope that stand before us.

May We Embrace Our Individual and Collective Greatness As We Honor Our Ancestors and Open Our Hearts to the Infinite Grace of Our Universal Spirit.

May We Let Go of Winters of Doubt.  May we Awaken in Love, knowing we are a part of the Infinite Uni-Verse.

And So It Is With Love!

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

I Bend In Gratitude!


In stormy weather, a pilot will tell you that in order to get to your good destination, it is always necessary to fly above or around the storm.

I Breathe Deeply and ask myself. "What would it take for me to travel
around the every obstacle with a hopeful heart?".

The Answer is clear.

First I must have Gratitude for every lesson. Second I must have Patience. Third I must learn to be flexible and bend like a Willow Tree in Love with the Earth.

I Breathe Deeply. In Patience, Out Flexibility with Love. Ten times I Breathe. In Patience, Out Flexibility with Love.

Today I am patient and flexible. Like a Willow Tree in Love with the Earth, I bend in Gratitude and Respect!

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015



I may not understand each circumstance, or reason why, but I stand with you. I will be there as your friend if you desire, in the both the calm and the storms of life.

We may travel different paths or dis-agree in the moment but somewhere in the Universal loop of Overstanding--- what has always been and will always be is my hope and appreciation for you and your unique journey.

What is Overstanding? Overstanding is the gift of Love without condition, just because!

It is being able to speak from your heart and say for all time, "I Stand With You!"

Monday, February 16, 2015

A LovingKindness Meditation #GarrisonInstitute #HolisticLifeFoundation


Take a moment and still your mind.  Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times.

With each breath,  imagine that you are opening your heart. Feel a rainbow of Grace and Love as it fills your heart and moves through your entire body.

Again, Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times.  What Does a Rainbow of Love and Grace Feel Like?  Sit with that feeling as you continue to breathe.

 May we heal by offering forgiveness and mercy to ourselves and all others. May we honor all sentient beings.

May we seek understanding and honor all cultures as we learn to Love each other as a diverse human collective.

May we unlease our true potential  of goodness, and allow our every act to reflect compassion, kindness,  and hope.

May our hearts stay open with ease and Grace as we decide that good, sustainable change is possible only through Love.

May we do harm to none, use technology to assist and see All safe and happy in a World without envy, greed, hate or violence.

May we share our resources  with Love so that each child and every family to have  clean water, healthy food, education, and good opportunity to prosper and grow in flourishing communities on Earth/Heart.

Again, Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times. In Love. Out Love. In Love. Out Love. In Love. Out Love. In Love. Out Love.

May we walk  always with Grace, Loving thoughts and actions and re-member that Peace Is Possible Only through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Miss Mellie Rainbow's Love Alphabet (c) Melony McGant

Miss Mellie Rainbow's Love Alphabet (c) Melony McGant

A-- Always Love You because when you Love yourself, you have more Love to share.

B-- Be who you are, not who someone wants you to be....
C-- Care for yourself and care enough to care for others.

D-- Believe in the Divinity within you, and every other sentient being.

E--Experience the ecstasy of life!
F-- Forgive others but don’t forget to forgive Yourself.

G --Always offer Gratitude. Be gentle, genuine and generous with your Love.

H-- Have an open heart.
I-- Be your own inspiration, and illuminate the heavens.

J -- Look for Joy within you.

K-- Be kind to all kindred spirits.

 L-- Like yourself, laugh often, and live life with leisure! Remember, Love is relentless!

 M-- It’s okay to be marvelous! Manifest your dreams and create loving memories.

N-- Be noble, and know that as you face the nemesis within, you will be victorious!

O-- Your heart has an ocean of melodies waiting to be sung.

P-- Preserve and paint your heart with precious positive memories. Believe that Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Q-- Take time for quietude, and be open to quantum quality in your heart.

R-- Remember to receive Love with appreciation, and joy.

 S -- Search your soul, find the Love within, and remember your greatness!

T-- Be tender with your thank yous.
U-- Be Universal. Know that MotherFatherGod is within you!

 V-- Be vibrant, and know that you have value, and are worthy to Love, and be Loved!

W,X,Y,Z Wealth is the warmth, and giving spirit of your heart. Xanadu, a place of great beauty, and contentment is YOU! So be zany with your Love, and zealous in living your life!

Let Love Lead! #MuslimLivesMatter! #AllLivesMatter


I sit in the stillness of the moment and breathe with difficulty.  Muslim Lives Matter!  All Lives Matter.

I calm myself.  I Breathe and Exhale Deeply Ten Times.  In Love.  Out Shock, Anger and Disappointment.  In Love.  Out Shock, Anger and Disappointment. In Love.  Out Shock, Anger and Disappointment.

In my mind, I take my belabored, broken  heart to the Tree of Wisdom and join the many families,  UNC Students and Chapel Hill Community  mourning the callous murders of Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23,  his wife Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, 21,   and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19.

I am also mourning the loss of all  children of every conversation and act of   unnecessary violence  or war where Greed and Destruction  took center stage with Hate, and tried to pillage even the Universal Heart of Love.

Across the Earth/Heart, so many lives have been destroyed or harmed needlessly. 

Again, I Breathe  and Exhale Deeply Ten Times.  In Love.  Out Shock, Anger and Disappointment.  In Love.  Out Shock, Anger and Disappointment. In Love.  Out Shock, Anger and Disappointment.

Wisdom they say, always speaks through the Heart.  Even as we mourn these Precious Spirits, we must have the Courage to see, speak and act with Wisdom.

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

The ability to create a safe world for All Children of All Cultures  is possible only by allowing Love to Lead.
Today,  as my heart cries, I Stand with Courage, Faith and Hope. Together We Sing,  Muslim Lives Matter!  All Lives Matter.  
As I Honor All those whose lives have been take needlessly and too soon  due to violence and war;  I Pray for All People Everywhere.  May We Learn to See the Divine In ALL and  Let Love Lead!

People of All Faiths Everywhere, Please Join Me In Prayer.  May We Learn to See and Honor the Divine In ALL.    May We Learn To Let Love Lead!!!

And So It Is With Love!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Together We Sing! #Peace #Courage #Integrity


 Because I know that All things start with a Breath,  I take moments throughout my day to Breathe Deeply and express my Gratitude.

I Breathe and hear the Voice of Faith calling.   I Breathe again, deeply four times and feel Hope's powerful song in my heart.

I align my heart with Faith and Hope.  Together we sing several times...

"We will live with integrity and courage, respecting All.   We will honor our good dreams with hard work.  We will live life joyfully with Love in our hearts. We will share our gifts. We will Live in Peace,  Stand for Peace and Be the Peace."

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

 And So It Is With Love and a Peaceful Heart!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Choose To See!


I still my mind and my heart.  Deeply I Breathe and Exhale 10 Times.

Today I Choose to See, Honor and Share the Blessings of Hope, Love and Infinite Gratitude.

All that I am or ever hope to be lives in the Ethers of  Infinite, Eternal Love, and is manifested through acts of Compassionate Grace.

Again, Deeply I Breathe and Exhale 10 Times.  I Choose to See You!

Your every act of Kindness is a catalyst for Love.  Thank YOU.

Today I Choose to See, Honor and Share the Blessings of Hope, Love and Infinite Gratitude!

 Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Joy Is Contagious!


Joy is contagious! The tender smile that you offer to yourself and others is like a flower blossoming in the Garden of Hearts.

Your laughter is like the Holy Bell of Joy ringing through the ethers with hope; traveling across oceans, mountains, valleys and cities through the wind.

Your smiles and laughter are a catalyst that awakens the leaf on every tree of life and causes them to offer oxygen of joy so that we breathe in love and harmony. Today offer your tender smiles and laughter.

Breathe Deeply in Love and you will become like a flower; helping to heal many hearts!

Joy Is Contagious!

Monday, February 9, 2015

On This Day, What Will You Chose?


Take a Moment and relax your mind and your heart.  Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times.

Every Day you have 1,440 minutes to work, sleep, sing, laugh, cry, forgive, smile, dance, fall in Love, share your Love, heal a heart, save a life, create a masterpiece, change the World with Loving action, embrace the Peace, be the Peace, live in Peace or start a war.

Again, Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times.

On This Day, What Will You Chose?

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Letting Go of the Day's Challenges!


When we sit quietly,
letting go of the days challenges,
we learn to have compassion
and Love for ourselves.

In this way as we honor our frailties,
our courage and our strength
--- hope returns.

This is Divine Spirit in action.

We begin to heal with unconditional Love,
and discover that we have more
Love and compassion to share with others.

Today please take time to be quiet and still.

Divine Spirit will move through you
with unconditional Love and compassion.

As you accept this nurturing;
you can become more energized
to Love and nurture
all sentient beings
with hope, compassion
and gentle understanding.

First Breathe Deeply Ten Times...
In Love. Out Love!

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Oasis of Good Possibility!


Through the rains of change and sand storms of growth I have traveled through my mind and entered the Uni-Verse of my heart. 

My Dear Friend Intuition has led me through deserts of mystery until we arrived at the Oasis of Good  Possibility. 

Through these experiences, I have learned also to take the hands of my Friends, Trust and Courage.

Today I Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  I Inhale Patience.  I Exhale a Desire for Good Change. 

I Breathe and Breathe.   I ask My Dear Friends,  Intuition, Trust and Courage to join me.  Together We Offer Hopeful Prayers of Gratitude.

With Patience, we prepare to journey once again to the Oasis of Good Possibility!  

First, We Breathe!

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Moving Through Chaos...


 What Does It Take to Persevere Through Times of Confusion and Chaos?

I Breathe Deeply Four Times.   With each breath I inhale, I ask to honor the details of my life with care.  Each time I exhale, I say Thank you for every breath of Love.

I Breathe and Exhale.  Breathe and Exhale.  Breathe and Exhale. I Breathe and Exhale.

Today I Am Grateful.  I joyfully focus on the details of my life and my work.   And because I know there is chaos an confusion in the world;

I will Breathe  and Exhale Deeply With Love; and re-member to  walk carefully with Patience, Persistence and Perseverance.    

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Honoring Black History: Dance Icon Miss Katherine Dunham ‪#‎OPRAHLegend‬

Honoring Black History: Dance Icon Miss Katherine Dunham ‪#‎OPRAHLegend‬

Katherine Dunham Speaks Out on Dunham Technique, Today's World Violence Leaders, and Hope By Melony
McGant .
Anthropologist, choreographer, writer and humanitarian Katherine Dunham has been called a visionary, a pioneer, and a living legend. She has been a major force in dance, and is best known for incorporating African American, Caribbean, African, and South American movement style themes into her ballets. She has appeared in more than 57 countries around globe, received recognition from UNESCO as well as heads of state, and is the recipient of hundreds of awards and honorary doctorates including the U.S. Presidential Award, Kennedy Center Honors, the Albert Schweitzer Award, Essence Magazine Awards, the National Black Theatre Festival Lifetime Achievement Award, and was one of Oprah's Legends.
Originally recorded in 2002 at the Miss Katherine Dunham's residence in NYC, portions of this conversation have appeared in African Voices Magazine (a much longer version) and Tribes Magazine. In this interview with Melony McGant, Miss Dunham shares her heart, and hopes for a World of Peace, as she passes us the baton.
Miss Katherine Dunham was born in Chicago on 22 June, 1909 and left this Earth Realm and Ascended to the heaven Realm on May 21, 2006. She Is Re-membered with Love!
MM: It's been said that the Dunham Technique has strong implications and affiliations to the "other world."
KD: I feel that to know Dunham Technique you have to be willing to accept the holistic view of life. That is the body, mind and spirit work together. They don't work separately from each other. They grow together and unite. You have to be aware that these things do not operate alone, they operate together. So when you are deeply into Dunham Technique and are performing the choreography or are teaching, or learning, then all of those parts of your body begin to sing. And they begin to sing not in solo voices but in unison. It's like striking a wonderful chord and the response from the person who is receiving is so great that the teacher grows from it too. You can not be a teacher of Dunham Technique without receiving back from the pupil or the person that you teach.
MM: Sometimes the student could get lost out there in their own meditation and become ecstatic . How can a teacher know when to bring them back?
KD: By identification. By being able to identify with others. The good teacher is so sensitive, so willing to know and love, and be a part of ... The open minded student feels that. It's like the audience. The audience wouldn't be there if they didn't want to be there. The minute you step on to the stage you have to feel their awareness and willingness and gather it into your whole being. Every move that you make goes out with love and with an understanding of body, mind and spirit being united into one feeling, being, one "itness," so that you are a successful performer and your audience is able to receive with an open self.
MM: How can a teacher help a student understand that?
KD: I'd say don't talk about it. Just be it. Do it and be it. A lot of teachers try to explain. There's a little explanation, maybe. If you help your student eat the right thing, breath the right thing, feel the right thing, be aware of good things. It can help ... For instance, you might suggest that your student attend a concert that will immediately fit into their needs. Knowing the needs of other people is one of the hard things about BEING. I don't say to a student don't do this or don't do that. I just try to show them. You know what was so wonderful about Erich Fromm ... He'd ask me questions instead of telling me how to be over my malaise or unhappiness or whatever it was, he'd ask me questions that would lead me to the Balm and Gilead for me. And that I think is what a good friend or a true psychoanalyst, a truly worthy element in your life does ... It is to guide you through love.
MM: How do you feel about what's happening in the World"?
KD: What's happening in the world today is very, very hard on me. It is so awful, so terrible, so painful and so many people suffering. It's a fact. It's here with us. It's ridiculous to think that your government is going to ease your pain. As I look at it I say ... For God's sake I say don't go and kill to compensate for killing.
MM: This is a hard question for me to ask. Do you have any anger about anything?
KD: Anger. Oh yes, that's a part of activism. If I do not approve of what you are doing, then I will do everything I can to stop it. I will bring all of my strength to stop it. I am not in agreement, I am not in accord ... I am angry at what is happening in this world today. I wouldn't be me if I tried to suppress that anger, I'd be false ... hypocritical. I don't have to put it on anyone else. You don't have to be angry with me if that's not the way you feel. But above all don't try to stop me from being angry.
MM: If you were speaking to our world leaders, what would you say?
KD: Well to most of them I would say: "You do not belong in a position of leadership. You have not overcome self. You don't really love humanity, yourself included. You are not a leader. Stop and look at it and study it, realize it and change it. Change yourself or step aside and help someone else take the position that you feel you are fulfilling but you're not." And I'd say: "Stop and think and don't try to put aside, or shut your eyes to those things that are showing you where you've made mistakes. Open your heart to these things inside and help. Be sure that your every breath, every thought, every movement, every deed is being helpful to someone or something. Be sure that you are honest and true."
MM: How do you feel about this violence?
KD: It should have no place in human living.

MM: Are all religions the same? Not the dogma, but the spirit?
KD: I think that intellectually they sound as though they are the same. Intellectually they all say we believe in our God. We want to do what that one God says do but we see errors that are committed because between God and action comes man. And man is by no means perfect creature.
MM: And the United States?
KD: The United States is a great big hypocrite bully. Our God has chosen to give us ... .a means of conquering ... but when you are power driven, you are bound to turn to destruction and violence.
MM: What do you want to tell my generation and the children ... those who come after. What should we be doing?
KD: You should be aware. And of course always be forgiving. You can judge but I don't feel that we have within us the right to hold forth any blessings. God does that. And I would say be aware and be giving. Know how to take, how to receive and how to give. Be sure that both are operating always in your life. If you feel strongly about a cause, don't push it on people but be willing to defend it when it is necessary. Just one word, that one word love is strongest. Know all the different phases of love and have them all in your life. And be able to live with them.
MM: Could you give me a couple of examples of love that you were thinking of ?
KD: Well, you certainly have to know self-love. Erich (Fromm) was probably the founder of that... belief in yourself and a love of yourself. Be kind and gentle with yourself and everything else. Try to avoid, and succeed in avoiding injury to others. Live life with kindness and live life with love.
MM: Is there any hope?
KD: I feel that this present civilization is just about over. I feel that there is a hope in some people, elements, I won't say remnants ... things that are still there, that they can manage to be together after a period of rest and growth. And choose to grow in the sunshine of hope and love. Yes then there is hope for another civilization on this earth. Of course there is always a chance that out in the universe there are some other earths that could come and smash this one into nothing. I see no reason why there shouldn't be another chance for man because he is a creature of God but I'm not counting on it. I'm counting on trying to help save and give hope to those whose eyes are open now and who are suffering.
MM: Is there anything that I can personally do for you? Or anything that I personally need to know ?
KD: I think that you are one of the people who has the fabric of knowledge and I think that you should develop it and continue on your mission of nurturing love and furthering love and that you must spend a little more time protecting yourself. You can't afford to be hyper-sensitive, put it that way. You have to find different ways to help you to be stronger everyday. And be stronger and wiser. You need strength and you need wisdom. And you've helped so much ... just the fact that you are there. And I know that you are there. And that I know you are an honest person working towards the same end, that's great.
MM: Thank you, you honor me.
KD: And don't be embarrassed by tears ...
MM: I gathered my things, thanked Ms. Dunham again,and gave her a big hug.
(c) Melony McGant, 2002, Photo May 1, 2006 by Tyrone Rasheed

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"From What We Get..." Arthur Ashe

"From What We Get..." Arthur Ashe

"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life." Arthur Ashe

I take a moment to Breathe and Exhale Deeply Ten Times. I ponder the unresolved issues of race and class in America, and Worldwide as well as the many acts of violence permeating Our Earth/Heart." Healing can occur only when we openly admit Truth.

 "From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life." These are the words of humanitarian, author and tennis great, Arthur Ashe.

  Part of His story and Our story was told beautifully in an award winning docu-drama written, starring, funded and produced by Joseph H. James Jr.
This 80 minute film titled "Arthur! A Celebration of Life!" is a beautiful journey of Revelation and Truth that deeply touched my heart. An important family/educational film, it explores race and segregation in America, having a passion for tennis and being an "underdog" as well as a monumental world-wide tennis success and humanitarian. It also explores living with Aids because of a blood transfusion and dying with dignity as an American Hero and World Citizen.

 It is a deeply moving film with an ethereal air and beautiful music. Its ensemble cast includes Monet Dunham, Elain R. Graham, Brenda Jordan, Terria Joseph, and Marlene McCoy, with music by Ebony Joann, Alicia Keys and others. It has been reported that the cast, crew and musicians gave their time in honor of a True World Hero, Arthur Ashe.

 "Arthur, A Celebration of Life!" is a docu-drama of which we can all be proud. It is my hope that it becomes circulated Worldwide and used as a basis for a commercial feature film by Joseph H. James, Jr. I am deeply inspired by this beautiful film and thank Joseph H. James, Jr. and All involved in this project.

 I also sincerely thank Arthur Ashe's wife, Jeanne Moutoussamy Ashe and their daughter Camera Ashe for all the beautiful ways that they continue the legacy of Arthur Ashe.

 Today please join me in contemplating the words of Arthur Ashe...
 "True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost."

 May We All Strive To Live As Heroes!
 Rev. Melony McGant

Monday, February 2, 2015

Journey of Faith #Whispers of Love


Beyond knowledge is the Hope that my Faith is strong enough to face the feared and unknown. "How will I walk?", I ask myself.

I clear my mind, sit in the quiet and Breathe Deeply Ten Times. I Breathe In Love. I Exhale Fear.

The answer comes from the whispers of my heart. "First you must have the strength and courage to Trust. Then as Truth is revealed, you must face your fears and offer Kindness even to the one you perceive as your enemy. When you are able to transform your hate into Love with forgiveness, then you will grow in understanding."

I Listen Deeply to the Whispers In My Heart. I Breathe In Love. I Exhale Love. I Breathe In Love. I Exhale Love. I Breathe In Love. I Exhale Love.

Every change or answer we seek can be found in our ability to give up control and walk the path of the unknowing. It is always through the Journey of Faith that we come to know Everlasting LOVE.

Again Ten Times Deeply I Breathe In Love. With Each Breath, I Exhale Love.

As I move forward, I will re-member to Listen with Care and Compassion as I Honor and Embrace the Whispers of Love In My Heart.

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!



I can only hope that our enthusiasm and desire for goodness becomes more poignant and real each passing day.

May we learn to embody mercy and compassion for All; so that all are safe and free to make good choices.

May we live our lives as good neighbors in loving, prosperous communities of respect and tolerance.

May we share our time together nurturing hearts and building strong peaceful, healing foundations of hope for children to explore and grow and share their many gifts with love.

Call Me A Dreamer!

From the book—The Healing Adagio: A Love Symphony In Five Parts

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A New Day


On an early morning
not long ago
it seemed the Sky was painted
with whisperings of orange,
and red and yellow,
and green and purple.

Grey white Clouds
with tints of powder blue
formed a pathway
as the Moon began her journey
back into the Universe.

As she traveled
the Compassionate Moon
came upon the Sun
who greeted her with a gentle kiss
filled with understanding and Love.

Thus with the joining of
Mother Moon and Father Sun
came the Breath of Divine Grace
and the Morning Star was born.

Far away
on planet Earth=Heart
trees rustled in the wind
with Loving Appreciation
and Respect for the dawn of a New Day.

And throughout the world
people of all cultures,
religions and traditions
rose in celebration
and Gave Thanks
for the Miracle of a
New Day.

May A Loving Peace Reside In YOU!

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!