Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stormy Days


There had been so many stormy days and Esperanza wondered how she could find Hope in her heart. Persistence and Gratitude asked her to sing the Love Song. They reminded her that when you sing the Song of Your Heart, the Rainbow of Hope is promised and ever-present even as you travel through the storm!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012



When everyone thought Courage had lost his voice, Faith stepped forward with Patience and Understanding. Smiling joyfully, they sang a sweet healing song of Peace. Suddenly a beautiful deep baritone sound rang out electrifying the audience. Courage had found his voice!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Spirit of Eagle


Instead of trying always to tame the Spirit of Eagle, and make it to submit to your desires, know that an Eagle is most helpful when it remains free. The Spirit of an Eagle will teach you loyalty and show friendship. It is like the Spirit of Love. Exquisite in its detail; magnificent in its brilliance, Unselfishly Love soars to great heights, cannot be contained and will guide you to Higher Ground if you will Honor your Heart !

There Will Be Goodbyes


There will be goodbyes. Some goodbyes come with heart-break and dis-appointment. Relationships end. A parent, child or loved one may die and with our tearful goodbyes, we wonder how we can we go on. We mourn and suffer through our goodbyes even as we Celebrate and Honor those whom we will no longer see but still Love. Then as we are able to heal, we move on with our cherished memories. We awaken and say hello to the New Day are always met by LOVE! Today Say Hello to LOVE EVERLASTING.

Every Child Needs Nurtured


Every child should be nurtured with love, and filled with the gift of creativity, language, outdoor exploration, play, and a good education! Read with your children. Allow them to run joyfully through a meadow. Help them garden or explore thoughts of the moon, the stars, the galaxy and the Uni-Verse! Sing songs of joy that nurture hope and Peace. We Must Tell Our Children--- "You are Beautiful and Special. Your Good Dreams, Ideas, Questions and Hard Work Will Make the World Better." Please Never Forget. Every Child Has a Gift that Needs to Be Nurtured!

Friday, February 24, 2012



You woke up didn't you? That in itself is a Blessing! Give Thanks and allow your loving intention to be a gift to yourself and others as go through the day. Honor Your Blessing and You Will Be A Blessing!

Thursday, February 23, 2012



To succeed and live the Creator's Dream, we must have a willingness to make necessary adjustments with care, compassion, humility, wisdom and Love. True Victory comes only when Right Thought and Right Action create an Abundant Giving Heart!



Every unplanned delay brings its own gift of wisdom and understanding. Be patience and watchful. A delay could cause you to see an important detail previously overlooked; connect with an old friend or allow you the time to make a decision that could better benefit your life! Every unplanned delay brings a Gift of Wisdom. Embrace It!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life Circumstances


We can not presume that we always understand the intricacy or delicate nature of the life circumstances of one another. Still, we always have the opportunity to meet eachother heart to heart--even in disappointment; especially when they are not able to meet our needs or desire. A Seeker Dreamer learns to forego judgment and offer loving compassion and concern for the well-being of others without expectation!


For Every Beloved---

It's Joy I feel when I Honor My Love For You. I always have and always will! I remember when you took my hand. Your gentle spirit helped me heal; helped me to understand! The memory of You is dear to me. Your voice forever whispering; flows through my head and my heart. When I was blind, you helped me see! I believe you are always near and never far from me. You travel through the ethers of time and offer love never-ending; Love I know Is Mine! It's Joy I Feel When I Honor My Love For YOU!

Moving Too Fast


Society says Go, Go GO and keep going! And so we go. We lose our breath and the ability to feel Love in fettered actions deemed necessary for material acquisition. We forget to honor the Day that has brought us blossoming trees of hope and birds singing of love. We ignore the winds of love sent by Divine Grace and breathe only the anxiety and fear of Not Enough. Today, stop and honor Love's gentle, nurturing embrace in the air you breathe, and in the swishing of leaves in the wind. Pause and Breathe Love. Allow Gratitude to enter your Heart!

Honoring Elders


We must Honor Our Elders, and offer respect with only good intention. When a Seeker Dreamer offers to assist and uplift the important legacy of an Elder, it must NOT be for personal recognition or gain. Our humble actions should help to create a wider understanding of the Elder's Gifts which the society has often ignored or forgotten. How Do You Honor the Elders of Your Community?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Myopic Vision


We must be careful of our Myopic Vision. What we do and how we speak has an affect on others. It's Not. Always just about You! A Seeker Dreamer walks with a cloak and heart of Integrity and honors the path of Love even while others are propelled by self interest! Today, offer your gifts with compassion for the greater good of humanity. Allow your vision and the melody of your song to be Unselfish Love!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brute Force


Brute force is always temporary and never offers any long-term solution. A Seeker Dreamer learns that understanding comes when we move beyond our bias to see the best in others and offer the best in ourselves. Always offer respect. Today, be gracious with your words and actions. Your respect and tender graciousness will change hearts and open a new pathway for your good dreams to manifest!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How Do YOU Live?


What we need to learn and teach is Purpose. With Purpose we learn to be responsible for our every action! A Dreamer who believes that their gifts and talents are to be shared for a Good Purpose grows and flourishes. They learn to walk in Unity with Divine Spirit; pursue a path of excellence that benefits many; and bring More Joy to the World! How Do You Live and Honor Good Purpose?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prayer of Love Affirmation


Please Join me in a Prayer of Love Affirmation.----- I am a lighted
being, Created and Inspired by Our Blessed Divine Creator to Reflect Love, Share
Love and Be Love. All that I dream and hope for comes through the Divine Flow
of Love. My thoughts and feelings are Love. The Air I Breathe is Love. YOU ARE
LOVE. I AM LOVE. WE ARE LOVE. Today, All the Good that I Do Is Nurtured and
Inspired By LOVE. And So It Is With LOVE!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Paying Homage


We are able to pay homage in so many beautiful ways. Compassion and Mercy help us to see Love in every being and to open our hearts with kindness. Another way we pay homage is through forgiveness. When we are able to forgive, we lift the burden of anger or disappointment from ourselves and make room for healing through the Grace of Divine Love!

Sunday's Prayer/LOVE


The bells are ringing. The birds are singing! There you are! Good Morning! I'm glad you're here. What?-- Remember Love, I won't forget. Love will turn you upside down; and give you roots of wisdom from deep in the ground. Love gives smiles of gentle joy and delight. Love embraces sorrow, gives special insight and will make your burdens light. And now that I begin this day, Thank You GOD. LOVE IS Truly the Way!

What IF???


Some of us living with the pain of defeat often ask the question "What IF?" What IF becomes a code word for Don't Grow and Don't Change. The Phoenix Dreamer knows the code but approaches it with childlike curiosity. He looks sideways and sees other dreamers turning back. He looks back and sees his old self begging for him to return. He looks forward into the trees as they bow and honor the Sun. He feels the wind of Chance. He lets go and halting moves forward and falls. He gets up with the help of Desire and Confidence. And then Faith pushes Phoenix Dreamer forward. Together they soar into the Winds of Divine Chance!

Gift of Fortitude


When you are given a situation that reveals a weakness, ask for the courage and strength needed to Rest, Nurture and Heal so that your weakness become a Gift of Fortitude.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Murky Waters


Though society does not always value Humility, every Wise Seeker has learned that Humility is a loyal friend and not adversary. Dreamer, when you walk with Humility, Courage, Patience and Faith, your vision and deep desire to live a life of integrity will become like a Clear Reflection Pond even in murky waters!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Deep Confusion

When there is deep confusion in our hearts, before moving forward we must rest, and wait for Clarity. Every Seeker Dreamer may journey and discover a river of Doubt. Don't dive in or you may drown in negativity. Rest your mind, your body and your heart. Wait until daylight. The Ferry of Truth and Understanding is on the way to take you across to your next Good Destination.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Patience and Tenacity


In every life negotiation, we must be both receptive and resourceful. Our ego must give way to objective reasoning and perceptive vision. Patience and Tenacity aid us as we face obstacles with gracious understanding. A Seeker Dreamer becomes more resourceful and receptive to new opportunities when they listen deeply; adjust communication and honor the new possibility that clear vision brings through Divine Grace.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Not Enough!


Love that is equal and special begins when you honor the Creator's Gifts in You. You choose abundance and joy as you use your gifts and learn resilient communication. Let go of Not Enough! Today Dreamer, All that You Need, You Have. Give Thanks! With this New Day comes a more flexible, prosperous New You in partnership with the Creator! Give Thanks!

You Are Capable


First know that you are a capable, worthy individual. Be consistent and disciplined in your efforts as you plant new seeds and lay the groundwork for growth and opportunity. Share your harvest and build good relationships. Be flexible and patient as you grow and change. Risk will be required. Start Today Dreamer. You Are Capable and Worthy of Good Fortune!

One Step Forward


When I lost myself in the dream of disappointment, Deep Sorrow greeted me in tears. He spoke of the battles and wars we had created in fear and self- judgment. "This pain and vulnerability you feel is an opening for Faith. You are a Seeker Dreamer. Choose to Move On!" And then he was gone. I awakened and saw my freinds, Mercy and Forgiveness. "Come," they said, "Healing begins with One Step Forward into Yourself on the Pathway of Love!"

Friday, February 3, 2012

Steep and Rocky


The road is steep and often rocky. Step by step, I walk with Hope. I watch, listen and learn from those who have gone before me. Their wisdom helps me to honor Flexibility. Still I stumble and fall. I ask for Mercy, rise and take another step. I honor All with Compassion. I learn to embrace the unknown with undaunted Faith. For the Gift of Life, and this day; I Give Thanks!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Be A Witness


Every Seeker Dreamer will journey. They may never leave the town they were born in. Yet they will climb mountains of fear and triumph in a valley of hope. They will cross barren deserts of despair and find an oasis of understanding. They will swim through lakes of joy and sail the ocean of wisdom. All this the Seeker Dreamer does as they witness, learn, change, grow and become their true self in Love!