Monday, May 31, 2010

May Meanderings

Greed never serves it destroys societies. please use your voice to support a system that is undergoing positive transformation. have a willingness to dialogue, to assist where you can and remain hopeful. these are very challeging times. how can you contibute to the solution?

Though our opinions may differ, how can... we work together to help heal our children, our cites, our countries, OUR MotherEarth=Heart?

In the midst of a series of natural disasters in Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, China, Tibet, India, many parts of Africa, etc., and a human made BP OIL Crisis, etc....we must be ever vigilant in our support of Humanitarian aid.

Speak out and let the White House and the Israeli Government know that we protest these horr...ific acts of violence. May we come together to heal, share hope and resources.

10 Deaths Reported as Israel Attacks Aid Flotilla -

The Israeli Navy attacked a flotilla carrying hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists and supplies for Gaza on Monday morning, news agencies reported.

10 Things We Must Remember on Memorial Day |

The war in Iraq is in its seventh year. The war in Afghanistan, in its ninth year, is the longest war in our history.

Keep your word. live in compassion and truth. experience integrity. feel hopeful, joyful and renewed as you mirror your divine birthright!

Evil tries to capture us through negative, fearful emotions. say hello to evil and feel only love. then the fear will disolve and evil too will be transformed into love, hope an compassion! believe this and it will be so for you are a gift of the divine!

Friday, May 21, 2010

His Holinessthe Dalai Lama in NYC

"Non-Violence is an act of compassion. Religious understanding, harmony and mutual respect is needed for humanity. Have deep uunderstanding and repect for all Traditions." ---His Holiness the Dalai Lama said yesterday at Radio City Music Hall.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dignity of Love

We must all re-commit to the dignity of love....wanting for others what we want for ourselves... sharing our brilliance,our resources and respect for those who are different. Within our hearts lies the potential of miracles. If we have compassion and hope and we can take action to heal the world...Do you believe this is possible?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sping Meanderings---Fear, Friendship and Forgiveness

dear fear, the truth is that when we love eachother, we are given divine inspiration. you are my friend. believe in me, let my heart rule and just alert gently me to real danger. let us live with truth and forgiveness, faith and understanding.

we are so much more than we imagine. say yes to compassion and watch your life unfold with grace!

joy is the spark of love that is shared and lights the hearts in reflection of love!

we have so much to share, so much hope to give and so much joy to receive.

The first time the Divine spoke to me, I just went back to sleep. Now I hear and feel the Divine everywhere and I have no choice but to love. When you get the Divine Call, what will you do? I believe YOU were already called....please, tell me...since you have heard and felt the voice of LOVE, what are you doing????

today please just show up- try to be fully present and feel the fruit of love manifesting within your heart. therin lies the miracle!

tornadoes, storms, and rain calls for clearing, cleansing' compassion and prayer. today pay attention to an opening of grace!

surely it is a day for us to share our hearts and reflect the greatest miracle ever to manifest...compassionate love! today, embrace the joy of awakening!

embrace mother. earth-heart big enough to heal and love us eternally if we only choose to nurture and respect her says father!

I am trying to meet all beings heart to heart, connecting in love sharing respect. in this the field of miracles I discover the place where we are one. what will your miracle be today?

life is full of infinite possibility. how will you select your next steps? what is your heart telling you???

laugh with a new friend...or cry with an old friend...both are healing and gifts of love...

true friends often read in-between the lines of your life, listening to what is not said. they see/feel you and accept you, and love you. what a blessing!

special moments re-membered are like songs of the heart. today is a day to create a new song. trust your vision, reflect your heart. live new special moments filled with grace.
-------greatest love, miss mellie rainbow

hearts blossom

greetings beloved...

just as i see the sun
and rain nurturing
our universal garden...

so it is that
we are learning
to plant the seeds of love.

we are reminded that patience
is a gift of the divine.

let us nurture gently
with compassion,
and understanding.

let us pray
and watch as
hearts blossom in joy....

greatest love,
miss mellie rainbow

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Honoring Miss Dorothy Height---

Remembering Civil Rights Luminary Dorothy Height,now ascended and with God!...Returning to the National Council Of Negro Women Building on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC on the day of President Barack Obama's Inaguration Jan 2009. The NCNW Historic Building is the only one owned by African Americans on that Avenue. I was standing outside NCNW waiting to see our new Pres...ident when Miss Height's car stopped in front and she got out. It was a freezing cold exciting day.

What a blesssing I was able to take this picture---and to join so many other thousands celebrating history! What do you remember of that day???