Friday, August 31, 2012



Though Storms of life seemed wicked and unrelenting and the dreamer lost much; after the Storms had subsided one great thing remained. Some call it Faith. The Dreamer smiled joyfully because he and others were Still Alive. 

If you have awakened today with a rainbow of integrity in your heart, then you too are Still Alive. Be a Dreamer! Feel the Power of Faith. Give Thanks! Use your gifts for Good! Walk with Unrelenting Fortitude and Courage. Begin to Build the World You Want Your Children to Inherit!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hurricane Prayers for People


Please join me in offering Prayers of Strength and Fortitude for the people of Haiti, Florida, Louisiana, the Gulf Coast and All those affected by Hurricane Storms, as well as people suffering anywhere on Earth. We open our hearts and offer gifts of compassionate action and resources as we vision recovery from this natural disaster, and all that is causing suffering.  Let Us Send Adequate Assistance filled with Courage, Hope and Love so that Families Survive and Thrive Everywhere on Earth!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Inspires YOU???


I Breathe Deeply and ask myself "What will inspire you, heal your heart and offer Hope? For me it is a conversation filled with deep listening and tender understanding filled patience! Today, I Breathe Deeply, and remember to listen with a Peaceful Heart! I am inspired by listening to the wisdom of YOUR Heart which longs to heal and have hope! What Inspires YOU? 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Marvelous Details


This morning I look into the mirror with Gratitude and say hello to my Smiling Face! The Confusion of yesterday came with a precious reminder-- I Am Loved. 

This understanding brings Clarity. I Breathe Deeply. I Laugh Joyfully. I say hello to the Singing Birds, the Embracing Sky, and the Trees of Wisdom. 

I Breathe Deeply and Honor the New Day of Marvelous Details calling for my attention. 

Most importantly, I remember to Laugh and to Say Thank You.

 Love Is Everywhere!

Patient Understanding


Thank You for the gift of Your Patient Understanding which has created a New Bridge of Hope as a way to walk across unsteady waters of yesterday's disappointment. 

Breathe Deeply--- In and Out. Breathe In Loving Courage. Exhale Fear and Disappointment. Breathe Deeply four times. 

Begin Your Day In Gratitude. Feel Loving Courage take your hand and walk with you across the New Bridge of Hope! 

Breathe Again. Step into Good Possibility. Say Thank You!

Those Who Have MORE


Why continue to point the finger at another or bad mouth them when you already know what caused the problem. Greed caused the problem. Look into your hearts and partner with your brains to find an Equitable Solution. It Calls for a Not So Radical Change. Speak About It! Walk with Integrity and move forward with a plan that offers Hope with Equity. There Is Only One Equitable Solution. With Greed comes Consequence! Those Who Have More Must Give More!

Why I Can't Hate


If I hate those who are selfish and hate, then I too become a selfish hater and will bury myself and my dreams in a relentless cycle of fear and despair. I will not be selfish or hate you. Instead I will love the world we can create through mutual respect and care. 

There is no way forward but to see the potential of goodness; to live with thoughts of goodness; and to share the gift of compassionate actions that heal, inspire and nurture our world. 

I believe and will always believe that when we offer our hearts with Love, we will open the door to Good Change so that all families will prosper and our children can live together in safety with JOY!

Friday, August 24, 2012



Often the Conflict in our daily lives takes away our creativity, our feeling of love and the Peace in Our Hearts. Still, the challenges of life will call for us to let go of fear, and to practice compassion. Compassion will always lead to Greater Wisdom. Greater Wisdom can open the door to creative understanding with love. 

Today walk with a Peaceful Heart. In conflict, Breathe Deeply. Listen and Care Fully. 

Practice Sharing Compassion and Kindness.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today Is A DAY!


I Breathe In and Out.   
Letting go of the friction caused by Uncertainty, 
I Breathe Slowly and Deeply four times.  

My only thought is of Gratitude.  
I Breathe In and Out.  

With Gratitude I honor the gift of Patience 
which allows me to Listen with Respect.  

I Breathe Slowly and Deeply Four Times.  

My Best Self Is Required.  

Today Is a Day to Listen and Act 
only with Compassion, Patience and Respect!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When Life Falls Apart


When life falls apart in your mind or your heart; be like a willow and bend as you mend.  Then stand tall and start again.  

Take your time.  Please still be kind.  Show that you care.  Always try to share.  Let Love Grow and Blossom Everywhere!  

When life falls apart, even as you heal, ask for the Courage to do your part. Allow Faith and Confidence to help you Make a New Start!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Real Conversation


Perhaps the Real Conversation we should be having is the need for healing of impoverished, envious, greedy or war-torn hearts; and a Dream that allows for the Dignity and Creation of a Prosperous Peace in a Society that has the resources to share, encourage and nurture ALL. 

If we love Our Children and care for their Future, then we would do well to focus our current resources on improving the quality of food, housing, healthcare, education, environment, employment; and the right/responsibility of All Citizens to be able to Vote for continuing Good Change Without Obstacles!  And Before All That---the Real Conversation Is LOVE!

Set Good Intentions


Deeply Breathe and Give Thanks for the Exquisite New Day. 

Breathe in and out; honoring every Blessing. 
Set Your Good Intentions. 
In this way you give attention to what You want and believe.
 Breathe. You are successful, beautiful and content with your life. 

Today you have unlimited resources filled with hope 
and encouragement to share with Others! 

Breathe, Share and Give Thanks!

Eid Mubarak!


Each of You is a member of the Master Creator's Royal Family. Honor the Jewels of Compassion, Kindness, Patience, Generosity, Understanding and Hope. These are the Jewels that sparkle through Faith when shared with the Jewels of Mercy, Forgiveness and Unselfish Love. 

As we honor our Muslim Earth Family in celebration of Ramadan lessons shared, We Say Eid Mubarak.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Tender Wind


I am Grateful for the Air filled with Oxygen that helps me Breathe, and sends Clarity to my brain.  

Breathing deeply four times, I listen to the Voice of Wisdom that sings like the a tender wind caressing my heart.  

I Breathe again, and again!  Hearing the Song of Love, I embrace the Clarity of the Tender Wind of Wisdom.  

I Breathe Deeply.  Moving forward, I offer My Hopeful Best as a Gift Love!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Apples of JOY


Whenever Patience and Understanding come to visit, hearts open with Respect and Appreciation. It is then that  friends, families and strangers begin to share Apples of JOY.  

Today Patience and Understanding live in my heart!  I Smile and share with Respect and Appreciation---my delicious Apples of Joy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Charity begins at Home!!!


There is an old expression "Charity Begins at Home!" When I have loyalty, concern and love for myself; I am able to see more clearly the need to have loyalty, concern and love for Others.  Because I care about Me, and am able to love, nurture and forgive Myself;  I am able to see myself in both friends and strangers.  

Today I will Care, Listen and  Offer My Best As Encouragement!        

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Put Down Your Guns!


Dream Only of a Safe World of Peace where people value and respect their neighbors.  Put Down Your Guns.   Let go of your thoughts of violence.  Feed the hungry.  Build homes for the homeless.  Nurture the sick.  Educate your children.  Put Down Your Guns. Take your children to the park or a large meadow.  Let them teach you to blow bubbles, talk to trees, sing with birds and dance with butterflies.  

Put Down Your Guns.  Create a World where people listen and care about eachother.  Share your gifts and resources.  Honor your Elders.  Walk with Courage. Live with Compassion.  

Truth Offers Hope!  Always VOTE!  Live Joyfully.  Laugh Often. Love Tenderly.  Always VOTE!       

Monday, August 13, 2012

YOU Are LOVED! Have Faith; Wake UP!!!!

You Are LOVED!!!!

Today, I Breathe gratefully as Song Birds in Flowered Trees sing "You are Loved". I Breathe Deeply in Gratitude and know that is the Soul Message. I Am LOVED. I Breathe In Love and embrace the power of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Oceans, the Mountains and All Sentient Beings which help encourage and inspire me to dream of a Prosperous Peace; and believe in the Power of Love. Today I embrace the Wisdom imprinted in the fruit and on the leaves of trees with Joy. I honor All Living Things as Gifts of the Creator. I allow the Grace of Nature to move through me as Kindness, Patience and Peace! I Breathe Deeply, Re-membering that I Am LOVED.



When we lost Hope and tried to forbid Faith to live in our hearts; the story of our Lives became too painful to examine. Trust was gone. As I cried and cried, one very dark night, Courage and Strength came quietly with Compassion and Hope. We walked together through the woods of disappointment, and discovered Forgiveness as a Child of Love hidden in the magical chambers of my heart. She called herself Faith. She and Trust opened the door to My Good Destiny of Honoring Love!

*****Sing, Dance, SHINE

Beloved Si-STARS and Bro-STARS,

Come Forth and Shine! Show Yourselves so that even in the darkness of greed and corruption, there will be support for the ones that are innocence and born only to LOVE. You are being given the opportunity to Serve the Master Creator! Breathe Deeply and Say Thank YOU! Now, feel yourself wrapped in the luminosity of Rainbows. BREATHE. Re-Member! All that is GOOD Is Born in the Breath of LOVE! BREATHE DEEPLY. Beloved Si-STARS and Bro-STARS, It is Time to Sing the Holy Song of LOVE! Go Forth. Sing. Dance and Shine!

*******Prosperous Mountains of HOPE


Beyond the politics of corporations, governments, religions and who's who in the social hierarchy of communities, you will discover prosperous mountains of Hope; hidden in every heart; but sometimes forgotten by people who live in fear. Courage, Mercy, Truth and Respect live in these mountains-- with the desire only to be of service, and to build a World of Love. For those seeking Peace, they offer the Wisdom of Collective Ancestors. For those who are sick, they show compassion and offer loving care. For those who are sad, angry, or needing forgiveness, they listen and offer unconditional Love. Love is like honey, it always helps to heal. I am like an innocent child always believing that Prosperous Mountains of Hope lie hidden in every heart seeking to build a World of Love!

WAKE UP Beloveds,

On days when the World seems like a bad dream, Wake Up and offer prayers in Gratitude and Love. There is no time to engage evil and think fearful thoughts. Breathe Deeply and re-connect to Good. Today, let your every deed be like a smile of joy that offers encouragement, compassion and hope. Allow kindness and love to become the Grace that fills your heart and helps bring healing to Our World! Wake Up! Live a Good Dream!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Your Beautiful Heart


Even when life has revealed major difficulty; even when you or a loved one is sick; even when your job has been lost---YOU Are Still Beautiful! The light from your heart shines through the pain like a star providing direction to the lost traveler at night.  Breathe Deeply FOUR TIMES. Gather your energy.  Take the hand of Courage.  The good way to go is Forward.  Breathe. Allow Your Beautiful Heart to Light the Path and Show You the Way! 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Divine Whispers


The Seeker Dreamer awoke to a Gentle Divine Whisper. 

"Feel Me through your Tears. Know Me even in your Brokeness.  Accept Me in Forgiveness.  I AM Mercy.  I AM the Hope Blossoming in You!  Today and every day, I AM the Answer.  I live within YOU.  I feel through YOU.  I Am the  tingling strength you develop in wisdom and compassion.   Allow Me the Gift of Awakening within your heart and You Will See Me in every Tender Smile.  I AM the Answer.  I AM LOVE!"

Monday, August 6, 2012

Please Say YES!!!!


People become less tolerant, more fearful and sometimes violent when they feel their lifestyles are threatened;  there is no one listening; or no one to care.  

Certainly the challenges we are facing in the U.S. and the World result from the pure greed of a few; a desire to maintain control of resources;  and to create a permanent underclass to whom no one is listening or cares about.  

For Our Children to Live in a World Mandated By Hope; we must open our hearts to Truth and  Say NO to Inequity! We must raise our voices, use our pens and our Votes!  

We Must Be Willing to Trust Eachother, Share Our Resources and Show Eachother Loving Respect! 
Today, Please Say Yes to LOVE!    

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Golden Stardust Homonyms


 My Heart...
broken in pieces and pounded
like flour
by the sores of disagreement,
war and poverty
has become like golden stardust
grains that soar throughout
 the Uni-Verse
and return reconstructed
as seeds of love
that forever are destined
to plant fields
of Cooperative Hope.

The rains of Faith
nurture the fruit of Patience.

I learn to offer
blossoming flowers
of kindness, understanding,
forgiveness and compassion.

 In this way, the desire
for the Reign of Peace
 and Spiritual Prosperity
begin to live as
Golden Stardust
Homonyms in My Heart!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Thank You For Caring!!!


All People need to believe that someone cares and is listening. We thrive when we are supported and encouraged.  We blossom and grow with Courage when we feel appreciated!  No good deed is insignificant.  Every act of kindness brings MORE Hope and Healing across the Earth!  Practice saying Thank You with your Smiles, and Hugs, Phone Calls and Notes of Gratitude.  Every Day, please share the gift of tender grace!  Listen and act with the gratitude and wisdom that lives in your heart! Thank You for Caring! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gather Your Energy


When there is confusion, I take a few moments to breathe deeply and gather my energy. I imagine a Heart Quest. I see myself with dolphins in calm waters; swimming in the ocean and hugging the sands of time. I Breathe and mourn my losses, forgive my failures and Honor the Creator of the Uni-verse. I Breathe deeply four times and reflect on my life purpose. I ask for the Courage to dream new dreams. Gathering My Energy, I Breathe and Say Thank for my Heart Quest. I step into the moment and continue my day with Patience!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012



The gifts we share have True Value when they are given with Loving Encouragement, Respect for the Receiver and Joy.  Share every gift with True Value and you will Light the World with Hope and Right Actions of Love!