Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fly Above the Storm


I Breathe and Breathe Slowly; Deeply.  
The New Day offers me good reason for Gratitude. 

I Am Alive!  

Today I promise to travel around 
every obstacle with a hopeful heart.  

I will learn to fly above the storms of ego; 
and ground every thought 
so that my actions are helpful and peaceful!  

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Sunshine of Hope


On a Rainy Day---

A Smile can be the Sunshine you share
 that brings the joy of hope 
and causes rainbows to dance around you!  

Breathe Deeply.  
Offer a Smile.  
Say Thank You.  
Share your Rainbow of Joy with Compassion.  


Today allow yourself to Radiate JOY to the World!  

Breathe Deeply.  Listen Carefully.  Smile Often.  

Offer the Sunshine of Hope!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Star of Optimism


Every person living with Optimism shines like a Star and re-members to share the goodness of their heart. Breathe Deeply and feel the Oxygen of Optimism enter your heart. 

Affirm your path.

-- I will patiently work to be consistent in my efforts to grow as I further develop my gifts. I will share the goodness of my heart and allow the Star of Optimism to guide me!

 Breathe Deeply Four times. 

Go Forth and Shine!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Your Turtle Wisdom


Even in the most difficult of times;
like the Turtle, when we become patient with Ourselves
and the World,we develop clarity;
 breathe in the Oxygen of the Earth gratefully;
and travel slowly across unknown waters
or lands to safely to Victory.

We grow stronger with age;
and as we come to know the essence of Our Be-ing,
we offer compassion and mercy as a way
of celebrating and nurturing Love.

Slowly Breathe Deeply Four Times.
Open your heart to the Creator's Infinite Grace.

There is no need to rush to beat the deceptive,
 selfish, greedy Hares trying to manipulate your Ego.

Decide to honor and use the gift of your Turtle Wisdom.

Do All that you CAN.
Every challenge requires Patience, Faith,
and a Strong Belief in a Good Outcome!

 Today, Walk With Your Turtle Wisdom!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Becoming Good Stewards


Please Offer a prayer of hope for your children's children,
 and the seven generations of children who will come after them.

Even today, children sing the songs of Bob Marley
and call for a Loving Peace.

Breathe Deeply and open your Tender Hearts in prayer.

For the Children---May we honor Our Earth
and forego our violent thoughts or selfish actions
 as we work together in every community
 to build new bridges of compassion and joy.

 May the many generations of children to come be nurtured,
and able to live in a prosperous world where
love and respect bring total harmony to Earth.

 Breathe and feel the hope for peace in every heart across the Uni-Verse.

 For ever child we know and those yet to be born--- May we all work together and learn to become Good Stewards of Love!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Live In Harmony


Breathe Deeply in Gratitude for the beauty and unlimited potential of your existence. 

Listen deeply to the Voice in Your Heart. "There is absolutely no space between us nor boundaries that separate us. You will forever be a part of Me. "   

These are the harmonious words heard by all who listen throughout the Magnificent, Generous, All-Knowing,  Loving  Universe.  Again Breathe Deeply.   Open Your Heart  and Listen. 

"There is absolutely no space between us nor boundaries that separate us. You will forever be a part of Me. "   

This is the Truth of The Master Creator that floats throughout Uni-Verse and become the Song of Life.  

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe! With every step you take today, try to Live in  Kindness and Beauty.  Honor the unlimited potential of Your Loving Existence.  Live in Harmony.   Sing only the Song of LOVE!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Deeper Understanding


 In the Time of material greed, corruption, and religious wars, there was a Woman who had traveled far and faced many demons. Along the way she had made some good decisions; and some bad decisions that offered good lessons. She had helped many people but when she thought she needed help, no one was there. She felt disappointed and terribly alone. She prayed for Deeper Understanding.
 One day a Wise Man came to her in a dream. He held her hand and wiped her tears. He sat quietly with her and watched the Stars as they glistened in the darkness. The Wise Man said to the Woman "Trust in the Light - Trust in the Spirit - Know that you will always be a part of who I AM and a part of ME."
The Woman awakened from her dream with New Understanding; feeling safe, nurtured and Loved. She felt that the Wise Man was the GOD Living and traveling within Her.
 So often the Strong Ones feel that they journey alone, trying to offer others compassion and understanding. It is important to remember that We Are Never Alone.
Breathe Deeply four times and remember these words in your heart. "Trust in the Light - Trust in the Spirit - Know that you will always be a part of who I AM and a part of ME."
Try to walk with Courage, Compassion, Faith, Hope, Mercy and a deeper Understanding. Always Remember, GOD is living and traveling within YOU! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Equity in the Yucatan and the World


Here in the Yucatan, where developers have gentrified the environments, I can not help but notice that Mayans and other Mexican people who are struggling for survival greet me graciously and offer their good spirits and lessons of grace! 

What will it take for us to bring more equity with love and prosperity into our world?

When will we understand that All People are deserving of the good that we want for ourselves?

I Breathe deeply and bow in gratitude for every blessing of my life. 

I begin this day knowing that I must actively share my love and do what I can to be generous to those around me!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Believe and Achieve


I realize that the one sure thing that can stop me from achieving my next good step is NOT some external force that won't allow me to cross the path or open a new door, It is ME.

Today I Breathe Deeply and give thanks for the miracle of my life, and all sentient beings.

I Breathe and offer gratitude for dreams fullfilled.

 With Courage, I resolve to listen to the voice of Love calling me to walk with compassion, persistence and humility.

 I must continue to be more patience with myself and others.

  I Breathe Deeply with New Resolve.

 I will set new goals, and have more discipline as I grow.

 I Believe that I have the capacity to achieve, and am worthy to live and honor the Grace of The Master Creator with Faith, Hope and JOY.

I Breathe Deeply. It is time for New Dreams!

I Will Believe and Achieve!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Creator's Gift/Riviera Maya

For Twelve Years I've Dreamed of Swimming  With Dolphins.  Sometimes Patience Can Make A Dream A Reality!  For All



I awakened before dawn when even the trees were sleeping. 

Stars  peer at me and greeted me in the darkness through heart shaped clouds.

I breathe deeply in appreciation of all the wonders of Our Mother Earth-Heart.

 I sit and breathe in the quiet of peace and open my heart with joy.

 Soon I join slumbering trees yawning as we listen to early morning bird calls of love. 

It is then that I am comforted by the slight breeze fully awakening the trees as Night and  Dawn slow dance and call forth the light of Day. 

I breathe deeply in Awe.  My Heart Give Thanks for the Miracle of The Uni-Verse!

 It is truly a Beautiful Day!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Allow Mystery to Unfold

Beautiful People---

I sit in Gratitude and Breathe.
I visualize the beauty of the Sacred Space of my heart.
Peace lives here!
All Dreams are first nurtured and remembered in the heart.

 I Breathe Deeply and feel myself loved.
 Self doubt and fear of next steps are transformed
into Confidence and Surety.

I Breathe and Give Thanks for this beautiful New Day
preparing to unfold many mysteries of Divine Grace.

 I Breathe Deeply. I Smile. I step humbly into the New Day!

How Do You Live?

Beautiful People---

I am learning to live like a Camel
traveling peacefully through the deserts of evil
in uncertain times.

Love is like the water stored in me.

It is Love that helps me re-generate my heart
 with Clarity and Truth as I follow
the Master Creator's Phoenix of Hope,
and move across the sands of time to Heaven's Oasis.

I live like a Camel traveling peacefully
through deserts of evil;
nurtured and sustained by the Waters of LOVE!

 How Do You Live?

Nurture the Dream!

Brilliant Loving Spirits---

In today's society, even those we love, we judge!

We want them to dress, walk, and talk in a way that makes us feel superior.

We have been conditioned to manipulate others, to fight
and to use words that harm even when we talk of peace.

 Good Communication requires a willingness to stop and listen.

Take a moment to clear the pathway of your heart. Breathe Deeply.

Open your heart. Listen beyond judgment.

Breathe In Gratitude for every conversation of Hope.

Please Re-member, Our True Purpose is to use our gifts to inspire,
 support and empower others so that we all blossom in love.

Today Water Your Garden of Hope.

Together Let Us Nurture the Dream of an Equitable Loving Peace.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

When Others Condemn Us

To All YOU Brilliant Spirits and The Good President Obama 

There are times when we will fall short of our own expectations. 

Other will criticize and may condemn our mistakes and sincere good deeds. 

Their words and actions will pierce your heart. 

Breathe deeply! 

The Master Creator has shown you vulnerability. 

Offer Gratitude! Embrace your Humanness! 

Be Still and Breathe. Ask your big question. Listen deeply. 

 Allow your vulnerability to be opening for Grace. Breathe. 

Prepare to Move Forward with Confidence and Humility! 

Know this---Only Unselfish Love Will Teach You to Live the Good Answer!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn's Mist

As I walk along the pathway of trees with green leaves of hope mixed with golden and orange leaves celebrating the harvest; the fog clears to reveal a morning mist appearing like tears of joy on leaves that soon will fall to the ground in adoration of the Master Creator. Autumn's transformation calls for prayers of gratitude with quiet compassion and humility! Let Us Pray for a Harvest Season of Peace!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Clear Path of a Benevolent Heart


The One who is willing to embrace uncertainty and face the fears hidden in lifetimes of disappointment is not distracted in Confusion.  A Clear Path  is always revealed in the Mirror of Forgiveness and Love.  Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love. Commit to walk a Clear Path with a Benevolent Heart.  Breathe Deeply!  Embrace and Honor the Benevolent Spirit of Love with Awe, Humility and Gratitude.  Allow your every action to be of Peace.  In this way You Will Bring JOY into the Heart of Your World!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Four Seasons, Circle of Relationship, Hidden in the Offering and Stones!

September 28th to October 1st, 2012---Four Seasons,Circle of Relationship, Hidden in the Offering and Stones!

Every Rock and Stone has wisdom and memory beyond our time. They have lived through Earth's Fires, been broken and tossed by harsh winds, and nurtured by water. Rocks and Stones can teach us patience and confidence and remind us to have the courage to walk with strength and love. Today let us see Rocks and Stones as treasure; and honor their many memories as gifts of love and precious jewels in the Circle of Life.

One day a woman decided to open the home of her heart. She dusted, cleaned and cooked a feast of compassion, forgiveness, humility and joy. She offered healing prayers of gratitude for All, and in return was given a gift by Divine Spirit. The gift she received was unexpected and Hidden in the Offering. The home of her heart now glistened with acceptance, and unbridled hope! All around her she heard whispers of Grace filled with Love to be Shared. That day the woman learned that the most important gifts often lay Hidden the Offering!

Life is meant to be a Circle of Relationship and Reciprocity. All that we nurture, care for and teach also care for us, nurture us and teach us. Even the leaves on a fruit tree turn towards the light of the sun and are nurtured in love so that the tree blossoms, grows and bears succulent fruit to nurture us. The one who grows in wisdom and love becomes a good steward in the Circle of Relationship and Reciprocity. Are You a Good Steward? How Do You Honor the Circle of Your Life?

Awaken In Love and Breathe Deeply four times. Honor the Master Creator who has given us a New Day. Each breath clears the four chambers of your heart and energizes the entire being. Breathe in Gratitude for the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Be Grateful for the four elements that guide your journey, Earth, Our Mother, teaches us to feel the miraculous songs in the air as we breathe; songs that travel through the water of our bodies and ignite fire of our hearts. Breathe deeply in the Songs of Love and you will become Rooted in Gratitude, Flexible in Every Challenge and Expansive in Hope on Your Journey of Life!