Friday, March 14, 2008

Struggling With Duality


Many of us laugh,
as we cry tears of joy.
Many of us laugh as we cry tears of despair.
This duality is puzzling to me.
Do you understand duality?
As I attempt to understand,
sometimes I feel as if my heart is broken
only to be mended together by thoughts of LOVE.
Universal LOVE.

How can we look into the eyes of our children
and not want to create Universal LOVE???

Often I imagine a new world, a better world.
Do you ever imagine a world
without fear and envy or manipulation….
a world of equity and peace?

Throughout the centuries,
many have forged a way of LOVE.
I re-member and am encouraged.

Perhaps we could join together in a Circle of LOVE.
Let us build our Rainbow Bridge
across the Earth and create ONE HEART.

Right now, in this moment,
imagine that our bridge embraces all people, all cultures.

The Sun rises feeling glorious
and travels around Earth sharing warmth and light.

The Moon smiles as she rocks us to sleep at night.

We, all of us are committed
to educating our children, honoring our seniors,
curing all disease, nurturing all people,
celebrating all cultures,
and finding new ways to heal our hearts and our planet.

We are embraced by A Singular Divine Thought.
Hands are extended. Hearts are open.
Forgiveness is asked for and given.
Knowledge is shared. Healing transpires.
LOVE is reborn. JOY is recreated.
There is nothing but LOVE.

Perhaps you too share this dream.
I imagine that you are smiling right now.

And I become more hopeful.

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