Monday, May 26, 2008

A Visioning Meditation on the Next President

Thoughts on the Honorable Barack Obama

I do believe that the Honorable BARACK OBAMA will be the next President of OUR United States. Let's hold that vision and see it manifesting! And as we see President Obama, then now lets begin to address some of the real concerns that are facing us as Americans and as Global Citizens.

We have big issues on our plates right now.----An estimated 100 thousand are dead or missing in Burma after the recent Cyclone Nargis, In China and Chili there reported earthquakes with more tremendous devestation. In Iraq we are bombing into civilian zones and killing pregnant women and children.

Here in New York City we've got the Sean Bell UNJUST Verdict---in Philadelphia we've got ten police on camera kicking and beating 3 suspects. We've got the Israeli and Palestinian conflict/Dafur/ Tibetan rights vs China and an Unemployment/Recession/Economic crisis.

We've got children in sub-standard schools that lack creativity and we are warehousing our seniors. We've got a new group of disabled War Veterans with no jobs/places to live or adequate community support. ----Oh and of course a penal system that doesn't reform and a health system that isn't working. What we have now is a system and a world that is NOT WORKING FOR ALL. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the work we have to do.

The truth is ---WE NEED TO SEND A STRONG MESSAGE to OUR NEXT President so that he becomes clearer on our collective concerns.

Fundraising is the reality in political campaigns--- but what do we do about the starving children/people in the world? How do we readily acknowledge our differences with compassion and respect for eachother?

Alice Walker and many others have said----WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! Thank You for reading.

Please someone share these thoughts with our hopefully President-Elect Barack Obama as we vision him taking up residence on Pennsylvania Avenue!

With Respect/Appreciation/And LOVE! Miss Mellie Rainbow aka Melony McGant

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Anonymous said...

Hello there! It is amazing to read your thoughts, beliefs and desires. Especially, when they are identical to mine. This is OUR time to make a difference to CHANGE.