Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Miss Mellie Rainbow's Holiday Greeting
Are you concerned about the future of our Collective Humanity?

What is this direction we move---this killing pre-occupation
that sends drones into the homes of our world neighbors
and destroys the lives of children, their parents, and families?

Where is our understanding of living together in peace,
caring for our brothers and sisters;
and helping all who are in need?

Certainly our universal purpose is to have a collective heart
of compassion that allows us to create a world of equanimity.

Are we willing to move beyond violence?

What lessons do we share with our broken
promises of peace, hope and healing?

Is the Nobel Peace Prize now to be a forum
and justification for war?

When will we begin to confront our leaders
who send our soldiers to kill our brothers and sisters;
and then call them heroes?

What kind of courageous leaders have we selected
who destroy the hope of a collective love
that nurtures and heals?

Do we still find value in the Golden Rule----
“Honor thy mother and father,
Love thy neighbor as thyself
And… Thou shalt Not kill….”

Mahatma Gandhi, the great peacemaker
who never received a Nobel Peace Prize
once said “An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind.”

And Nobel Prize winner Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said
"A true test of a man is not where he stands
in a time of comfort and convenience but where
he stands during a time of conflict and controversy."

Many of the choices we are making
and allowing our leaders to make
are morally wrong.

Each life taken, every obstacle to universal healthcare,
every dollar spent to make war barons wealthier,
every thought of the “Other” moves us away from love.
For the Other is YOU!

Is this the world you desire?

Is this the world we think is good enough for our children’s future?

Many of us have broken hearts, and spirits.
Let us dissent, release our fear …
and embrace a dialogue of hope and actions of healing.

This New Year, We Have Work To Do!
greatest love---miss mellie rainbow

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