Saturday, February 6, 2016

I Wish YOU A Joyful Awakening!

                     I Wish YOU A Joyful Awakening!

Throughout Time in Every Society across Earth-Heart there has been a small minority who beguiled the Innocent and selfishly claimed power as they became seduced by evil.

Generation after generation, this minority has used hate and fear to control and subjugate humanity through conflict, classism, economic and educational inequality, racism, wars and weapons of mass destruction.

They have used Mother Earth's resources to create suffering and imbalance.

They even built fortresses so that they alone lived in luxury...

And Yet for YOU, The Majority; Good has prevailed and flourished like Sparkling Stars that light the Night Sky with Love.

Asking for clarity, Breathe Deeply and Exhale Slowly Six Times.

In your Awakened State, feel the Great Shift and see the Unlimited Potential of Good Shining Brightly through Broken Hearts of Love.

With humility, Honor the Master Creator of Every Uni-Verse! 

In Gratitude, find the strength to embrace and serve the Awakening Good that lives n my heart, your heart and the hearts of The Majority!

 Compassion, gentle truth and right words of Peace will nurture and heal our broken societies through Love!

Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love. Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love.
Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love. Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love.
Finding Courage and Integrity within; let us offer ourselves as joyful instruments of Compassion, Equality, Equity, Peace and Everlasting Love.
I Wish You All A Joyful Awakening in Love!

And So It Is With Love!

Always, Melony 
Peace Is Possible Through Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Patience and the Grace of Love! 

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