Monday, February 16, 2009

New Hope/Emmanuel Jal/ War Child

This Prayer is Dedicated to Ger Duany and Emmanuel Jal
and Every War Child Everywhere....There is HOPE!

Dearest MotherFatherGOD,

Yesterday, today and tomorrow see me, hear me, feel me
as I offer my thanks and my love to YOU.
Even as I struggle to understand this world, somehow sleep overcomes me
and in my sleep I feel that I rejoice with the matrix of love that is YOU.
Thank you.

Thank you for each hurt, each challenge, each lesson that brings me more awareness.
Thank you for this unknowingness that gives me new humility.
Thank you for the imbalance and roller coaster of life
that holds me with love through my despair.

Today my heart opens and opens throughout the Universe.
Though I have no words, I feel nurtured by the infinite possibility of your love.
I think of Ger Duany, Emmanuel Jal
---and all of the Lost Boys of the Sudan , and the lost boys of the world.
I think too of the Girls raped and lost on every continent.
All of them living in a hell… made by our collective materialist greed.

Surely we are ready to come together in Oneness.
As planes drop in flames from the sky and our addictions
lead to mass destruction is it not time to open our hearts and speak the unspeakable?

This world we are living in must change now.
Nations thriving on shock and awe result in guns and bombs
as the source of understanding for children through video games.
Poisoned food, poisoned minds, poisoned hearts
exist only to destroy our connection to love which is our Infinite Source.

I see these things; these horrors that others only speak of,
but still I awaken with hope and strength and courage.
I pray through this time of Sodom and Gomorrah
to see us return to Heaven On Earth where we thrive together in harmony
and God Grants Us Grace.

This is the dream I am dreaming.
This dream where our love for each other holds the answer to our future---
this dream where my heart joins Emmanuel’s smile and Ger’s laugh
to build new schools; to educate and restore customs and culture
and communities which are holy and speak of love. Only LOVE.

What will it take to stop the drones from flying with missiles to destroy lives?
One life taken anywhere is me killing myself. Why should I kill over and over?

Today’s pain is unbearable but still I lift up with courage and ask for hope.
In doing so, I am able to release the hurt and the pain that is magnified
throughout our Mother Earth=Heart and to see beyond to the next World of Love.

We are here and Awakening. We are here learning to cherish each other;
to heal the wounds; to teach respect, and courage, forgiveness and Love.
Our Soul’s sole purpose is to open our hearts
and to shine as brilliant Morning Stars of our Blessed Divine Mother’s Grace.

Today God, my Blessed Mother and Father,
I rest and move with your guidance so that I bring order and beauty
to my home and the Universe. Home is Heaven On Mother Earth.

I pray for all others and send loving thoughts of joy and healing.
I pray for new humility, compassion, understanding and the Joy
to open my heart to the lessons of God at this, and every moment in time.

I listen with my heart. I allow my tears---some of joy, some of pain
but all for cleansing and healing to connect with the Eternal River of Life.

I re-member and ask Our Blessed Divine Mother to hold me once again
and to allow me to be nurtured by her wisdom and imbued with LOVE.

Blessed Divine Creator and Infinite ONE,
today and everyday, hear my prayer and let it be a Song of the Universe.
Allow me to meet no stranger and to see God in ALL.
Teach me to condemn none,
as my heart learns to transform every thought into Love.

Right now, I see Mothers and Fathers with Daughters and Sons
and Brothers and Sisters and Cousins and Aunts and Uncles
and GrandMothers, GrandFathers and All our Ancestors
--- as Blessed Children of God.

My sight, once lost has returned to me and as I awaken,
I re-member my true purpose.
I will love and die loving to be re-born loving,
and to love again over and over to love until
---until we ALL understand, accept and rejoice that there is nothing real
but Forgiveness and LOVE.

And So It Is With Love….
written by Miss Mellie Rainbow
aka Rev. Melony McGant has everything to do with it!

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