Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Greetings with Respect and Blessings!
Happy 2009
My soul sister Yubupa of The Onenesslovefoundation
has collaborated with me to create a new video of Hope.
Please share this prayer/video far and wide.
We send each of you infinite hope for the New Year!

May We Learn To Value Eachother MORE!
Miss Mellie Rainbow

The Obama Lesson.....A Family Prayer
Please join us as we thank Spirit for each and every blessing & miracle
that has manifested in our lives,
and the lives of all others throughout the Universe.

It is time to end ALL violence,
for forgiveness,
and a massive healing
so that we begin to accept
that separation of any kind
moves us away from our Collective Self.

in mind, body & spirit.
We each have a responsibility
to open our hearts,
and to learn to love unconditionally.

If asked how does one fight assimilation???
then we must consider this response---
we don't….
because the idea is to grow in LOVE.

We merge with Divine Consciousness.
This is our Spiritual Journey.
This is the reason why
we are here on Mother Earth=Heart.

For some of us, then the question becomes,
"How do I maintain my identity?",
The only true identity that we have
is to be ONE In Spirit
That is not to say
that we should ignore
our individual birth cultures.
On the contrary….
part of our journey to Spirit
is to have an understanding
of the many paths that we,
and our hopeful ancestors have taken.

With hope we can continue to learn to see more clearly,
and to work to live with understanding,
compassion, and a strong sense of self,
which is OUR her and his story.
Please join us in affirmation....
Today I pray for strength,
courage, and hope.

I release my fear.

I speak the truth.

I honor my hopeful ancestors.

I nurture my children and my entire family.

I believe in economic empowerment.

I walk as a leader,
a diplomat & a visionary.

I look at my brothers & sisters,
some lost,
and open my arms to show the way.

Together we stand
in the reflection pool
of our ancestors,
and join them in hope
and celebration of the
ongoing journey to re-membering LOVE…
And So It Is With Love,
Miss Mellie Rainbow
aka Rev. Melony McGant

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