Monday, June 22, 2015

What the Future Holds! #Cooperative Peace With Love!


In these days of harmonic dissonance, we must be careful of what we say and what we do.

Our sometimes venomous ideas and violent arguments may backfire.

What may happen is this---the very people we believe we despise today, our daughters and sons will Love tomorrow.

There is a strong possibility that in their Love they will betray our hate and marry those we thought were our enemies.

Our children will have children that we will learn to Love because some part of them is US.

And then there will be no enemy.

If this is so, then isn't far easier to begin today to offer others the Love Compassion, Forgiveness and Understanding with Respect we seek for ourselves?

Isn't this the way to experience a Vivid Peace with Hope and true Joy in our lifetimes?

What Will You Choose for Our Future?

To live alone with hate or to be nurtured with Loving Respect by your children,  grandchildren and Our Collective Human Family?

I Choose Compassion, Cooperation, Forgiveness, Mercy, Kindness, Respect, Patience, Peaceful Hearts, Understanding and Love!

Always, Melony

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Respect, Understanding and--- The Grace of Love!

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