Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Home of My Heart...

The Home of My Heart...
I can no longer ponder life with "Why didn't I or why didn't You?".
I can only live in the now and create a home in my heart filled with Good Intention and the Courage to follow through with Tender Actions of Good Change.
I Breathe Deeply Eight Times. With each breath I forgive myself and you. I let go of every "Why didn't?".
I Breathe Deeply with Good Intention and Courage. Again I Breathe Deeply and ask for the guidance to create a welcoming home in my heart.
With Tenacity, I clear the obstacles with compassionate actions so that together we may share, prosper, and grow in Love.
 Opening the door with Good Intention and Courage, I invite you to come for a visit.
All Are Welcomed in the Home of My Heart.
Always, Melony
Peace is Possible through Compassion, Hope, Integrity, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

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