Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Miracles Happen!

Miracles Happen! This evening while heading home from Brooklyn on the 3 train, a woman with several bags hit me in the face. I took four deep breaths and an Asian Lady looked at me and smiled with compassion. 
Then the lady who had hit me smiled and apologized! I joyfully Thanked her. You see, in a workshop I had given today, I gave this scenario as an example. Amazing!

There was a gentleman on the train with beautiful flowers that I was admiring. I am always happy to see a young African American man with flowers and I prayed that the person he planned to give them to would be happy!

Then a young Hispanic man got on the train and said he had fallen on difficult times. He asked for food or money to buy food. I made a contribution.

Then the young African American man got up to get off the train and gave me the beautiful flowers you see me holding. Another young Hispanic man was sitting next to me and he took the picture!

In NYC, Miracles Do Happen! People Are Compassionate! I Believe and Am So Grateful for Life!
PS...Here is how the rest of the story goes. I gave everyone around me a Love Note. An African American Lady admire my scarf and I gave it to her. Her name was Sandra and she grew up in the Civil Rights Movement in Selma!

I went home and stopped in at my Senegalese neighbors apt. They offered me shrimp and okra with crab legs. The husband promised to move my couch to make room for the new one coming on Saturday. I gave them the flowers and his wife was overjoyed. I Am Too!

When We Walk and Live Our Practice, Grace Moves, and Gives Hope with Loving Kindness!

Always, Melony

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Karen Piazza said...

Dear Rev. Melony McGant aka Miss Mellie Rainbow, I have read a few of your books since 2011. I recommend you read and listen to her thoughts.
I thank you for giving me Hope, Inspiration, the power of pray!