Friday, January 22, 2016

Though Duality Exists, Our Good Potential Will Prosper!

Though Duality Exists, Our Good Potential Will Prosper!
In deep reflection, I must face no one but Myself, and You must face no one but Yourself. All violent thoughts and actions, envy and greed or guns and wars to said to bring Peace are based in evil.

Duality Exists. Evil exists but over time, though it may be eons; ultimately Our Good Potential Will Prosper.

No matter what goes on in the World, We have a responsibility to live with humility in the Truth inspired by Love.

Only then through the Creator's Blessing of Love are we able to see and feel the Earth, the Sky, the Oceans, the Dolphins and Trees, and Birds, and Flowers and All Sentients as purposeful and interconnected in Love.

Breathe and Exhale Deeply Four Times in many intervals.

Let us feel Hope in a World where much of Humanity is fearfully Awakening and struggling to restore itself through Love.

Breathe in Gratitude for the Awakening of Truth Discovered when we face ourselves by looking in the Mirror of all those around us.
Now as we are seeing the need for compassion, forgiveness, kindness, mutual cooperation, mercy and Love, let us look into the Heart of Eternity.
We Are One In Love.

In the Circle of Our Eternal Existence, beyond current evil acts of envy, greed and mis-understanding, Love Exists Into Eternity.

Yes, duality exists but ultimately Our Good Potential continues to prosper through our every Loving Action.

Today Commit to Walk with Courage, Fortitude and Patience.
Say and Affirm to Yourself...
"I will do my best to live with Loving actions and thoughts of Peace and Prosperity for All. In Deep Reflection and Prayer, I offer Gratitude, embrace Eternity and Re-member that Love is the most powerful energy of every Uni-Verse! I Re-Member. I Am a Being of Love! You Are A Being of Love. We Are One In Love."
Today We Re-Member. It is through our Collective Commitment to live beyond duality as Beings of Love, that our Earth/Heart, and seven generations of Children yet unborn will peacefully prosper with Joy and Love!

Always, Melony
Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Respect, Understanding and--- The Grace of Love!!

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