Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ode to Prince!

                                     Ode to Prince!

Dearest Prince,

You always knew You were an Angel and We Knew It Too.

You Brought the Energy of Love and Truth Everywhere You Went.

You Taught Us Integrity,  Showed Us Your Humaness, Stood Up for Justice and Gave Us Hope.

We Watched You...You Came Here An Angel with An Awakened Spirit.

Heaven Blessed You with a Symphony In Your Generous Heart. 
You Played 27 Instruments and We Were Awed.

Your Melodies Helped Us through Challenging Times.

And Yet Like Marvin Gaye or Michael Jackson and So Many Other Ancestors and Great Ones;
We Didn't Really Listen Or Understand That YOU Were Heaven Sent.

Prince, You Have Left Us for Now and Yet, You Will Live In Many of Us.

One Day We Too Will Learn to Cherish Each Moment and Offer Compassion and Kindness and Love.

Your Creative Genius Is the Blessing that We Will Forever Embrace Beyond Time and Into Eternity.

Thank You for Your Light, Music, Wisdom and Love. 

You Will Live Always In Our Minds and Our Hearts.

We Will Re-Member. We Will Re-Member!
Beloved Prince, Thank You for A Life On Earth Well Lived and Eternal Melodies of Grace.

You Are An Angel,  Returned to the Eternal Heavens of Grace!

Always, Melony

Heaven Sent, Thanks for the Exquisite Prince Photo!

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