Sunday, April 24, 2016

Prayer of Gratitude with Hope for a Loving Peace throughout Every Uni-Verse.

Prayer of Gratitude with Hope for a Loving Peace throughout Every Uni-Verse.

My Beloveds Across the Planet--

I invite you to open your hearts with compassion and offer Prayers of Gratitude with Hope for a Loving Peace throughout  Every Uni-Verse.

No matter our troubles, let us clear our minds and vision only our Collective Loving Potential. 

Breathe Deeply Ten Times. In Love.  Out Love.  In Love. Out Love.  In Love.  Out Love.....

Now Let Us Pray...

Dearest MotherFatherBlessedCreator Of Every Uni-Verse, We Honor YOU in All Names, In All Cultures and All Religions. We Honor You In Every Believer and In All Those Still Questioning Your Existence. 

We Listen Deeply.  We see and feel the majesty in all Your Creations. 

We join with our brothers and sisters throughout this planet Awakening to Love and know that Your Love flows through All Living Things.

We bow in Gratitude for  the lessons of Love we have been and are taught by Ancestors, Elders, Peers and Children.  For the Gift of Your Love is freely offered. Each moment  we breathe is an opportunity to receive and give Love.

For all those suffering and Lost, we offer Prayers of Hope.  And for ourselves and all others, we offer compassion and forgiveness for every selfish  and fearful thought and action. 

May You continue to guide us in Awareness so that our actions of Good multiply a million-fold and benefit humanity and All sentients in our Earthly existence.

For their brilliance, creative service and lessons shared with wisdom---We offer our Gratitude for Loved Ones and All Who Have Ascended Into the Heaven Realm.

Again We Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  In Love. Out Love.  In Love. Out Love. In Love. Out Love....

Today we ask also for Divine Guidance through the Whispers of Love that have Illuminated Many Hearts Throughout Eternity.  

MotherFatherBlessedCreator of Every Uni-Verse...May We Become Worthy of Your Every Gift. 

Collectively, May We Find a Way to Live in Love with Humility,  Integrity and Your Grace; As Vessels of Compassion with Peace On Earth!

And So It Is With Love We Offer Our Prayers! 

Always, Melony
Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Respect, Understanding and--- The Grace of Love!

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