Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Life Is a Work In Progress!

My Life Is a Work In Progress! 


My life is a work in progress. 

The picture painted in my heart is still incomplete. 

The vibrant blues and greens and oranges show my many failures that lead way to greater successes. 

The red, purple and yellow hearts remind me of all that I have lost, and each time I have fallen.
Humility drew the hearts as she helped me up,  and taught me Love's Truth. 

Compassion, Forgiveness, and Mercy teach me how to move through the tunnels of Sorrow; and to know both Joy and Peace.
My Life Is a Colorful Work in Progress. 

It has a beautiful texture of Hope with Integrity; and through every storm, Faith becomes My Rainbow of Understanding!
Six Times I Breathe Deeply. 
With Each Breath, 
I Exhale Gratitude with Love and Patience!   
Always, Melony 

Photo : A Sun-kissed Melony

Peace Is Possible through Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Forgiveness, Hope, Humility, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Respect, Understanding and the Gift of Love!

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