Sunday, May 13, 2007

Love Like You've Never Been Hurt

Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt


Sometimes it’s gentle…

embracing, all encompassing,

never smothering.

Other times love glows

like a star with a purple center

preparing to recreate and trek

throughout the galaxy.

Love is

the freedom to be,

to explore the YOU that nobody knows.

Love allows you to travel

back to old beginnings

opening your heart,

healing ancient wounds with forgiveness

for times when it seemed

like MotherFatherGod

just didn’t show up.

Love requires that you

live in the moment

finding joy in the twinkle of your eyes,

the boomboombaboom

of your heart

and the brilliance of your smile.

Love is

Sharing your joy…

Simply show up.

Always listen with open ears

& a pure heart.

Please accept your destiny with honor

And love…

Always Love like you’ve never been hurt!

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