Sunday, May 13, 2007



You are a peacemaker mandated

to create a montage of LOVE all around the earth.

What will you do?

What if right now you are asked

to become a vessel of the Divine Heart…

Will you set aside your hidden fears?

Can you have the courage,

integrity and propensity to share your LOVE?

If you meet someone different than you,

suffering from xenophobia

and they are extremely unkind

because all they know is fear and hatred…

will you show them how to be

mellifluous with LOVE for ALL people?

You Have Awakened.

You are Re-Membering your dreams of LOVE.

Intrinsic in you is the desire

to create overtures of LOVE

for our children…

and all people through education, business, government,

art, music, dance, theatre and all art forms.

What Will You Do?

Every sentient being is an incarnation of LOVE.

LOVE is another name for

an Exalted Spirit with a palatial heart.

How Do You Feel?

Now, imagine yourself as a Lodestar

kindling the flame of LOVE.

Your best friend is Morning Star,

also know as Venus, the planet of LOVE.

You were born with the awareness of angels?

Together How Do You Feel And What Will You Do???

September 9, 2001

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