Sunday, May 13, 2007

When Love Smiles

When Love Smiles

Once upon a time,

LOVE smiled

and one by one,

all over the earth

people felt LOVE’s happiness.

People began to remember

all the things they had forgotten

to care about.

They remembered the beauty

of the glistening sun

that made them warm.

And the bursting clouds

that brought rain

so that everyone and everything

had water to drink.

It took a long time to remember

but they did.

People remembered the beauty

of all the flowers,

the plants and trees,

the insects,

birds in the sky

and animals who walked on earth.

People remembered

the magnificent fish in the ocean,

and they understood the mysteries of whales

and the dolphins that hold earth’s memories.

They began to appreciate

the exquisite moon

and the sparkling stars

in the sky at night.

Many people decided to become one with nature.

They began to remember to care about everything.

LOVE smiled.

One by one people felt LOVE’s happiness.

The people were happy that LOVE was happy.

Then they began to remember more and more.

People remembered that it was good

to sometimes be silent.

And in their silence

they listened to God

and felt joy in their hearts.

Then people remembered their ancestors.

Some people were afraid and angry

about bad things that had happened long ago.

But LOVE kept smiling

and one by one

people decided to forget their fear.

Then they decided to forget their anger.

It took a long time

but these people remembered to have courage.

They worked harder for peace on earth.

Finally, people of all cultures

decided to have the courage

to remember the love in their hearts.

They remembered to listen to eachother.

All people began to share more.

They shared their food,

their knowledge and their technology.

People of all cultures began to fall in LOVE,

to marry and have children.

Other children who needed parents

were adopted.

So many children looked different

from their mothers and fathers.

But it didn’t matter

because people decided

that the most important thing

was to have LOVE in their hearts!

LOVE smiled and smiled.

The people felt LOVE smiling

and joined together in the spirit of unity.

And then one by one,

all the people from different cultures and religions,

all the artists, musicians, scientists, teachers and leaders,

all the people in governments and corporations

began to build a rainbow bridge

across the earth.

LOVE was sooooo happy

And the people felt LOVE’s joy!

Now grandparents and parents

teach children

that we are all one in LOVE’s heart.

And through your eyes,

as you learn,

you teach grown-ups

to remember everything beautiful on the earth.

And together as we continue

to build our Global Family,

each day,

one by one

we decide to remember,

to feel more and more of LOVE’s LOVE.

And LOVE smiles and smiles and smiles.

LOVE just keep smiling more everyday!

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