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Mazi & the Queen of Wands:A Children's Fable to Be Imagined, Shared and Illustrated!

Mazi and the Queen of Wands:
A Children's Fable to Be Imagined, Shared and Illustrated!

by Melony McGant

A very long time ago, 
far, far away,
nestled between the Stars
was a land called Peace.

Everything was beautiful there.
The grass and trees were green
and all kinds of birds flew in the sky.
Cardinals, doves, eagles, hummingbirds, mina birds,
parrots and lot’s of other birds.

There was a little boy who liked to call himself Mazi.
He was one of many, many sons of a great emperor.

As Mazi grew,
so special was his ability
to help his mother and father,
all his brothers, sisters and other people
agree to work together
that they All achieved great fortune.

He was flexible like a monkey
and began to think like a crocodile.

When he grew up, he became the emperor.
People called him Emperor Mazi.
For many years it seemed like every project
he touched turned to gold, just like King Midas.
Success was his.

But as the years passed Emperor Mazi
began to forget who he was.
He forgot the Love in his heart.
So even with all his money and things, he wasn't happy.

One day while vacationing by the ocean,
he met a young woman named Imani.

She made him laugh and laugh
and he began to be happy.
Because  Imani helped him
 feel the Love in his heart.

So then, Mazi the emperor thought
“maybe I could buy her!”
But she wasn’t for sale.
And the next day when he went to see her,
Imani had gone.

And Mazi was very sad
because though he didn’t know it,
he had lost the Love in his heart.

Imani went on a long journey,
first to college and then traveling 
from Star to Star, 
learning about the language 
and cultures of many different beings, and people.

She spent years
discovering who she was.
For a time she wanted wealth,
and to be considered as especially
 important to other people.

But then she became very sick
and when she had recovered,
Imani remembered that she 
must live only with Love in her heart.

After Imani was better, she did many things.
She began writing, singing
and telling stories to children.
She accomplished so much
and wherever she went with  Compassion
Imani helped people open their hearts.

She never forgot Mazi and always told children
the story of a great emperor who had tried
to buy a young woman
and called himself Mazi.

Now Imani told the children
 that on other Stars,
the name Mazi meant mister.
So all the children laughed
 and laughed at the emperor who called himself mister.

Because they knew that people could not be bought.
And that Love was something special to share.

Every time Imani told that story,
far away the emperor felt Love in his heart.
And whenever he thought of Imani,
he was sad because he thought he had lost his soulmate.

When he slept, Mazi began to have
 the same dream over and over.
In the dream a voice told him
 to find Imani so that she could help him 
to build a Rainbow Bridge across the Galaxy.

It was a New Time, 
and important for all people to become One Heart.
But the emperor didn’t listen.

Time passed by…
Moon, after moon, after moon.
And Mazi still didn’t have the courage
to listen to his heart.

Now many people in the Land of Peace 
knew that the emperor was very sad.

They decided to have a
 Birthday Festival by the ocean
 and invited artists, performers 
and numerous other beings and people
 from different Stars.

While Mazi was sleeping
on the night before the Festival,
he had that same dream 
about Imani and the Rainbow Bridge.

And when he awoke 
he remembered that it was his birthday
and that he had to be happy
because if he wasn’t,
everyone in the Land of Peace
would be sad.

So that day he dressed very simply.
He made a birthday promise to himself.
And then Mazi went to his Birthday Festival.

There was a big art exhibition 
with beautiful pictures, sculpture, quilts
and many other exquisite crafts.

The festival was busy with people eating, 
laughing, singing and dancing.

For hours Mazi smiled, 
ate, sang and danced
hugging everyone he saw.

He thanked all the people and other guests
for making his birthday special.

Finally he just wanted to sit by the water.

As he walked towards the ocean,
in the distance  he heard 
a voice that sounded a little familiar
and lots of children laughing.

Mazi felt his heart beating
boom, boom, boom, boom boom,
boom, boom, boom, boom boom.
He kept walking towards the laughter.

And his heart started opening.

Then the most magical thing happened…

Even though it was sunny,
water came from the sky.
Imani looked up from the children
into the eyes of Mazi.

Suddenly time stopped 
and when it started again, 
all the people in the Land of Peace 
and Every Being across the Galaxy…

Felt Mazi’s Love for Imani
 who was the Queen Of Wands.

And guess what…
A Giant Rainbow Bridge Appeared In The Sky. 

Always, Melony

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Respect, Understanding and--- The Grace of Love!

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