Friday, July 1, 2016

My Every Breath Is A Prayer. Thank YOU!

My Every Breath Is A Prayer. Thank YOU!

Thank You Blessed Mother Father Creator of Light, Love, Goodness, Creativity and Hope.

I Honor You In All That Is, and All That Is Not, and All That Will Ever Be.

My Each Breath Is A Prayer of Humility and Gratitude for the Grace Manifesting. 
I Am Hopeful For the Voices of Truth. 

We As Humans Have Become Immersed In a Cycle of Violence.
We Are Destroying Our World. And I Am Saddened By Our Inability to Change.

Bombs Annihilate Whole Cities. Our Water and Food Are Contaminated with Toxins. 

And Yet, We Still Walk In A Fog of Ego and Greed.
My Each Breath Is a Prayer of Awakening.

Be-Coming Aware, I Thank Angels, Ancestors and All Those Who Have Ascended In Grace.

Though My Heart Is Broken In a Million Pieces, I Am Working to Live Only With Forgiveness and Compassion. 
I Sit In the Stillness and See Our Good Potential. 

Help Me and All of Humanity To Live With Compassion, Love and Peace.

Allow Me to Sing Your Melodies of Hope in These Times of Despair. 
I Believe In Goodness. I Am Inspired By Love.

Allow Me to Join with the Millions of Like Minded Spirits So That Balance, Creativity,
Healing, Hope and Love Prosper with Integrity and Grace! 

It Is Time Only For Love!

My Every Breath Is A Prayer!   Thank YOU! 

Always, Melony

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