Monday, August 8, 2016

Earth Is Our Heart! A Visionary Meditation for the Peacemaker!

Earth Is Our Heart! 
A Visionary Meditation for the Peacemaker! 

Many Blessings To Each Of YOU. 

Take a moment to clear your mind and your heart of any distractions. 

Now, Breathe and Exhale Deeply Ten Times.
In Gratitude, Love and Patience. 
Out Gratitude, Love and Patience.  
In Gratitude, Love and Patience.  
Out Gratitude, Love and Patience.   
In Gratitude, Love and Patience.  
Out Gratitude, Love and Patience.....

Please join me today and embody the Peacemaker.

Know that Earth Is OUR Heart.

As the birds create new medleys of awareness;
let us walk with acceptance, healing and understanding.

Now we call on the resources of the trees, and water, and the sun, and the insects, and elephants and dolphins, and mountains, and the wind, and the sky and All Sentient Beings.

We all are partners and together right now,
we are given a renewed appreciation of Divine Patience and Understanding. 

 Allow your bodies to relax as we merge with nature around us.


As a Peacemaker, you are learning to walk with the right questions that allow for honest negotiation and conversation.

Look to the oceans, the rivers, the ponds and the streams.

Become a tiny pebble that creates a ripple of awareness as you toss yourself into a body of water.

Ask that others with like hearts create pebbles of love & honesty & humility & wisdom & mercy
throughout EARTH as our living HEART. 

You Have Re-Membered.

Now as you walk across the Rainbow Bridge of JOY; let the song of LOVE pierce our planet as we join together to create a New World of Equanimity and Peace.

Right NOW, as we merge with the DivineONE
we vision and see ourselves existing in a World where all children are nurtured and educated and Loved. 

Our Ancestors are Re-Membered. Our Seniors are cared for, honored and Loved.

It is a World of Compassion, Acceptance,  Humility, Mercy & Peace.

Know that as you believe in Love, then the Air You Breathe Will Be Love.

You Are a Peacemaker, Dedicated to Helping Heal Our EarthHeart.

Today As You Honor Our Blessed Divine Creator, Allow Grace to Move Through You.

All that You Think, Do and Share Can and Should Be with UnSelfish Love. 

And So It Is With LOVE! 

Always, Melony
Peace Is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness,  Integrity, Kindness, Mercy, Respect, Understanding and Love! 

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