Tuesday, August 23, 2016

We Give Thanks!

We Give Thanks!
Let Us Ponder the rock of every  heart that has broken a million times over, and yet still grows stronger. Every broken piece floats through the Uni-verse as Love's lesson and  jewels of Undying Faith.  
We Give Thanks.
We Breathe and Exhale Deeply Ten Times. 
We Give Thanks.   Give Thanks for each breath and for this journey of Life.
We Give Thanks to the Elders and Ancestors who have Loved us, nurtured us, and Ascended into the Heart of G-d, often too soon for us with broken hearts.
We Give Thanks for the Undying Faith and Courage of those who whose lives were cut short because of illness or violence and war. 
We Honor their lives and pray that through Love, they have been able to find their place in Heaven Realm.
We Give Thanks for Our Continuing Collective Intention to Love, even when our hearts break in the midst of Chaos on Our Earth/Heart.
We Give Thanks for the Gifts of Mercy and Forgiveness offered through Divine Spirit that allows us to believe that the only Good Answer to Earth's Crisis is to Learn to Love One Another.
We Give Thanks for Good Possibility.  No matter how difficult, through Love we are given the Faith to extend a hand, to open our hearts, to heal, and Begin Again.
 In our acceptance, even tears become the honey of Hope, offered humbly with Good Intention and Actions of Love.
 We Breathe and Honor this New Day of Grace with Undying Faith!
 We Give Thanks! 
Always, Melony

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