Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thank You President Obama! Citizens, Forward Freedom!

Citizens, Forward Freedom! 

Thank You President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden and  All the Citizens of Our Democratic Society!   We Appreciate You! 

Citizens Forward Freedom! 

Like President Barack Obama, I believe that Compassion, Forgiveness and Mercy opens the door to Understanding and Reconciliation. It may take us time but the way forward always comes through respect and a desire to do no harm.

Wherever you are I invite you to join me. 

Take a moment and Breathe Deeply Ten Times. Let Us Offer Prayers of healing for Everyone as we have the courage to express our hearts and move forward with Nonviolent, Peaceful Actions.

These are challenging days in America.  Our great nation is divided by fear and disdain for one another.  Many of our communities are polarized and it appears that our dreams of equity and prosperity are lost in a tunnel of despair. 

So many are asking "How Can We Move Forward in the Face of Injustice?" 

The Truth Is throughout the United States, We are many hues of color and cultures and religions. 

We Are All Americans and as Citizens we are bound by a Constitution that says "Freedom, Justice and Liberty for All". 

And yet these words mean nothing if we the Citizens do not vote, or demand accountability, or work to resolve our differences. 

"Freedom, Justice and Liberty for All". 

The world is listening and watching. It is time to speak the Truth and admit both our failures and successes as a nation. Classism and Racism do exist. 

The Freedom of Our Children to grow and prosper as compassionate, hopeful, gifted, productive Citizens is thwarted by the pandemic of fear hate and violence that has permeated our society.

It is Our Collective Responsibility to come together in dialogue with respect, care and compassion for each other. We must fix the broken judicial, economic, educational, penal and governmental systems. 

For Our Children we must find a way to support and empower each other. 

There is no way sustain and improve America unless we open our hearts and commit to walk the path of Freedom. 

We Are Citizens Here Together. 

Let us listen to each other, search for understanding and if need be, share tears together. 

Citizens, let us work together, march together, laugh together, sing together and move forward together.

Let Us Breathe Deeply Together and Say Citizens Forward Freedom! 


(c) Rev. Melony McGant 

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