Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Am a Frog!

I Am the Frog!
( from the book Seaker  Dreamer: Amazing, Brilliant, Compassionate YOU! )

I Am the Frog resting on the Lilypad. 
I Breathe Deeply 10 Times.

As I prepare for my new journey, I ask myself, "What Will I Do?" 

I still my mind, open my heart and wait for the Answer...

I Am the Frog resting on the Lilypad. 

I decide that each day I will organize the details of my life so that my mind, body and heart are in alignment. 

With Courage, Fortitude and Patience, I will work vigorously to exceed my own expectations. 

Because Balance is necessary,  I will do at least two things I enjoy everyday; and share joyously. 

I promise myself that when Divine Spirit speaks in My Heart or through Others, I will listen with compassion so that I may know, and act with gentle understanding.

I Am the Frog resting on the Lilypad.  

I Breathe Deeply Many Times As I Prepare for My New Journey. 

Though my exact destination is unknown, I Trust that as I am ready, All Will Be Revealed through Love!

Always, Melony

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